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We at Revolver generated some controversy in pointing out the absurdity of recent high profile and heavily hyped “whistleblower” events featuring government officials making explosive claims, with no evidence, related to the existence UFOs. It is difficult not to be puzzled by the fact that in our Orwellian age in which the regime will silence, financially plunder, and even indict those who dare purvey what the regime deems “conspiracy theories,” the regime-controlled media is practically begging the public to entertain “conspiracy theories” retarding UFOs. The question is, why?

Revolver’s own Darren Beattie pointed out that the CIA has a history of using UFO stories to manipulate and distract the public

Back in 1997, the government admitted to lying to the American people about UFOs during the Cold War.

>Rather than acknowledgeing the existence of the top-secret flights or saying nothing about them publicly, the Air Force decided to put out false cover stories, the C.I.A. study says. For instance, unusual observations that were actually spy flights were attributed to atmospheric phenomena like ice crystals and temperature inversions.
>”Over half of all U.F.O. reports from the late 1950’s through the 1960’s were accounted for by manned reconnaissance flights” over the United States, the C.I.A. study says. ”This led the Air Force to make misleading and deceptive statements to the public in order to allay public fears and to protect an extraordinarily sensitive national security project.”
>The study, ”C.I.A.’s Role in the Study of U.F.O.’s. 1947-90,” was written by Gerald K. Haines and appears in Studies of Intelligence, a secret Central Intelligence Agency journal. Five years ago, the agency began releasing unclassified versions of the journal yearly.

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As we mentioned in our earlier piece, there is a fascinating documentary called “Mirage Men” chronicling the US Government’s strategic use of UFO stories in order to distract the public from focusing on things that are deemed to threaten national security.

>A particularly intriguing documentary film called “Mirage Men” detailed a disinformation program involving Air Force intelligence and other military and intelligence officials, whereby government officials would feed false information concerning UFOs to detract attention from and obscure the nature of Top Secret US aviation programs. The documentary is fascinating enough to justify its own article, but one anecdote is particularly worthy of mention, in which the NSA beamed signals into a UFO researchers devices and sent him messages pretending to be aliens. This individual was eventually driven to insanity and, eventually, suicide.

Former State Department official Mike Benz has since posted extensive clips of the documentary, along with insightful and provocative commentary reinforcing the notion that currently and historically UFO stories are the product of a sanctioned counter intelligence strategy on the part of the government.

A fascinating story indeed. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to any of the UFO stories reported over the years. It does mean that we should meet such extraordinary claims with commensurate demands for extraordinary evidence, and we should be particularly wary when a sociopathic, censorious regime hell-bent on punishing so-called “conspiracy theories,” has found a seemingly safe “conspiracy theory” regarding UFOs that it is desperate to shove in our faces.

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Why did the CIA write in incomprehensible English?

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spies like being cryptic

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stop asking questions tranny

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That's how cool cats spoke in the 50s

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>Ayys are a distraction, lmao.

My "off the hip" rebuttal to this is that UFOs have NEVER been able to reroute or distract the public's attention from anything. The actual tangible response from the majority of people about UFOs has always been a unanimous "who gives a shit". Even now, with the hearing, this has not changed.

If UFOs are a distraction then they must be the FEDS favorite pet nepo-baby "sunken cost fallacy" project to waste money on. Somebody in the office thought it up in the 50's and his seniority protects anyone from telling him his project is fucking stupid, doesn't work, and they should invest more in flat-earthers and instructing suicidal teenagers on how to legally acquire firearms.

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Agreed about how it's zero distraction. The Titan sub was taken more notice of.
I can't believe it's psyop sunk cost, because it's come and gone over the years. This new stuff seems a complete new start

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>UFOs have NEVER been able to reroute or distract the public's attention from anything
Proof? What an inherently idiotic statement.

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>replying to glowniggers

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Talking to glowgroids is my hobby.

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When has UFO shit ever been taken seriously by the public as a major issue? It's always just in the "lol" section of the news

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The idea isn't to distract the public, the idea is to throw up a laughter curtain and invalidate in the eyes of the public anyone bringing up classified airframes or technology in general, or to continue to discredit those who bother to report on the intelligence apparatus.
Also they do actually believe in their own shit half of the time. These are the retards who thought they brought down USSR with the money sink that is the space shuttle. Hence the attempt to do it with China and the recent Air Force patents.
Ultimately it's not very expensive to have spooks do spook shit. It's documented. They completely fabricated Majestic 12. They had a team sit down and fabricate 50+ pages of dogshit and other teams disseminate it.
This is what your tax dollars are going to. This has been documented in the 70s and 80s when they were covering up the fact that crazy ass electronics engineers and aerospace specialists with a UFO obsession caught the crash sites and flights of the progenitor to Predator drones on camera and even produced diagrams of them as "alien technology."
20 years later they were blowing up sand niggers in Iraq 1. 40 years later they were blowing up mudslides all over the world. It was a new type of warfare.
So, something tells me that the Nimitz et al stuff is of something real. But it's doubtful that it's FTL, but probably advanced electronic warfare that shows up on radar combined with visual holograms or something. The ability to just summon fake airframes that appear 100% real is pretty valuable.

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Also it is possible that there are true believers in the apparatus too. Nimitz shit gets leaked, they have a bunch of "unexplained" phenomena that's attributable to "gimbal lock" in the F-16 TV mode or whatever. They ship it all out. They raise a stink that it's actually ayyliums.

The fact that national security reportedly came aboard the Nimitz and took all of the tapes and radar data lends credence to this. They wanted to know how well their demonstration worked without making it a big OP.

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What if it was the other way round, and they copied Russia, covered up by a game of "they actually copy us" with backdated projects? Then Russia got suspicious, came up with nonsemsical Buran, and the US again came claiming that they were first, and the cover collapsed.

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Bump for whatver the fuck this is

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where are all the aliens !?!

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my husband(female) cult of passion says they're already here. the world will end next month again because they're losing the fight with kike demons.

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they use hollywood to shill the meme so that people will be prepared to get excited about it when a distraction is eventually needed

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Define autism before referring to Orwellian physics as autistic

>pointing out the absurdity of recent high profile and heavily hyped “whistleblower” events featuring government officials making explosive claims, with no evidence, related to the existence UFOs. It is difficult not to be puzzled by the fact that in our Orwellian age in which the regime will silence

Derp! Derp derpity derp derp da derp

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They can claim "we saw something" and "we got photos" all they want and do that "under oath" or whatever, but until they give up their most surefire data for academic research it's all a sham.
It may feel like im moving the goalposts but it's always was a requirement. What govt actually does after such hearings is renaming their good ole black box (bluebook -> aatif -> aaro).
If you've watched NASA panel in may they specifically told they only reviewed unclassified data and found that it's not a quality data. Would someone let them access classified data? Would someone let them conduct observation programs of their own? Nah, they gonna scream "UH OH WE FOUND SOMETHING" then scream "CLASSIFIED" when asked for good quality data, then they gonna throw shit quality data taken from military FLIRs and ask actual academia to "review" it like someone can extrapolate anything meaningful from that.

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>but until they give up their most surefire data for academic research it's all a sham.
academic research is all a sham.

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>muh aliens are totally real dude!!!
>you gots to believe me!!!
>i know they're real because i say them in muh hollywood jew mooooooovies!!!