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Is it really possible for habitual tardiness to be genetic?

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Being able to tune out beeping makes it harder to wake up by alarm
So ya, I guess

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earliness is just as much of a problem desu
t.when does this seminar start?

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Sleep-wake disorders can be.

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Is this true? I was indoctrinated to believe 15 min early is on time, but I've noticed that some people get kinda annoyed when I show up early.

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I hate science, I hate that retards can say shit like that based on a study in which it was found that 1% of the variance in some very narrowly defined trait is correlated to expression level of a singular gene. Bunch of dimwitted meter readers riding on 80 year old fame of long gone advancements made by others

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15 min early probably sets the pace. universities do all sorts of crazy things with scheduling and time
t.sat in the tutorial room for an hour while the lecture happened in the hall and waited until the seminar in the room i was in started

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It comes from procrastination and habitual delaying which is probably genetic and related to stress management.

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Niggers are retarded monkeys that perpetually live in the moment.

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yeah it's rude as shit. slippery slope too, people start coming 30min, 1 hour early just to be "polite."
I try to aim for 5-0 minutes early for professional commitments, and 20 minutes late if I know the other person is a nigger

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>dats just the nightstand sound

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What the hell does intellectually and physically lazy mean for stone age primates? How are apes capable of sloth?

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I wonder what the author of this article believes about the heritability of intelligence.

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thats what a scientist looks like

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I don't feel tardy....

These and the "We can help you with your grammar." AI voice to speech programs that ALWAYS feature the same very "Modern Gal". LOL!

Being unable to speak correctly and the inability to keep a simple appointment are just a part of the "Culture" and is likely "genetic"....very likely ;)

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they didn't hustle every second of every day to pay taxes and fees to the rothschild banker masters

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It can be if there are racial protected classes that are protected from the negative consequences of their own choices and actions

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it's called CPT, colored people time, been well known for a long time now

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>that may have contributed to their extinction
That's just retarded. Homo erectus was the longest-lived species of human that ever existed, lasting approximately 2 million years, and it adapted to many different types of climates and habitats. Overall, they were a really successful species, so I doubt them being "lazy" was the reason of their demise.

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I'm surprised they went with a black actor for the pic talking about genetics. They usually don't like that
What's really making me angry here personally is how she's smiling and how they used that photo for showing someone running late for a train, or missing the train. Crazy how that slips through. Or how they see it and can't be bothered to put in the effort to make it right

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>the reason you always run late is because you and all your ancestors are retarded african nigger monkeys
Wtf, why is The Telegraph promoting such a hateful and demoralizing narrative?

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It means they stayed in the stone age by always doing the bare minimum to survive, instead of striving to do better and thereby advancing themselves.

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Depends on context and culture. Where I live if the host to a house party/dinner says to show up at 6 in the evening it'd be very bad form to show more than 10 minutes early. 30 mins late would be far more acceptable than 30 mins early.

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House parties and business meetings are completely different. 30 minutes late for a house party is completely reasonable, but completely unacceptable for a business meeting.

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Obviously. That's included in "depends on context".

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i will endeavor to make sure the youngsters are aware of this

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blame the press

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Showing up early to a party means host is probably setting up
Showing up 30 min early to a business meeting is fine, if a bit extreme

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Clocks are gay. We should go back to just getting up with the sun and getting to work whenever and going home when shit's done.

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What about being low IQ? Is that genetic too?

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People who are early to *everything* are like people who get straight As in school, even for the subjects which don't count towards their overall score. It's silly insect behavior. Sure, don't be late to work or a flight or whatever, but if something is dumb you can just be late.

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When my work position stopped having someone looking over my shoulder I gradually moved towards this. I feel much more energetic most of the time now.

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thats antisemitic

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whitey got tired of niggers getting to the office before him
he decided to take care of that little problem with a few bullets from his handgun
natural selection at work (hahaha)

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From my experience there's three types of tardy people.

Type A is the relaxed Epicurean type of guy who simply doesn't put too much value in being on time. Think of your average Italian or Greek and you know what I mean. It's a conscious decision on their part, as they don't want their lives to be ruled by two needles on a disk. While they're late constantly, they don't expect anyone else to be on time either. Kinda admirable, really.

Type B is your typical egotist of today's me culture. Being on time would slightly inconvenience them, and they can't have that. They still want to finish that coffee in peace, so they'd rather annoy everyone else and keep them waiting than being forced to rush it. Conversely though, they get absolutely pissed off if they are the once being kept waiting once. Think of your average Karen or vapid college slut.

Type C is the ones who are just too retarded to be punctual. I guess you could blame genetics for that, but imho they just have poor time management and probably ADHD issues or something. They know they are tardy and they hate themselves for that. They will absolutely ALWAYS come late 20 minutes minimum, but at least they feel guilty about it. Usually they'll make up excuses, "Oh the baby shat his diaper JUST when we were about to leave" (yeah sure, and of course this always happens). "Oh we couldn't find a parking spot" THEN MAYBE, IF YOU KNOW YOU'LL BE LATE (AGAIN), HOW ABOUT SETTING OUT A LITTLE EARLIER THAN USUAL? EVER TRIED THAT? Fuck these people. Like, I should hate type B the most, but it's type C that grinds my gears the most for some reason.

Thank you for reading my blog

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>but if something is dumb you can just be late.

Why are you wasting your time going to dumb places?

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Does that mean we can exclude people from potential employment opportunities based on their genetics?
>those who have the tardiness gene need not apply

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because I'm low IQ

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Hehe tard

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American indians were still living in the stone age right up until whites arrived in America.

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I reject GMT, seconds, minutes, hours etc because they are a social construct. You have never seen a second, you cannot prove they exist. People agree clocks should say the same thing but that is arbitrary, I can make the clock say anything I want and I do. There are not many species of nocturnal monkey but there are some, and I own efficient and effective flashlights so I don’t even need a taptum lucidum. “Can you be here at 10“ they ask and I reply “I can be in the metaphysical abstract, now show me where they keep the original minute”.

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I like to get myself in a position just outside work 15 mins early, used to have a smoke/coffee, then stroll in 5 mins early.

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No, sorry chud, only everything else like alcoholism, drug addiction, lack of commitment to raising ones young, tardiness, violence, and poverty are genetic.

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I'm type C, more autistic than ADHD, but to put it simply, we are late to gatherings with you because we genuinely do not enjoy being in your presence. However, we know how pathetic and sad you are plus the social bullshit you'll put us through (like your post) if we stop attending. Take the hint retard

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>Is it really possible for habitual tardiness to be genetic?

Most animals are lazy. Being lazy is heavily incentivized and rewarded in nature because as a lazy animal you save energy, don't tend to exhert yourself, probably get lots of sleep, and are more prone to taking advantage of easy resources such as mooching off of others or scavenging. Getting the MOST resources you possibly can through the LEAST amount of work has always been the meta strategy.

See this: >>15794071
Homo Erectus lived for like 3 million years and that scruffy looking dork is saying them being lazy was wot drove them extinct. Ignoring the reality that he's criticizing a species that's lived 3x longer than our own species has.

If you wanna know anything about anything the reality of being tardy is that there's very little in life that's actually important enough to warrant being on time. Employers often get upset about employees being tardy infinitely more for the unspoken idea that workers are obligated to arrive 30 minutes early so they can do 30 minutes of unpaid labor that needed to be done an hour before the floor or office opened.
Which is retarded and disingenuous because actual time-sensitive jobs are aggressive about getting you on the work site *exactly* when they need you because neither the manager, nor the laborers, can afford any tardy'ness. Like, it's the idea that if you've ever worked at a dairy farm you *HAVE* to arrive in the morning and then at night, so the cows can get milked twice a day. That isn't a suggestion: If the cow isn't milked on time her breasts will become so painfully swollen with milk they'll literally bleed. If you're late there's tangible consequences.

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If thats all genetic then how did they ever end up being KANGZ in Egypt?

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so were the aussie abbos, africans had at least developed some small amount of metal usage

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tardiness is next to retardedness

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punctuality is a function of being able to read clocks and do simple arithmetic

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I'll come on time if I feel like it. My old job was a shitshow so I did everything slowly. My current one pays way better, doesn't make clocking in a total farce and doesn't make us overstay or deny overtime during crunch so being punctual works out more.

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the n word is racist

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its called BPT

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just as much as its possible for habitual retardedness to be genetic

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15 min early for work. On time for casual. Late for parties. Simple.

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At last I truly see.

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Literally just word salad.

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the funniest part of this is the utter failure to recognize that on this model, two "polychronic" individuals don't do any better at coordinating a time to meet than one "polychronic" and one "monochronic"
the issue isn't a mismatch of expectations, one way of doing things is just worse at coordination than the other.

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i dont know why, but fat black women are especially the worst at being late.

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they tick off the most boxes on the diversity chart so they know they get the most leeway

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>The term schizophasia is used in particular to describe the confused language that may be evident in schizophrenia.

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the trope of someone finding something mundane and building it up in their imagination to be something important and noteworthy happens far too often in the sciences.
its cringe, if you have grandiose delusions please keep them to yourself.

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this is literally just magic negro shit though isn't it?

I work in medicine in Australia, and the same explanation is used for why Aboriginals wander away from the hospital mid treatment or don't turn up for dialysis for a week. "They're in tune with the natural rhythms and vibes of their lived experience, not some Eurocentric perception of 'appointments'" -okay cool but that literally kills these people.

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genuinely I think there's a crisis in science of taking mediocre evidence and enshrining it as truth

authors want their papers to mean something, so they say a result "trends towards significance" even when it's probably not statistically significant.

these shit papers get stuck together in a meta analysis and suddenly people are making policy decisions on the basis of an evidence base that was never there to begin with

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events are often lethal
the tardy survive
the punctual are eaten

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if you're late, then all of the others are sitting targets

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now list the types of people who are always early, I wanna know which one I am, I just think being late is disrespecting yourself and I can't let it happen or I'll be shameful

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same here in america, they make all kinds of excuses for certain groups. We have to live in society with stupid people and pretend they are equal.

I hope for a future utopia where these people are, and everyone is more intelligent. Then maybe we can read about these stupid times in history books and they can laugh about their ancestors, the same way we white people would call our ancestors stupid for certain shit

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Xavier Renegade Angel hands typed this post

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i just read anons post in his voice, and it fits perfectly.
Is that line actually from the show? google didn't bring anything up

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It's not from the show. I know that for certain because I have all of season 1 & 2 on my iTunes account and used to watch the episodes over and over and over again to get to sleep. The show is burned into my mind

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close, but you got cause and effect backwards. they come up with the desired policy first and then invent """"science"""" to justify the decision afterwards

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Inability to use clocks or watches? No, I don't see how that would be genetic.
Or to argue it pretty much the opposite way - EVERYONE finds it tough t get times right, so they...use clocks and watches. Since that's EVERYONE, it's not genetic.

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is being black genetic?

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huuuurrrrr black people are da lazyyy duuurrrrrr

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>negroes are diligent and industrious as compared to other races
how do you explain the comparative lack of economic development in primarily negro nations or in primarily negro regions of otherwise white nations?

>> No.15819078 [DELETED] 

back to /pol/ you go

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>Black womyn
what did they mean by this

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n-words, but politically correct

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Why did they use a picture of a negro? Are negroes stereotypically incapable of telling time?

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>your ancestors were lazy useless fucks so youre also a lazy useless fuck
thank you science

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science has this problem all figured out

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That's right bigot it's not my fault I'm habitually late try to fire me I'll sue

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On this episode of "real or /pol/"

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>On this episode of "redditier goes to 4chan and gets emotionally triggered by everything it sees"

Why do you people constantly do this to yourselves? Just stay on Reddit and you'll never have to worry about seeing any of your government manufactured narratives be disputed. Why force emotional distress on yourself by leaving the safe space? You clearly don't enjoy seeing what 4chan has to offer

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You dumb faggot I was laughing at it, go back

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the perfect alarm clock

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Low conscientiousness (aka being brown) is genetic.

>> No.15824498 [DELETED] 

Its not necessarily genetic, conscientiousness is intrinsically linked to the Christian underpinnings of western culture.

>> No.15824752

Vibrants have a higher level of religiosity than those of high light reflectivity.

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Who cares? Just arrive whenever the fuck you want.
Or don't arrive at all.
World's not gonna end either ways.

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Your ability to afford food and shelter might end if you aren't able to figure out the basics of time management.

>> No.15826289

That truth doesn't hold true for negroes, they get infinite welfare, food stamps, etc. and since the get preferential treatment in hiring they are never hard up for employment if they want it. As a result they don't need to be on time for anything

>> No.15826381

>Your ability to afford food and shelter might end if you aren't able to figure out the basics of time management.
You're gonna have to do better than that, Jim.

>> No.15826382

I'm STILL gonna take my time.
I'm STILL gonna turn up late for everything (except your mom's booty call)
I'm STILL gonna burst deadlines
What the FUCK are you gonna do about it, pussy?

Once you're skilled enough in what you do (i.e. your work actually matters to people), all those things don't matter, which is very telling of how much you matter at your place of work if you have to compensate with something as trite as "punctuality".

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they are, did you just realize that?

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why is that train being so racist?

>> No.15828944 [DELETED] 

Is the problem time management or is it the industrialized nature of time?

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Give me a job worth doing and I will be on time

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This is the most racist shit I've read lmao

>> No.15829557

lazy dysgenic retards produce lazy dysgenic retards... NOW WAY?!
well just a few days ago it would be considered a war crime in europe to say that

>> No.15829560

I don't give a fuck, I wanna get a good seat and I'll read pdfs on my phone whilst I wait

>> No.15829578

holy shit even I'm not this racist and I'm a professional 4chan shitposter
wtf how did they get away with this kind of shit? Men have literally lost their reputation, honors, funding, support, and recognition over saying less and they were experts and founders in their fields.
Fuck you telegraph, blatant racism isn't fucking science. No one want to go to fucking work or school at 7am and have to wake up at 5:30 to get ready. We do it cause we're human in a structured society. I'd rather sleep until I fucking die but I've got fucking bills to pay.
It's official wokeness when so far it's now woke to be racist.

>> No.15830995

>wtf how did they get away with this kind of shit?
they get away with literal murder because everyone with a job to lose lives in fear of racism accusations

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If retardedness can be genetically inherited then tardiness should also be genetically inheritable

>> No.15833425

I had to learn how to stop being on time because it makes me seem unimportant.

>> No.15834217

right, nobody cares if you show up on time when you're unnecessary

>> No.15834256

I can identify some:

Ass kissers who just have perfect lives, but are overscheduled so they will bitch and moan to you about being late.

People with limited means of transportation but who are still responsible enough to show up on time, they are usually inconvenienced by inadequate holding areas if facilities are closed.

Stalker/psycho types who arrive in the area hours before and seems to be in no rush to leave after an event. May be serial killers or homeless. Some just hate their wives but most those types just go to the bar.

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Yes, during the winter I am genetically predisposed to enter a soft hibernation.

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Is it a stereotype of negroes that they're always late?

>> No.15835246

Yes, there's even a term for it: Colored People Time (CPT).
There was a dustup a few years back as a pro-transit organization in Atlanta called Citizens for Progressive Transit (CPT) got accused by the Bus Riders Union of being racist for "intentionally choosing a name with racist undertones". CPT was almost all upper middle class whites while the Bus Riders Union was almost all poor blacks. While there had been some talk of merging the two organizations, CPT resisted since their activities mostly focused on lobbying the government for larger transit projects while the Bus Riders Union was focused mostly on having bus routes set to best suit where they live and where they like to go. The solution was for CPT to start using CfPT everywhere. While the Bus Riders Union was still mad that they weren't given control over CfPT, they could at least declare victory in making them alter the acronym.

>> No.15836028

how is that not racist? it also stands for "Blacks R Unintelligent"

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As a non-American I was first exposed to it from Goodfellas with Sam Jackson's character being too late to get rid of a van used in a heist and then this exchange when Pesci's character pays him a visit:
>Stacks Edwards : What time is it?
>Tommy DeVito : It's eleven thirty, we're supposed to be there by nine.
>Stacks Edwards : Be ready in a minute.
>Tommy DeVito : Yeah, you were always fuckin' late, you were late for your own fuckin' funeral.
>[shoots him]
Later learned it was based on real events.

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not all of the stereotypes depicted in hollywood movies are true, for example, Italian organized crime is pretty much a total work of fiction, thats why you only ever see it on tv or in the movies.
jewish organized crime is something you'll encounter in irl, coincidentally, its jews who control the entertainment industry and decide which races get depicted as habitual criminals

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Different rules for different races. In your theoretical scenario, the name is ok because it's punching sideways, which isn't quite as good as punching up but much better than punching down.