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What, in your opinion, is the minimum IQ to be a good mathematician/scientist?

Please specify for different fields

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>mixes race children are almost completely fixed
OK, find the smartest negros, and most incel Asians/whites. Kill all other blacks.

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Is this why liberals try so hard to advertise mixed couples, they knew niggers were low IQ apes from the start.

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These results (between black and mixed race) are supported by the CIA reading room document on "the mutallo" and "half breeds" or whatever mixed were called. As well as the I.B.M. and CIA paper this might've been

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it maximum is about 115 or so, above that level noticing starts to happen which results in cancellation via the peer review system.
100 IQ is peak scientist, smart enough to stick to the program without looking dumb.
the idea that scientists are smart is just a meme from hollywood movies, it doesn't dovetail with reality in any way