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They removed James Watson as one of the people who discovered DNA

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He didn't discover it, retard.

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He definitely did and you should be disgusted at historic revisionism because he said some mean spirited things like once.

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When was DNA discovered?

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the truth is not mean spirited and humans aren't magically immune to the way genetics and natural selection work

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here is a relatively unbiased source

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>The Discovery of the Double Helix
You see how that's a different statement to discoving DNA?
I'll ask again, when do you think DNA was discovered?

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Enlighten us if you know so much.

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No, You were supposed to btfo him with a source. I wonder how many manhours goes into laziness...

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Trust the science. Mods, delete this unscientific thread.

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Well I'll give you a hint. It was named DNA in 1881 by Kossel. Crick was born in 1928.
Well done, you're too retarded to use Google.

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nta, but you shouldnt play semantic games like that. by that logic, the first neanderthal to get bukkaked was the discoverer of dna. when people talk about the “discovery of dna” its generally known what is meant by that.

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hello kike niggerfaggot.
watson is, as far as I can tell, a prick.
he's been a prick his whole life.
and all the media and all the normies loved him.
then one day he pointed out the obvious:
niggers are stupid.
and they all hated him.
so fuck you and fuck them.

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Did you read the article? It says that James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helical structure of DNA in 1953, while Francis Crick, Sydney Brenner, Leslie Barnett, and Richard Watts-Tobin demonstrated the three bases of DNA code for one amino acid in 1961. Two different discoveries regarding DNA. Since you asked about genetic code, the second one seemed more relevant, so Google prompted that.

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He didn't discover it. He and Crick figured out its structure. The article in your screenshot also isn't about the discovery of DNA, which you would know if you had read it instead of briefly skimming it and taking a screenshot. In fact, you could have realized that even while just skimming it if you had looked at the fucking year mentioned in the snippet and rubbed a couple of brain cells together.

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I work with an african, today we asked him if his language had an alphabet. He literally didnt know. He has lived in america his entire life.

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You're so fucking pedantic. What an insecure retard you come off as.
>muh double helix is waaaaay different than DNA
It's not.
And you probably spent several minutes trying to figure out how you could get away with being such an insufferable little cunt without anyone noticing and you failed.
Congratulations, on pretending to be stupid. Turns out you didn't have to.

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>Figuring out that DNAs structure is a double helix is retard tier science and no one should care that he's being erased from history
Oh look another pedantic midwit.

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dude >>15572213

you're tiresome

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Just commies being commies. There is only one way to make them good.

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he is known for discovering it's shape, the double helix, not that it exists. He and crock already knew it existed which is why they were looking for the shape

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Not too uncommon for bumblefuck nowhere languages to have never been written down desu.

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I asked Google who discovered that the Sun is at the center of the universe and it talked about this "Copernicus" guy, the damn Jesuits are trying to memory-hole Galileo again!

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fuck off OP
(Rosalind Franklin is mentioned because she first discovered DNA had a helical shape, though not that it was a double helix per se)

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Irish Gaelic had a written language despite being on an island in the middle of nowhere. If your stock is high IQ it will develop writing.

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>They removed James Watson as one of the people who discovered DNA
You're making an innocent but silly mistake. He discovered the double-helix structure of DNA, not the DNA itself. It was an important achievement, and he certainly shouldn't be un-personed by leftards because he rightly pointed out racial differences in intelligence. Still, he did not discover DNA.

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>They removed
>Google something unrelated
>consider the text at the top of the results as the official version of the truth
I would like to give 2/10 but you managed to bait both /pol/tards and normal people, so I must raise it to 7/10.

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The irish were escapees from atlantis. The druids and bards preserved ancient knowledge

ogham is unusual

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Every other thread on /sci/ is like
>1: The WOKE Marxist mob is denying science!
>2: Here is some objective evidence that they aren't.
>1: Look man, I don't care, I was just looking for an excuse to kill Jews.
>1: Also you're obviously a Jew if you're going to try to rob me of my excuse

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historic revisionism is fine if it's to remove white racists.

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Sorry OP, your bait thread failed, better luck next time.

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>bait thread
just because you are triggered unreasonably easily doesn't mean that OP is out to get you

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He didn't discover DNA. He discovered the STRUCTURE of DNA.

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James Watson wasn't even racist.

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great story, 1-kun is literally me!

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All these intentionally obtuse fucknuts.

Francis Crick, Sydney Brenner, Leslie Barnett and Ricahrd-Watts Tobin didn't discover DNA either. They did demonstrate the three bases of DNA code for amino acid but that was already well implied by the club and others...

Watson/Crick were the originators. They first proposed that the nucleic bases passed information and managed proteins. They won the freaking 62' Nobel Prize for it....

Either that's a shitty Google result (could be, Google has became more and more shit--GPT will kill them) or...I dunno

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Why is it that even though you know exactly what is intended in those comments, you pretend that you don't so you play some intellectual pissing contest game about the semantics of the topic?
Fucking pretentious midwits..

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>Fucking pretentious midwits..
Stupidity is to be expected from low IQs

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it's cause he hated niggers

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i don't see anything wrong with that

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Here's what it looks like when I google it

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Only because "white" is code for racist.

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Ah, so he didn't discover DNA but just its structure.

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>he said some absolutely empirically true things once.

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Nice strawman mate
They really admit anyone into uni now huh

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>by that logic, the first neanderthal to get bukkaked was the discoverer of dna.
What kind of comparison is that? Are you too stupid to understand the difference between the discovery of something and the discovery of its structure?

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if only it were true
western civilization wouldn't be crumbling if the races that built it were willing to defend it

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"Retard" is code for "I concede"

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>They really admit anyone into uni now huh
lmao in two years when the affirmative action ban starts to take effect and the freshmen and sophomores are all smarter than the juniors and seniors

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He discovered the double helix structure, not DNA, retard.

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According to critical race theory, it is expected that the jews and their fellow traveler self-identified minority groups should lividly hate all whites

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>They removed James Watson as one of the people who discovered DNA
What did he do?
Commit heresy by saying faggot troons aren't really women?

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what's the problem with racism anyways? You can always stay in your own country.

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Irish Gaelic script was not independently developed

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People only make this argument because there are some bilingual ogham runestones made for the benefit of the Latin-speaking Brythonic Welsh, whom the Irish ruled over at the time. Ogham shares no lexical relationship to Latin.