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Where are all the Aliens !?

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you heard it here first: dark matter is cloaked extraterrestrial infrastructure

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there are no aliens, life dies out as quickly as it's born and there are long periods of empty space, such as the one we are in now.

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also the humanoid aliens people encounter are actually from earth. people encounter humanoid reptiles and mantis insect creatures and never make the connection that reptiles and mantises are from earth. dumb reptiles live in your garden why would the smart ones come from the other side of the universe?
it also explains how they found us and why theyre interested in earth

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Where they belong.


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do not fucking tell people about this

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Probably like, all around us. Higher dimensions are like curtains we cannot see. Magician rights. I wouldn’t be surprised if the world is one big game.

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this. 4th spatial dimension.

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don't spread this theory around more than it is already

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The ayys invented room temperature superconductors and other advanced technologies billions of years ago and colonized the entire Milky Way galaxy. Oh wait they didn't because ayys don't exist. Now that we see how quickly an intelligent civilization can develop the technologies needed for galactic expansion it's becoming obvious there is nobody besides ourselves in the Milky Way galaxy.

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Sounds like a pretty cool premise for a cosmic horror movie, i'd watch it

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They never existed.

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I hope they didn't see me jerking off to traps

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They're hiding from us, and every time you make this exact spam thread they hide for another 10000 years.

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you ever feel your butthole itch? that was actually a 7th dimensional ayy pranking you with a cheeky little poke.

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Intelligent life isnt some predetermined natural destination. It happened at least once but is not required.
It's also very vulnerable to advancing far faster than it can adapt to, whether building huge superweapons while still beset with tribalistic mentalities from adapting to a much simpler world revolving around much smaller groups, or naively believing the whole planet it's on revolves around it which leads to environmental destruction at a scale it doesn't really recognise til far too late.

"Intelligent" life is very likely a short term self destructive phenomenon whenever it arises in this astonishingly huge and ancient universe

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In my backyard, cutting the grass.