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Where are all the Aliens !?

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Inner earth

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Most likely there's just no aliens that are capable of communicating with us, or receiving our attempts at signals. There are no space faring aliens for sure in our Galaxy. Maybe in another one, but still not able of intergalactic travel.

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They are literally in the Pacific Ocean, retard.

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saw this yesterday and thought about your thread

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Why do people think that ayy civilizations will exist at the same time as our own in this galaxy? It's highly unlikely due to the vast differences in star formation times.

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Which sci-fi book/comic started all this anyway?

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War of the Worlds and A Princess of Mars

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so I've been le thinking and figured bolt nut and washer must be universal symbols. any technological civ most likely use it. even if made from other materials that work out for them. gibbs best arguments against it

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going back thousands of years, human cultures and different religions thought that maybe creatures lived on those other planets they see in the night sky, like mars and the moon. Some ancient religions believed their gods came from the stars.

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Even if by some miracle you had a star system with two Earthlike planets in the habitable zone, the chances of intelligent life arising at the same time on both worlds is practically nil. Across different star systems? No way. Civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy are going to rise and fall with separations in the millions of years.

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>but still not able of intergalactic travel
Because if they were they must've made contact with us right??

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The ayys will be millions of years ahead of us or vice versa. Reminder that this was us millions of years ago.
There is no context for first contact or communication with such a large time differential. Now imagine if the time differential is tens of millions of years or a billion years. Not happening.

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they chillin

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What will humans do when they encounter intelligent life developing on other planets, will we interfere? We haven’t even bothered interfering with the Sentinelese people and other tribes that are on our own planet.


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This is how the aliens currently perceive us.

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I fear that we will encounter insect life on other planets

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Here and elsewhere.
Some reasons are in this argument debate tree: https://www.kialo.com/most-likely-or-correct-explanation-for-uap--ufos-63205

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Non existant, Not intelligent, or too far away to interact with.

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Hopefully primitive aliens will not be as hostile. But I do not know, that is something science will decide when we ever do find life.
If we are only slightly more advanced than them, I do not see the harm in contacting them, we are barely able to reach mars and the our moon. On star trek, they were a galactic civilization far more advanced. When they interfered with a primitive civilization it often had bad consequences and changed their natural course of evolution.
We are the sentinelese to advanced alien visiters. We shoot at their craft, we capture any living ones and cut them up for experiments.

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God no. I fucking hate bugs. But it wouldn't be surprising. they are drones, a collective. You cannot reason with a single one

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It's The Great Filter
Let's stop pretending that all the other "solutions" to Fermi Paradox are anything else but cope.

It's doesn't mean that all species nuke themselves out of existence. Many if not most probably just muck around in a cyclical rise and fall of their civilizations until they burn out all the easy-to-get resources. Some maybe reach a relative homeostasis.

Hecking Star Trek maybe works out on paper if we all submit to one wold government, but more likely in reality the nature of competition, politics, dysgenics and economics never lets interstellar travel to work out for any species.

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Reminder that these threads are all made by one very autistic alien who just wants to see what retarded shit we come up with.

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In their respective home planets, maybe.