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long covid got her hard brehs, despite her taking the shot

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Despite? Those are called covid booster for a reason.

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But they're safe and effective, it cant be

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Safe and effective to increase corporate profits because corporations got 100% legal immunity.

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this whore is not our girl.

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We all need to subscribe to her onlyfans to raise awareness for long covid.

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Production of constant morbidity is the new model for western big pharma.

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is she still bed ridden?

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more like cock ridden

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she has an onlyfans?
i want to know too but i dont have twitter

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even I, anon-Sama, cannot fix her

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I'd ride her in bed if you catch my drift

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How many more Patreon subscribers does she need to be cured?

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Terry could have saved her

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approximately three hundred and fifty (+/- base2 sigma)

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She's not sick.
She ran out of money and decided to try different grift.

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You're having a grift

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still faking it

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genuinely curious if she got her fall 2023 booster or if she's held off because she now has suspicions, even if only at a subconscious level