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/sci/ humor thread

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Dumping a few classics

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>/sci/ humor thread
Why is it these threads are usually neither /sci/ nor humour

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Shitty one. In the first row [math]\pi = \sqrt{\pi}[/math] already disqualifies the rest.

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schizos pushing politics

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Hey, I posted all /sci/ shit

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And this is why 90% of US teachers must be brutally exterminated.

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soience is inherently political

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Science can be fueled or impeded by politics, but it is not inherently political.

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>t. posting a political figure on /sci/

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>t. posting a scientist on /sci/

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I kneel.

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Both answers literally are equally correct.

Any mildly intelligent elementary schooler will realize that it literally doesn't matter what the order of operations is, as you can clarify whatever information you want by using parentheses.

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Any mildly intelligent elementary schooler will realize that there has to be a rule to decide which one it is. Any mildly unintelligent nigger (like you) will try to argue that his arbitrary brain fart is correct.

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>blobs of text
The [your ideology] can't meme Q.E.D.

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kek this image is such a trainwreck

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Why is it that lately when I want to check some science lecture on nutrition or graph theory they pad the intro with some line about built on the land of Tribe_A?
What's it for? Why don't they mention tribe_B who was there before Tribe_A kicked them off or Tribe_C who were there before Tribe_B kicked them out and so on and so forth until the first human existed?

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>Words words words

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This is funny because in real life the guy on the left is the one saying 2+2=5 and the one on the right is the one saying 2+2=4

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not when "medical" "doctors" seethe when I tell them, they murdered millions with the pyramid of foods.
no brainlet having a degree proves nothing you authority fallacy piece of shit.

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Both are incorrect, the person who made the question is at fault for not properly grouping with parenthesis

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Whats wrong with set-theory?

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fb is that way boomerbot

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>elon 'subsidy' musk

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rules change

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>insert the chip voluntarily or face mandatory jail time, goy #376985

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No, that's incorrect. Mathematical operations are binary operations. There is a symbol and it takes the number left of it and the number right of it to operate on. There is no such thing as an ambiguous formula in mathematics.

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>mfw people still confuse / and ÷
Everybody saying it's 1 or that's ilboth are correct should be banned from society, including the internet.

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Computers give some operations (+ and - or * and /) the same precedence so you need to know if the language is left or right associative to evaluate the expression
Most languages are left associative but this prepares future coders for when they run into right associative languages

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Doesn't refute or even dispute the fact I've pointed out.

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Your article considers programming. Not real math where no ambiguous scripture exists.

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math is done by computers now old man, get over it

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The equation shown on the image in question is not code.

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That's dangerous

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how do you know that?
Could be a code snippet from Matlab or Python

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Notation is arbitrary and meaningless. It is why we explain what the symbols we use in equations mean.
Only consensus gives it any worth. So in the example given, both answers are literally equally correct, as the consensus on the meaning of the notation is split.

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You talk about semantics, but we're talking about syntax.

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>It is why we explain what the symbols we use in equations mean
Nobody does that, unless you mean variables, of which there are none in the image.

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actually would fit on /g/ more but whatever

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define "eating"
define "normal"
define "amounts of"
define "soi"
define "does not"
define "cause"
define "hormonal imbalance"

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what is this boomer humor

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Why is it the Irish youtuber?

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I don't into e-celebs like you do but who?

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God, Aerospace and Rocketry truly are the most based technical fields, every aspect of them makes the normie lefty seethe and mald

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shut the fuck up retard

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not to drift off into schizo territory but the moon landings were faked
the film officially used in the camera officially used if exposed to hard vacuum it would have needed to be exposed to should display certain obvious characteristcs such as discolouration

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What's hard vacuum?

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cleaning your apartment when you don't want to

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Finally something funny itt

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zoom zoom zoom zoomer

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If you're doing something that relies on operator handedness, you're already doing it wrong.

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>the right should oppose the government funding defense industries

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Come on, compared to the shit in this thread this is definitely refreshing you humorless fag.

>> No.15765042

>everyone in this thread is humorless and nothing is funny in this thread except for this one pseudo-witty reply
are you sure you're not the humorless one zoomer?

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what's with all the /pol/shit itt?

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Are you serious

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I'm not the one using stale meme replies, so yeah.

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/sci/ has been poor man's /pol/ for a few years now already. Weird you didn't notice.

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>Acknowledging trannies aren't women means you're /pol/ now
kys falseflagging poltard

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This board had a tradition of exposing /pol/tards as dipshits before people got tired of debunking the same old points over & over every single week. Then, whenever someone from /pol/ came over, they were just ignored by anyone who was smart.

Over the years, 4chan became synonymous with /pol/ in the public eye, so scientifically literate people stopped being able to find this place, while /pol/tards KEPT coming here. Now, it's to the point where all the STEM undergrads that used to come here have slowly left, and there aren't new ones in their place, leaving the ever-replenishing slime to make up a greater percent of the board's culture.

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Absolutely tragic. Maybe you should try r/science.

>> No.15765860

Depressing. I've seen the same thing on other boards, I didn't realize it had even reached /sci/.
This is what RapeApe wants, btw.

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If they steal our money in huge ammounts transferring them from one continent to another or are they just retarded this I do not know.

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> redtard spacing
> false statements
I see what you did there. Here, take this cure.

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I never said that.

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thats actually kind of a neat way to check even if its slow as shit

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I just laughed so hard!

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/sci/ - Science & Math?

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i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

i dont get it.

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the guy in the cartoon is a scientist, are you really too low iq to have noticed that?

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But this is math class!

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>i don't find stale meme replies funny
not my problem

Show me one thing you have posted in this thread that shows you have any humor whatsoever, not sense of humor, humor.
For if all you've posted is these two replies, there is my proof that you are the humorless one.

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/sci/ humor is humor about science and maths not something that just barely mentions the topic before going full /pol/.

This is what a true /sci/ humor post looks like for reference

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[math]S = \{ x | x \not \in x \}[/math]
[math]S \in S \leftrightarrow S \not \in S[/math]

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scientist don't say it be like it is but it do

>> No.15767245

Unironically this, most people will look at a statement and their initial reaction will be based on whether or not their cursory understanding of a sentence agrees with their world view or not and then dis/regard it according to that evaluation. In reality, most of the time, people read a sentence and they completely misunderstand it but choose to interpret it in a way that suits their world view

>> No.15767303

>Show me one thing you have posted in this thread that shows you have any humor whatsoever, not sense of humor, humor.

>> No.15767323

silly zoomer... because that would be proof that you are not humorless
clearly it does not exist, and indeed you are the humorless one

>> No.15767338

Why do I need to prove that?
Are you one of those people who say
>you cannot criticize this cake because you're not a baker
>you can't say this music sounds bad because you're not a musician

>> No.15767355

NTA but your analogy is retarded and actually goes to show that you don't understand what humor is. lol

>> No.15767371

>all that effort just to demonstrate that it's impossible without a third dimension

>> No.15767480

I disagree. It's the only explanation for why you, uhhhm, that anon wants me to prove I have humor by posting something after I said most things posted in here sucks.

>> No.15768079

There should have been about a 15 minute delay between the astronauts and the president, but they talked as though they were in the same room, no delay. So, unless they recorded that conversation before the launch...

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I remember this original meme, and it is retarded in both incarnations. For this one, I would answer that the beauty of mathematics comes precisely from its simple premise. If all mathematical objects lost their grounding in a first order theory, mathematics would lose its logical structure, and would become ugly and disjoint.

For the original meme in which the basedjak is a compsci major, I don't care because it's not his job to care about mathematical beauty.

>> No.15769007

Understanding humor and being humorous both rely on the exact same ability. The same isn't true for any of your examples. You're a low-functioning autist.

>> No.15769022

plap plap plap plap plap plap plap plap plap

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One of the oddly funny things I found out recently is that the seventh day adventist church are behind a lot of the propagandising against meat and distortion of dietary recommendations.

it's freakin wild. You have the obvious crap like the bill gates sort who just what to poison the medical debt slaves and the corporate guys maintaining their income.
But the fact that the SDA following the visions of a mentally disabled 19th century woman to expunge meat from the diet because it inflames the mind "makes people masturbate"

watch the vid to understand the incredulity of some of it.

>> No.15769057

You are too low IQ to understand what makes something funny.

>> No.15769095

If you interpret that meaningless sentence as anything besides propaganda, you have brain damage. It's not that deep.

>> No.15769098

~half of the world's population is below average intelligence

>> No.15769106

It's much worse that that, the average global IQ is over a standard deviation below the native western european average.

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I actually don't get it, do you have to be racist to understand?

>> No.15769351

> do you have to be racist to understand?
probably, or the owner of that particular spam-bot.

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The number is false.

>> No.15770003

That surface is two dimensional

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File: 1.16 MB, 1000x3083, The pragmatic and dogmatic spirit in physics - Stark (1938)141770a0_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When did science become so subverted?

>> No.15770778

Gradually. Since you allowed the scum in
Nah, just joking. It always had retards at the top. Remember who established that organization after they exterminated its predecessors.

>> No.15770811

When it became profitable to do so.

>> No.15770999

Which happened when people stopped having faith in their traditional religion and became open to the idea that they should "trust the soience"

>> No.15771019

Why are you even here if you don't trust science?

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>Why are you even here if you don't trust science?

>> No.15771044

Hi anon! You may be lost. This is /sci/ - Science & Math. Perhaps you're looking for /x/ - Paranormal?

>> No.15771069

Blindly accepting findings as infallible isnt science. For example, frontal lobe lobotomies.
Checked. Freemasonry and the jewish emancipation. See Yuri Bezmenov's lectures.

>> No.15771786

The transitioning the goyim from the traditional and fairly rigid systems of belief which sustained them for centuries to a belief system thats flexible and can be used to justify anything - such as science - is outlined in The Protocols of The Elders of Zion.
Thats why so much of the modern dogma of science is all analogous to biblical stories, because they are meant to replace them.

>> No.15771790

Protocols of Zion is a forgery invented by the Okhrana. That's why it's so obsessed with Russia and the Tsar.
I really hope you're baiting.

>> No.15771826

this is true tho

>> No.15771968

The official stance is that they were a forgery not a hoax, the very methods outlined in them were used to institute the communist revolution.
whoever wrote them was clearly familiar with the real conspiracy

>> No.15771985

They weren't forged. They were blatantly copied from a fictional letter exchange between Napoleon and Montesquieu, written by Maurice Polizei (I think) to criticize the politicians of his time.
Much of the stuff in the protocols existed before but targeted Jesuits. History is weird.

>> No.15771993

The Protocols of The Elders of Zion are completely authentic. Nobody was mentioning Darwinism in Napoleon's days, but The Protocols of The Elders of Zion mention Darwinism explicitly as a substitute for traditional beliefs. It also mentions Marxism for the same purpose. Why don't you read the document some time if you wan to pose as an expert on it, you've clearly only heard from people who want to debunk the document.

>> No.15771995

jewsuits are jews anyway going back to loyola's conversos
all need their heads on a pike and what matters more is why someone seems to be following them almost to the letter. and also why in the early 1920s there was a massive establishment push to completely suppress them

>> No.15772014

paulo feire

>> No.15772036

The original meme is better

>> No.15772038

Anon, it's an almost word-by-word copy.

>> No.15772059

you have to go back

>> No.15772102

Would Einstein fall in the "dogmatic" category? He started by determining physical principles, which according to experiment were valid, and formulated mathematical relationships based on those principles.