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Mochizuki is safe.

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2023年09月18日 00:00現在: 元気にやっています。
所在地: 京都府
Safety Confirmation Information for
Shinichi Mochizuki

As of 18 September 2023, 00:00: I'm doing fine.
Location: Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

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This guy's not even Japanese. He's as American as you can get. Prep ass bitch even went to Exeter.

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He looks like a character from Evangelion or some other mad scientist from anime

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And that's how we can confirm his results are not worthy of interest else we'd be celebrating him like the next moon landing.

its so sad these people not in the know waste their lives on "math".
You really think underground agencies havent enumerated all the interesting theorems already?

Your flesh brain might be a little better with intuition but GPUs with properly developed heuristics, and pruning and billion times more computing power will do better than any mathematician.

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There is a prize for finding a fault in his proof of the abc conjecture and prizes for developments in IUTT so if people want to say his results are not anything of note, they should prove it and claim their prize.

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Post the details of the "prize" lmfao

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><How the IUT Challenger Prize will be judged>
>The judging will be conducted by Nobuo Kawakami on his own initiative.
>The method of judging will not be made public,
Oh great. Yes what a great prize.

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Why is this nigger so horny for some bitch named Anabel

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What's the quickest way to get into IUTT? My math background is everything you would expect a QFT PhD student to know (mentally retarded).