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So are we never going to see aliens in our lifetime? The concept of "alien" doesn't even exist at this point because of how big and lonely our universe is and the fact we only come up with fake fucking bullshit little men like in pic related. It's fucking hopeless, we are the only lifeforms in our galaxy and we will all die alone.

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You are insignificant and your opinion doesn't matter

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This post was made by someone who couldn't fare alone with an axe and a forest, and it shows

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Grow up.

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Damn. I hope any aliens are at least 8 feet tall. I'd be so disappointed if our intergalactic visitors were fucking xenolets like these.

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Imagine aliens in some far away galaxy, that have never left their solar system, have ayy dolls that look like humans (a pure coincidence, based on their imagination) and then their brethren call them fake and ugly.
I wonder if our hypotethical running skills, and thumbs, would give them nightmares.

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that's so sad. why tf would I chop wood when I can eat a pizza and play games? if I need wood I'd just pay someone to do it for me. you my friend are dumb.

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>So are we never going to see aliens in our lifetime?

They literally showed you an alien a couple of weeks. You just got psyop with the ufo bullshit that was played on public tv.

Pic related is a new species they just happened to find over 3000ft below the ocean in Antarctica. Not one person who sees this thinks it looks "normal" in comparison to other sea life or animal life.

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> Not one person who sees this thinks it looks "normal" in comparison to other sea life or animal life.
don't midwits with science

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(You can play Minecraft in real life, it's called real life)

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Its basically a statistical certainty that aliens exist at this point. There are billions of galaxies, each of which contains billions of stars. Even if the probability of life evolving astronomically small, that still implies that there are billions of alien civilizations. If you think that's some sort of crazy sci fi idea, then you're probably either a schizo or a retarded Christian religious fanatic. You are either a schizo or retard. Either way, nobody really gives a shit what you have to say.

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This. Op is probably some larping basement dweller incel loser who likes to think of himself as a brave and manly alpha chad and le "independent thinker", when in reality he's a brainlet retard.

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>hay guise muh hollywood soience fiction comic book movie plot device is totally really
programmed, clamped, circumcised, vax'd, fluoridated, non thinking npc completely under the control and influence of media consumption due to inability to form independent thoughts

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The number of psychotics ITT is stunning. Imagine exploding with rage over someone casting doubt that we'll ever see ayyyyylmaos.

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Wtf bro, what about all the corporate globohomo cable news hosts who have spent the last few years telling us goys that aliens are real? Don't tell me you're having doubts anon. It's not for us goys to decide what is and isn't true. Thats for the experts to decide. Our job is to listen to them and trust what they have to say.