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ITT post advanced technology that is highly secretive or otherwise obscure to the general public. No schizophrenic bullshit

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Related to your image, check out the LRAD

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>advanced technology
it's literally a microwave bolted on a jeep

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but it works on human flesh

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put your head in a microwave

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its in the vax
it causes cancer
nobody seems to know or care

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i wonder if this thing has ever been used in real life ? How would a crowd react to be burned by microwaves ? Might they not become enraged and start throwing molitov cocktails ? What about countermeasures like shields ?

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So then post something better

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>no schizophrenia
So the antarctic ufo base is off limits?

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>i wonder if this thing has ever been used in real life ?
I don't think. ADS was deployed in Afghanistan but it was removed from service before anyone got a chance to test it.
Raytheon made a smaller, stripped-down version that was installed in the LA County Jail, but I can't find whether it was ever used or not, let alone how effective it was. (I did find an article about a man claiming to have been shot by the heat ray, but he also was a diagnosed schizophrenic and his claimed injuries are inconsistent with heat ray weapons.)
>Might they not become enraged and start throwing molitov cocktails ?
In theory, it should be too painful. Most test subjects couldn't last more than 3 seconds, and none were able to last more than 5 seconds.
"A Reuters correspondent who volunteered to be shot with the beam during the demonstration described it as 'similar to a blast from a very hot oven – too painful to bear without diving for cover.'"
>What about countermeasures like shields ?
This is probably the biggest problem with the concept. It's possible that even just covering up your skin would shield you enough to endure it. Precipitation also acts as a shield.

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Some thought similar systems might be culprit of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havana_syndrome

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I wonder if covering yourself in with thin sheets of aluminum would be enough to foil this system.

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>penetrate the skin with beam
>no injury

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>Raytheon made a smaller, stripped-down version that was installed in the LA County Jail


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>LA County Jail
Niggers and cholos deserve it

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It is not a vaccine, it is a genetic engineering platform

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Ah, here come the democratic opinions of the land of the free

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I wonder what Reiner Fuellmich is doing right now.

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From a May 2021 presentation to potential investors and financial analysts, that was on Moderna's website and has since been taken down. Can be found here https://web.archive.org/web/20210618054613/https://investors.modernatx.com/static-files/cad48e93-34fc-4029-99fc-2288113aebe7/