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Why is this? How come doctors and particularly surgeons have such an extremely high rate of mental instability?


>Doctors are dying by suicide at higher rates than the general population. Somewhere between 300 to 400 physicians a year in the US take their own lives, the equivalent of one medical school graduating class annually.

>Surgeons have some of the highest known rates of suicide among physicians. Of 697 physician suicides reported to the CDC’s national violent death reporting system between 2003 and 2017, 71 were surgeons.

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alarmingly high or alarmingly low?

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Where are all the aliens?

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>Work in a job that's intentionally kept understaffed to boost prices
>End up killing yourself because 100 hour weeks are necessary to keep people from literally dying
The problems with US healthcare go so far beyond privatization. The mesh of private interests, corruption, bad policy, and bureaucracy that drives up prices and decimates quality of care is so complex that questioning if the system is even capable of reform is a pre-requisite to any action. Medical schools worked with private equity groups to pass laws that keep non-alumni out and create artificial scarcity for doctors, and that is one of hundreds of examples of corruption in the system.

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thank god, replace them with ai

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>thank god, replace them with ai

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Because they're high T alpha

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Killing yourself is high T

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They are all trannies

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>Somewhere between 300 to 400 physicians a year in the US take their own lives
Medical error is the leading cause of death in America, it kills hundreds of thousands of people annually. Who cares if a few doctors kys compared to that?

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Only if you're young, or so it seems.


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the appeal of being a surgeon was the fuck you money, but salaries have stagnated for the past 30 years. nobody at large has cared because they're dumb and didn't realize how quickly $500k became depreciated and now they're glorified slaves to the obese and elderly

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It's a nerve-wracking job. Imagine cutting open people and rearranging what's inside. *Really* imagine.

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go and stay go

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the more doctors die, the better off the rest of are.

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Money is the master. It isn’t really complicated at all.

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it always fascinated me how wagies rather off themselves than adressing the fundamental issue.

>refuse to work overtime
like what will your employer do? fire you? LMAO that will only make their overtime situation WORSE. imagine what would happen if two or three wagies refused to do overtime at once: whole hospital closes down
>change job
sure, you wasted a decade of your life and few grands on acquiring skill you will now throw to bin, but on brither side you will... stay alive?

seriously how strong is brainwashing in educational system that it manages to completely supress critical thinking? or is suicide the peak behavior of NPCs who dont have inner monologue? Like when software does SEGFAULT so operating system kills it? Is suicide just universe killing faulty NPCs?

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who prints the money? who owns the banks?

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Where are all the Aliens !?

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The solution is quite simple: The economy must be dekiked and everything will be far better.

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To no surprise to anyone with a brain that was written by a kike demon.