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Why did they let Elon choose the name for the next pandemic?

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how come /sci/ hates Elon even though he is arguably one of the greatest minds of our era?

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He wears demon armor and all demons are homosexuals, unironically.

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are they sayin there's only been 9 diseases up to this point cause im pretty sure there's more than that

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He's just an average channer who lucked out with family/money, he's either chicken out of the Zuck fight or lose.

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If he's such a great mind, why does SpaceX have tard wranglers who keep him away from anything important?

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Very few people understand his motives and drive. Even on a supposedly "high IQ" board like this his genius and insight goes unappreciated.

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>The headline: Vaccines for mystery disease that doesn't even exist yet!!!!!
>The article: Scientists are developing vaccines for a number of existing animal diseases that are known to be capable of spreading to humans.
Clickbait works.

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reddit posters and midwit + media propaganda they consume

To the demoncrats, Musk is worse than Hitler

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Having a massive ego and being on the spectrum doesn't make you worship worthy.