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What does /sci/ think about the scientific content of this video

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I think that any masturbation of statistics is irrelevant because I've already made the observation that winters here 25 years ago used to be months of intense snowfall and colds reaching -30, whereas now it's just a week or two of moderate snowfall in between long periods of 0 - 5 degree weather and sludge + ice everywhere.

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>source: it was real in my mind

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I value actual reality which I myself can observe over statements I have to accept on nothing but sheer faith and made by organistations consisting of a bunch of people I don't even know.

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nobody believes you

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I believe me.

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Thats an excellent science video

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Where are all the historical climate data ?!

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More proof that global warming is fake

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Where are all the aliens?

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my mfw face when that video

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nobody else does

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Nobody else matters.

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then why are you so desperate to shill your false narrative?

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I can't believe that jewtube hasn't canceled Tony yet

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It was only 5 years ago that they banned Alex Jones. How rapidly we've gone from the era of free speech on social media to an era in which censorship is a foregone conclusion

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women am I right?

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First they came for the frogs
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a frog
Then they came for the water filter salesman
And I did not speak out
Because I only drunk bottled water
Then they came for my YouTube channel
And I did not speak out because they cancelled my Twitter also

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Then they came to penetrate my asshole
But I did not speak because it was already gaped

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>I value my faint memory's anecdotes over data
True /sci/ material

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Explain why he should accept your government-funded statistics when they contradict what he can see with his own eyes.

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Shoulda kept a thermometer diary

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Why didn't you answer the question? Is it inconvenient for your belief system?

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Are aliens causing global warming?

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better than al gore's sources in his dumb movie.
did he ever get grilled or cancelled for all the incorrect predictions?

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alex even said he was just the first and they would be going for everyone.
he was also on anthony and opie and the boomer said he can't be right because he was on the air. way to go boomer, now they took him off the air which proves he was right

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No, he just keeps on shilling as if they never happened, just like Greta does

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>alex even said he was just the first and they would be going for everyone.
he was right about that

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He is right about everything

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Science can't explain this

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science explained that in the 1960s, the next ice age is slowly beginning. both of the polar caps are growing. adding CO2 to the atmosphere will only make it happen more quickly, the increased rate of oceanic algae growth will mean more solar radiation getting trapped in photosynthesis rather than warming the waters

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slopes match

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Stop polluting the air and making noise. You fuckers won’t stop until all the black stuff is gone.


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>jewtube blocking emebs
is this new?

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Thats an excellent video, very well researched