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your reasons at the time, not stuff that has become clearer in retrospect

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wife didn't want to, i didn't care either way

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>I wasn't in a hurry because it had already been almost a year since the "pandemic" started
>vaccine was made available at work, not mandatory yet
>half of coworkers rushed to get it
>half of those who got it got their asses kicked by it the same day and most of those had to go home for the day
>realize that no vaccine i've ever taken at school did that
>decide to let this one have more time in the oven
>get religious exemption because boss doesn't care
>almost everyone else who didn't get it early cucks
>watch the narrative disintegrate
>never get covid

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I live with my aunt and uncle and little sister and she made us all get the vaccine, also my uncle is 90, well he was 88 at the time I guess. He's 90 now.
My job also required us to get it. Or so they said.

I didnt really care either way, I had no real reason to argue against it. Also if something were to happen to me, I'd rather it be because of the vaccine that I was forced to take anyway, than than causing trouble in every avenue of my life, getting severe covid and it being all my fault.

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it was administered to a billion people with less side effects than normal vaccinations

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you're welcome

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Every vaccine in history had a decade of safety trials to see what happened long term.
This one had no such trials, which was even more concerning because it’s not even a vaccine (at least until they literally changed the definition of vaccine in the dictionary), was entirely new biotech, and nobody had any idea what will happen to people 5-10 years down the line.
Also the fact that their public-facing people blatantly lied about all of this because of some sick “for the greater good” justification they invented in their minds

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ok frasier

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>two weeks

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my age group wasn't at risk, and it didn't stop transmission so didn't make any sense to do it.

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i had something that actually works against all manner of coof and has decades of testing unlike the vax, p100 carts. only tards relied on face diapers or these dubious vaxxes.

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I didnt take it because it was pointless. Even though my job required the vax I just gave them a fake vax card.

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I knew I wouldn't need it. There was an extremely obvious affront to my inalienable rights that is was a part of.

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I took it and all the boosters because I trust the science.

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>because I trust the science

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two weeks till what, a winter of severe illness and death? or two weeks till the florida superbowl parties kick off an apocalyptic new wave that overwhelms hospitals?

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Because all the world's governments failed to do anything about preventing the spread of the virus.

Then the propaganda spreading, back tracking on herd immunity.

My dad being critically ill, getting COVID and nothing happening to him.

Going around without a mask in a COVID hotspot and never getting ill.

More government propaganda, celebrity push, dancing nurses, killing grandma... It all became too obvious.

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My unbelievable high IQ. In retrospect, it was right.

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even as a trump loving chud i was 100% going to get the jab at first until i started seeing a lot of people say that it made their tinnitus worse. i already have mild tinnitus and music is my #1 passion in life so i decided to hold off and see how that all shook out. haven't regretted it once as the blatantly manipulative propaganda avalanche started soon afterward which turned me off even further

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LMAO, those "side effects" are far worse than the covicold itself.

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Never vaxxed, never tested, never got COVID.

Literally every single aspect of the narrative surrounding the supposed COVID-19 scamdemic were obvious, tissue-thin fabrications that fell apart under the most rudimentary of scrutiny. From believing that Chinese communist virus mitigation strategies work, to the insistence on taking a vaccine that doesn't prevent the spread to prevent the spread of a disease barely deadlier than the flu (and the vaccine was tested much less than others to get it out quicker, to help the elderly, supposedly), I can't think of a single aspect of the official narrative that can't be simply summed up by the phrase, "clown world."

Most tellingly, educated individuals with highly relevant credentials called out the officials pushing vaccines and COVID hysteria early on, and were met with outrage and censorship; in the case they said something which was too close to the target, they would get an arrogant, shallow, strawman "fact check" which we have all become accustomed to. At no point did any authority or media figure ever once agree to a debate or discussion, or say a single thing to address the volumes of concerns which were brought up over and over again since the very beginning. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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>Licensed Medical Professional: Actually, panicking people and locking down society could have greater health consequences than the virus itself, if we look at historical economic depressions...
>Arrogant Fascist Karen: You just want to kill grandma! How dare you! We're going to make sure your videos and accounts are taken down so you can't spread dangerous misinformation.

And this actually fucking works on a significant number of people? Guys, the only place where the term "misinformation" was used before the scamdemic was in Soviet Russia -- we used to let people say 9/11 was fake, say AIDS was created by the government, say jets were releasing chemtrails, but now we gotta crack down because RESPIRATORY VIRUS!!!

I have to say, if I was so dumb that I fell for this this barely-disguised Asch-conformity test of suddenly pretending lockdowns work or we now have to worry about misinformation, if I fell for that absolute bullshit, I would honestly put a bullet in my brain for the benefit of human society. Just my 2c.

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That's a lot of words to say you're a coward

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... because r vax is completely untested brand spanking new and I'm not a chump?!? The virus was most likely intentionally released intentionally, the doctor who discovered it was most likely murdered, Trump flew Americans from Wuhan to California to intentionally spread the virus, and(later) the lab itself which the virus was likely released from was demolished. Like... tell me one single thing about the situation that's not suspicious. nah. If I died, I died knowing I called bullshit.

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The Chinavirus is basically a classic thing if you ever watched V for Vendetta.... release a virus, then release the cure! Use multiple companies to make the cure so it looks legit and competition-like, then rake in the profit of all the companies. Someone made trillions off this virus.

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on the upside it was a huge wake-up call. Now America is prepared to shut down all international travel, no one in or out, in twelve seconds flat. right?!?

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Covid seemed completely fake to me. And I'd say I was right.

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You're still under the impression that unvaxxed refused because of Trump? Lol. He fucking started it. It's his Spike Juice.

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Trump has so many millions of dollars invested in China he's basically more Chinese than the Chinese are!

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How's that relevant?

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...because Trump was the one who invited Chinavirus into America?!? All the scientists and doctors from every agency were saying that the virus can be undetectable for 14 days but Trump released *all* of the flights from Wuhan to California after merely two days of quarantine. Apart from the fact that Trump is a faggot? He's also malicious and wantonly spread the virus in America. Hang him as a traitot for all I care on that grounds alone. Also yes, that was pre-vaccine release.

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Its not like I'm a fan of Obama either... he gave Argentina a free 250 million dollar buy-off if they used Monsanto(now Bayer) seeds to grow crops but Argentina refused and now all documentation of that is scrubbed from Google. We do *not* live in a free journalism nation in America and basically I trust no one anymore. Biden is doing the smart thing by literally doing nothing. When Trump was president it was a breaking news article every single day, but with Biden.... I almost forgot who he was. The presidency is obsolete.

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I say break the presidency into two positions; Elect a commander in Chief and give the other 99% of the job to The People bow that we can literally vote on anything with a moment's notice through the internet.

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Thomas Jefferson said that the Constitution should be rewritten every 20 years but ever since there have been people using the constitution to make a profit at the expense of the people...I'm not like "anarchy" but some things MUST be changed to reflect the passing of 250 years.

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Was a manager in a Covid vaccination and testing facility, it was bad optics if I would not take it.

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>vax and test facility
so you know nothing about the actual vaccine and took it anyways?!? Because another lab said "test this?!?" What an idiot.

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Testing facility as in Covid PCR tests, this was my first job out of high school. I was pretty much forced into taking it since everyone around me already took it and they knew i did not, i was vaxxed super late anyways

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Flrced into taking an untested medicine?!? You yourself said say you went to work for a testing facility... being forced to take an untested medicine is illegal. You should have been like "screw you guys, I'm going home!" ...but instead you were a chump.

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Had already been skeptical of covid/masks in summer 2020, and saw HCQ get bizarrely railroaded, figured that the reason this was happening is that they were going to push some new medicine or vaccine (a point of view I may have picked up from the No Agenda podcast). The predicted vaxmania rolled around and I had already decided to avoid it, more out of spite/principle than actual concern. I never believed that the vaccine would kill people to any big extent, but I did suspect that for people who were not at risk of covid complications (i.e. young'uns and nonfatties), it's entirely plausible that the vaccine was a bigger risk to their health than covid itself. I figured that in general, when a brand new medical technology rolls out, it is insane for 100% of people to adopt it, that there was actually a long-term societal benefit to having an actual control group.
Also, took it as a personal challenge to see if I could get away with it. For the position I had at the time, I literally just ignored the emails from HR and it worked. Started a new position later and for that one I got a religious exemption.

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Covid was a roll-lut procedure for mRNA vaccines to expedite testing which would usually take decades. Now companies can use the spine of it to manufacture all kinds of vaccines without having to jump through such a time consuming and expensive hoop! Expect trial mRNA vaccines for all kinds of things in the next few years(for the uneducated cucks out there...mRNA vaccines first apleared to fight the chinavirus)

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The part that gets me the most is that I kept getting told time and again that it is "safe and effective," when it was really more or less a saline shot with side effects. It didn't stop the people I knew from not getting the hyped cold.
Uni wanted me to tell them that I took the shot and I didn't tell them a goddamn thing because when 2+2=5, you don't have the whole picture

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My school wouldn't allow me to join my study abroad program unless I got it.

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>SARS-CoV-2’s spike protein damages and attacks the vascular system on a cellular level.
>Salk Instituteon April 30, 2021
that was the tipping point

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Never got it

Covid is harmless to anyone under 50 who isn’t morbidly obese with a raft of other health issues. That, and the vaccine does absolutely nothing to stop transmission.

Getting vaccinated is the absolute best midwit filter.

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datamining thread

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At the time vaccines became available, it was clear the virus was not causing death in any but those already on death’s doorstep, and even that correlation seemed dubious, and I was very put off by assertions it was superior to natural
Immunity, which I knew to be false, given that our immune system produces antibodies against the entire
Virus not just the spike. Death among persons in my demographic were basically non existent. The vaccine has several highly questionable properties and statistically was as equal a threat if not greater a threat to my healthy than the virus.

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hey op, why do you ask?