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it can't be a coincidence that my circumcised friends (in a majority uncircumcised country) are more aggressive and hypersexual at baseline than the average male, can it? What is the science on this matter?

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I'm circumcised and would bet money on the fact that circumcised people have different psychology due to being mutilated at birth. It's hilarious that the whole world will rally behind a made up pandemic, then turn around and laugh at you for suggesting circumsicision is unethical.

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Is not a coincidence at all.

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>It's hilarious that the whole world will rally behind a made up pandemic
Thats actually just your perception of the world as seen through the controlled and manipulated media you consume.

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>circumcision bad
That's the normie and reddit opinion so the straw man of people laughing at that isn't believable. I'm the only person I know in favor of circumcision that's under age 40. Boomers don't feel too strongly about it either, they accept it as whatever not really pro or against.

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Kek you really have nothing going for you huh?

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Kill yourself

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tell that to the boss who fired me for not getting vaccinated, fucking idiot

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>heh if I label this opinion as reddit then anonymous will be forced to disagree with it

Not so fast kike

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He has an obvious fetish going for him.

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Why did we evolve foreskin? What function does the foreskin serve?

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female circumcision is illegal in the usa

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same reason we evolved eyelids

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You know they have nasty secrets to hide when they feel they need to resort to that type of manipulative trickery

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it that really going to stop the spring or just force it to emerge outside of where the cement is poured?

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Why do you know which of your friends are circumcised?

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They aren't secrets though. We know doctors get money for selling foreskin tissue to the cosmetics industry among other things.

Circumcision is basically proof of the ant like nature of normalfags. They will justify the most obviously disgusting practices for the most pathetic reasons as long as other people like them see them as normal.

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You mean to Israel?

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Sand niggers are usually more aggressive.

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I'm not labeling it as the reddit opinion. It is the reddit opinion. They view it as genital mutilation and barbaric and this gets thousands of up votes. Also, might surprise an antisemite smoothbrain like you but da joos are also the ones behind the largest anti circumcision groups. If there's any conspiracy is that they want to keep it for themselves.

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>work in healthcare
>don't believe in modern medicine
The vaccine was a great filter in the health sector.

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Maybe because they understand that it is meaningless mutilation. The tissue on the interior of foreskin contains mucous membranes that serve to protect the head of the penis. It's the equivalent of removing an eyelid. Why advocate for the removal of something that the body has purpose for? This isn't a vestigial organ.

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I am pro circumcision because I love my son and not neglectful in my duties to keep him safe.

8. Circumcision decreases the risk of urinary tract infection.
7. Circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men.
6. Circumcision lowers the risk of STDs.
5. Circumcision protects against penile cancer.
4. Circumcision reduces the risk of penile HPV infection and the risk of cervical cancer in female partners.
3. Circumcision prevents chlamydia infections and subsequent pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility.
2. Circumcision decreases the risk of balanoposthitis and phimosis and the later need for postneonatal circumcision.
1. Circumcision improves sexual function and creativity.

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none of those are true

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>Circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men.
This claim is based on an African study that has been debunked because of shitty methodology (only a tiny fraction of test subjects were actually followed up on, so the claim is completed unfounded).

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>Circumcision improves sexual function
Enjoy not feeling shit lmao

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You and all your spawn will be burned alive. That is the just punishment for you.

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Get another pair of covid boosters. Is good for you.

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It should be mandatory for any female in favor of male circumcision to get their clitoris removed.

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what's the size of your sample group, OP?
if you live in a majority uncircumcized country, i can't imagine that your sample group is very big, unless you include muslims, but then you're introducing a whole nother factor here...

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is that a pasta? sure looks like it

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Gynocentric society. Mutilating baby boys reaffirms their low societal value and is therefore beneficial to the current order.
That's why the guy in OP is a fucking retard. It's not like people aren't cognizant of the cruelty, the cruelty is the reward. Might as well carry a sign saying "I was raped right into the asshole very violently, isn't that le sad?". Very low emotional intelligence.

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I see a lot more americans than yuropoors who are obsessed with eating out their ugly fat wives. They don't feel much pleasure themselves so they externalize their desire for it unto their woman. It's proximate to cuckholdry and/or transgenderism.
So as far as a bonus hole is concerned it does in fact improve sexual function.

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Circumsicion is bad because it scars the person.

Castration is good because it saved lives.

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>concern about pleasing the opposite gender since you cannot feel sexual pleasure yourself
feminized and cuck'd
all thanks to your friendly neighborhood shlomo

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>We know doctors get money for selling foreskin tissue to the cosmetics industry among other things.

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Why do the doctors get the money for the baby's foreskin, shouldn't the parents or the baby be the ones who receive the cash for their body part?

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Obviously, but clearly they don't want people to be aware of this, for reasons that should be equally obvious.

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because they want to keep the money for themselves

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Good analysis
>They don't feel much pleasure themselves so they externalize their desire for it unto their woman.
the power of psychological projection

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concern of pleasuring the other sex happens when a part is fullfilled, in general it's the opposite, most americans don't care about oral sex and for that reason have one of the highest rates of female sexual satisfaction of any country in the world.
they can't pleasure their wives with their penises and don't want to pleasure them on the first place either.

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They don't want anyone to know that they're cannibalizing children for profit and they especially don't want anyone knowing how they're doing it.

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>oy vey, circumcision is good!!
sup jidf

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I've read it helps facilitate penetration when mating with a non-receptive female

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No, maiming the human organ and turning it into something that is a complete opposite of natural and is an atrocity by completely exposing the part of it that is extremely sensitive and is meant to be covered and protected at all times to the outside world forever and that organ being sexual meaning literally the entire and the only reason humanity exists and the entire and the only drive of it, obviously meaning on the individual level aswell, could not possibly have any consequences.

Imagine your eyelids or the entirety of skin on your cheeks were removed shortly after your birth. Except your eyes don't touch anything ever and both of the above have literally nothing to do with sex.

What does this have to do with science again?

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You or your insurance pays extra to do the deed, and the doctor keeps the tip.

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i would point to the fact that i'm also circumcised and i am severely fucked in the head sexually (i resent my mom for cutting me, and therefore resent all women, but at the same time hate myself on some level enough to be into chastity and femdom), but then again i've seen plenty of porn with uncut dudes who are also getting their balls stomped on by heels and their little anteater dicks locked in cages and seem to enjoy it.

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