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Where are all the Aliens !?

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Where are all the janitors !?

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I have a bad feeling there's a party and we're not invited.

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go back to /x/

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Alien bros ...?

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Where are all the DMT machine elves.

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What's in Peru? That shit looks like all hills and mountains.

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psychedelic drugs obviously otherwise no ayy lmao stories

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why do you make these threads every day?
humans are obviously the only intelligent living thing in the universe. You think aliens wouldn't have tried to reach out if it hadn't been the case? If they were so advanced they wouldn't need to observe us, they could just use alien computers or something so why wouldn't they try to establish contact? There just aren't any. I don't know what the whole ufo sighting in congress was about really.

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what an absolute midwit take lol
casualty and time-like separation freshman nigga. ayys are def there but far away. If they are watching us, they will see earth as a dense firey ball because the light from the time when earth was formed just reached to than. Same goes to us watching someone.

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on the moon having alien seggs

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დამზადებულია დიდი თეთრი პენისისთვის

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something doesn't seem right about this guy, should we investigate?

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bls gib alium gf

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>I don't know what the whole ufo sighting in congress was about really.
It's a psyop utilized to convince America's enemies that the country is in possession of some godlike super-technology weapons that are more advanced than anything else.

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we are the aliens, anon

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whats the inside of her mouth and throat like?

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cheeky earthling bastard.
wouldn't you like to know

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The whole fermi paradox stems from a retarded premise that places like earth must be everywhere because we can't be special in any way. Why? We just can't ok.

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Where are the ayys supposed to be coming from? The closest unitary G-type star is Tau Ceti at 12 light years. This star is twice as old as the Sun. If there were ayys there they would have taken over the Earth long ago, maybe even before humanity existed. A K-type star might also be able to support life. The closest unitary K-type star is Epsilon Eridani at 10 light years but it's less than a billion years old so no time for life to evolve there. If the ayys do exist they are going to be much too far from Earth to make any kind of contact. We are likely talking thousands of light years at the very least.