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>Is-is that a p-planet? AAAAAAAAAAAA I'M GOING INSANE
Why are zoomies like this?

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most zoomers think george lucas invented space

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zoomers are unironically the dumbest generation ever bred since we were quadrupeds

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astroshit is gay retarded fantasy play for total losers who have failed at life here on earth, its no different than dungeons and dragons faggotry

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I find Earth like exoplanets to be sp00ky and really cool at the same time idk why, that being said I am all for getting even better telescopes than jwst to find them and study them with greater accuracy and numbers.

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to date zero earth like planets have been discovered

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there are a few but most are "super earths" and tidally locked shit yeah but only because our current instruments suck at finding anything small and planets that don't directly cross other stars light with their orbits.

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look at all of those ridiculous drawings based off a single data point, astrofaggotry couldn't be more fake and gay, its reached total and complete fabrication

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WHAT?!?! OH M- OH MY .....


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>Why are zoomies like this?
because to them, there is no life or hope outside of concrete jungles

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he did

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flat earth isn't just about the earth