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Where are all the Aliens !?

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All signs point to the ocean.

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unironically they already live among us.

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No idea but Dark forest holds no water. Even with our level of technology we can identify exoplanets that could potentially sustain life. Any civilization relatively close to another with technology slightly more advanced than ours knows about them with minimal effort. A dark forest can only exist if hiding is possible. Earth's bio signature has revealed its location to anyone looking hundreds of millions of years before our techno signatures will. Very small adjustments to the drake equation gives a range of advanced civilizations in the milky way from 0 to millions.

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can you show me pictures of these aliens?

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dark matter is cloaked extraterrestrial infrastructure
humanoid aliens like mantis and reptilians arent aliens they evolved on earth.
the smart species has to survive the mass extinction event and then join the others. earth is an incubator for intelligent life.

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>space before ending punctuation
>exclamation point
What the fuck are you doing?

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In yo face in yo face I farted in yo face

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They don’t want to deal with us lmao
We’re probably fucking hysterical to them

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Fat Alien Hypothesis: All the aliens are fat bastards who live on massive planets with too much gravity for space travel to be feasible.

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alien subs discovered when?

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>>15629681 Here an argument map with reasons for and against that: https://www.kialo.com/most-likely-or-correct-explanation-for-uap--ufos-63205

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They're probing my boipussy

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>believing UAPs (those that aren’t obvious misidentifications of natural phenomena) aren’t just black projects
Your brain would melt if you knew what kind of technology American government/military possesses. There are reasons beyond secrecy from other nations to hide certain things.
t. Aerospace engineer

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They're out there, but separated by billions and hundreds of billions of lightyears.

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insects and reptiles evolved into intelligent creatures before we did

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Sure thing pal.
Just remember to take your meds today, ok?

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They're all dumb spearchucking space niggers.

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No, it wouldn't. Let congress and AARO know. The performace of the UFOs can not be of, at least exclusively, human origin.

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Steven Greer, David Wilcock, Qanon, Trump, Anti-Gravity, Space Force, Alien Disclosure, Galactic Federation
& the Luciferyan doctrine


>The Disclosure already happened a few years ago
Wait what?
Anyway this is what awaits us after Biden is gone from office and the Great Reset/Great Awakening goes into effect. How excited are you for globohomo 3.0?

pro tip: the Earth is flat and stationary, aliens don't exist

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Only the government can see them but the aliens say they need money to fix climate change. Also they said you need to be gayer and judge everyone based on their race.