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Many such cases.

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Another brown thread created by & for brown people. Reminder that the only ones who don't get circumcized are Latrinex wetbacks & border-hoppers. Before you respond to this thread, remember that bean-stained brown hands are behind it. And every malding coper in this thread will be named juan hernandez. No white person needs to bother responding to this cesspit of brownness.

/thread for white people, let the brownies fling shit at each other amongst themselves. Just ignore them, involving yourself with them is asking to have shit flinged at you. Just like involving yourself with a Chimpanzee or a Bonobo.

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it doesn't make any sense that we would benefit from something so unnatural.

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Imagine being proud of the fact that your race is more likely to get amputated. You guys really need to die out

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Explain why circumcision is not prevalent in Europe, other than maybe the UK.

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revoltingly evil

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If you are circumcised you have a moral obligation to hate your parents.

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White people are also proud of having a dirty ass full of shit and they know it because they can see their skid marks on their underwear. You should hear the mental gymnastics they go through to convince themselves their ass is not dirty or is a good thing actually, and you will hear these copes in this very thread.
BTW, jews dont apply stitches after circumcision. They dont do it in a medical setting either, literally hold the baby and cut off the foreskin in a chair in a synagogue, then lick the wound

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It makes even less sense if you are not even Jewish or Muslim. Literally why

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The answer is in the act itself.

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the jews only conquered the anglsophere

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I often wondered if Germany lost the war, why aren't modern Germans circumcised?

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females should be circumcised

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True and real, is genital mutilation, just like cutting a clit out of a woman.

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that was the best from there not ultimate

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Why are americans' so proud of having mutilated cocks?
the only rationale for mutilating said cocks is: (1) outdated medical views; and/or (2) dirt-flith judaism

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Its pushed by jews in case of a second holocaust because nazis used to check their penises to confirm the judaism and america has the most jews in the world out of israel

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I got my dick multitailed 12 days ago, the fucking stiches make my penis hurt when I get a boner, when will this shit fucking heal and fuck off? Fucking god is laughing at my suffering.

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why did you let it happen?

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It only ever happens because of phimosis. Doctors prescribe steroid creams to make the skin move, it thins the foreskin too much to the point of tearing, circumcision is now required. Tada. Don't put steroids near your dicks

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Phimosis, and probably just to get rid of the insecurity of smegma and girls calling my dick a worm. It just looks better and my dick feels more comfortable, plus all that bullshit about losing nerves is such a exaggeration, I can still get horny and my dick feels just as good as when I had my foreskin.

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All tissues have an elastic:plastic deformation curve. The foreskin has literally no choice but to grow if you just stretch it. If you have scar tissue there are ways of dissolving it.

It's pretty creepy to be on a planet full of fucking weirdos who are actively or passively trying to mutilate your genitals.

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The Jews did this

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so why are you even complaining and calling it "mutilation" when you don't even think it's a bad thing to begin with? fuck off

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>I can still get horny
You sound retarded.

>and my dick feels just as good as when I had my foreskin.

Cut at birth, definitely. That or too stupid to parse out sensations come from your body. Drooling Zoomer.

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cause you anti circumcision fags are funny to fuck around with faggot, the jews will rule the world and you all will take the vaccine!

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The tragic reality for a Jew is that he can claw his way to the tiop, he can conquer an entire planet, he can destroy everything and everyone and then even himself, but he still will not feel peace. He still will not escape his reflection, and the very thing he sought to be rid of, himself. He will still be a circumcised and trauma programmed Jew. He will never have his foreskin back. He will never be other than an outsider. His glans will never be covered. It is raw and exposed, just like his core, keratinized but still raw and exposed. He will never escape this for no matter where he goes, what he does, what he dominates, he and his circumcision are still there.

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While I am not for circumcision, how much "fun points" (dopamine levels?) do you lose after getting cut?
>muh nerves
I don't care. Tell me the raw dopamine numbers.

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It's never been popular in the UK, no more than other parts of Europe and definitely no where near the levels of America

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Dopamine isn't pleasure. It's pleasure seeking. Though the lack of it does diminish the basis for subjective pleasure.

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A lot of third world shitskins think UK and USA are identical in culture and politics, that's why they say anglo, they think both countries are the same thing.

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Then pleasure points. How much less pleasure does a cut man feel?

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Dpends on how he was cut. He loses his ridged band and some amount of frenulum regardless, and the glans will likely be less sensitive. I'd say 40%. If he has most of his frenulum and a lot of inner skin remaining, he'll fare better restoring, and he likely feels 60-70. The foreskin isn't just about "more" of the same, it provides unique sensations.

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The UK is where this whole thing got started. The pop-history story is that John Kellogg is to blame but it was actually spearheaded by an English doctor named Jonathon Hutchinson. He noticed that Jewish mental hospitals in London hardly had any syphilitic patients and chalked it up to being cut. Circumcision was universally recommended throughout the anglosphere through the Victorian period. America is just the only place that kept doing it. Although even today circumcision is more common in commonwealth countries than it is in any other white country.

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Talking in absolute numbers that is. 40% total, not 40% less.

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And how is a British doctor responsible for it being popular in the USA?

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Because his recommendations were accepted by every medical authority in the anglosphere, including in America. Why it endured into the 20th century? That's less clear. I think it had something to do with military hospitals, which were always really gung ho about the procedure. Often doing it without consulting the parents. That seems to be why it spread to Korea as well.

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So it's a British doctor telling American universities something and them believing it. That doesn't really change the fact that it's never been popular in Britain, being an american phenomenon.

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"Having lived with an intact penis for 21 years, Alex believed men circumcised as babies or young children would "tragically never be able to fully comprehend what has been taken away". He estimated he had been stripped of 75% of the sensitivity of his penis."

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Cut men and even women from cutting cultures are extremely glans centric for this reason. They can't conceive of most of the sensation coming from the foreskin and the overall biomechanics of an intact frenulum and having movable skin. Cut men talk about their glans becoming numb thrusting too much in one position. That doesn't even happen with foreskin. But they just believe all this shit is normal and accept it.

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m8, "throughout the anglosphere" includes the UK. It was routine in the 19th century. The royal family started doing it because it was something every educated family did. Only bumpkins didn't circumcise their sons because medical consensus was that it was good and healthy. Today it's an American thing, but it started as just an English thing.

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>but it started as just an English thing.

And who controls the bank of London?

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You're describing a brief upper class fad, it it were ever popular it wouldn't be mostly unheard of in gentiles now or 100 years ago.

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We don't have statistics for the Victorian period but for men born in the 1930's the circumcision rate was 32%. By that point circumcision was already in decline so I assume that wasn't the peak. Even if it was, that's 1/3rd of the country getting circ'd. At a time when Britain was almost entirely white. To me that's a bit more than a fad.

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God whites are stupid. Fuck's sake.

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>men born in the 1930's the circumcision rate was 32%

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Do you have a better source or a primary source?

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Every claim is cited with a link to the study. I'm not a scholar so that's all I've got.

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Imagine being a body mutilation culture scholar. You eat dinner. You go to bed. You get up. You go through another day. You go to sleep. "Yep, this is life."

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>Every claim is cited with a link to the study.
The citation on the page you gave asserts it and links to another study, and that study also asserts it and its citation is a dead link.

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I think it's behind a paywall. But this is about as much effort as I'm willing to put into this topic.

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I recently found out Americans on 4chan react the most sensitive to when you ask them about their circumcision status before evaluating their opinion.


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I've often wondered what you would find if you could somehow have a chart associated with every poster on the internet showing their sex, skin tone, eye color, hair color, height, weight, location, and finally, whether their genitals are intact or if their body has been modified or is defective in some other way. As above, so below. As within, so without. Maim the body, you will maim the mind. Maim the mind, it will be reflected on the body, eventually. Universal truth (see celtic story of the silver hand). So seeing their sex and whether they have intact genitals would allow you to infer a bit about their libinal structure and flow, and I think you would see very strong correlations between emotional lability and whether someone's glans are constantly exposed. Leading to enhanced sublimated arousal (aggression) and amplified dominance and submission dynamics.

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Ok I lied. I tracked down a copy of source 5 that includes the table, Sexual attitudes and lifestyles. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific, 1994. Here's the table from that source.

So I guess it's up to whether or not you think they falsified the data.

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I think history has shown that when it comes to cutting up the peepee, nothing is off the table. No lie is too great, no lengths are too far. That which was cut must now also cut. Period, end of story. The circumcised have to circumcise, this is a mind cirus a good 90% of people are susceptible to.

So the entire area of research should be considered contaminated by default.

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Then they should just cut up some animals instead, we did nothing to deserve this

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>Then they should just cut up some animals instead
What do you mean? That's what they did. Goyim are cattle.

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jewish men have penis envy as a result of being cripplecocks, thats why jewish men are so effeminate and prone to homosexuality and being trannys. tel aviv is the gayest city on the planet over 40% of the men in tel aviv are either faggots or trannys

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The Israeli circumcision rate (even including the Arabs who have near 100% circumcision rates) is roughly the same as American White circumcision rates. You are just as dick-chopped as them, if not more.

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Jews 100% believe that everybody who isn't a Jew is actually an animal made by their god to serve them and that the only reason we look the same is because he thought it'd be awkward if their servants looked like animals. This also means that nothing they do to a non-Jew is a crime to them, after all, we were made to be used by them.

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Where was the study taken?

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akshullay, circumucision was practiced long before jews were even a buzzword to screech about online. and it's not even a bad thing desu, egyptian royalty had nice cocks. the only thing nowadays that would irk some people is that it's done without consent technically, newborns and all that.

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>egyptian royalty had nice cocks

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Jews also believe that their slaves should be circumcised. If you are circumcised and not a jew then the jews consider you their slave.

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They don't believe it, it is mitzvah. Commanded. Not optional. See Milah in Maiminodes' Mishneh Torah. Easily searchable. States that gentiles are to be circumcised on the day of purchase, even if only one day old. If born a slave however, they are to be circumcised on the 8th day as usual.

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>ask for source
>get source
you were never going to lend any credence to any source no matter what it was, cripplecock

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This is why I don't entertain requests for additional information anymore. 99% of people do this retarded song and dance with literally every topic. They're just here to waste your fuckin' time and little more.

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And I do mean that. There is something extremely wrong with these people. Some kind of fundamental defect. They don't deserve time or energy from anyone. They're flesh and blood a lot of the time, but they're not real people. And there are more of them every year.

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the jewish bad faith discussion technique is outlined for them in the talmud in the "how to pilpul" section. jews consider all non jews to be less than human so the feel no need to act in good faith towards them

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>oy vey you goyims all need to get circumcised because reasons
then when those reasons get debunked the jews just come back the next day saying
>oy vey you goyims all need to get circumcised because reasons
as if the debunking never happened at all

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The foreskin is basically just pussy lips and a vaginal opening on your dick. So obviously your cockhead being stroked and massaged by and through the foreskin mucosa is highly enjoyable, just like how women like to masturbate by rubbing the clit through the hood.

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whatever you do dont look up the rate of circumcision in south korea before and after american intervention in the korean peninsula

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Have the jews forced circumcision on the South Koreans too?

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Higher rate than the US now

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What even is this planet. Seriously, it's ridiculous.

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The jews would be bragging about this massively and it would be common public knowledge if the didn't think that they were doing something nasty to the Koreans.

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Female genital mutilation is widely seen as a poor practice. I wonder why circumcision isn't viewed similarly. The most common form of FGM is identical to circumcision, they remove the clitoral hood, exposing the most sensitive part, with the intention of desensitization. Same with circumcision, removal of the foreskin to expose and desensitize the male penis.

Quite a disgusting practice

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Most people can't into abstraction, but I think it's best dealt with through a conception of bodily and cognitive integrity laws. ie, you're not allowed to diminish or otherwise render modified, another person's body. In some cases, even with consent. You're also not allowed to psychologically abuse children until their mind splits apart and they'll "want" anything they're told they want, then act like it's real, and demand everyone else acts like it's real. Then say refusal to do so is equivalent to murdering the psychologically abused child.

So we have:
>Male and female genital mutilation
>Tranny stuff from being poisoned and psychologically abused

Following in the spirit of
>Foot binding
>Head binding

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I'm not. I'm pissed off about not being able to enjoy sex the way it should be and ashamed to have a chopped up dick.

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I have a lot of frenulum left, but I seriously doubt I feel 60-70% of what I should because I only have about 25% of the inner foreskin skin left above my scar line and it's keratinized. Using percentages is probably inaccurate too because I imagine that unexposed inner mucosal skin feels quite different than dry calloused skin.

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My gf was born in the 1930s. In America. He was uncut. My dad was born in the 1950s and they were strongly encouraged to circumcise him, which they did. Can you imagine?

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>Can you imagine?

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Every time I take a piss I have to remember what they did to me.
Don't let your friends or family members do this to their kids.

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Never forget or forgive what they took from you

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What do you use the multiple tails for?

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>cuts his own penis off
>god did this!!

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Your GF is 90 years old and has a dick?

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It's 2023 bigot!

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stfu faggot

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>can't into parody

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>women in cutmerica go on sex tours to france and other uncut countries
>Jewish humor about ED, painful sex and unsatisfied women

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Always fucking clean your dicks and asses you dirty fat fucks, it's pathetic that even faggot twink whores have better hygiene than you that they never have smegma.

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no u

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the jews pay the doctors $500 for each foreskin

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How come the doctors get the money instead of the person who's body part is being sold?

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Why not?

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