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What are the stupidest pseudosciences that remain mostly uncontested?

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That's actually a real thing. Not necessarily what Dr. Shoaberg makes of it, but it's a real thing.

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People with mental illness who have families will impact their descendants through their problems and probably cause them mental illness, that of course is true. They've twisted that into claiming that trauma can be genetically inherited through the uterus. That is clearly absurd, it seems to have been invented for rich jews to claim that the holocaust still affects them since blood feuds and honor aren't exactly rational a modern liberal environment.

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>They've twisted that into claiming that trauma can be genetically inherited through the uterus.
Proneness to stress-related mental illness can be inherited through epigenetics. This is pretty well-established.

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>What are the stupidest pseudosciences that remain mostly uncontested?
quantum mechanics.

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It is not well-established that this can be transferred to the same significant levels that they are claiming, that they are equally suffering for events that occurred over one hundred years ago and that this is the reason why injuns are retarded and their reservations behave as third world enclaves.

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Please refer back to >>15704185

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Psychiatry is a contagious mental illness.

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The safety and effectiveness of covid vaccines

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>Psychiatry is a contagious mental illness.
That's the real transgenerational trauma
The memes...

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It's not. Unless you mean that all parents train their kids. Definitely doesn't deserve its own wikipedia article.

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outside of serious, outlying events like forcible rape, or the murder of a family member, there is no such thing as 'trauma'. Almost everything under that umbrella can be explained by bad habits, bad coping skills, degenerate lifestyles, and a failure to take responsibility for oneself instead of blaming it on outside factors and events. When Becky talks about her 'transgenerational trauma', what she means is that she grew up in a trash family and picked up her parents trash way of life, but is too lazy to take a good look at her own actions

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An example of someone who has experienced trauma would be something like a confederate family at the end of the civil war with their home burned down, family members dead in battle, and property seized. An example of somebody who has not experienced trauma would be 99% of everybody today who claims they have trauma

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>confederate family at the end of the civil war with their home burned down, family members dead in battle, and property seized
No one in the family who isn't born yet experiences any of that "trauma." Kids born later can only experience their own family trying to traumatize them with a myth.

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Off your knees Germany. They will rob you of billions well after the last holocaust survivor has died.

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I agree. I just also disagree with the concept of trauma in general outside the most serious of cases

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Epigenetics/blood memory is real. The morphogenetic field is real.

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That humanity is a single species with entirely common ancestry

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Circumcision being beneficial

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At that point, it isn't an experience, it is an instinct.

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Arson investigation is a swamp.

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This is so fucking creepy and fucked up. Get your fucking shit together, USA.

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climate change

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jannypedes doing stellar work today

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You get what you pay for.

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Iron deficiency anemia.
Toxicity of heavy metals.

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global warming

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dark matter

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Critical Theory, its child sophistries like Gender Theory and modern Sociology.
Psychology is also affected but not entirely psuedoscience, just its false gender cult adherent population.

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>This is pretty well-established.
saying this doesn't make I true

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Nigga what, I had iron deficiency anemia, ate iron rich foods and took some tablets and got over it.

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Good that your doctor noticed, otherwise you would still be anemic, and didn't know.

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The problem with this guy is that he wasn't able to explain why hand-washing did anything, and his approach to communicating it towards others was extremely combative and unclear.

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That cholesterol is what causes heart disease.

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>uhhhh sweaty?
>the problem was that he was a meanie and also not good enough to convince the experts
>t. normalnigger
You'll probably be saying the same thing about the people who warned you about the clot shot when they can no longer hide and deny the spiking mortality and heart disease rates.

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HOLY SHIT WTF AM I READING AHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHA, look at picrel they put da seasoning in tha shit
Ok, Wilhelm Reich, now take your pills you are hallucinating extraterrestrial psychological orgone rays again

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>he wasn't able to explain why hand-washing did anything
nigga, Florence Nightingale already had proven sanitation makes a huge difference. Wouldn't that include hand sanitation also?!

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Ummm but he didn't explain WHY it would make a difference using the theoretical framework of the expert consensus. Also he was a meanie.

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and physicists still haven't explained why magnetism exists, and no one knows what even the fuck quantum mechanics is.

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low quality bait

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>basically there was nothing and than one day the entire universe existed for no reason at all
ok retard

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>no one knows what even the fuck quantum mechanics is.
I do.

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>light is actually a wave AND a particle. Oh, you want to see that? um no, well, if you observe it gets shy and stays a particle…
>sometimes particles disappear and reappear somewhere else…because…reasons!
>particles can become quantum entangled and instantly affect each other from anywhere in the universe. No this doesn’t break the speed of light because…it just doesn’t okay!
>bananas emit anti-matter all day but I promise its safe!

yeah fuck off nerds

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>reeeeeee you can't just criticize science
>science is perfect and inarguable
>t. basedence fangoy
meanwhile real scientists:
>this shit is all wrong af
>science sucks
>lets tear it a new asshole and see if we can figure out whats really going on

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psychology itself is hardly a science

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climate science

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Play a game
Invisible wall blocks your path
You don't see it, but you know its there
Mostly there to keep you from going to impossible places
Boom, that's quantum mechanics

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the holocaust

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Yeah because the human body is such a perfect measurement tool and not a flawed mass of organic matter. Kek.

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>grandma starves during german occupation
>all her kids and half her grand kids have eating disorders
Maybe it's not so ridiculous

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>oy vey the nazis are out to get me!!!!

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Has your family known war?

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you missed two of its most atrocious lies, superposition and indeterminism.

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low quality bait

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this post word-for-word is literally the answer to everything that's ever been controversial

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>the whole theory is full of pseudoscientific psychological nonsense
>i-it i-i-is antisemiticism
yeah yeah, sure.

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>oy vey the nazis are out to get me!!!!

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Some people see visions of the future. Like, 1-to-1 exactly the same scenario, but they obviously can't prove that without sounding insane

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learn to read before you ever reply to me again

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>learn to read before you ever reply to me again
>you must accept my retarded pre-Darwin 19th century bullshit theories, ok?

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Kritik is extremely contested though. It just so happens to be what the managerial system wanted to justify their rule so it's the law of the land, but the day political realities change is the day it's jettisoned.

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Its a real thing called generational gene mutations/defects lol

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high quality deduction

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the idea that races exist and that there are cognitive differences among different races or between the sexes

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Genetic memory, aka epigenetics, has been found to exist and is currently being studied. Everyone against is was "educated" before this was known, and was considered to be nonsense.

Science moves on. New things are observed. Science is never settled

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>What are the stupidest pseudosciences that remain mostly uncontested?

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I heard that if you flash a light on flies before you the shake the box they're in, it only takes a few generations before the flies know that the flashing light means they should take flight, and this persists even when the shaking is terminated later on.

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This shit is contained in classical mechanics you realise
Hamilton-Jacobi equations

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Any serious cosmologist knows this is pure nonsense.
> repeatedly make predictions about universe that are wrong
> what if there were spooky-voodoo parts of the universe that we can't see but make our equations align with observations
> how much of the universe is this silly-magic? 95% of course, a reasonable and believable number
> make more wrong predictions over and over

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you forgot the most important part
>exclude everyone who refuses to believe in silly-magic from academia via abuse of the peer review process

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>t. triggered by low quality bait

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There is no difference between your mind and your whole nervous system. Seethe cope and touch sex.

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peer review

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>it seems to have been invented for rich jews to claim that the holocaust still affects them since blood feuds and honor aren't exactly rational a modern liberal environment.
all the jews who were alive during the 1940s are dying out so they need to invent an excuse to keep the holohoax gibes gravy train rolling even after the last person who could possibly have been a victim if it had happened (it didn't) dies out
tl;dr zoomers want holohoax gibes

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>tl;dr zoomers want holohoax gibes
no different than negroes wanting slavery reparations

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why wuld tomoko du dis shit??

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trannys all want someone else to pay for their tranny surgery and drugs
claiming victimhood is justification for demanding payback, thats why so many people love to play victim.

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I like the video where Feynman is asked how magnets work and dodges the question then threatens to shove the interviewers Grandma down on ice.

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>his approach to communicating it towards others was extremely combative and unclear.
HR roasties on MY /sci/? It's more likely than you think.

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big bang cosmology

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Imagine talking like this about female circumcision

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Cosmic Inflation (>>15708918
). String Theory (laughable shit).

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Looks like you clicked the wrong link pal, but you were close:
Most retarded pseudo-science is:

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Wikipedia is a establishment left's way to control the narrative. So all the establishment left's ideology is there

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humans being a single species

name any other species with morphological variation thats 10% of what humans have

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Particle physics and cosmology
Anthropology, paleontology, archaeology
Keynesian economics

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why imagine when you can just go ahead and do it

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I am talking about the hypocrisy not that I am mentally deranged enough to be happy about mutilating children

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pcr testing

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if you truly want the horrors of circumcision to end then you're going to have to be willing to stomach some nastiness to get what you want, its not going to just happen on its own

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That’s different. Those are adults who know what they are doing.

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Oy vey reparations from German taxpayers forever!

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Criminology. The DOJ is not a scientific measurement tool. We don't know who commits crimes and gets away with it, who commits crime and gets caught, and who is framed. There is no confusion matrix for criminology. Its a scam, yet everyone uses "crime rate" data like it is meaningful. Does lower IQ correlate with more crime, or is it correlating with being more vulnerable to being framed and getting caught? If you ask anyone, they believe convictions and police report data are perfectly representative of the crimes being committed.

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It is, and it explains a lot of the modern world. When you realize some people are incapable of getting over something that happened to their ancestors and that it's not their fault, it makes a lot more sense.

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"...That idea would have been laughed at 20 years ago. But today the hypothesis that an individual's experience might alter the cells and behavior of their children and grandchildren has become widely accepted. In animals, exposure to stress, cold, or high-fat diets has been shown to trigger metabolic changes in later generations. And small studies in humans exposed to traumatic conditions—among them the children of Holocaust survivors—suggest subtle biological and health changes in their children. The implications are profound. If our experiences can have consequences that reverberate to our children or our children's children, that's a powerful argument against everything from smoking to immigration policies that split families. "This is really scary stuff. If what your grandmother and grandfather were exposed to is going to change your disease risk, the things we're doing today that we thought were erased are affecting our great-great-grandchildren," says Michael Skinner, a biologist at Washington State University in Pullman. Skinner's own research in animals suggests changes to the epigenome, a swirl of biological factors that affect how genes are expressed, can be passed down through multiple generations. If trauma can trigger such epigenetic changes in people, the alterations could serve as biomarkers to identify individuals at greater risk for mental illness or other health problems—and as targets for interventions that might reverse that legacy."



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>It is, and it explains a lot of the modern world.
Yeah, like why there's so many of you neurotics going around. Women should sit at home, especially if they're pregnant.

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>and his approach to communicating it towards others was extremely combative and unclear
>"Umm sweaty don't mean to be rude or anything, and I know this will sound a little kookoo and weird, but I've discovered a funny thing you guys might be interested in, now see these surgeon experts, we all respect their work a lot I'm sure, and I'm not saying they're filthy pigs or anything, but did you ever come to think that maybe, just maybe, if they washed their hands just a little bit more often, and used a few more sophisticated sanitation procedures, they could save millions of lives? Not trying to offend anyone just a funny idea haha I mean you guys are the pros right? lol" t. Semmelweis

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He would be downvoted and shadowbanned today.

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Low IQ take.

>> No.15735286

high iq take

>> No.15735291

Mid IQ takes

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Global Warming.

>> No.15735836

not if he modified "hand washing" to "you must wash your hands with this special soap that only pfizer sells"
if he did that then he would by upvoted by armies of bots and anyone who naysayed him would be shadowbanned

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Diversity is our strength

>> No.15735904

>the idea that races exist
Whether any taxonomic category "exists" is a stupid criterion. None of them does. The question is whether they're useful. For example if you're walking in a bad part of town around midnight, hear footsteps, turn around to look and it's a Japanese guy, it's a useful category. And it's useful to him if he hears footsteps behind him.

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In terms of the demographic breakdown, self-reports of victimisation tend to line of with the proportions.

>> No.15735915

Magnets attract or repel each other and attract metal objects. The don't have this "thing" called "magnetism" that "exists". Any "why" is in general a word that's not going to get you any useful answer to a question, unless the person asked reinterprets it as "by what process" or "what did you expect to gain", etc. There's an implication in "why" of asking someone to justify something or give an answer from the point of view of God.

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Nigga not only there are hormonal and congenital differences, but these differences affect their behavior toward environments.
For example, women are better snipers, because lack of test result them in being more patient. Not that man can’t control his behavior but it’s much easier for women. For the Same reason (hormones), women are just dog shit when it comes to physical activity compare to women. Are there women around that can make a man eat dirt in sports? Sure. But it’s much natural for a man
So are the black white asian etc differences
Now I believe that most of this racial difference are cultural. I think if you crack down on black “culture” and basically extinguish any black “culture” out of them, they would be upstanding citizens. Then again american blacks testosterone is usually more than other people, which means they are better off in a jungle's than being in a civilized nation, but a man can only hope that removing the destructive culture can fix them for good.

>> No.15735927

It’s easy
American blacks have higher testosterone
Majority of American blacks grow up by single mothers in ghettos
Bad culture + too much testosterone as a young man = impulsiveness and lack of critical thinking
lack of critical thinking and impulsiveness cause niggers to kill each other and others for pathetic reasons
Same reason can explain why a nigger can’t answer a cop in a relaxed manner and why they do stupid shit and get shot
That’s why 13/50 exist

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Jannie autosaged that thread because one of the globohomo narratives was being debunked too thoroughly

>> No.15738339

So in this specific examlle, it could be explained with biology, the criminology part only seems verified because of the biological explanation.

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Astrobiology; it's not a science because they're "studying" something that has never been proven to even exist. You can't do real science on aliens, or dragons, or any other mystical creature for which there exists NO evidence.

If they actually find something, that changes it completely. But until then they're pseudoscience. Literally not science. You can't scientifically study alien life when you've NEVER found alien life. Also Carl Sagan was an overrated hack turned into a demigod of science by the media.

>> No.15738411

Actual Science:
>There's A
>There's B
>We can deduce C based on that

String theory:
>There's A
>There's B
>We can't find C
>Here is "D", based on no scientific evidence whatsoever
>We can use D to deduce C by retroactivity
>My C is the correct one, trust me

>> No.15738435

Astrobiology can be acceptable as a neat 'what if,' but it shouldn't get actual funding I agree. Science should be focused towards all of the ideas that can benefit humanity directly first and only after all of that's finished will being able to theorize what other types of life are possible will even matter. Basically at the point where we can bioengineer distant planets

>> No.15738537

climate change

>> No.15738873

Lmao is this satire? Mutts are insane

>> No.15739023

>Nigga not only there are hormonal and congenital differences, but these differences affect their behavior toward environments.
are you a POC saying this?

>> No.15739112

You deserve death and damnation

>> No.15739114 [DELETED] 

Ummm, sweaty? Semmelweiss literally did not even submit a paper for peer review. Did you expect respectable experts to just take his word for it?

>> No.15739679 [DELETED] 

IQ tests. Its fundamentally impossible for someone of lower intelligence to create a test that accurately estimates the intelligence of someone of high intelligence.
You can only measure how stupid someone is, not how smart

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>IQ tests. Its fundamentally impossible for someone of lower intelligence to create a test that accurately estimates the intelligence of someone of high intelligence.
>You can only measure how stupid someone is, not how smart

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The Scientific Method

Science has many methods, such as the process of elimination.

It doesn't require instruction.

Babies do science.

It's a guided process.

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/Sci/'s war against psychiatry just shows how many kiddies post here. Antipsychotics work and work well.

>> No.15740432

>t. retard still seething over his double digit test result.

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They have no fucking idea how bacterial biology works, let alone on human scales. They literally can't tell you whether taking zinc, which is just an element, lowers your risk of getting symptoms from a virus. Yet, they want to have an entire field to explain and predict the biology of living things made of entirely different base materials, that have never been observed.
At that point, you just gotta admire the grift.

>> No.15740462

You forgot the part where they give out multiple nobel prizes and make theoretical and experimental particle physicists test their retarded spooky-voodoo candidates for the next 50 years. Turning 90% of the theorists into schizo maniacs ranting about beautiful invisible hyper-dimensional vibrating strings and 10^500 possible universes. At what point do they just throw out General Relativity and start over?

>> No.15740521

how come jannie locked that thread after 200 replies?
because it went again the globohomo political agenda or some other reason?

>> No.15740538

Because even the jannies were astonished with the retardation of that thread.

>> No.15740553

yeah "antipsychotics" (read:sedatives of the mind) work pretty well I'll give you that
there's no such thing as "psychosis" it's a shitty abstract category of...whatever you want it to be??
there's nothing scientific about mental illnesses, it's litterally just undesirable human behaviours, nothing medical about that
sure, drugs can sometimes improve some situations, but more often than not they just do absolutely nothing to make the patient feel better or even make him feel worse while making him more manageable and numbing his emotional response, and that's the only "improvement", calling this shit "medical treatment" is laughable, there was no illness proven in the first place
people who supposedly suffer from actual hallucinations really must have something broken in their brain in whatever way, but that's a completely different story, the vast majority of people being prescribed "psychiatric medication" is just normal human beings not being able to cope with life the way other people around them expect them to, and failing to perform to whatever standard of social conformity they are being put up against

>> No.15742064 [DELETED] 
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>Because even the jannies were astonished with the retardation of that thread.

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The idea of humanity as a single species was announced as an uncontestable "fact" by the UN on November, 2, 1945 on the basis of absolutely no evidence whatsoever, DNA hadn't even been discovered yet.

>> No.15743191

human equality on a scale of ethnic populations.

>> No.15743209

The fact that Becky came from a shitty family and turned out shitty herself is evidence of it though.

>> No.15743246

learned bad habits and genetic disposition to low IQ are not "transgenerational trauma"

>> No.15743643

Work for what? Most prescriptions are off-label. and what does that have to do with the post you replied to?

>> No.15743672 [DELETED] 

Sorry to hear about your recent lobotomy.

>> No.15743816

If you can provide an alternative theory that is compatible with Aspect's experimental findings, then please enlighten us.


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>Because even the jannies were astonished with the retardation of that thread.

>> No.15744582

Set theory

>> No.15745593

Exoplanets. They don't exist, theres no evidence they exist, yet tons of clowns are claiming they exist anyway

>> No.15745636

Psychiatry is for failed Psychologists, but dont confuse either with therapy, right, Dr?

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There's images retard

>> No.15745658

>trusting government sources about a government psy-op
Bring it to my feet or never speak of them again.

>> No.15745659

you again i thought i had you banned

>> No.15745675

Been touring several states in the US, I fly to Kuala Lumpur in 36 hours. I do shit with my life, what is the purpose of your existence?

>> No.15745689

You have interacted with zero (0) cosmologists in your lifetime.

>> No.15745694

Mmm ok buddy, you browsing sci doesnt make you smarter, you are evidence of that.

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>> No.15745708

Because /pol/ution.

>> No.15745900

Why is this thread still here, why does it have so many posts?

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>Why is this thread still here, why does it have so many posts?

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Certain types of environmental stressors either severe enough or constant enough will induce epigenetic changes in an individual, and those genetic changes can indeed be passed down to your children assuming they were experienced prior to contraception. Evolutionarily that makes sense. One’s body adapts to an environmental stressor to increase its likelihood of surviving it (in theory), and those adaptations being passed on to your offspring would be evolutionary advantageous (in theory).

>> No.15747573

>warned you about the clot shot
I have done 10 booster shots, and I'm stronger than you, white-nigger.

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>There's images
anyone can put moving dots on a gif
you're gullible af
unicorns are totally real too, i have a pic of one

>> No.15747953

Go away fatass ketolard

>> No.15747964

where's the issue here?

>> No.15747971


Psychosis is one of the few bits of psychiatry that has a robust definition precisely because it is so different from the norm.

Yes, the drugs are crude and have severe side effects.

Yes, a lot of psychology/psychiatry describes a spectrum of behaviours without a clear cutoff between "well" and "sick".

Most psychiatric illness is hand wavy and vague because there isn't sufficient understanding of the mind and brain to establish mechanism.

The trouble is, taking care of mentally ill people is incredibly difficult, time consuming and expensive. There aren't many countries that are willing to establish the kind of healthcare system that can deal with it.

>> No.15748192

You are mentally ill.

>> No.15748265

>look at this video, doesn't this convince you?
The video is fake
>What's the issue?

>> No.15748535

Is psychology a pseudoscience? If portions of psychology are real science and other portions are not, does this invalidate the whole field? Why can I get a BSc in psych and a BA? Are all social sciences pseudoscience? Do terms like hard and soft-science hold any weight, or is the delineation between science and not-science more clear cut?

>> No.15748543

>taking care of mentally ill people is incredibly difficult, time consuming and expensive
I bet if you belted the bad ones you'd drop total social cost.

>> No.15748645

I think it holds weight because even if it isn’t 100% scientific it still works for a good amount of people. You can say it’s gay and you don’t care for it but a lot of people benefited from it at the end of the day

>> No.15748649 [DELETED] 

>it still works for a good amount of people.
So does shamanism.

>> No.15748678

It doesn't say its fake? are you okay?

>> No.15748711

>not a video of a real-time observation
>computer program to interpolate so it looks like motion
How can you call this real?

>> No.15749016

>computer program to interpolate so it looks like motion
the photos are still original, this probably just means they had to make the video animation look more fluid by generating couple of frames between each picture.

>> No.15749042 [DELETED] 

>wow, i didn't know that unicorns were real!!
isn't it amazing that the standard of evidence (confirmation bias) for astronomy is the same as the standard for people who want to believe that /x/ tier fictions like unicorns and magic are real

>> No.15749743

>its and AI generated movie
>dumbfucks think its real

>> No.15751107

Common problem. Those same gullible fools presume the sea dragon concept would world because there was a movie of it. What really happens is that the rocket vaporizes all the water underneath it and sinks into the ocean

>> No.15751356

>and sinks into the ocean
why would it?

>> No.15751384

shut up, racist

>> No.15751398

Even if you accept that this is true, you'd have to prove that the people who developed IQ tests were all retards or of average intelligence for it to be meaningful.
It seems likely that the founders of IQ research were at least 130 IQ or so, which would mean IQ testing is valid for 97% of people with the few non-valid results still showing outlier high intelligence.

>> No.15751410

if you have a floating rocket thats supported by a few floats and a column of water (mostly by the column of water) then when the rocket starts vaporizing the water it will sink into the ocean.
why do you think musk decided to build starship a decent concrete launch pad after the first launch failed? why do you think starship had such difficulty getting off the launch pad?

>> No.15751622

New flash, dumbfuck, all videos are a sequence of still images, and interpolation is not AI voodoo but basic fucking math (if the object is at x=3 at t=0 and x=5 at t=2, then it was probably at x=4 at t=1).

>> No.15751713

Women aren't better snipers, stfu idiot

>> No.15751728

the guy is also dumb because tests already admit that they don't accurately measure outlier high intelligence, hence the score being "145+" or having a huge margin of error

>> No.15752230

i can tell that you're experiencing emotional distress by your use of profanity, clearly this is a very emotional issue for you and not one that you can approach or think about in a level headed, rational manner. maybe when you call down and stop spazzing out you'll be able to regain your composure and rationality and be able to discuss science like a normal level headed person without chimping out like an angry child

>> No.15752397

Ask every army in the world, women are better snipers. In Kurdish freedom army, in Israel army, in many euro armies. And it’s not sjw recent shit, they been employing women as snipers from decades ago.

>> No.15752398

>Ask every army in the world, women are better snipers

>> No.15752399

I am in mili, I talked to snipers before.
We have male and female snipers, but female make better snipers
Also look up Israel snipers

>> No.15752400

>some dude said so
>trust me, bro
So you have no proof whatsoever?

>> No.15752403

Veganism and paleo diet

Likewise, the all meat diet of Jordan Peterson too

>> No.15752416

My evidence is literal military members
You are too lazy to even look into Israeli snipers
But whatever

>> No.15752418

>My evidence is literal military members
You claim about what some guy told you is not evidence.

>You are too lazy to even look into Israeli snipers
Israel doesn't employ female snipers. You're so gullible you'll believe anything, which is why your anecdote is worthless even if some other mouth breather from your mouth breather military told you a story.

>> No.15752425

Literally a simple google can show that Israel employ female snipers
I never said that it ONLY employ females, but that females are usually turn out better snipers

>> No.15752427

Sleep eight consecutive hours.

>> No.15752431

>Literally a simple google can show that Israel employ female snipers
Go ahead and provide a source on this. (You can't and you won't). Man, the "people" here are truly subhuman.

>> No.15752451

Go google search subhuman
You can’t refute my points anywyx

>> No.15752473

>g-g-g-google it
So you have nothing, huh. I know for a fact that Israel doesn't employ female snipers. It barely employs female soldiers at all, and of the few mixed-gender units it has, none use snipers.

>> No.15752512

Whatever you wanna believe.
You can’t even do a google search.

>> No.15752518

Notice how you will shit out a hundred posts claiming that I could google it, but never actually post a single link proving your delusions? And make no mistake, I will keep you posting for me like the dumb little animal that you are. You will reply again.

>> No.15752522

Lol what a dog on a Leash you are.
Common on little doggie, reply back to me to get your “you” snacks

>> No.15752550

A dumb negrotic animal will react to this post.

>> No.15752561

>and a failure to take responsibility for oneself instead of blaming it on outside factors and events
Okay boomer

>> No.15753476
File: 9 KB, 300x168, tyrone jackson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15753510

BSc is real BA isn't
also any controversial subject will be full of bs

>> No.15753700

So a discipline counts as science if it reliably produces positive results in people's lives? Like anon here says, >>15748649 there are other, intangible disciplines that can reliably produce positive effects in people's lives. The difference, I think, is that the "hard" sciences have produced physical items that are useful. Non-physical things are entirely subjective because they are products of belief, unlike observable phenomena.

I think a big problem for psych is that it isn't quantifiable in so many ways: it often deals with abstract nouns rather than concrete nouns. There is no 'psyche' just like there is no mind, soul, or spirit (as far as we can tell). There is no such thing as happiness or depression; there are only the bio-chemical reactions of the body.

>> No.15754084

>look at picrel they put da seasoning in tha shit
No? Seasoning was the term whites used for torture to break down their slaves.

"American Slavery As it is: Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses" is a book from the 1800s that's just a compilation of newspaper ads, articles etc. from slave states that shows what slavery was really like as well as testimonies from slave traders, slave owners, overseers and the slaves themselves.

For example there was a slave called Sammy who was about 9-10 and couldn't work hard without fainting so the mistress of the plantation sent him to a seasoner with instructions to rape him with whatever implements they had on hand and to boil his testicles in peanut oil so he'd be more obedient.

The book, it's free:

>> No.15754115

There's probably semen in your mouth right now.

>> No.15754138

Yeah, my children will suffer because I had to live around blacks.

>> No.15754145
File: 43 KB, 567x552, bnjk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There's probably semen in your mouth right now.
What the fuck? Drink pic rel.

>> No.15754147
File: 126 KB, 333x500, 1655301711602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Anon posts historical facts
>cites source
>"Y-Yeah but you love cum!! You want huge black cocks in your mouth!!"

>> No.15754176

t. Tariq Nasheed

>> No.15754221

Galileo did the same thing - he couldn't offer an explanation either. The same thing happened with John Snow (not from Game of Thrones) who discovered the reason for the cholera epidemic in London. They literally just experimented and had no idea how to explain what they saw, but they just rolled with it anyway.

>> No.15754231

>A book of testimonies from the slave traders themselves about torturing slaves is tariq nasneed shit

I'm literally a member of the Louisiana KKK and even I don't deny Blacks got a rough deal during slavery and they should've be given reparations and deported to africa.

>> No.15754293

Antipsychiatry is retarded but it is clear most of these drugs cause long term damage

>> No.15754309

how is it retarded when the psychiatry has no null hypothesis, cannot prove the pathways it claims, shows no clinical effectiveness, but certainly shows clinical damage....

how is it even possible that antipsychiatry could be retarded? the maximal claim, "psychiatry is incorrect, and aliens also exist" is ALSO more correct than the claim "psychiatry is correct," because the first claim is 50% correct, and the second is 0% correct. but no one is making the maximal claim.

there is no planet where antipsychiatry is incorrect.

>> No.15754363


>> No.15754368

lol. good point. it took sharks a hundred million years to accumulate the morphological diversity that humans aquired in 200k years.

niggers are clearly not human

>> No.15754468

>oh no it’s black shoah, pay me da money for generational epigeneitc pain and shit

>> No.15754497

midwit response

>> No.15754502

Transgenderism and Homosexualism

>> No.15754647

>who commits crime and gets caught, and who is framed.
Vast majority of crimes are self-admitted by perps under interrogation, try again niggerlover

>> No.15755421

I agree that standard QM has the massive insurmountable shortcoming of the measurement problem; however, we should not discount the fact that it inspired the rise of quantum field theory, which is one of the most revealing scientific theories ever created---accurately describing electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear interactions, as well as massive versus massless fields, matter and antimatter, the list goes on, all without involving any of the weird effective theory crap like "wave function collapse"... My main qualm is simply that most people who want to talk shit about quantum mechanics get so bogged down about the non-relativistic ideas of standard QM, like linearity and entanglement (which are both just byproducts of the measurement problem) that they give up before even scratching the surface of what makes the separate field of relativistic QFT such a truly beautiful description of nature

>> No.15755441

Hawking radiation (only important because it highlights the necessity of finding compatibility between quantum and classical, not because it must actually exist), string theory and other theories of "quantizing gravitational field" (who even said that's what needs to be done? People have been trying for 70 years and have failed at every hurdle...at this point, we should try a different approach to reconciling QFT and GR), cosmic inflation

>> No.15755446

Good bait. Describe Edwin Hubble's observations and cosmic microwave background using another method...oh wait, you can't. LOST

>> No.15755450

Imagine being such a midwit to think that the Big Bang theory even attempts to provide an accurate description of its own cause. It's simply the natural result of observing that objects are moving away from us in all directions. It says nothing about "why" the universe began; it merely winds back the clock to a time when objects were closee together

>> No.15756359

The November 2, 1945 declaration by the UN that humanity is one species

>> No.15756910 [DELETED] 
File: 155 KB, 1440x1798, RXSnyduJQRf0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15756930

based and neanderthal pilled.

>> No.15758425 [DELETED] 

>observing that objects are moving away from us in all directions.
that isn't whats observed, redshift is observed, the interpretation of redshift as recession velocity is a presumption with no basis in observed evidence to back it up

>> No.15759265

>im going to get pedantic about phrasing to try to show im smart even though i dont know the answer

>> No.15759542

Aspects of environment are heritable by non-genetic mechanisms.

>> No.15759548

This is pretty good bait.

>> No.15759629

everything related to psychiatry.

>> No.15759762

>forcible rape
Is there a non-forcible rape?

>> No.15760211

Then write a paper about it dimwit. Oh wait you're illiterate

>> No.15760224

Yeah. The girl doesn't want to have sex, doesn't tell the guy she doesn't want to, and then says she was raped and sends the guy to jail because she's a dumb bitch.

>> No.15760805 [DELETED] 
File: 30 KB, 602x194, species.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15760927

did anyone go to the doctor claiming that? Did the doctor reply with that treatment? Mayhaps you should go back to facebook with this tired agitprop

>> No.15761391
File: 93 KB, 900x900, 1668423142124336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anything evopsych related is nuclear levels of cringe. Astrology tier and yet it gets accepted as a serious field for some retarded reason. It's just post-hoc unfalsifiable rationalizing conjecture with zero predictive value, just so the evopsych hack can get a smug ego boost of "figuring it out" (until he realizes how many hidden variables he's omitted, but that's okay, the settled science has changed!).

>> No.15761422

Modern evolutionary psychology is interdisciplinary with neuroscience and genetics

>> No.15761434

More like it's the gypsy tarot reader branch of neuroscience and genetics

>> No.15761436 [DELETED] 

You are either a woman, a minority or a leftist.

>> No.15761438
File: 136 KB, 254x254, 1664965518064695.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Miss, miss and miss
Try again faggot

>> No.15761439 [DELETED] 

Of course you'd lie about it.

>> No.15761445
File: 97 KB, 950x950, 1692822368643541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>y-you lie
Astronomical levels of cope in this post. Your voodoo crystal ball soience is SHIT.

>> No.15761447 [DELETED] 

You can lie about it, but we both know it got under your skin, just like it got under your skin in the other thread. You will react to this post and show my power over you.

>> No.15761451
File: 100 KB, 660x660, 1678935598391810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I react to whatever I feel like, dipshit. Just like my simian ancestors, of course ;)

>> No.15761456 [DELETED] 

>I react to whatever I feel like
That's the problem - I control your feelings. Watch: I'm hiding this thread now and you will still react to this post.

>> No.15761578

Psychology, of course

>> No.15762103 [DELETED] 
File: 195 KB, 1188x887, adl b&.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All the jewish stuff, especially in physics, medicine and biology. Everyone knows its fake, but they're all afraid of being cancel culture'd for antisemitism if they say that its fake

>> No.15763577 [DELETED] 

jews are too mentally ill to do science

>> No.15764571 [DELETED] 

>dumbfucks think its real
they're dumb so they should be expected to be wrong about just about everything

>> No.15764704

there are no side effect to psychiatric drugs.
its the effect of neurotoxin.

explain the 4-6 times better outcome rate
in developing countries compared to developed

guess what have an inverse correlation with
predicted patient outcome?

>> No.15764811

Creepy as fuck.

>> No.15765240

pedos touching kids has a chance to make the kid grow up to be a pedo so like theres an example. but most people talking about this topic are referring to decades old trauma that didnt happen to them and they are using it as an irrelevant excuse or trying to claim racism somewhere somehow and that makes it 90% bullshit.

>> No.15765264

Don't think anything related to epigenetics is "established" yet.

>> No.15766206 [DELETED] 

>inherited through epigenetics

>> No.15766229

Oh yeah lol evopsych is incredible for this. Until you have the behavior of your pet explained to you in terms of the game theory of the mating patterns of an extinct species your pet isn't even related to, you have not experienced the joy of this field.

>> No.15766260


>> No.15766795

black holes """"exist"""" only because when black holes were first theorized, neutrons were considered to be fundamental particles

>> No.15766814

So the giant dust clouds around a hole that is giant just happen to be there cause the weigh of gravity makes them cloud around nothing

What do you define existing as? You do realize they have found black holes to have scaling relations too and the gravity waves were basically 2x as strong as the they thought since they don't understand gravity

>> No.15768870

black holes don't exist outside of hollywood fiction

>> No.15768896

You don't think I know the constants of nature?

I can simply create a black hole, make a flash, change the scaling laws of space...your fiction is meaningless in the face of reality

>> No.15769084

You ever heard of the Dutch Hunger Winter? That's like incontrovertible proof of epigenetic intergenerational trauma.

>> No.15769088

You are mentally ill

>> No.15769109

Every day I thank the lord my parents didn't fall for the jewish tricks. How do cutfags not rage and chud out every time they see their dry ass nasty mutilated dick.

>> No.15769139

It's a fancy way of saying "losers raise losers." Culture is transmissible, like a disease. The failed memes of the father stand a high likelihood of infecting his son.

>> No.15769664 [DELETED] 

>How do cutfags not rage and chud out every time they see their dry ass nasty mutilated dick.
Jewish "men" live in a perpetual state of anger, anxiety and frustration

>> No.15769694

many do, there's a board full of them

>> No.15770921 [DELETED] 

cosmologist logic:
>I can't even observe over 90% of the universe
but also
>I know everything about how the universe works

If they really knew how things worked they would be able to figure out a way to observe dark matter directly

>> No.15771845

>How do cutfags not rage and chud out every time they see their dry ass nasty mutilated dick.
The jews publish endless steams of propaganda in the scientific literature about how great it is to be genitally mutilated and the reason the do that is not only to promote their religious practice to the goyims, but also to placate the ones who have already been victimized

>> No.15771884

I agree, I've witnessed it first hand. You don't even need any handwavy or special explanation for it, either.
>Person A abuses the fuck out of their child B
>Person B is now traumatized and has developed abnormal and harmful behaviors as a result
>Person B has children C and D
>due to trauma induced unhealthy behaviors, is not a good parent
>C and D are traumatized or at least affected

And so on

>> No.15772287

Why is this thread still here after a month?
Makes it look like one schizo is keeping it alive.

>> No.15772398

Germany must pay compensation to Jews 300 years after the last survivor dies. They don't have to pay holodomor survivors ever.

>> No.15772928
File: 6 KB, 301x168, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15772933

all good lies are based on a fragment of truth

>> No.15773629 [DELETED] 

the out of africa dogma has been disproved over and over again, but the soience world still clings to it

>> No.15774652 [DELETED] 

Presuming that dark matter is cold dead & inert is cope of unspeakably large proportions. If 90% of the universe defies the known laws of physics and we already know that some intelligent life exists in 10% of the universe then its pretty obvious that the other 90% has a mind of it's own too.

>> No.15775406 [DELETED] 

darm matter is ALIENZS!?!?

>> No.15775421

>message and tone make all the difference in communications
Tell us something we don't know retard. Everybody on this board is either a retard that thinks communication isn't key, or a normal person who already knows this; nobody is a midwit like you. You're literally explaining stuff that's learned in the playground.

>> No.15775464

That there exists 3 dimensions of space.

>> No.15776037

>What are the stupidest pseudosciences that remain mostly uncontested?
Conservative economics. Neoliberalism does not work for most people, yet most governments still use its doctrines, despite the fact that it has been thoroughly debunked both theoretically and in practice.
It is one of the most destructive ideologies and cannot even stand a simple empirical test.

>> No.15776040

The effect of stress on embryos in utero is well-documented.
Here is an article that cites its sources: https://www.healthline.com/health/pregnancy/stress-during-pregnancy#research

>> No.15776044

>outside of serious, outlying events like forcible rape, or the murder of a family member, there is no such thing as 'trauma'
If you seriously hold this ridiculous opinion, what the fuck are you doing on the science board?

>> No.15776045

How is it a pseudoscience if you are surrounded by devices that only work because of our understanding of quantum mechanics? Hell, your posting is only possible because QM is real.

>> No.15776047

>he doesn’t even understand the fundamentals of science
Literally everyone in cosmology is trying to disprove this – and there are some contenders out there who might be on to something – but so far no one has been able to. It fits most of the data, and as such is the (as yet) best approach to explaining the origin of our universe.

>> No.15776051

Is this thread a honeypot? A malicious attempt to trap people within a backwards growing causality loop of machine mind control?

>> No.15776057

must suck being a vaxxie

>> No.15776060

/v/ is that way buddy. video games don't equate to real life

>> No.15776063

is it painful being this jewish?

>> No.15776069

theres a good experiment where they shock snails until they learn to react in a specific way and then the offspring keep that learned reaction without ever being shocked.

>> No.15776432
File: 15 KB, 360x360, raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa:ca443f4786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15776495

big bang/evolution/heliocentrism/globe earth

>> No.15776877

It all started with a big bang

>> No.15777507

the big bang can never be formally disproved because the big bang is tied into the prophecy of St. Einstein, the jew god of the soience atheists and challenging his infinite wisdom is heresy that will get you excommunicated from the sciences for even suggesting that you might be thinking about it.

>> No.15777622

How can you be so ignorant?

>> No.15777759

>if you cut out the most cost intensive factor i bet the cost would drop
the brains on this guy

>> No.15778577

nearly all of modern academic science is pseudoscience

>> No.15778586
File: 539 KB, 1080x1415, 1664046909573038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15778654

Strass-Howe generational theory

It's divide-and-conquer garbage brainwashing young and old people to hate each other

>> No.15779444

Einstein had nothing to do with big bunga

>> No.15779692

Yes, it's called sex

>> No.15779717

why wouldn't they exist

>> No.15779722

but that's not genes thougheverbeit

>> No.15780557

>for most people
It doesn't claim to.

>> No.15780669

It does not need to. It should be immediately disqualified from being used to make economical decisions at government levels, as a democratic government should always attempt to maximize utility for the majority of its citizens in economic issues.

>> No.15781365
File: 128 KB, 1200x630, inspiring gandhi quote.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15782294

good quote

>> No.15782426

Seriously though why is this thread so old how long has OP been bumping it daily?

>> No.15782978 [DELETED] 

Both are clearly fake and gay, but lots of people vociferously contest them

>> No.15783105

That doesn't make it a pseudoscience.

>> No.15783137

>Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that claim to be both scientific and factual but are incompatible with the scientific method. Pseudoscience is often characterized by contradictory, exaggerated or unfalsifiable claims; reliance on confirmation bias rather than rigorous attempts at refutation; lack of openness to evaluation by other experts; absence of systematic practices when developing hypotheses; and continued adherence long after the pseudoscientific hypotheses have been experimentally discredited.
Pretty much fits almost all of economics that is taught on university campuses these days.

>> No.15783143

you may as well believe in the tooth fairy while you're at it.

>> No.15783152

>incompatible with the scientific method
>unfalsifiable claims
>absence of systematic practices when developing hypotheses
This is intrinsic to economics, neoliberalism isn't particularly worse or lacking of rigour in that regard IMO so it's needlessly derogatory to call it pseudoscience.
That's really a strawman, nobody compares it to hard sciences and there isn't one neoliberal doctrine.
If you consider neoliberalism the doctrine big companies push in the UK, US and EU to make more money, then I think it's quite rigorous and functional and it does what it aims to do.
>lack of openness to evaluation by other experts
This is more true now than say 10 or 15 years ago, but it's really not true. Individuals are sometimes inflexible on such societal subjects but as a field econ doesn't seem that bad.
>and continued adherence long after the pseudoscientific hypotheses have been experimentally discredited
Governments and executive boards are generally better at this than say doctors using outdated medical practice.

>> No.15784257 [DELETED] 

>unfalsifiable claims
the big bang
dark matter
general relativity
black holes
stellar cores
planetary cores

>> No.15784951

At this late stage in the ever worsening replication crisis, are there any science which are not pseudoscience remaining?

>> No.15786278

only practical ones, experimental, theoretical and computational science are all bogus

>> No.15786834

Quantum particles physics is rock solid
The theoreticians wake up seething everyday

>> No.15787039

I mean stress does in fact affect your pregnancy and baby. If an entire cohort, for example the pregnant women during the scamdemic of 2020, experience stress, then their babies might develop differently. But they're talking about racism and living the trauma of an ancestor? Yeah no that doesn't exist

>> No.15787054

you religious cucks love to project your idolatry onto others

>> No.15787071

Climate science

Your models and predictions can be flat-out wrong every time but everyone is still supposed to respect you as the expert even though you clearly don't understand anything you pretend to understand.

>> No.15788309 [DELETED] 

Not initially, but after the big bang narrative (really just a thinly disguised atheistic rewrite of The Book of Genesis) was unleashed on the general public, Einstein rewrote his general relativity prophecy to "predict" that the big bang narrative was true

>> No.15788920


>> No.15788979

Doctors should be imprisoned for mutilating infants genitals.

>> No.15789010

Dude, please.
This has got nothing to do with science. We know it. They know it. Its about using corrupting science for political agendas. To the Left wing nothing is sacred, nothing is above being distorted to achieving their goals. Objective truth has no importance to them other than using it as a masquerade. To them science is not a methodology of objective thinking, it is a tool to be used to as a political weapon, to further aims which for the past 100 years has been heavily focused on wresting control of society from conservative western males. Which so far they have been very successful at achieving. The cost of corrupting an institution which resulted in the greatest technological growth, the greatest increase in prosperity, and the greatest increase in standards of living, is a matter of supreme indifference to them. Winning is the only thing that matters, regardless of cost.

Your point still stands, yes, but its also irrelevant. It would be yelled down, the kernel of truth pertaining to highly specific situations will be ignored as it serves no useful purpose to the Left. Instead the concept of Transgenerational trauma will wielded as a weapon to justify yet more insanity, to marginalize more western conservatives, to acquire and exert more control.
Protip. This is war. Yes really. A war being fought for the social and political control of western societies. One that white western males are losing and will continue to lose, simply becasue they dont understand that it is a war. The Left fully understand its a war, and they will win.

>> No.15789992

It's time to update your education, grandpa. Epigenetics, considered absurd nonsense for centuries, has recently been found to exist and is currently being studied.

>> No.15790863

IQ tests are pseudoscience, it is fundamentally impossible for someone of average intelligence to judge the intelligence of someone smarter than themselves, so unless the examiners who are developing the IQ tests are the smartest people in existence, the tests aren't an accurate judge of intelligence. I point this out even though I have routinely scored extraordinarily high on IQ tests.

>> No.15791782

anything that was every in a hollywood movie. that stuff is all fake af, but people in the 80-95 IQ range are incapable of telling the difference between fact and fiction so they all think that movies like star trek are documentaries

>> No.15792784
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>They've twisted that into claiming that trauma can be genetically inherited through the uterus.
It's true for every member of a lesser race in a multicultural society, they all go through life traumatized by their own unflattering comparisons of themselves with their better adapted neighbors. Thats why multiculturalism is a failed idea. It doesn't work because they lesser races are always envious of the master race. Racial segregation works.
Every European nations which was formerly monoethnic or nearly so and subsequently became multicultural is worse off for it.

>> No.15792787

imagine you inherit >>15792784 picrel genetics via the uterus and you have to go through life surrounded by chad, you're going to be angry and frustrated for your entire life and hate the society you live in and want to ruin it

>> No.15793064
File: 108 KB, 1325x651, jewish trade in dismembered body parts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They sell the dismembered body parts for $500 each.
Anyone know who buys them and why?

>> No.15793146


>> No.15793764
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Based. You have to be retarded to get into QM and se no issues like:

1- Light is particle passing as wave every time someone try to measure it.
2- The massless troon is somehow affected by attraction that supposedly exist between 2 or more bodies with mass.


>> No.15794170

This thread has had 46 posts deleted out of it

>> No.15795035 [DELETED] 

yes he did, he altered GR to validate BTT as a means of """"confirming"""" it

>> No.15796187 [DELETED] 

it would've 404d a long time ago if it hadn't been jannie'd

>> No.15796701

Homeopathy, for some reason this shit still exists

>> No.15796748

OP said uncontested. Skeptics made gorillions of different organizations, speeches, articles and meeitngs combatting the thing and no actual scientist takes it seriously.

>> No.15797233

organically based traditional medications are better in most cases than modern petroleum based drugs.

>> No.15797260

pic related isn't it, i can't argue for any particular form of this, but epigenetic mechanisms account for the phenomena and are clearly documented

>> No.15797286

>you are surrounded by devices that only work because of our understanding of quantum mechanics
It is not true. These computers are not callsed quantum computers for a reason.

>> No.15797290

Do you have something to object his dissatisfaction with kikes and their jesuit shabbos disregarding the scintific method?

>> No.15797292
File: 307 KB, 1200x647, einstein-lemaitre-eng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Imagine being such a midwit to think that the Big Bang theory even attempts to provide an accurate description of its own cause.
It is presented as a valid answer to the question "where did everything come from?" but it answers it not much better than catholics did, and it is of no surprise considering who invented that "answer"

>> No.15797436

Its just a theory bro, prove it is a fact and we can talk

>> No.15797630

> criminology claim with no evidence
You see? This is criminology. Post evidence or go back to pol.

>> No.15797709

Do you own a microwave? Have you ever had an MRI? Used ANY semiconductor (they use quantum tunneling to erase themselves, at least in flash memory).
Quantum computers use individual atoms to do computations / calculations. There are many other QM effects, and if QM was fake, not a single normal computer in the world would work.

>> No.15798720

Yes. Non genetic mechanism like being shitty fucking parents that tell them wypipo bad, that a boy can kiss boys no problem and turn into a girl whenever he wants.

Listen up, we are not talking about kids from diabetic mothers getting fat easier, these people actually think psychological issues are inheritable.

>> No.15798724

>the effect of "stress"
>post preeclampsia
Nigger you don't know shit about either topics. Preeclampsia is a kid getting shit oxygen supply from bad placenta implantation. Kid turns out small and shitty, nothing to do with stress.

>> No.15798926
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>> No.15799052

Nice b8

>> No.15799437

How about, instead of flinging shit and showing everyone how retarded you are, you read more than the first headline?

>> No.15800033
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>> No.15800214

ffs why can't they use normal subtitles

>> No.15800679

You are low IQ

>> No.15801786

correct, the African slave trade was an primarily jewish run business, the confederacy was also instigated and financed by jews. 97% of whites in the south before the civil war never owned slaves, in contrast over half of the jews in the south did own slaves.

>> No.15801960

They spend their whole career making the questions while you get a few hours at most. IQ is a kind of reaction time test.

>> No.15802118

You would know about that. Give it a few years, I am sure you will reach the double digits someday, friend.