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what are the scientific reasons for massive chromatic change in the current year?

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Based on these two images, I assume green means hot and red means cold.

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climate change solved

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She's wearing trousers, this is an outrafeous decline in morality

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>19ºC in june
>still red

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It's also much cooler in south England than usual for a summer. People wearing coats when it's sunny.

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Welcome to the cool zone, Europe.

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She hit the wall so fast, the redshift was visible to the naked eye.

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Previously weather was understood to be highly variable over and they would describe daily/weekly variations as "heat waves" or "cold snaps", but now everything is phrased in terms of being an anomaly from the vaunted "average" that we should be upset about deviating from and the variations are called "extremes".

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I remember Jeremy Paxman being forced to read the weather by his editors.
Some line about it expecting unusually wet weather, he retorted with something like of course it was wet it was sodding april.

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The pandemic really messed with NPCs.

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Death Valley has just experienced its warmest 9:00 UTC ever for this day.

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What color was it?

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White, because everyone knows in current year, whites are the most dangerous.

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>warmest 9:00 UTC
What does that mean for the actual timezone it's in? Is this morning, midday, evening, night...?

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It's way too cold and it's raining way too much these days where I live. Where's the global warming? Can't see it

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900 UTC is midnight in California where Death Valley is located. So it was the hottest midnight recorded. Keep in mind that there are no ice cores available in Death Valley and round the clock temperature monitoring is relatively new so the record isn't all that impressive.

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As always when this is reposted: these are two different sections from the weather forecast. One is the next day, where everything has a colormap (has been like that all my life, probably since color television), and the other is when they go over the next 3 days.
The fact that this is still reposted is proof that these people are actual grifters and not deceived smoothbrains.

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>Keep in mind that there are no ice cores available in Death Valley and round the clock temperature monitoring is relatively new so the record isn't all that impressive.
>The retard thinks that ice core data is the only temperature record we have.

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The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth was in Death Valley in 1913. The record has never been exceeded since.

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Highest air temperature*

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That's why they specify the hottest "9:00 UTC." By narrowing the comparison to one arbitrary time they can make all kinds of claims.

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Even that is probably not true. The highest ever overnight low was 110 F recorded in 1918.

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To trick normies into voting to de-insudtrialize the west.

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>deniers are so desperate that they can only point at different color schemes in two different channels

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All it takes for them to make the claim is for it to tick up to 110.1 at or around midnight. They don't care if thermometers that precise didn't exist until recently.

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Why does your phone save screenshots with that specific naming scheme?

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Please list the ways we know the temperature in Death Valley at midnight on August 14, 1298.

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They're claiming 120°F.

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Uh... They're five years apart. Moron.

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just pay more carbon taxes, that will surely incentivize governments to make this go away instead of incentivizing them to milk the everloving shit out of it

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>wants to measure effects of global warming
>measures the air
Planet Earth would have had a more accurate name if it was name planet water.
Nobody in their right mind would even imagine to name it planet air.

There's a reason why everyone is being flooded with rain this season. The oceans are warming up. If it gets to hot the water will loose it's ability to hold CO2 which could cause a chain reaction/runaway effect where we loose the ability to every get control of of this. The window to ask is within our lifetime, and it's closing. Some may argue the window has already passed. By the time every day people are feeling the effects of global warming, it'll be too late. More than likely there will be no power on this planet that can stop it when it gets to this point.

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>le end is nigh! give a bunch of grifters money to fix it!
it's rainy (specifically in the east of north america) right now but where was the snow all winter and the rain all spring? I think you're just pointing at the weather, whatever it is and saying "LOOK WE'RE DOOMED!"

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ps why didn't the doomsday CO2 runaway effect happen any other time the planet got hotter(with levels of CO2 vastly higher than they are today)? In fact, after the great dying CO2 levels were probably about as high as they could possibly be on earth without physically importing more carbon from space. Why didn't Earth turn in to a hellscape then?

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>color scale goes from blue to yellow without passing through green

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>global extinction event
>not a hellscape
I'm sorry what are you trying to say?
Are you trying to say that because the planet was able to recover from one global extinction event once, that somehow means "maybe this global extinction thing ain't so bad"

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>claims only 2% of heat goes to the atmosphere
>also claims every day people are feeling the effects of global warming
Did you know fat people retain heat? Did you even calculate how much more heat is captured per time unit(so watts) by doubling a trace gas like CO2? Doubt it. It is midwits 9 out of 10. World ending is not sufficient motivation for you to answer basic questions

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The great dying was literally the worst extinction event the earth could have possibly produced, and it didn't kill everything. Your next step is to try and tell everyone that burning up some ancient organic matter is worse than a millennia long supervolcano eruption

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finally, climate change has been btfo

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Please lose the ice core that allows this measurement in Greenland or Antarctica.

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Both have both sections.

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I can't tell if this is a real headline or not. God help me.

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>warmest 9:00 UTC
if you get all the places in the world, and the 24h of the day, and compare all of them with all the existing readings, you'll get plenty of "warmest" readings, even if it's just by equipment malfunction, kek

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painting 22ºC in red in july is not reasonable by any measure

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color maps existed, but nobody was painting 22ºC in red last year, this is an example from Spain
29ºC -> yellow
30-35ºC -> orange
>35ºC -> red

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another one, it doesn't get orange until 30ºC

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NTA, but all iPhones do that. Are you the guy who "discovered" this pattern in this or another thread? Do you think there's only one phoneposter on this board?
Here's the current graph, screenshotted just now. The number should be between 8000 and 9000, as that's how many photos I have on my phone.

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Didn't like 70-90% of the species go extinct? What makes you think it didn't happen?

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>completely different country
>for some reason you think that all countries should use the same fucking colourscale
Fucking retard, why would Germany use the same map as Spain? Why should Finland and Saudi Arabia use the same scale? That just means you cannot read shit.

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Help, it's 23 degrees Celsius outside in heckin July! Everything is melting and burning, literally worse than hell. Please my fellow citizens, start eating bugs and living the pod or we're all gonna die from climate change.

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>video with no audio
>schizo text over it
You could have written "anon I love you and I want to become your waifu" and it would have been equally believable.

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I didn't even realize there was text until after I coomed to her legs.

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those screen caps were from previous years, they do the same color grading here in Spain now, chromatic change is a global crisis:
- now orange starts at 12ºC
- now red starts at 18ºC
- they had to invent new colors for temperatures >25ºC

compare with >>15579604 >>15579603

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sorry forgot pic

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>Are you the guy who "discovered" this pattern in this or another thread
do you post in these threads religiously?

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Why do scientists lie so much?

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>chromatic change

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people were growing grapes in scandinavia one thousand years ago. only modern hubris and politics are convincing people that temperate zones moving around as they always have is some kind of catastrophe.

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> they had to invent new colors for temperatures >25ºC
Babe wake up, new colors just dropped

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> temperate zones moving around as they always have
Yes, it was warm in Sweden in the medieval warm period. However, that wasn't a global effect. Temperature zones have been moving around, but global warming is not temperature zones moving around as they always have, it's everything getting warmer.
Also, they're growing grapes in Scandinavia since the 90s. No idea if they really have in the MWP, but you can buy Swedish wine today.

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population increased in china too, it was global. throw out your television, it's not good for you.

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>However, that wasn't a global effect
what did he mean by this?

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>Summer surface temperature
Where the fuck is the sea only 9°C in summer? Picrel shows the average for the North Atlantic. Genuinely curious what your plot shows, because 9° in summer is cold as fuck. This surely isn't a global average, making your whole point void that it was a global effect. Also, when is "summer" if you look at global data?

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Here's a map from last July. You get 7-9° maybe in Greenland. Which makes me suspect that your plot is for Greenland only. Care to explain why the temperature is so low?

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>medieval warm period was warm
Kinda looks like it's really data from Greenland only.

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A bit of an aside, television is a very effective from of population control at the societal level. It might turn out that social media is even more effective.

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Your hell will be 150 years in fourth world conditions and you'll be lucky to live again after. All of this will occur with what happens to be 1 week or less in my time. When you're released I'll laugh at you, get up in your face and sign your death letter. Fucking shitty people.

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nta but whatever the fuck happening its not affecting arctic melting

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Denmark, 17ºC in dark red in the middle of summer, chromatic change spares no one

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europe burning down

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is this true? is the change due to weather organizations switching from air temperature, to land surface temperatures?

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this looks like a pretty mild european summer to me

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The top map shows topography, the bottom map is a heat map. It's not unexpected that there might be a change in presentation over the course of five years, especially as computer graphics advance to make intuitive visualisation easier.

Or it's a Jewish conspiracy, who knows

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>intuitive visualisation easier
what's so intuitive about showing 22ºC in red?

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nordic people suffer heat more, are you retarded or what?

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nobody suffers 22ºC in june nigger

>> No.15579877

>nobody suffers 22ºC in june nigger
except all those memes of canadians sweating their ass off over 20C lol

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From the PR-Consultants view?
>temperature = scary
>red = scary
It's necessary to inflict fear, most PR-Consulting firms are operating under this framework, PR has never been about substance or objectivity in the first place, and since a handful of larger PR-Companies and their offspring are involved in pretty much every public messaging campaign you'll encounter, you'll be confronted with their distinctive "People are retards" framing strategies since they tend to work pretty well

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>you see we could never match the worst thing that ever happened to the planet so we shouldn't care

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That isn't the point, the point is that >>15579741 is a lying grifter.

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Our rating: False
The video's subtitles are inaccurate. The broadcaster in the video does not claim global warming is a scam nor mention the World Economic Forum, bitcoin, COVID-19, inflation or any particular person.

Video shows weather report, subtitles are wrong
The video shows N Más weather broadcaster Susy Almeida.

According to a USA TODAY translation, she says:

>"Weather conditions ... We see in the satellite image strong rain still in most of the state in the west, center east and over the country because of a low pressure channel extending from the north to center and the humidity for both ... causing the weather conditions in the next days. What do we have today here in the city of Guadalajara? A temperature of 25 degrees (Celsius), but it's rising up to 30. Really hot even though there's a part that's mostly cloudy. We have these conditions in most parts of the state. Colotlan, the highs ... moderate rain, strong temperatures that go from 27 to 29 degrees."

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TIL that five years ago computers weren't able to produce the color red. Amazing how far we've come in the past half decade.

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If any lifeforms on this planet survive, if it can support any life at all, it'll be extremophiles and us. As for preserving the environment we have today (or rather, the environment exactly as it was whenever enlightenment era white people first scientifically described it) with all the species we have today and all the conditions we have today forever? That was literally never going to be possible. If that's what you want, have fun turning the earth in to a zoo. Good luck

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Are you a cow or why does the colour red trigger you so much?

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/sci/ really is the dumbest board
>image 1: no heat overlay
>image 2: heat overlay

>> No.15579975

I wouldn't mind some more of that forecast, I need something to upload on pornhub.

>> No.15579977

It isn't even different color schemes. They compare a presentation that didn't use color schemes to one that does in an attempt frame it as double standards. There is zero information about how the temperates in the picture without color schemes were evaluated by the people presenting it. They might have been evalutaed as very hot for all we know.

This is the level that climate denial has reached now. They really have to get this low. Of course they do, because they have to stay as far away from scientific literature on the subject as possible. They have to make silly collages and tailor information carefully as to confirm their pre-existing beliefs.

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>graph with no source labeled "summer sea surface temperatures" which hovers around 8°C

Get the fuck out of this board and on you way out read actual science (pic related):

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Next time include all relevant dimensions.

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I see graph I disregard post, simple as. use words and logic instead. Even if I trusted that the institutions that produce the data were all composed of morally untouchable superheroes, anyone can still manipulate statistics to imply whatever the fuck they want to imply

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this is an english language board

>> No.15580043

>22ºC in june
there's no justification for that retarded color scheme

>> No.15580044

sir this is indian board

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>get proven wrong with relevant data
>no all data are always fake :(
Amazing arguments. You might as well say the earth is flat because all pictures can be photoshopped

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didn't read
whatever stupid thing you want to say, say it with words and try to make them make sense, if at all possible. you can find a graph that says anything.

>> No.15580075

>maybe if I just add another post to whatever someone else says every single time, I win the argument
No, mate, it doesn't work like that.

>> No.15580096

>seattle is a perfectly pleasant and reasonable 65F
>bright orange like it's on fire

>> No.15580137

>twitterfags simultaneously started freaking out about colour gradients on temperature maps
>all within a day for no reason
totally organic

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>> No.15580165

>you can find a graph that says anything.
Find me a graph (with real data) that shows that the earth's climate isn't warming and hasn't warmed with respect to pre-industrial-revolution temperatures. Can't? Guess you can't find a graph that says anything.

>> No.15580196

look at the bar at the top you brainlet.
just lift your eyes up.

>> No.15580208

Retard, I'm criticizing the color palette. The color to number mapping is arbitrarily chosen, not derived objectively from the data. They could have made it pink to purple. The color scale they chose makes the whole map look like it's on fire, even the parts of the map with very pleasant temperatures.

>> No.15580213

>thermometer in the middle of the parking lot at the death valley visitor's center

>> No.15580219

I have this theory that it gets hotter during the summer

>> No.15580224

>Find me a graph (with real data)
that's not what he said

>> No.15580237

that's a conspiracy theory

>> No.15580327

Why do you post 24/7 in every climate thread?

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>> No.15580384

You mean real data like that collected from weather stations placed in open parking lots 2 feet above the asphalt, or right outside an AC vent? >>15562748

>> No.15580386 [DELETED] 

Ironically even that shows the present it colder than the past, so they have to fraudulently manipulate it even further to get the conclusions they want.

>> No.15580388

take meds

>> No.15580990

Oral tradition

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>the biggest arguments against global warming are the colors they use on maps

>> No.15581005 [DELETED] 

If global warming was real, they wouldn't need to lie to you so much.

>> No.15581021

What "lie"? One map on OP's own picture doesn't even have temperature coloring on it.

It's always smoke and mirrors
>It's da map colors. They're changin the colors on the maps I swear, making us think there's warming!
>It's da cabal of scientists conspiring to make global warming true, because... because they just are OK?
>IT'S THE TEMPERATURE PROBES! They're putting them in parking lots I swear. The heat islanding effect? Scientists don't know about that, that doesn't exist

>> No.15581023

Take your meds, schizo.

>> No.15581025 [DELETED] 

>PLEASE just listen to my oil propaganda PLEASE for just a second OH PRETTY PLEASE?
No. Fuck off. I think >>>/pol/ would be more your speed, you should go there.

>> No.15581029

oh christ it's this literal nutcase again
mods I assume he's ban evading, please get rid of him

>> No.15581030

I can tell that you're emotional and upset by your use of profanity and your attempt at being insulting, however science is for rational people, not emotional basket cases with no self control.
Do you really think you're going to convince people to change their minds and agree with you by hurling insults and profanity at them?

>> No.15581035

Just having some fun, having a laugh at you guys. I love how persistent denialists are, gives me hours and hours of entertainment to hear every half baked idea you can conjure up.

>> No.15581036

You don't sound like you're having fun.

>> No.15581037

I assure you I'm having a chuckle behind the keyboard, not like you need to know that.

>> No.15581113

It's not an argument against global warming you flaming faggot.

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Thought you could escape climate change by going under ground? Think twice!

>> No.15582171

/sci/ bros?
What is the scientific explanation for this change in coloring in many different countries at the same time?

>> No.15582188

Is it not? Why was it posted on /sci/?

>> No.15582190

No, data that debunks global warming.

>> No.15582210

You have brain damage.

>> No.15582212

You mean like showing that the data which proves global warming is tampered with an unusable?

>> No.15582316

Is that your best point?

>> No.15582505

>he still thinks this is an argument about global warming
Brain damaged.

>> No.15583604 [DELETED] 
File: 197 KB, 1198x1092, Percent-Of-Days-Above-90F-Vs-Year-1918-2018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's one.

>> No.15583613
File: 197 KB, 1198x1092, Percent-Of-Days-Above-90F-Vs-Year-1918-2018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's one.

>> No.15583728

increased plant growth rates from increased CO2 levels mitigate high temperatures because faster growing plants evaporate more water and evaporation is an endothermic process

>> No.15583737

It's almost like nature is a self-regulating system that humans should stop fucking with.

>> No.15583739

no we(just you actually lol all the major shipping vehicles will get a special economic exemption) need to stop producing carbon dioxide RIGHT FUCKING NOW
just using weird poorly understood chemicals and adding them to food and spraying them on everything is fine though, they're harmless until proven otherwise because pattern recognition is for schizos

>> No.15583751

>At All US Historical Climatology Network Stations
Not global. That's not even a useful quantity if you want to talk about the US, because the number of stations and where they're located is not constant. Decommission one in Arizona, the number goes down. Build a new one in Alaska, the number goes down. Build a new one in Mississippi, the number goes up. This number depends more on where you put your stations than it does on the climate itself, since it's the average of all stations. Normally you calculate an average per unit area by interpolation. If you don't have enough stations, that number will also weakly depend on the placement. However, the network is dense enough so that it is much more robust.
So yeah, try again. And try to show that it's global. For local effects you can see all sorts of funny effects, like a significant medieval warm period in Greenland while it was completely insignificant globally.

>> No.15583754

Why is it getting warmer then?

>> No.15583757

It isn't. >>15583613

>> No.15583771


>> No.15583798

>concentrate fuck huge, heavy buildings in a concentrated area
>oh no, after several decades they're starting to sink!
Gravity, simple as

>> No.15583801

>the ground erodes away and all the cities fall down into the hollow earth

>> No.15583802

Would be kino ngl. Is the article really suggesting that's the outcome?

>> No.15583887

You retards needed to look it up?

>> No.15583896

Yeah, it was faster than typing it.

>> No.15583906

Are you suggesting that intentionally putting thermometers in hot places might inflate the temperature? >>15562748

>> No.15583908

Human psychology

>> No.15583920


>> No.15583921

It depends on the quantity you're looking at and the density of your network. You could light a sensor on fire and that wouldn't change the output of some fitted 2D map with enough sensors around. But retarded metrics like "how many sensors are above some arbitrary threshold?" will be heavily skewed by such sensors. So, no. Outting thermometers in hot places might not inflate the temperature if you're doing things right. I don't think >>15562748 is a problem. But if you want to be a dense motherfucker like >>15583613 you funny even need funny placements. The placement is probably "bad" enough without intent or obvious strategies to make this quantity worthless. It could show effects in any direction.

>> No.15583929

So intentionally re-siting thermometers into hot areas to raise the minimum temperature is good, but using an unbiased dataset of known-good climatology network stations is bad?

>> No.15584000

>It could show effects in any direction.
Ah yes the many outdoor thermometers placed at the end of cold air ducts from A/Cs.

>> No.15584028

>re-siting thermometers into hot areas
Not what I was talking about. It's more like if Texas decided to invest more into meteorology (nothing to do with climate, let's say that want weather forecasts for safe aviation) than Washington, then Texas could add 20 stations while Washington adds 2. You don't move a comically large mercury thermometer through the US.
>to raise the minimum temperature
Not a reason I talked about, and not the motivation of why someone by builds new thermometers. You don't change the temperature with thermometers.
>is good
>using an unbiased dataset of known-good climatology network stations is bad?
I'm too tired to point out the disingenuous parts of this question. It's easier to call you a faggot for disregarding everything I wrote and making wild conclusions, pretending I said that.
You haven't shown that A/Cs have a measurable effect. There's only one picture of a box in the general vicinity of an exhaust. Also, yes, depending on which states you build new stations, you will pull stupid quantities in the direction of that state's climate. Building a bunch of stations in California will lower the "average number of stations with more than 8 hours of sunshine per day".

>> No.15584034

>Not what I was talking about. It's more like if Texas decided to invest more into meteorology (nothing to do with climate, let's say that want weather forecasts for safe aviation) than Washington, then Texas could add 20 stations while Washington adds 2. You don't move a comically large mercury thermometer through the US.
If you believe that the official NOAA stats are falsified due to this, then the burden of proof lies on you to show that.

>> No.15584081

Didn't read. Post more mexican weather girls

>> No.15584089

>The top map shows topography, the bottom map is a heat map.
Bro there are temperatures in both pictures. I'm not denying climate change either but don't be a retard. It' okay to laugh at obvious bullshit.

>> No.15584107

They're not falsified. They're what they are. Someone with either too much time in their hands or actually paid by the fossil fuel industry must've put in quite some effort to come up with "Percent Of Days Above 90.0F At All US Historical Climatology Network Stations".

>> No.15584121

>reeeeeeee its a conspiracy!!
>everyone is out to get me!!
paranoid schizophrenia

>> No.15584349

This is a UV-index, the colors do not represent the temperature. Is there no limit to how retarded you can get in these threads?

>> No.15584350

>Bro there are temperatures in both pictures
But only one uses colors to represent temperature. The other map uses shades of green to show height over sea level. Don't pretend to be daft

>> No.15584352

No, actually the shades of green in OPs map represent forest density

>> No.15584360
File: 14 KB, 474x474, ball.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey I had this as a kid

>> No.15584462

Yeah that's kinda the whole point. Why did they have the need to represent temperature graphically at 25 degrees but not at 34 degrees. And why in red most of all. Would color would they use if it gets over 30?

>> No.15584577

nice digits, do your sex chromosomes also have dubs because you write like it
just as with the replication crisis, fake news, media manipulation, and money interests lobbying, we live in an information crisis world

smart and rational minds will continue to apply the scientific method as always

>> No.15584628

>Why did they have the need to represent temperature graphically at 25 degrees but not at 34 degrees.
Have you literally never watched a weather broadcast?

>> No.15584805

Only the ones with Yanet Garcia

>> No.15584889

>Why did they have the need to represent temperature graphically
Because it became a cool new feature on whatever programme the weather forecast uses?
>And why in red most of all.
Because red=warm. Have you ever seen a water faucet before?
>Would color would they use if it gets over 30?
see >>15578518 or >>15579681 for examples

>> No.15584892

In that case you can be forgiven for being too distracted to notice the flow of the report and the different maps that are used.

>> No.15584913

Let's shut down the gulf stream by fucking with thermohaline circulation and see how these eurofags like it

>> No.15584989

>Because it became a cool new feature on whatever programme the weather forecast uses?
I think colors on television became cool new feature in 1950s but what do i know

>see or for examples
so what color do they use to represent 40 degrees?

>too distracted to notice the flow of the report and the different maps that are used.
kekw what does this even mean

>> No.15585078

Meanwhile this maps appears on NPC joke sites over here. Nobody take them serious any more. It's like GDR economy numbers.

>> No.15585309

4chan in the GDR days is OP asking why they say everyone has a trabant but he's never seen one.

>> No.15585323
File: 201 KB, 1200x1200, Yanet-garcia-Main-[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what does this even mean

>> No.15585343

NPC mem is 100% real. The entire left is literally just cattle.

remember to treat them like it as well. Your life becomes amazing.

>t. exploits cattle every day for tons of money

>> No.15585759

Tell me your secrets, grifter anon.

>> No.15585798

did it get warmer in the 1940s because of the great shoah, the unspeakable holocaust? all the ash of the billions of semitic children slaughtered without mercy? I can imagine kike crumbs being a strong climate warmer, given their high precious metal content.

>> No.15585829

>Global warming looks like THAT?

>> No.15586364
File: 55 KB, 680x510, ezb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That deep fried data only proves you are pieces of shit, now eat ze bug!

>> No.15586367
File: 1.04 MB, 1024x1024, ts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LMAO, more CO2 is not going to warm up the planet you moron.

>> No.15586372
File: 203 KB, 599x449, chadr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They need to report high temperatures or the warming commissar will send them to the gulag.

>> No.15586418

Elect me and I will fucking BAN the news

>> No.15586425
File: 74 KB, 700x693, IMG_2226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>study finds

>> No.15586555

It was a record snowpack in numerous states who were worried about the record snowpack leading to floods and texas dealt with unprecedented freezing screwing with their infrastructure.

>> No.15586574

And this proves that global warming is real... Oh no wait it's the opposite thing.

>> No.15586579

I didn't say anything about any of that, just pointing out you are too ignorant to remember last winter set a bunch of records for snow, so any points you have to make are points made out of complete retardation and ignorance.

>> No.15586582

Who is doing what? I'm just pointing out that climate cultists are silly to believe in their ever-shifting narrative as winters get cold again.

>> No.15586589

Your whole point was that you didn't know about increased snow.
Also you are still acting retarded and acting like record snow is the same as record cold when it didn't set any records for being cold, it just set snowpack records.

>> No.15586592

Who didn't know? Are you having an episode?

>> No.15586607

First you forgot about the snow, then you forgot you made this post >>15578783.
>where was the snow all winter

>> No.15586618

I didn't make that post. This >>15586574 is my first time responding to you as far as I know.

>> No.15586625

Ok nice humble brag that you are only too retarded to understand the difference between record snowfall and record cold rather than too retarded to remember snow fall set records last year.

>> No.15586682

sorry bro no clue what your point is :(

>> No.15586741
File: 16 KB, 303x297, 1405199449805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuckin' lmao

>> No.15586794
File: 288 KB, 1546x1296, Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 11.28.29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literal /pol/ tier posting.

>> No.15586803
File: 179 KB, 404x468, Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 11.32.50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also, have people forgotten how simple it is to make images like this? Back in the days, we made these for fun. You'd never take whats written in a screenshot at face value.

>> No.15586815

>2 different maps have different colours


>> No.15586935

>sorry bro i'm gay :(

>> No.15587364

the difference is that now it's impossible to tell if it's real without googling, because everybody publishes garbage of the same caliber all the time

>> No.15587399

So that's when common sense might kick in. Does common sense tell you that someone would talk about asymptomatic global warming? That's so retarded that it can only be projection.

>> No.15587430
File: 1.57 MB, 330x186, 1610314494400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you ever entertained the idea that the media live on sensationalism and therefore might not be a perfect representation of what le ebil sience athiests are saying?

>> No.15587506

The problem is that common sense is dead and buried and we've seen endless example of reality out doing satire.
That said, this one's pretty obvious even in this extreme clown world we live in

>> No.15587510

>You'd never take whats written in a screenshot at face value.
If you're a sub-90-IQ climate denying ant-vax retardo, you do.

I blame boomers. They spend their whole lives being told what to believe on radio and TV, and what they were told always had at least some truth to it, so they got along fine. Then they discovered the internet, and all of a sudden they were being bombarded by all kinds of fake bullshit while at the same time being expected to think for themselves for the first time in their lives. Most didn't, which is why boomers are the prime target demographic for embarrassingly obvious Nigerian scams and fake clickbait articles.

The problem here is that these boomers have slowly taken over the internet, parroting their oil masters' arguments and reposting their fake poor-quality JPEGs everywhere, to the point that even younger people, who should actually know better, get drowned in the sea of shit that's around them everywhere.

Can't expect 4chan chuds who haven't even finished high school to know truth from lie.

>> No.15587527

>I blame boomers. They spend their whole lives being told what to believe on radio and TV
I blame the generation before boomers. The ones who invented the red scare. Not only did they do unimaginable cruelties with the CIA "because muh Russians are probably doing it", but they also erected a propaganda machine that made the USSR jealous. Critical thinking was actively discouraged. You wouldn't want to be mistaken for a dirty commie, wouldn't you? Or a hippy. Or a homo. Just believe the official narrative.
The main problem is that boomers lived long enough to witness both the red scare and the time in which some 13 year-old can forge "newspaper articles" better than the CIA could in 1950.
I pity the boomers a little, but I'd still opt for mercy killing rather than trying to reassemble their fractionated brains.

>> No.15587844

science funding doesn't follow common sense, it follows those media terrorist marketing campaigns, that have such achievements as virologists creating Covid through gain of function research in China with shitty security measures

>> No.15588256


>> No.15588269

I hate climatists so much

>> No.15589149

>Agence France-Presse
trust the journalists, goy

>> No.15589163

>I have no rebuttal to the content, so I attack the messenger

>> No.15589184
File: 366 KB, 680x593, deboonked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15589199

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

>> No.15589205
File: 217 KB, 231x191, qui.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15589211

i can tell that you're experiencing emotional distress by your use of profanity.
why don't you take a break from the board to let yourself calm down so that you can eventually come back and discuss science with us on a strictly rational basis without letting your out of control emotions interfere?

>> No.15589221

Why don't you go back to your containment board so we all can have a better time?

>> No.15589255

you inability to control your emotions and the fact that you're short tempered and easily angered is nobody's fault except your own. just stop being so quick to become upset and frustrated

>> No.15589508

>Maps are genuine
Phew I was afraid for a minute

>> No.15590621

LMAO, asymptomatic global warming. We really need to put to work those Aztec pyramids once again by killing thousands of leftists "scientists" every day. That will give them the multicultural experience they want so bad.

>> No.15590626

>bumping a global warming denying thread from page 10 by replying to a fake which isn't just obvious but has been called out already.
Go back to /pol/, chud.
Also, did anyone notice how around this time a lot of warming denier threads get bumped to page 1 these days? The replies are usually really low effort like this one. I bet this isn't the only one.

>> No.15590644


>> No.15590665

Why are the scientific reasons of /pol/ continuously obsessing over out of context and
edited screenshots?

>> No.15590671

Scientific explanation: They don't have real screenshots that fit their narrative when you consider its context. Therefore, they have to resort to fake or out of context screenshots.

>> No.15590694

Was climate change denial this prevalent before corona? I feel like the lockdowns mindbroke a certain segment of the population into opposing everything "mainstream". They're willing to gulp down an anti-parasitic drug because some retard shilled it on facebook, but not take a vaccine that is considered by experts to be safe. I get being skeptical, but why then weren't they skeptical of the dude shilling the anti-parasitic drug? It doesn't make any sense.

>> No.15590765

Well, /pol/ was full of schizos even when covid started. I think that the lockdowns broke a lot of camels' backs. They found like-minded schizos on 4chan and thought it was okay to spam the rest of the board.

>> No.15591124

>I have to assume anything that disagrees with my preconceptions is faked or tampered with or otherwise fraudulent, with no evidence whatsoever
>you can't assume that anything that agrees with my preconceptions is faked or tampered with or otherwise fraudulent, even when you have photographs of them placed next to hot air exhausts from AC units (the hot air coming from them will of course have no effect on the temperature reading, because I said so) and in the middle of extremely hot parking lots surrounded by asphalt
Have you ever considered that you might just be a piece of shit?

>> No.15591148

>faked or tampered with or otherwise fraudulent
Not everything must have an ill intent. The fact that the centre of mass of weather stations isn't constant and is moving slightly northwards isn't fraudulent. That's simply how it is.

>> No.15591161

>with no evidence whatsoever
Evidence was provided here, debunking the exact grift in >>15583613 you are defending.

>> No.15591165

who do you think you're replying to?

>> No.15591181

i fucking hate the imperial system so much

>> No.15591185

I've even noticed this on my own local weather network, the green range is centered on 0 celsius

>> No.15592487

journalism is not profitable, they all get money from the same NGOs to survive, and get the same guidelines if they want to keep the money flowing

>> No.15592518

green is reserved for when the sky pisses on us

>> No.15592530

The screenshots are not from a for-profit news station. They don't get money from NGOs or the government, they get money from the population via a special fee to stay independent.

>> No.15594041

>They don't get money from NGOs or the government, they get money from the population via taxes that the government collects

>> No.15595213

Use your big brain and realize that the colormap they are using is "heat" themed and clearly goes from yellow to red.

>> No.15595263

>That said, this one's pretty obvious even in this extreme clown world we live in
no it's not, i wouldn't be suprised in the least if it was real

>> No.15596483

why does the simple arithmetic needed to translate from one system to another upset you so much?

>> No.15597174

yes, and no sane person would have used that colormap before 2023

>> No.15597230

>no it's not
It's not obvious to you that a physical effect without symptoms is a ridiculous concept? How much did Covid fuck up your brain?

>> No.15597240
File: 272 KB, 1202x889, media_F2Ddymjb0AAsFts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right, they would have used viridis in the weather forecast. The fact that some tv station used jet in 2023 is proof that the earth isn't heating.

>> No.15597247

if the earth was actually heating they would just report the data, instead of committing constant informational terrorism, it's not that hard to understand

>> No.15597263

Lol I have red/green blindness, and at first I thought you were just some schizo throwing around the word chromatic because it sounds smart or something. Took me a while to realize that it's about some colour change on the maps

>> No.15597340


>> No.15597358

i clearly meant to say i wouldn't be surprised if a faggot like you actually said that, not that it's true you dumb sack of shit

>> No.15597460

the question should be 'why should we care that the earth may be heating?'.

Can you give some explanations for why I should care about climate change, and not just leave the free market to resolve any problems it may create?

>> No.15597491
File: 55 KB, 500x375, It’s over 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What color should we make the color map Tim?
>Blues, greens, oranges, and reds to clearly show the difference in color/temperature between regions?
>Nah let’s just make it all one big blob of orange!

>> No.15597571

>the free market
The free market is controlled by old rich people like Warren Buffet. What reason do they have to keep the planet inhabitable after they die?

>> No.15597614
File: 62 KB, 600x600, color-temperature.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cold should be blue, hot should be red, so the legitimate scale is:

- 0ºC to 15ºC (32F to 59F) -> cold -> shades of blue
- 15ºC to 25ºC (59F to 77F) -> nice temperature -> shades of green
- 25ºC to 30ºC (77F to 86F) -> starting to get hot -> shades of yellow
- 30ºC to 35ºC (86F to 95F) -> very hot -> orange
- >35ºC (>95F) -> crazy hot -> red

any other color scale is unscientific, then you can use crazy colors for below zero, or for above 45ºC

>> No.15597637

>any other color scale is unscientific
Your absolutism is unscientific.

>> No.15597661

i'm objectively right, any objective measurement agrees with my assessment

>> No.15597971
File: 44 KB, 549x652, germany-has-fallen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

either 16ºC is burning hot for germans somehow, or the communists have invaded them again, i'm not sure

>> No.15598076

Is data presentation not part of the scientific process? Is it not reasonable to critique presentations meant for laymen where the method of presentation will cause readers to misunderstand the data?

I ask because that is what is happening here. If you look at the map and take it at face value most people would think 'oh, the whole continent is very hot' when the data does not bear that impression out (case in point: the firey yellow Seattle at 65 degrees F).

>> No.15598174

What makes you think that the colour is supposed to reflect the temperature?

>> No.15598243

it hurts the eyes, what other function could it have?

>> No.15598350

Try to overcome this and look again. It's fucking ugly, but not a temperature map.

>> No.15598360

why did all weathermen suddenly become retarded at picking colors at the same time? it's worth considering at least

>> No.15598375

Do you think that the people publishing the data are the same who take the data?

>> No.15598510

If they really cared about the climate, they would invest in nuclear energy, but no, they don't because it's fake.

>> No.15598520

Why would the graphic designers for the TV weather forecast invest in any form of energy?

>> No.15598828

it's a photograph of germany?

>> No.15598837

Doubt they have much, if any, input. It's the producer that decides such things, possibly under pressure from station ownership.

>> No.15598991

That's not a photograph.

>> No.15598996

it's from the german region of mars

>> No.15599194

With its orange neighbouring countries.

>> No.15599650

>don't know the answer
>tell people to figure it out while vaguely suggesting you know better than them
>never provide an answer
I hate retards like you so much.

>> No.15599833

No, it's perfectly plausible that someone would write that actually

>> No.15600598
File: 177 KB, 1488x1488, Screenshot-2023-07-27-at-10.15.47-AM-1488x1488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]