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How is onlyfans impacting science

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Less women in science and in workforce is probably a good thing yeah.

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Guarantee the women he hopes sees those tweets are having sex with the type of men who tortured him during school.

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That sounds hot.

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Pretty cringe way to say it, but overall I agree sex work is real work and a good thing.
Sexual value won't be nearly as prized in diversity hires, and I'd rather have my team going to a brothel on their lunchbreak than flirting or harassing the women in the office.
I don't think it'll affect the percentage of women in STEM in the slightest. It'll certainly affect the number of baristas, though. I'm fine with that trade, there's too many coffee shops anyway.

Frankly, if sex work isn't demonized, escort and mail-order bride/husband services could also potentially benefit.
Who wouldn't want to go down to the Eros Corp office and utilize their matchmaking service to check out the used and new selection like a car dealership?

Beyond that, I wish we had more of the Love Hotels that Japan has. Go rent a fucking private room over lunch to chat and watch TV instead of using the damn conference rooms. I don't care if you need a private and quiet place to hang, just go away.

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Negatively, every time someone sees a model getting paid more than a scientist, 10 more throw their text books in the garbage

At least in eulerfans there would be bayes theorem in the background
They should embrace eulerfans

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I pronounce it Euler because I don’t care

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Based coomer. Onlyfans is great. It encourages women to produce more porn.

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>lying down in front of a camera and spreading your legs is work

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>sitting at a desk and solving equations is work

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>look everyone the jew has something subversive to say
imagine my shock

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there really is no meaningful difference between prostitution and other kinds of employable work. you're selling yourself for money in either case. all wagies are whores for money.

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>having to actually think is work

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That opinion spans pretty far outside of just the one small group. Fascinating how anyone would get duped by the swiw model of thinking when it completely dismisses the dangers faced by actual prostitutes and victims of sex trafficking.
The science will show either slight reductions in STD rates from less physical prostitution, or those rates will remain stable. Most of the people doing Onlyfans would have never dreamed of getting $10 for giving a beej in an area where they're dodging bullets and HIV. Most of the people doing prostitution work on the streets would never make a liveable income on OF.

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>this is what philosoplebs want to believe

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fuck off
it's just another attempt to turn a 4chan board into twitter. wastes everyone's time and imagination.

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Real work grows the pie
Fake work just shuffles the pieces around

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Why does the economy designed to suffer around wage inflation? I understand supply and demand, but is it really wage inflation when it's so heavily disproportionate compared to wages in the top of companies? The Fed even makes it a point to drive down wages through pushing companies to lay off staff and lower new hire pay because of increased interest rates and all the financial spiderweb around that. So you have lower wages and layoffs, maybe even a dash of poverty, but the cost of goods doesn't really ever decrease and other types of inflation never go away. Why is it designed to keep at least a part of the population earning shit wages or in poverty?

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same reason a megacorp would have attrition by design. society is an animal farm and the ruling class have been domesticating the population to be the perfect cattle. hard waging, oblivious to their situation, all for the least bit of the scraps offered. the saddest part is humanity for all its boasting being not that different than the other species it domesticated.

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Sure takes more effort than just dropping your pants and lying down, there will never be any pride or glory in being a prostitute, you're just a whore, lowest of the low, you have no value or skills as a wife, the children you give birth to will forever have to bear the mark of shame of their mother being nothing more but a lowly cocksucker

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>t. doesn't know economics

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>arbitrary made up rules

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what a deluded fucking cunt. what planet do these people live on

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modern westroon society

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How many million dollars did you make with your STEM job?

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Didn't watch, I do not care about the opinions of whores

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You think slavery went away because a generation grew a moral back bone?

Or did slave masters just get lazier and more savvy?

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only fans thots are trying to steal the term "sex work" to only have for themselves. how isn't this detracting from actual working girls?
you can't compare showing your tits on camera from the comfort of your own home to actually performing a real service.

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this is like saying scientists are famous and pointing to einstein. thats just one camwhore out of millions

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This video is definitely bait. Make some controversial video with a really stupid take, then triggered individuals will consequently share it across the internet to totally 'own' this person, inadvertently promoting the person who made said video.

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alternatives to this whore’s OF
>a loving tradwife/gf
>literal petabytes of porn that already exist on the internet
>stable diffusion to generate literally anything you want

camwhore is a useless “job”, in a massively oversaturated market, easily replaceable. and not enough realize that it’s only potentially viable if you’re between 18-25. after that you’ll start seeing a dropoff in “customers” until you hit 30 and no one is subscribing anymore and you’ve developed no marketable skills

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> loving tradwife

These exist only in incels' fantasies