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This thread is dedicated to discussions relating to the anatomical functions of the foreskin.

>Why does this exist?
Because the foreskin is a very controversial piece of skin that is often amputated/ shortened for religious, traditional or medical purposes.
Discussions sorrounding this topic are often filled with emotions, so hopefully this thread can shed some light on the more objective facets of the procedure.
Keep in mind that routine circumcision of infant boys is (more or less) legal, globally.

>>What is the medical consensus on routine penile circumcision?
There exists a whole variety of medical literature on the human foreskin and on circumcision, with no universal consensus.
Some studies point to improvements or indiffernece in regards to sexual intercourse, European pediatricians on the other hand, often advise against routine male genital cutting.
>Possible benefits
- The membrane of the glans "keratinizes" due to being exposed to friction against fabrics, which is currently interpreted as a preventative anatomical advantage against STDs, by the WHO.
- Since the glans keratinizes, it becomes less sensitive, which may help for issues regarding hypersensitivity or premature ejaculation.
>Possible risks
- Medical malpractice.
- Loss of important pleasure functions, due to aforementioned keratinization.
- Loss of important pleasure functions, due to missing specialized erogenous skin.

>My thoughts
I believe that this topic confuses a lot of people, because what is never brought up is that every human is circumcised to different degrees.
I have been circumcised extremely tightly, so much so that, while erect, I have no skin I can move, making masturbation difficult and not very pleasurable.
Full erections, furthermore, are also somewhat painful.

However, someone who had been circumcised very loosely, may dismiss anti-circumcision thoughts, since their anatomical structure, despite being circumcised, is much closer to that of an intact foreskin.

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At the start of this year, we've had a study on the effects of circumcision in Africa, specifically in the context of preventing HIV spread.

It appears that claims on male circumcision being a preventative measure against STDs is losing some ground,
>Results show that the standardized RR was not different from 1 at older ages (50-59): RR = 0.923, 95% CI = 0.769-1.108, P = 0.390. Furthermore, the age-incidence was at least as high or higher among the circumcised groups than among the intact groups. The standardized RR was lower than 1 at younger ages, and this could be explained by selection biases. HIV prevalence at age 40-59 (27.3%) was also the same in the four groups of circumcision status (intact, traditional, medical, unknown). Results matched earlier observations made in South Africa that circumcised and intact men had similar levels of HIV infection. The study questions the current strategy of large scale VMMC campaigns to control the HIV epidemic.

To my knowledge, the WHO has not made an official statement and has not shown any signs of trying to repeal their circumcision campaign in high-risk African nations.
If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd believe that they would want this practice to just quietly die down the more controversy has been generated.

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left: as God intended
right: as Satan intended

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Honestly imagine how many jewish restaurants would go out of business if their foreskin supply was suddenly stopped or snibbed as you were. The consequences to the economy would never be the same

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Another way to call the US an African tier country.

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>>Possible benefits
>- The membrane of the glans "keratinizes" due to being exposed to friction against fabrics
t. Harvey Kellog

Fuck off, puritan.

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Trade offer incoming from:
>Dr. Circumstein
YOU stand to gain:
THEY stand to gain:
[X] Yes [_] No

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It's insane that this is even considered a matter of debate. If it weren't an old semitic tradition, this procedure would be considered mutilation and child abuse on the sever side, punishable with a long prison sentence.

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What are you going to do about it?
There are no mainstream politicians who speak against it, nor are there any popular activists, aside from Eric Clopper.
Even on the slacktivist front, all you have are people on Reddit saying it's le bad.
It's not like you have a political eceleb speaking out against circumcision, either.

The fact is, most people on Earth don't think of it as mutilation, and this will likely continue for decades to come.

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>What are you going to do about it?
Nothing. If mindless golems want to mutilate their own golem children, it's their problem. I'm just pointing out a neutral fact.

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"Mutilation" is a culturally-loaded term. It is by no means a neutral fact.

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Yes. That's what I said. Are you literally, clinically jewish?

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You are having trouble understanding my post.
I am saying that your accusation that routine circumcision is "mutilation" is faulty in that it is not a neutral fact, but a culturally-loaded opinion.

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>your accusation that routine circumcision is "mutilation" is faulty
Are you mentally ill? I didn't make any accusations.

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I am done with you.

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>If it weren't an old semitic tradition, this procedure would be considered mutilation and child abuse on the sever side, punishable with a long prison sentence.
Show me how the truth of this statement relies on any culturally relative definition of mutilation. What's that? You can't? Filthy little yid.

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I'm fucking done. I'm done with this website, I'm done with antisemites and I'm fucking done with whites.

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>circumcision is "mutilation" is faulty


your orgasms are never going to feel as good as mine no matter what you say to me

how does that feel

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Your girlfriend's orgasms are never going to feel as good when you fuck her as when a black guy does. I fucking hate whitoids and cultural objectivists so goddamn much.

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>implying i will ever have a girlfriend
jokes on you retard

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Good. You will never have a culture or a nation again, either, whitoid.

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The faggots above me aside, let's get back to the main topic.

A major issue in regards to trying to assess risks related to circumcision, is the lack of quality studies.
for instance.
A lot of the anatomical explanations and graphics sound very common sense-y, but are not supported by reputable, recent literature that you could cite on a Wikipedia article.

One reason for the lack of "proper" research could be motivated through politics.
For example, Iceland would have been one of the first nations in the world to ban routine male circumcisions, namely by removing the word "female" in the section that covers genital mutilation.
The jewish Icelandic nations even supported the bill, so did a jewish organisation against circumcision, yet the ADL threatened the nation with reputational loss and controversy, which is a big deal, since a large part of Iceland's economy is seated in tourism.

On the other side, commonly cited pro-circumcision literature is filled with medical misconduct and blatant biases creeping into the work.
Going over the meta-study of one such doctor, Brian J. Morris, someone else has made an opinion-piece, on said doctor.
You can find his study here:
You can find the article here:
And here is another good one:

One such bias, is, shockingly, Brian J. Morris is,
>"co-founder of a pro-circumcision lobbying organization called the Circumcision Academy of Australia, several of whose board members"
I highly recommend reading up on the blog post, since FOUR (4) of Brian's medical works are referenced by Wikipedia's current article on circumcision.

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>the science of mutilating baby's penises
Is this the final state of /sci/?

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The. Science. Has. Been. Settled.

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>Japan 9
How? SEA Immigrants?
>UK greater than France
That doesn't sound right.

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Circumcision in the US is almost entirely motivated by protestant christianity. Just like the vast majority of zionism in the US is funded and motivated by christians

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21% doesn't sound believable for the uk

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Muslims practice circumcision.

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Yeah if it wasn't important to Abrahamics it would be considered insane, like snipping off part of your kids ear lobe, or chopping their pinky toe. There's no good reason for it besides YHWH made me do it.

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I want to kill yids for cutting up my penis.

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good research, thanks anon

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So here is a cut and dry example of a small group of politically motivated actors publishing bullshit in a "respected" academic journal, which is then leveraged by policy makers at the helm of "public health" to make decisions. Nice.

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France and Russia have almost two and three times more.

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And here we have the coup de grace on Morris's little conflict of interest, albeit a very personal one.
As visible, Morris has been a part of several different circumcision-positive societies, which is quite strange, on its face.

What are these organizations? The main ones you should pay attention to are
>Gligal Society
The former of which had his direct involvement.
Now, Gligal Society has gone under, and so has Circlist, really, but we do have an archive of Circlist to see what was going on that site before it got sterilized.
The founder of Gligal Society, btw, has been arrested for possession of child pornogrpahy. Not that it has anything to do with this, I just thought I should mention it.

Very suspicious logo aside, the website is akin to a circumcision cult.
TONS of pro-circumcision propaganda that is not based on fact, but on opinion, as well as invitations for, hold on, let me just quote it from the source,
>"Circlist has always permitted, and will continue to permit, circumcision related fetish/sexual postings/materials, straight, gay or otherwise. Individuals may use CIRCLIST to make contact with one another, including for sexual purposes. The list is not just a medical interest list, but rather all things circumcision, including circ-fetish, sexual info, medical info and a place to meet up with fellow circumcision enthusiasts and proponents."

Holy shit, hahahaha.
This is a literal circumcision fetish cult. I've skimmed through the archive and it's so fucking obvious that the site owner is mentally unwell (or really likes fetishizing cut cocks).


Now where does this lead us?
Every time you see the name "Brian J. Morris", remember that our world trusts someone who not only misleads researchers, but is also a literal circumcision fetishist, when it comes to the objective truth to circumcisions.

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>I believe that this topic confuses a lot of people, because what is never brought up is that every human is circumcised to different degrees.
>I have been circumcised extremely tightly, so much so that, while erect, I have no skin I can move, making masturbation difficult and not very pleasurable.
>Full erections, furthermore, are also somewhat painful.
It's child mutilation marking slaves and terrible parents listening to the jew over god. Another thing in only so rare cases where it is necessary that it can't even be called a minority.

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Scientifically, how effective is sugar water as anesthesia?

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what a nice lady, she even wears a mask while describing her baby mutilation devices

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The effect sizes were insanely small to begin with. Not a serious reason to practice it given that condoms are an option

No one can admit they were wrong on this because they are essentially saying we mutilated millions of babies for no reason.

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The exaggeration of the benefits of circumcision in regards to HIV/AIDS transmission

Circumcision/HIV claims are based on insufficient evidence

There is no case for the widespread implementation of circumcision as a preventative measure to stop transmission of AIDS/HIV

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>So here is a cut and dry example

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There were claims towards it preventing HPV as well, implying that it was causing the HPV->cervical or anal cancers.

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I was circumcised when I was in grade school. I didn't have any discomfort but the foreskin was too tight to fully retract. apparently, when that happens, there's a risk of tissue death from nocturnal erections where any tissue past the narrowest part of the membrane loses vascular supply. of course my parents were concerned and wanted what was best for me but I suspect they were talked into it by the surgeon. for example, he didn't recommend stretching or lotions or anything first.

at least I was completely out for it. SOP for newborn boys is topical anesthetic more often than not. it might sound bizarre to suggest otherwise,, but the vast majority don't get sedation and pain control, and they can't consent. if it's bizarre, it's because the ethical guidelines on anything else is absent with most circumcisions. special care is otherwise taken on procedures on cosmetic areas (face) or areas with high density of nerve endings (hands, feet).

I'm probably preaching to the choir here. there are some (modest) benefits to being circumcised, but nothing that justifies how the US approaches it. I'll just finish by saying, yes, I was definitely less sensitive down there after the operation

this is exclusively a male problem. the only people who would be better off from reform are boys and men. women won't help. men don't focus political energy around men's issues, and men of reputation (justifiably) choose something more significant to spend their resources on. realistically, all men can (or need to) do is prevent their sons from getting cut

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>women won't help
They will. It would take removing the brainwashing first, and that's going to be difficult in some cases. The reason for that is medical consensus regarding circumcision, or fathers having something to say about it not being a problem. You're going to encounter fathers that will make it a point for their sons to "look like them", or say they'll have problems scoring with women later. Women don't have dicks, and you have to clean everything regardless of circumcision while babies are diapered anyway.

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>there's a risk
There is no such a thing, all of that is a lie to make money mutilating kids.

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Why is korea the only east asian country that does this shit?

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Christianity, probably.

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Circumcised men in Puerto Rico had a higher rate of STDs

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Everyone who "discuss" a mutilation of an innocent who isn't able to defend or have his own will is nothing more as an prehistoric barbaric subhuman ass....e from wich this amputation comes. There is nothing to "discuss", or should i "discuss" to remove one of your eyes because of unsettled muuuuhh. That would be more than fair, this technocratic merciless approach is pure evil.

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Discussions have to happen.
Circumcision is legal in virtually all countries,
Wikipedia states that circumcision causes no change to sexual pleasure.
The average person outside the Internet doesn't have an informed opinion on it and will lean towards allowing it for religious uses.
Also, routine circumcision of African males to prevent HIV spread is STILL being recommended by the WHO and numerous international health organizations.

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there can be no discussion on this topic

niggers go around raping and killing people. the government supports this

they are cutting off baby dicks. the government supports this

they are cutting of the tips of dicks. the government supports this

until there is violence, none of this will be solved. someone insane enough to think cutting off dicks is good cannot be talked to.

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>this is exclusively a male problem
There's no way to be serious about preventing female mutilation without preventing male mutilation though. It's just completely hypocritical to go up to some tribe and be like "hey, the stuff you're doing is bad and terrible, so stop right now. Well, yeah, we also do similar stuff, and don't plan to stop, but you should stop anyway since what you're doing is so much worse."

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>niggers go around raping and killing people. the government supports this
I agree with the rest though.

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>the hundred cock mutilation stare

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By far the most amusing thing is how every guy is of course very protective of their dick (apart for the mentally deranged obviously), yet cutting it up when you're most vulnerable is somehow just not a big deal. Absolutely retarded.
This cognitive dissonance (and trauma) is surely going to affect you throughout life.

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Tell them to use condoms nigga. WTF
>these niggers are too retarded to use rubbers, so we just cut their dicks
Just fucking remove their dicks at this point
Literally calling it “circumcision” is an issue
It’s actually a non consensual genital mutilation
It’s happening to boys so who cares right
Also notice the language:
“It’s part of their culture” “it’s part of their religion” “there are benefits to it”
Female genital mutilation is also cultural and religious and yet EVERYONE is against it. There are also minor benefits to it, which is controlling the libido. This can have tribal and social benefit for a group of people.

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Child circumcision should definitely be outlawed, no doubt.
When I was around 15, I was concerned that my foreskin couldn't be retractred and I had too much skin. At the time I was terrified that if I had intercourse, the girl could find it it gross and leave me. So I went to a doctor (who was jewish by the way) and got circumcised. I was dumb, didn't research enough, my parents just went along and the doctor didn't suggest any other option. Later I realized that fear was ridiculous, I could probably have fixed it in some other way and in the end I remain virgin.

As for the sensibility, my glans that were never exposed could not be touched without pain, after the circumcision, when it's dry I feel almost nothing there, but if rubbed when wet it feels alright. Even so lotion is not required for mastubating and the overall pleasure didn't change at all, I think.

It isn't bad, just unecessary.

>> No.15728144

Ugh, this is what I hate about "experience posts".
Unlike FGM, no one was bothered with making a list of different categories for circumcisions.
The issue is, some circumcisions are very loose, others are extremely tight. Different regions of the foreskin are cut in different types of circumcisions.

>> No.15728147

seriously though? it's just hard to believe

like, this is a weird example, but in japan their fleshlights have different textures, bumpy, sometimes ridged, etc. because they literally can FEEL the bumps. I don't feel anything like that. I feel a 'good' feeling, but nothing like bumps.

that sounds pretty harmful to me. only someone that wasn't a virgin when they got cut would be able to say for sure

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Yea i got the old school high and tight, masturbation without lotion is literally impossible

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Told my wife that I will never allow our future sons to be circumcised, and her response was that 'girls will think it's weird'. She even called up one of her girlfriends who then said the exact same thing. Obviously I told her that I'm not changing my mind on this, but what a fucking wake up call on the state of female psychology. I don't give a shit about my sons ability to be a man whore. I care about not chopping off a natural body part

>> No.15728427

shut the fuck up. Straight white christian men get bashed all day, and are effectively discriminated against for employment. Jews can deal with a little discrimination of their own

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In the end it is more of a plastic surgery than anything else. Experiences might differ depending on who performs the surgery and how. What the hell do you want more?
It's not a surgery that should be performed in a child, but if the patient is an adult who's able to understand what he's are getting into, just talk with the surgeon for the pros and cons to decide if it's worth doing it. Like in my example, if done "right", it does not bring any harm.
Yes, no lies here. I never used a flashlight but I think I would be able to feel these bumps and textures. The thing about the dry gland is that the friction is very high, therefore the sensation is also rough. But when the friction is lessened by some type of lubricant, it becomes sensitive again, sometimes too much even. If I rub the penis head a lot when it's wet, it becomes troublesome to even stand. I think during sex it would be good. As for the body, there's enough skin to move up and down, feels exactly the same as before the circumcision.

I understand OP's point, some kinds of circumcision should be avoided, when they cut it too tight does indeed sounds like it sucks a lot. I don't think there are any benefits at all in this case.

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In the end it is more of a plastic surgery than anything else. Experiences might differ depending on who performs the surgery and how. What the hell do you want more?
It's not a surgery that should be performed on a child, but if the patient is an adult who's able to understand what he's getting into, just talk with the surgeon for the pros and cons to decide if it's worth doing it. Like in my example, if done "right", it does not bring any harm.
Yes, no lies here. I never used a flashlight but I think I would be able to feel these bumps and textures. The thing about the dry gland is that the friction is very high, therefore the sensation is also rough. But when the friction is lessened by some type of lubricant, it becomes sensitive again, sometimes too much even. If I rub the penis head a lot when it's wet, it becomes troublesome to even stand. I think during sex it would feel good. As for the body, there's enough skin to move up and down, not tightness at all, feels exactly the same as before the circumcision.

I understand OP's point, some kinds of circumcision should be avoided, it does indeed sounds like it sucks a lot when it's cut too tight. I don't think there are any benefits at all for doing it like this. Maybe it's an useful surgery for some more extreme cases of tightness and excesses skin. Also if the owner of the dick never washes it and keeps getting infections there.

Females are evil. Don't listen to them.

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>What the hell do you want more?
When the difference between a tight cut and a loose cut can range from "erections are painful and masturbation is not very pleasurable" to "I feel no difference", then we have every right to be concerned.
>just talk with the surgeon for the pros and cons to decide if it's worth doing it.
Keep in mind that there are no medical definitions on circumcision tightness, implying that patients will have to gamble the state of their foreskin when they undergo surgery.
Making people aware about circumcision tightness is very important for a layman to make a decision as crucial as this.

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Fuck off. White people literally get threatened with death daily on Twitter and no one bats an eye.

the writers, full name and address on display have no issue to write more and more about hating whited and no one cares.
But no a basket weaving anon goy said something, so I can’t take it anymore

>> No.15730553

bumping for interest

>> No.15730616

You are correct many people do not think about it as mutilation, but consider that, after a while calling abortions of fetuses murder, a large enough percentage of the population began to believe potential persons were real enough.

You've got to get the sheeple to realize the magnificence of an uncut dick. To do that you have to frame circumcision in the most obscene (clear) terms: as mutilation. As child sexual abuse. As social degeneration.

And you have to do it over and over until it sinks the fuck in. Note: I do not give 1 shit about a "potential person". This is just how mass social dynamics works.

>> No.15730693

>What are you going to do about it?
laugh at your pathetic cripple cock

>> No.15730730

that is... horrifying. I had no idea that commercializing newborn genital skin was a line that's already been crossed

"no more elective surgeries on the genitals of newborns" should go without saying. banning it for only half of the babies is almost worse than allowing it for across the board

>> No.15730755

You are about 10 years or so too late. A woman was invited on Oprah and bragged about the beauty affect of a cream made by Korean penis skin.

>> No.15730818

Mutilation is literally defined is removing a part of body unwillingly

>> No.15730825

what a cunt she is

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I remember watching foreign Brazillian soap opera, where Arab father of Arab girl says to Brazillian boyfriend: get circumcised or no wedding. This was treated as a very big deal that threatened their relationship. He agreed, but only after agonizing for several episodes.
Later I was very suprised that Americans of all people copied Arabs' savage religious traditions.

>> No.15731521

Ask people who have been circumcised later in life. They lose sensitivity.

>> No.15731529

This is some evil evil shit

>> No.15731541

I don’t have to ask anyone because I’m uncut and have an imagination
I’d rather lose the whole thing desu

>> No.15731617

should have just pretended he was cut.
did the father demand a penis inspection or something?

>> No.15731628

The cycle of abuse is omnipresent.

>> No.15731653

I got talked into it at age 25. Every day I wish I could go back. I lost every good feeling down there. It's just pain. SHould I off myself? I could also live with medical heroin for the rest of my days, I live in a country where I can get injectable pharma grade H for free basically.

>> No.15731674

There's three things you can do.

One, you can try restoring. The erogenous skin cells that were part of the ridged band won't ever come back, but restoring will reverse the keratinization (drying out) of the glans and give you gliding action.

Two, you can try doing prostate orgasms.
Now, this sounds really gay or weird, but there's a non-sexual, meditative exercise that works, and best of all, you don't need to put anything inside your butt.
The exercises are hosted by a channel called "Mindgasm" and they've worked wonders for me, I am heterosexual btw.
Dry prostate orgasms are not dependent on the feelings of your penis, and usually feel better in orders of magnitude.

Three, you can wait for Foregen, which aims to regenerate the foreskin, along with all the functionality that you were born with.
Keep in mind that this option is not mutually exclusive with option one.
Foregen has stated that they offer a re-circumcision of "stretched" foreskins so that they can grow the new one. Whether Foregen will be a success is up in the air.

>> No.15731684

>no wedding

>> No.15731691

>age 25.


>It's just pain
pretty sure all cutards are lying about this to some degree

>> No.15731694

Not him, but I have (slightly) painful erections, due to being cut high and tight.
It's not unbearable or anything, but it's noticable.

>> No.15731843

This is a science board. Your gut feeling is irrelevant until you cut off your penis to prove it.

>> No.15731847

It makes sense when you live in the desert and never take showers. But outside Sahara or Arabia its just a eunuch ritual.

>> No.15732054

Tbqh it’s rather us Eurofags and intact Yanks who are currently bootstraping genuine trauma in the people that had American bottom surgery, through us raising awareness.
Suddenly an “invisible” non-factor has become a mental stressor.
And you need that for change.

>> No.15732059

Ching chong, I am a bing chilling nip nong. I currently am addicted to Limey opium.

PS: natty female feet are weird.

>> No.15732148

my mom tried really hard to get me cut. i hate that piece of shit.

> 'girls will think it's weird'.
this kind of bullying is fucking retarded. it is the shit female retards do to each other but when they do it with men it doesn't matter to shit

>> No.15732158

>no skin move.
This is from not stowing the turtle in the shell when you were a child. Fore skin regeneration is kinda an intelligence test that you failed.

>> No.15732165

Step 1: stop calling it circumcision, call it by what it is; genital mutilation
Step 2: remove "female" from the law against genital mutilation
Step 3: you're now closer to being a developing nation

>> No.15732169

See you tomorrow.

>> No.15732422

>I got talked into it at age 25.

>> No.15732456

>born in shithole family/country
>too low IQ to disown them
how else?

>> No.15732492

GPT-tier answer

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That is why you should get your information only from right memes, everything else are lies.

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Fuck off kike. Cultural relativity is just yiddish gaslighting.

>> No.15732718

>This is a literal circumcision fetish cult
There's a whole religion based on it

>> No.15732804


>> No.15733645

I was/am insecure. My dad said it's not a big deal, he had to get it done because it ripped while sex he said. Doctor said it's not a big deal. I never had gf, never could try it for real, felt like it was because I knew it was somewhat tight and we would have had to be careful and light and smooth and loving and caring. I felt like thats what is so abhorrent about me maybe. I don't know. I thought I would need it at some point anyways. Life has no meaning anymore. Before the meaning was in enjoying and good things. That's all gone. I can't enjoy anything anymore because I know what I'll never feel again. I only wished to be kissed and caressed and touched and stroked down there, that was my dream, what I wished for, the thing which would have made everything good again. Ofc maybe it would not have been but at least I would have known masturbation is king and I could still do it. I can't masturbater anymore because it does not feel good anymore. All the tickling is gone, the huuuge feeling where the slightest movement was felt through your whole body, all gone. It is literally like they cut off the whole thing and replaced it with a rubber toy.

>> No.15735372

holy mental illness

>> No.15735665

bumping for interest

>> No.15735700

>>157353754 seripusly paige hill is scum

>> No.15736095

Even the surgery tools look medieval.

>> No.15736102

Give yourself time and mercy, nerve endings take time to grow back. Stop death grip squeezing your dong and focus on the rest of your body for a bit, go running and swimming

captcha: KORNVH+

>> No.15736109

My pet theory is that the penis hater cabal is tracking the effect of circumcision severity against life outcome to see what effect they can have by forcing hospitals to use a specific clamp or another.

It's like in a neural network. They keep an eye on the cross-entropy loss to see if the network is learning given its data and learning rate.

Except here they're keeping track of how each man progresses through life based on where, when, and how intensely he was mutilated as a baby and/or adult.

We have to follow self determination and move past the trauma, bros. It's the only way to show the globohomo who's really in charge: us.

End the cycle with your kids, but make sure (when they're old enough) they know what you spared them from.

>> No.15736114

Brian J Morris and his cock knifing cult helped traumatize me as a child.

>> No.15736117

It is so obvious what is going on here. The medical establishment wants free reign to castrate and/or deny reproductive capacity to anyone it likes, going forward, and it knows that if it can keep up the circumcisions for another few millenia, evolutionary pressures that keep uncut foreskins functional will never be felt and effectively everyone will be impotent and born with phimosis by default.

>> No.15736119

Suck my ass

>> No.15736120

No these nerves don't grow back, and even if they did, their specialiced cell is gone, the merkel cell, the pacini bodies, it's all gone. Severe suicidal ideation is the only thing that is left. I ran, swam and exercised before, I don't have the power anymore. I have no libido anymore, why would I want to touch myself somewhere where it hurts? I haven't masturbated in over 8 Months.
Yes ofc I am mentally ill. I just wish I wasnt mutilated for it. I started back with my heroin habit about 1 year after it was done. It provided some short term relief, but now I am just addicted and need my daily doses to just function how I would have without, I don't even feel it anymore. Bullshit this stuff, but I wont get off it in this life anymore. Again where should I take the power from? When I kicked it the first time the power came from wanting to experience life, to feel everything to it's full intensity. You can see how that is not possible anymoire. SO, where to take the energy from? I don't know.... Funny thing is I am also about to graduate medical school.... It's all just lies.... I am waiting for my fial score report, it should come around the beginning of next month. I got myself together so much, from shooting heroin to becoming a doctor, and all I got for it was this mutilation. I would have never supportewd all of textbook medicine, I would have tried to avooid prescribing unknown pharmas, SSRI, tricyclics, whatever, I would have held off on surgeries as much as possible, especially circumcisions. BUt also hipp implants and whatever. First rule: "Do no harm." But apparently I can not protect myself... I guess I just needed to know how bad it really is... And now there is only one thing left to do: heroin or an hero.

>> No.15736121

200 yearer

>> No.15736126

>I ran, swam and exercised before, I don't have the power anymore.
Take a vacation nigger, you're an overworked med student. YOu should be your own top priority.

>> No.15736218

There is nothing left of me, the center of my soul and myself, of my nervous system has been remooved, there is nothing left, my connection to the universe and to life itself, to everything thats good, is gone. There is no pleasure anymore,it's so much more than just sexual, the energy can't flow through you anymore and you are basically dead, thinking is not possible anymore.
what does that mean?

>> No.15737111

look im also circ'd and not entirely happy with the state of my cock but this sounds like the retarded ramblings of an incel nearing the end of his rope. you better talk to a therapist before you an hero.

>> No.15737253

he is parodying the cut people you genius.

>> No.15737341

Yes I am so close to the rope, what does the therapist want to tell me? That everything is going to be okay? That it will grow back? (It won't) That it's not that bad and I'm just making it up? What am I making it up for exactly? I'm sorry but this is not a a state that is bearable, it is unbearable. It was so pleasurable before, now everythig is pain, the whole world has become pain, all the vibes and energies are pure pain, and the knowledge of the impossibility of ever feeling it again or using it again as before kills any living man over time. I mean it's not the same kind of pain, it's the burning kind of pain over an open wound, and that around your cock when you should have immense joy and pleasure, really it's not explainabl in percent gone, it's a world gone. Before I could ride on the feeling and enjoy it and that was my nirvana, where I would spend eternity if I could, together with drugs and music, sex, drugs and rock and roll, you know? It was like massaging, like an electric vibration, and I could feel texture, and wet, dry, everything. When the operation was done I could feel my N. pudendus atrophy. The whole thick nerve was lacking autoinnervation and I felt it. There I knew what I had done to myself. I told mself it would get better and that it needs to heal. But ofc that was pure copium. Imagine your penis has more at the tip, that's where the feeling kind of is, and when you pull it back it envelops your whole body and you step outwards to the world and are now there naked, if you kind of get the image. You step through your foreskin outside into the world. That's what pulling back feels like. YOu feel it in your whole body, in the N. pudendus region especially, thats around the pelvis.

>> No.15737385

And the tip goes even further, you kind of have a penis that extends into everything, into the universe, you are connected with everything and can feel everything and no matter what you touch you know what it would feel like on your foreskin, on the part that is cut off. It is so sensitive, like a whole sense to itself. And you can touch grass with it and everything, you know it really is the absolute center of oneself. And that is cut away. This is no existence. I'm sorry. It was my connection to god that has been cut. What should have been the ultimate reward, the ultimate pleasure, as intended by the universe looking down upon itself, as sentient elementary particles consisting of mostly empty space, as that wonderful being, as the stardust becoming alive and conscious, and looking again into the deep space and wondering, as that most wonderful being, your intended evolutionary pleasure, point of serenity and peace, of ecstasy and orgasm, has been cut away. This is not acceptable, this is a crime against everything which is holy and beautiful. 13.5 billion years to have the best feeling stolen away. It is such a shame. It's not even about the way better and harder orgasms, but about being able to feel texture and other features, see merkel cells, pacini bodies, ruffini bodies, the glans only has free nerve endings, aka pain receptors. And when you cut around through the skin circumferentially, guess what, every single fucking nerve is severed, no matter where it runs, it all runs from glans to stomach. so from your scar onwards you really have no idea what is actually possible. Note that these nerves do not run via the N. penis dorsalis.
All of this erogenous tissue is cut away. I know what I am talking about, I was 25 when I had it done. I know the before and after. And it was not botched or something. I live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world and study medicine myself. Yes I am stupid and mentally retarded, thats why I am here

>> No.15737488

>had to consider doing everything legal&illegal to avoid the snip
>dodged subanimal propaganda for years
>this nigga does it to himself

>> No.15738277

iirc canada and the uk used to have similar circumcision cultures to the us, but eventually moved past that. maybe theres some residual influence there that the french lack?

>> No.15738379

That was centuries age and the NHS represses useless surgery harder than any other health system so that's dubious.

>> No.15738386

Forget foreskin, why hymen removal isn't 100%? Do you not want your offspring to have a good first time, instead of it being painful and bloody?

>> No.15738902

I am a gentile who was circumcised for medical reasons in a country where this is otherwise unusual for gentiles. I experience no pain from it during sex, masturbation, or everyday life, though in my childhood I was embarrassed about being different from the other boys.
I have noticed, however, that people on 4chan often accuse me of arguing like a Jew. I don't know if there's a connection.

>> No.15738911

Im gonna bring this up next time someone says cleaning cut cocks is easier

>> No.15738960

>I experience no pain from it during sex, menstruation, or everyday life

>> No.15738964

Yes. In fact I only thought I'd mention it because I was surprised to learn from this thread that others' experiences have been different.

>> No.15738965 [DELETED] 

You are a jew and your lying kike parents are simply hiding it from you.

>> No.15738966

It takes literally five seconds to come up with several reasons why that is completely retarded

>> No.15739150

oh lol I only just caught it
Subtle but I'm not sure what you're getting at. I'm not telling everyone to go and get circumcised. I'm just sharing my experience.

>> No.15740445

I never tire of watching cutfags seethe over what was done to them as an infant.
They simply can't accept that they have sociopaths for parents.

>> No.15740523

Nerve endings don’t grow back you stupid fuck.
Holy shit you know literally nothing. The body doesn’t somehow have a database where al your nerves are supposed to be. The body has no blueprint of your actualized body.
I bet you thought nerves automatically reconnect with each other as well, instead of the reality of doctors manually stitching nerves together like threads.

>> No.15740528
File: 108 KB, 1325x651, jewish trade in dismembered body parts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are foreskins so valuable?

>> No.15741707

They really aren't.

>> No.15741849


I cut it off at 25. >>15731541 is right. It would have been better if all was gone.

>> No.15741887

Holy shit. Are trannies cutting their dicks off included as well?

>> No.15741895

No, but some famous trans porn stars literally have botched circumcision (the head looks really funny and flat), so it wouldn't surprise me that penis trauma and minor sexual dysfunction correlated with AGP.

>> No.15742001 [DELETED] 
File: 315 KB, 710x695, 6Xlk1xcq0BhI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15743930

post her names

>> No.15745520

don't know any, but I still know their pronouns

>> No.15745806

Circumcision in the US is almost entirely motivated by "well I'm circumcised so I guess we should get him done too". People are not putting as much thought into this as you think.

>> No.15745821

American influence after ww2

>> No.15746958

only South Korea is that cuck'd

>> No.15747582 [DELETED] 
File: 316 KB, 1029x1729, 1681140258536088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15747866 [DELETED] 

Circumcision is the result of penis envy combined with the fact that judaism is an effeminate matriarchal culture

>> No.15748068

>botched circumcision
I remember some other case. He was raised as a girl by parents to hide this fact from him. Then puberty happened, revealing all lies.
He killed himself after doctors pumped him full of hormones.

>> No.15748881

How it's motivated vs. how it's discussed are two different things.

>> No.15748965

i find it amazing how there are still people pushing this ideology that a person can be socialized into whatever a woke retard wants. this shit happened long fucking ago and has 0 scientific merit. it is retarded trash.

>> No.15749674

Do they sell labiaplasty leftovers too?

>> No.15751118

yes, at arby's

>> No.15751268

Just use ur immune system as a kamikaze bomb

Megadose vitamins and go in crowded places
Murder vaxxies by exhaling.

( the downside is everyone has vaxxed family members)

>> No.15752211

>hey goy, slice off the tip of your dick
why do so many people fall for this obviously terrible advice?

>> No.15752385

>cutting yr dickskin off
what a fascinating topic of scientific research

>> No.15752388

Don't blame the people advocating against it, blame the pro-cutters who believe they have legitimate scientific backing for their mutilation practices.

>> No.15752432


>> No.15753479

>who believe they have legitimate scientific backing for their mutilation practices.
they don't believe that, they only believe they have an excuse to make money by harming babies

>> No.15754344


>> No.15756087

I'd like to have a pair of leather pants made out of discarded pussy lips, wonder how much it would cost


>> No.15756906
File: 829 KB, 2833x2880, Ustd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>which is currently interpreted as a preventative anatomical advantage against STDs, by the WHO.

And how has it helped?

>> No.15758443

Just use a condom and wash your dick, circumcision is pointless unless you have a medical necessity (e.g. phimosis)

>> No.15758447

>White people literally get threatened with death daily on Twitter
kek who cares about twitter, black people and jews actually are threatened in the real world but whities like you still whine like bitches

>> No.15758455 [DELETED] 

Israel is #170 with 12,080 per 100k. If circumcision was any benefit they would rank far better than uncircumcised 3rd world countries like india, but they don't

>> No.15758460

kys nigger

>> No.15759361 [DELETED] 

Jannie deleted it, but it still lives in the archives

>> No.15759378


>> No.15761071 [DELETED] 


>> No.15761978 [DELETED] 

Penis envy is very real, they have a love-hate relationships with dicks. If she gives you trouble tell her that it will save her a lot of public embarrassment for the first few years that the boy is out of diapers.

>> No.15761994

>"Mutilation" is a culturally-loaded term.
No, it's not.

>> No.15762010

South Korea is the only East Asian country where the spiritual and mental poison of Christianity has taken any real root.

>> No.15762024

>Jews actually are threatened in the real world

>> No.15763025

>every human is circumcised to different degrees
is this the newest cope? "zero is a degree, chud!"
would be funny if jews opted for subincision instead, americans would run around with dicks gutted like a fish while babbling about the innumerable health benefits.

>> No.15763029

You misunderstand, it's about how circumcisions come in different shapes and forms, not that every human male is circumcised.

>> No.15763036

so you are saying I am misunderstanding
>every human is circumcised to different degrees
>every human male is circumcised
this must be a misunderstanding to the exact degree to which I am circumcised.

>> No.15763039

Never working a day in my life and not becoming a prolific engineer because they took my foreskin
Just gonna live with a hot Jewish bitch and fuck her tits everyday
Fuck this country

>> No.15763040

Yes, then I didn't understand what you said by
>is this the newest cope? "zero is a degree, chud!"

>> No.15763067

>you better talk to a therapist before you an hero.

>> No.15764653 [DELETED] 

Force her to get labiplasty and then have the doctor transplant her pussy lips onto your dick, making you whole again

>> No.15764665

Which is bizarre because of how prevalent shamanism still is there, even in major hubs.

>> No.15766124 [DELETED] 

would that work? seems like it should be able to work as well as any other grafting procedure

>> No.15766706 [DELETED] 

Following the religion of the strongest group is a common feature of polytheistic cultures, thats how they all end up getting converted to monotheism. The conversion is a one way process, once monotheism is accepted there is no going back because monotheism prohibits it, however monotheistic cultures can convert to atheism, which is a form of polytheism. Atheists take up a collection of human celebrities as their worship figures.

>> No.15768698

Circumcision is just another primitive religious tradition, people who do it are essentially 3rd worlders

>> No.15768814

its just another old time superstition that needs to die

>> No.15769486

bumping for interest

>> No.15769538

is the thread autosaged

>> No.15769603

Is it?

>> No.15769604

im smelling a tiny hat with moderation power

>> No.15769608

Seems like a reasonable guess