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Where are all the Aliens !?

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They're only humans too. Space travel is impossible. Humans will never leave their star system because it's impossible.

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Advanced aliens will have body plans simiĺiar to humans

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Here. Reasons: https://www.kialo.com/most-likely-or-correct-explanation-for-uap--ufos-63205
Maybe use a new image or something

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He's pointing at us going
"They're literally me!"

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The universe is young and intelligent life like us have to go through so many challenge to exist. Aliens probably already exists somewhere but are just stuck just like us.
We might actually be part of the first ones and maybe become one day the precursors of the legends of the future.

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we can totally leave our star system arriving somewhere is the hard part

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They are in the moon. True.

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They're all up your ass OP, every single one in fact.

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They’re out there. They just don’t want to involve themselves.

“If you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all”

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Alien here. Ama

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Some of them probably but you don't know what happens if they exist for thousand or a million years.

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If they are also without administrator privileges over their own minds then theyre most likely so full of knowledge & wisdom it drove them to insanity. But hey, this life is synthetic. Infact anything that's synthetic by nature is automatically authentic and vice versa. Look around you, this is the matrix. But it's fun to hypothesize the heavens, like augmented or virtual reality type shit. No hang over's withdraws, control of our minds. Etc.

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what fuel do you use for your ships? Is it liquid mercury?

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why not six arms & 2 heads? Bigger brains, better receptors, better skin, better mind control.

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>tfw its not bad enough you have to deal with racist white peope but even aliens come and be racist

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Adrenocrome harvested from cows

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I stumbled across this, but what are the implications of this star trek episode S1E21 return of the archons?

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Why are you creating this thread every week?

I told you that it's a dark forest.
Everybody that get's found get's destroyed

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1. too many holes with dark forest theory
2. alien threads have been a part of /sci/ since the very beginning

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You mean with, not without. And it's not the matrix. No idea how you meant that with augmented reality, would you mind to elaborate?

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Multiple alien civilizations can only exist in a galaxy if the stars are all the same age. Since stars have widely varying ages it's unlikely there is more than one technological civilization in a galaxy at any one time. Furthermore, if a technological civilization does arise, it will colonize its entire galaxy long before any other civilization can do the same. Since Earth has not been colonized, it means we are the only technological civilization in the galaxy and our intelligent machine descendants will eventually colonize it.

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Earth is colonized.
Colonization is harder than you assume compared to travel.
It still takes millions of years for the travel sueing which other civilizations can arise.

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American was colonized quite fast too.
If you can life there and find food all left to do is fucking / reproducing

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The only tech that strikes me as alien tech are stealth bombers and microchips. There's not enough alien tech there to justify saying they kidnapped sliens.

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Colonization is only slow when limited by biology. The sentient machines that we send to the stars won't have any such limitations. They will arrive at the destination star system, convert all available material into more copies of themselves and send those onward to the next star system. In a relatively short time, the entire galaxy will be explored and colonized. All of the needed technologies such as AI and advanced robotics are rapidly maturing. Within the next thousand years, the colonization of the galaxy by machines from Earth will begin.

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Other way around. It would be more difficult to send robots that successfully create sufficient descendants. You could contribute some of those claims to the argument map at

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General purpose self-replicating robots will be developed anyway for commercial purposes in order to build megastructures like the Earth L1 Sunshield, O'Neill colonies to hold billions of people and the Dyson Sphere that will eventually surround the Sun to harvest all of its energy. It will be trivial to adapt these robots for interstellar exploration and colonization. Galactic colonization will be done as an afterthought once the Solar System is completely rebuilt to meet the needs of humanity.

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No, not for colonization that persists at target locations for millions of years. Add your claim to the argument map that I created. And pls don't make the assumption that they only "self-"replicate. It's not trivial. Dyson Spheres are also based on lots of flawed assumptions.