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Where are all the Aliens !?

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Finally a good science discussion thread. Cheers, OP

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We literally don't have the technology to go look for carbon or silicon based unintelligent life on any celestial bodies other than the moon,and even if we did we are looking for all the wrong traits, life on our own planet has evolved and thrived in FAR WORSE conditions than any of us could fathom and yet the three things we look for are water, oxygen, and a planet-sun warmth zone that's the same as ours.

Honestly, no wonder we haven't found anything yet, we're barely trying.

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Aliens dont exist
We are the only intelligent life in this plane of our universe
No i will not elaborate

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>Go to Europa
>Drill hole through ice crust
>Drop small submarine through hole
>Find giant alien squid
That was easy

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Why would advanced civilizations care about some primitive planet? We are less than ants.

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in your ass

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Lol exactly. Why can’t we get Elon on this

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Fish fear me and stuff
I am alone on this barren world

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More like send rtg unit to Europa, let it melt down through ice with cable connected to com relay, THEN take pictures of giant alien squids, simple pimple

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How long would it take to melt down through 12km or howeve of ice? Well, lmao I’m glad you asked

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I’m estimating about 7 years to melt through ice, if it was 12km, and you could melt through 1ft per hour

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Also you’d have to design the worlds most strongest self heating cable, so it wouldn’t get frozen and stuck, and it would have to not fail after 7 years

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And if the cable does get stuck or whatever, have a backup relay system that could mesh net communicate through whatever type of signal goes through solid ice lmao

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Poop out little com relay nugget stations and basically we are in business, oh and they would need their own mini mini rtgs

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There are probably areas where the ice is much thinner since huge water geysers have been seen erupting into space.

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What’s the lineup for planned or proposed missions regarding Europa /ice worlds

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People who ask this question just don't understand how big the Universe is i think...

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How big is the universe? And where are the aliens?

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They're out there. We can't see them.
>muh fermi

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There are no aliens anywhere in the Universe.