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Where are all the Aliens !?

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Laying in bed, you?

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There are no aliens in the entire universe

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Define alien.
>DNA not of this planet.
Prove your DNA originated here.
>We cant say for sure.
And you cant say for sure that DNA isnt universal, so perhaps there has been hybridization billions of years ago and lays dormant in life on Earthh, and since it would be found everywhere it wouldnt be classified as alien.
>I supposed.

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in los angeles, collecting welfare and selling fentanyl

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few and far between

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at your mom's

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Ayyliens decided to start probing your mother again.

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You need to be vaxxed to interact with the aliens or attend their shows/concerts/lectures/speeches/gettogethers/etc. Only the vaxxed cattle with the most up to date boosters will be able to telepathically interact with them.

But yeah.. aliens don't exist for most everybody else.

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you just need to look at your neighbours for once

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That’s cray cray.

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>not a single piece of proof, none, ever
is it science tho? there is no model that predicts anything. there's nothing.
this is paranormal territory, at best. if anything I'd put it under mental illness.

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Europa, Ganymede and Enceladus probably have alien life in their oceans. Venus might have alien microbes in the cloud layer.

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There is a link, the netflix show is soft disclosure

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some anon told me they live in the forest

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Under atlantis

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Its not a scientific theory yet(at least one available for the general public); there are just hypothesis and that's it.

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>sci is confused by gov document
>it's ultra effective

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what was god thinking when he created this thing?
long eyes ? how the fuck does that even help you survive

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360 no scope

this is how high specs look like, no fancy armor or big boobs

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>Where are all the Aliens !?

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Do aliens smoke ganja? What does sci think?

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The smoke it from the blood

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on boomer news