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>only need 3 organs to survive
are humans over engineered?

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I don't think that's an alien dude... It literally just looks like some failed evolution of a primate. Aliens that came outta space wouldn't be in this position to be examined by FUCKING BEANERS. Get real, this shit is fake as fuck lol.

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Current advanced humans end up in situations where they are examined by wild dogs. Its really not hard for one guy to die like an idiot

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Their brains are about the size of a potato. No way did they invent space travel.

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Yeah but still, how dumb are you to crash into another planet like that and not be prepared for anything? That's a big fucking deal and they should of known, I feel like they would of known better and I simply think it's some fake sculpture or a weird missing primate millions of years ago that wasn't evolved properly. Why does the alien always have to look so humanoid and nothing else?

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It's extra wrinkly. 8 times more wrinkles than us.

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Why do these aliens always end up looking so human/primate-like?

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Here's a link for more information about the aliens they found, the alien seems so tiny and weird too the point I don't think there fascinating, I can literally shove my cock inside it and kill it. This shit is disappointing.


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The alien psyop will drag on for at least the rest of the decade and likely longer still as it's part of the larger globohomo awakening narrative.
Also remember that almost 80% of the worlds population is now vaxxed and primed for these upcoming psyops. However at the end of the day it will mostly be CGI unless TPTB want to introduce new exotic sentient creatures (like Blue Avians, Reptilians, Greys, etc).

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Possibly to appear more palatable to humans? That is, if it's not a shitty hoax

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I bet they're just gonna broadcast the voices through your mandatory brainchip and project the alien spacecraft onto your mandatory Apple iEyes.

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>psyop psyop psyop
chuds can't use their brain at all.

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NTA but are psyop deniers even human? I legit think there needs to be genetic research done on "people" like you to figure out what differentiates them from functioning humans.

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conditioning us to accept the 1000 IQ genetically engineered species DARPA are breeding in their DUMBS.

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serious answer? we share the same laws of physics so it's likely apes have high probability to be the smartest in most planets.

the probability of advanced alien life is ~1 because there are trillions of systems but it's unlikely to ever reach them.

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>serious answer? we share the same laws of physics so it's likely apes have high probability to be the smartest in most planets.
>the probability of advanced alien life is ~1 because there are trillions of systems but it's unlikely to ever reach them.

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Most of the shit you've mentioned is just the retard populous deluding themselves, there isn't some grand global conspiracy, Kike Kabal or 'globohomo' rigging our minds, it's just that the restless populous of developed nations seek radical contrianism to reinforce an in-group vs out-group superiority complex, this is further exacerbated by adolescent rebellion, and it's what gave us le 'globohomo' a few decades back. Wait a few decades, and this whole conspiritorial, 'redpill' ideology will become the norm (given the state of zoomers 2day), and the newer generations would then subsequently take the opposition stance again. You conspiritards just aren't seeing the bigger picture, and are suffering from the same superficiality.

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>psyop deniers
See. your brain is broken. You can't keep calling everything a psyop because you're uninterested in the topic, what does the government gain from people asking about aliens?

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You're outright psychotic. You need help.

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>what does the government gain from people asking about aliens?
Did someone say the government gains something from people "asking about" aliens? I don't see it. Are you ok in the head, clinically speaking?

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convergent evolution
even if a non-primate became as intelligent as humans there would be convergent evolution with us almost certainly.

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>Did someone say the government gains something from people "asking about" aliens?
Yeah when you called it a psyop you fucking donkey

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I never said anything about aliens at all. Quote where someone said that "asking questions" about aliens benefits the government. What's that? You can't? Why aren't you taking your medications as prescribed?

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this man crossed interstellar space to get here then put three rocks in his ass and died

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You need to get your head outta ur ass and be more observant of social psychology. Maybe if you weren't such an autistic basement dweller, you would've met some people irl, bounced around different circles and attained enough social experience to Intuit what I've said. Or u could be smart enough to figure it all out on your own, which u obviously can't seeing all the retarded 'psyop' schizopasta u shat out on this thread.

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You seriously need forced medication. Your level of delusional cope is truly abnormal.

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because the retards who believe these hoaxes lack imagination

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>what does the government gain from people asking about aliens?
It distracts the masses from ongoing political corruption. Something big was going on in a certain obesity-plagued nation regarding their current administration when that glowie went in front of congress to testify about his totally real ufo proofs that he couldn't share with anyone for reasons.

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The point isn't to distract the masses. The point is to distract and discredit "conspiracy theorists".

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not really, conspiracy theories are mainstream now across the entire political spectrum

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Your response is mentally ill on multiple levels. The first and most obvious one is that there is no connection between your (delusional) premise and your conclusion.

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it's been so normalised that you don't even think of them as conspiracies anymore
look at burgerland, both of their political parties including sitting presidents have insisted upon wholly unsubstantiated claims of election interference, nobody even bats an eye

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See >>15741602

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Anon, you're talking to a literal wall here.
These people have made the rejection of anything anti-government a part of their very being.
Accepting that they were wrong is literally impossible for them.

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Go back to >>>/pol/. LK-99 was fake no one cares about it anymore. g-d this is worse than when you faggots took over /biz/ in 2020

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>i am too retarded for basic reading comprehension

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good point

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>i am also too retarded for basic reading comprehension
Amazing stuff.

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>what does the government gain from people asking about aliens?

It's another distraction for the dumb masses to focus on as things fall apart.

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It had to be Americans. Nobody else is so characteristically stubborn about being wrong.

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See >>15741602

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You are truly losing it now. It's funny just how upset I got you.

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I think you're confused anon. I'm mocking the guy who just tried to make the same post again but with wojaks hoping nobody would notice.

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You are definitely mentally ill.

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Oh, you're the wojak poster. Carry on then.

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Just keep doubling down on your severe delusional psychosis.

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Lmao are we at the point where some idiot claims denying government claims of le aliens is "mental illness" and the normal sane thing is to roll with it?


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You and him are at the point where you're both so enraged you're hallucinating. I have no idea why your intellectual equal there is linking other people to my post except incoherent rage.

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Glow brighter.

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But would a very slight difference in environmental conditions on their home planet not have a huge effect on their evolution and what would be optimal?
Why do they have the same rough arrangement of the skeleton with a vertebral column and a cranium, 2 eye sockets, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth, etc.. Why does their appendicular skeleton have almost the same amount of bones (except hands) as vertebrates on earth?
None of that makes sense.

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Distraction from what you stupid nigger? Why would they make the public trust them even less?

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Stop asking questions and accept the one world government.

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What is /x/ up to now? Where is this photo from? Adobe Photoshop? A skyrim mod?

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>Why would they make the public trust them even less?
The vaxxrate is 80%.
Why the fuck do you keep anthropomorphising the cattle.



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Mexico's congress

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>loss argument
>proceed to spout gibberish
I thought this was a science board.

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What if I told you that our history of evolution is bogus but religion is also bogus, we are the artifically genetically engineered creation of a bunch of aliens?

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I personally doubt apes are necessary, e.g. even orcas are considered high iq (for an animal) and if they need hands and land: they can evolve those.

But I can't discount the fact the laws of physics are same so there might be high probability for an ape to do it.

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>needs a full primate-like skeleton to hold three (3) organs
>somehow it's the humans that are over engineered

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>degree mostly in biocomp, some vector research for thesis
>get invited for a workshop in Toluca
>UAEM Integrative Animal Biology conference
>some interdisiplanary talk where I get free travel and present my work
>Alien meme today
>DNA work done by the host university
>tickets already paid for
well, shit.

what sort of process would it take to get a copy of their sample data? I have my own local setup for de novo assembly, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have access to the bodies or the sus xray scans since I'm invited from an entirely different dept.
nothing wrong with asking my contact if they could find any details for me. I know it's fake, the guy testifying had human DNA ID'd in his previous "discoveries" but, >30% unidentified DNA doesn't really say anything about what they actually ran/BLAST'd the sequencing data on.

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You don't know their intentions for being here they could just be some alien degenerate who took off in a ship to explore

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Hoax or not, these were allegedly "eggs". Plus they're mummies, so they could have their organs removed.

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>I can literally shove my cock inside it and kill it

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probably the same stuff as what is making every underwater bug turn into crab.

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Those could very well be alien vibrators, this guy would have been a huge pervert, why else would he been on earth so long ago. probably wanted to fuck dinosaurs and rocks and shit.

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>2 eye sockets
literally optimal, you get depth perception (that doesn't rely on 2D cues) for the minimum amount of resources
>same rough arrangement of the skeleton with a vertebral column
again, optimal because you have one expensive pipe/support instead of whatever the alternate would be
>a cranium
probably optimal, you have a lot of processing in one place with minimal latency between neurons vs having clusters of processing connected by very slow pipes, also extremely expensive so there probably wouldn't be multiple
brains are also extremely fragile so of course they'll be encased in something
>2 nostrils
not sure about this, but I've heard some shit about how (human) nostrils will switch back and forth between which one is closed
not sure if there's anything interesting with sensing which direction a smell is coming from or not
>1 mouth
optimal, I cannot think of a reason to have more than one mouth but having less than multiple takes less resources

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>literally optimal
Then why do some animals have more than 2 eyes?

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>Then why do some animals have more than 2 eyes?
what fucking animals?

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In addition to what >>15742147 has said: it's inherently more difficult for non-tetrapodal body to arise in large animals (for reason see below). Sure, there can be hexapodal land-dwelling megafauna, and they will be a certain share of the total pop of complex life. But tetrapods will outnumber them handsomely, because four limps are simpler than two.

Due to square cube law (among others), it's relatively trivial for very small animals (<100g; mussels included if you don't count the shell, which you should exclude. Also the mass itself does not matter, but the principle) to develop and maintain multiple eyes. With large animals, the only factor that maintains a multiplicity (2) of them is mentioned depth perception advantage.

Sapient and space travelling aliens would most likely look humanoid (as in the body plan), while the arrangement of organs would be nearly completely random compared to ours.

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>four limbers are simpler than six
Of course, this is relevant because some centaur-like race is equally as plausible as a sapient, space fairing civilization. But they are not equally as likely to arise.

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You name them. You should be able to.

>> No.15742194

>Due to square cube law (among others)
What does the square-cube law have to do with it?

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What like spiders?

>> No.15742206

For isntance.

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Eyes are three-dimensional organs whose effect only occurs at the surface. But if you have more eyes, you proportionally need more blood vessels etc. supplying all these. They would, due to probabilities (which should be obvious, but if not I won't explain that as well now) have more points of failure. If a small part of a large eye fails, presumably the entire eye fails; it's inherently less likely that the same volume of eye in a tiny animal will suffer a defect or damage.

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Spiders benefit from the extra eyes for enhanced (either faster processing or more accurate) depth perception and situational awareness, so the decreased brain functionality and resources are a worthwhile tradeoff.

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Your logic is like melted swiss cheese.

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But your buddy told me two eyes are optimal. Also who says having more eyes implies "decreased brain functionality"? What is it with mongoloids who believe in aliens and the striking tendency to shit out GPT-2 logic?

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>Also who says having more eyes implies "decreased brain functionality"?
Because they'll be interfacing with the brain? More of the brain will be dedicated to accepting the signals from them and processing them. If you can't accept that basic fucking fact then I don't see how I can convince you that humans with 30 eyes would be a shitty evolution.

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I know, it's glorious.

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Is the human pelvis so optimal that it evolved independently on a different planet?

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>What is it with mongoloids who believe in aliens
No one here believes in visiting ayyys you cretin. You literally just can't deal with the 2+ 130 IQ bros in this thread trying to reason with you.

>> No.15742245

>Because they'll be interfacing with the brain? More of the brain will be dedicated to accepting the signals from them and processing them.
And? How does this imply decreased brain functionality? Are you literally retarded? Decreased relative to what?

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Have your IQ measured. I guarantee you're below 110.

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>further proof that 4chan shitposters have always existed, everywhere
Sort of like the recent Peruvian flying aliens being illegal gold miners, if this turns out to be local, the most impressive thing is those osmium alloy ellipsoids.

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midwit response

>> No.15742318

>midwit response
That's not even a midwit response. That's a straight up automated spambot response.

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Conspiracy theorists are more likely to have a lower IQ.

>> No.15742455

Suppose this were true. What bearing does it have on the fact that you're something less than human?

>> No.15742469

Why do you browse a science board. You clearly too retarded to understand anything on the front page

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How will Black Science Man respond?

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Says the bot calling everything a psyop.
>its a psyop because its just is hahaha
zero critical thinking, you should kys.

>> No.15742527

>critical thinking
Buzzword for confirmed clinical retards.

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y´all fucking retarded, this crap was already debunked in 2021. https://www.reddit.com/r/Damnthatsinteresting/comments/16hsjls/the_et_corpses_were_debunked_way_back_in_2021/

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>the ruling class that owns everything has no intention to control the masses and anyone that says otherwise is delusional
the best slaves are those who think they are free.

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fuck off

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LMAO, glowies in panic mode.

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You sounds like you need to take your seroquil

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So all you need is 3 buttplugs?
Now here is the thing... why now? why they decided to shot that now? did someone confirmed those things are at least biological beings and not rubber Muppet?
Are they this thin? like... can the females be thicker? do they have breast?

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Yet this never stopped us lusting for Tats the bat, they could be a race of shorstacks

Dude I'm telling you, you give my sexy anthro ayy lamo and I will become globo with the homo
(I know they will use it to tax us for a planetary defense bullshit)

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>not wanting more organs
never gonna make it

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>needing more than cellular cognition

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i've lurked around alien threads and i haven't seen any quantitative and qualitative physicochemical analyses of those fucking "bodies", like is the C14 or <insert radiodating isotope> content the same as earth life, etc.
that looks so easy to fake
don't tell me they're afraid of minimal destructive testing for some samples? bullshit.
you need sufficient hard scientific data and numbers for this waste of time.

>> No.15743207

Russian interference was very well substantiated, but you can just laugh it off like the average poltard, oblivious to a very very obvious Russian rot in the US political system

>> No.15743313

>not wanting 10 giga brains
you never stood a chance

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*shrieks in chelaphoran*

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>the government pays a legion of shitposters to post on a Bangladeshi mitten knitting forum just to hide these aliens from you
In your head it's true.

>> No.15743481

Couldn't this just be some mutilated child the natives sacrificed to some god to make it rain, then decorated ceremonially by shoving rare metal ornaments into it, and afterwards threw it into a cave where they think the deity lives?

>> No.15743487

Yes. Or it could be a real life heckin’ alien. Or perhaps the guy who showed it to his congress is simply lying, just like the other times he claimed to have evidence of aliens. It’s a mystery!

>> No.15743490

You are a conspiracy theorist unless you believe that no group of humans has ever done something secretly.

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Move your ass to the ukrainian front you coward. NATO needs morons like you to clear mine fields.

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Some other anon claimed that this is the data from the sample they sent for sequencing - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sra/PRJNA869134
The lab just labelled it as Homo sapiens.

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itt sciencegoys salivating at the new alien narrative

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LK-99 is real, faggot

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2 more weeks

>> No.15745486

Anon what is that

>> No.15745518

what's this microscopic soccer ball anon

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i dont think those are organs, they are showing up denser than the skull, like solidly dense like stones....and they're kinda shaped like stones.....are those just stones?

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>> No.15747492

>updooting your own post

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You could survive with like, two organs

>> No.15747529

are those organs? would they be in that good shape after one thousand years?

>> No.15747536

heart and lungs?

>> No.15747716

How stupid do you need to be to use potato for size comparison?

>> No.15747725

>a weird missing primate millions of years ago that wasn't evolved properly
Jesus do you even understand what evolution is and how it works?