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Where are all the Aliens !?

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I used to believe in aliens all my life. But now that governments are revealing their existence I am firmly convinced that aliens do not exist.

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They're everywhere, straight up all over the galaxy. they're talking right now.
We just can't hear or see them (yet).

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An alien just flew over my house.

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Unironically the intelligent position to take.

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some anon told me they live in a forest

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Here, I'm having a smoke with them rn

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>Aliens go to Mexico
>Mexicans go to the US

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drink bleach you fucking retard

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Don't you mean "when"?

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fake shit/10

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Governments always lie by telling half truths. Those are not space aliens, those are another sentient species living in this planet, deep underground.

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Governments lie by layering lies on to of lies to the point where no one even has a pristine point of reference to tell what's true anymore.

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Probing your mum's ass, Timmy.

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They are nowhere, straight up nowhere in the galaxy.
They're not talking right now because they don't exist.
We just cant hear or see them because they don't exist.

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I will fucking kill you and other science deniers like you.

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basedence doesn't indicate aliyums exist. only Hollywood does.