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>posts three rothschild owned websites as credible sources
nigger what are you doing?

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they're reporting on the congressional hearing you dumb faggot

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>non-human biological matter
that could mean fucking anything from a splattered bug to some pollen
the fuck is the point of thi-
>hunter biden's court appearance was today

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>not rothschild owned
ur low iq lol

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Thank you Chuck Schumer for bringing this into the boomer media's and normgroid's limited attention .

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the adl won't let you get away with posting that

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oy vey!

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The earth is flat and stationary with a dome. They are never ever leaving this enclosed plane alive, and neither are you sciencegoys.
CGI is all you get in this life and if you are vaxxed, I know many of you here are well boosted, then the Alien invasion will be livestreamed straight into your vaxxed brain.
Also with the latest Neurolink brain processor you'll be able to watch multiple invasions on multiple exo-planets at the same time, with the same bitrate and no loss in quality experience.

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your mom is rothschild owned

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Literally he did not say anything because it is all "classified"
this is a distraction but the public isn't buying this garbage anymore

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Why are they trying to hide the Aliens from us ?

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This. It's blatantly obvious that the current rules are fucking the hidden masters in the ass without lube.

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Every relevant expert has said this means nothing. It's just woo woo to entertain people who watched too much Star Trek.

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There is on average only one technological civilization per galaxy at any time. For all practical purposes this means that ayys don't exist for us due to the distances involved even though there are likely billions of technological civilizations in the universe.

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Where are the dyson spheres?

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Why would you waste your time building one if you can extract infinite energy from the quantum vacuum?

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Together with flying cars in imagination land

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Yeah, I guess if you could do that there would be no reason not to just live in interstellar space.
Yeah, and the aliens.

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>Greg Eghigian, a history professor at Pennsylvania State University and expert in the history of UFOs as it occurs in the context of public fascination, notes that there have been many instances over recent decades in the U.S. of people "who previously worked in some kind of federal department" coming forward to make "bombshell allegations" about the truth regarding UFOs with the whistleblower claims by Grusch fitting this pattern. Eghigian described the 1940s-50s media enthusiasm about flying saucers, and comments that the successful books on the subject by authors Donald Keyhoe, Frank Scully and Gerald Heard, "provided the model for a new kind of public figure: the crusading whistleblower dedicated to breaking the silence over the alien origins of unidentified flying objects." Since then all these similarly credentialed claimants have been unable to provide any further corroboration.

Just the regular disinfo stuff by some "certified" professional with a career in the military or whatnot who knows someone who knows someone. It just gives kooks something to be busy about for the next couple of years or so until they invent a new guy to do the same.

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There are no aliens.

Yesterday night I was walking my animal at 3 in the morning and I didn't see a thing.
The day before that I also did not see any thing.
And so on...

Just please everyone relax and do not worry about a single thing. Aliens are not real. Do not suggest that.

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>billions of alien civilizations likely exist
>it would take longer than homo sapiens has existed as a species to reach even the nearest one
seriously this has to be some kind of cosmic joke

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what if, like... WE'RE the aliens man... whoa

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In the Milky Way galaxy at least we are the first ayys or rather we will become the ayys as we eventually colonize it over the next few million years. If this was an Alien movie WE are the Engineers.

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but what if life itself came from another galaxy, panspermia style

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Possible but unlikely. Life on Earth began approximately 4 billion years ago which is around the time conditions on Earth had stabilized enough to support life. It's unlikely that alien microbes from another star or another galaxy just happened to arrive in that narrow time window.

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maybe the aliens knew when the send microbial life

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There are no aliens

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We are, humanity is so hilariously early.

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Reminder that there are octopus aliens on Europa living under the ice but since they are aquatic they'll never develop space travel or any other form of technology that requires fire and metal

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Sucks to be them. I wonder if they'll be killed by our fusion aquaculture lights.

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Aliens dont exist
We are the only life

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What relevant experts and what they say specifically?

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Probably bullshit, he might’ve been under oath but they can’t really prove that he’s lying so it doesn’t matter.

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There's no evidence, just some guy lying about aliens. I thought this was a science board.

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They are disguised humans, but their tech isn't perfect and constantly trigger our sense of the uncanny valley. The push for tranny acceptance is an effort to make us less aware of their presence among us.

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>hurr durr I can't say shit because it's classified even though I claim to be a whistle-blower explicitly because everything is classified
I fucking hate this bread and circus, they keep pulling this shit every couple of years and there is never gonna be a proper reveal, we are literally better off nuking DC off the face of the planet and digging through the remains then listen to this useless vapid garbage.

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Much more likely to have local panspermia among worlds birthed from the same stellar nebulae.

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"I met a guy who said he saw an alien."

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>I was in charge of the crash retrieval program
>No, I didn't see them. Someone told me he did
>Trust me, I have credentials and am held in high regard by people who think women can have dicks

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He dropped locations and names regarding crafts and bodies to the Inspector General, who finds the info "Credible and Urgent".
They should just release him from his security oaths so he can unload everything to the public. That way it would be extremely easy to tell if there are indeed, saucers and alien bodies.

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Aliens LIVE

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still, it's probably the most credible these claims have ever been.

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forgo spaceships
embrace the teleportationpill

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>we are the only life
explain dogs then, genius

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have you seen the /x/ threads talking about disguised demons and shit? Even if this ISN'T all smoke and mirrors and is 4 CEREAL, there's no fucking way they'd risk upsetting the schizos and fanatics by releasing proof. They're just way too common, at least in this age.

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This subject is too big for even people who consider themselves "redpilled". They don't want to see physical reality as it is and choose the blue (marble) pill and stay within the literal matrix in their mind. It's the same program that makes trannies think they are actual women, a lot of globe earth proponents are actually unironically trannies. This curved world resonates with them, a world that no one can ever physically observe in real life, a world without distinct up and down, good and evil, right and wrong, man and woman. Everything is "relative". It's all exclusively in their subjective mind and has nothing to do with our objective physical reality. They are mentally curved, queer, twisted, upside-down. This globe program is the reason why we even live in such a massive govern_mental nightmare, globohomo is full of unnatural unreal ideologies, charlatanry, and fairy tales. The globe is an internal state of mind, people are spinning around their own nonsense, revolve the government, media, and pop-culture (the sun), into an endless cold dark vacuum of nothingness. Look at modern society/politics, it's all twisted underhanded backwards retardation of the highest order, and people think "that's just how things are". No, it's how things continually spiraled downwards into the abyss for the last couple of centuries. Especially since the 20th century when they introduced the moon-stories. It was not about faking a moon-landing for national prestige, that's absurd and the powers that be don't give a shit about any nations prestige. They were interested to fake the heliocentric globe universe, that's why they did it. It's a govern_mental product to mind-trap the masses into their Universe™ in which these charlatans can invent anything they want, and basically have control over peoples perception of life and existence as such. Atheism, climate change, limited energy, evolution, big bang, all imagical globe-based mindviruses.

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There being no aliens despite them >should have existing
Is the greatest proof of an anthropomorphic god to me

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It's not a proof, just a demonstration of the extreme rarity of abiogenesis.

That does change the prior probability for an anthropomorphic god (which is why it makes people so upset) but it's certainly not a 'proof'.

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I always knew aliens were real, when I woke up with a sore bum that one time I was sure I was probed

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If the room temperature superconductor claims prove to be true that's further evidence we are the only technological civilization in the galaxy. RTS along with AGI and nuclear fusion, which seem imminent, are key enabling technologies for interstellar expansion. If ayys existed, they would have developed this technology millions or billions of years ago and would already be here.