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Where are all the Aliens !?

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Waiting for humans to evolve.

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California and they all speak Spanish

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i am one. replace the word "aliens" with "the ones that know"

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Wouldn’t you like to know?

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in your ass

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In another dimension pretending to not be fallen angels/offspring of fallen angels

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scientifically speaking, do you have any holes?

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I'm made exclusively of holes, there is no entity just a hole where something else was supposed to be

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>Where are all the Aliens !?

Its just really unlikely their civilization and our occurred at the same time with a distance between us that is in any way small enough to be worth bothering to traverse.

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Octopuses are pretty much aliens loving on Earth. Evolution developed intelligence twice: once in vertebrates and the other in cephalopods

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>there is no entity just a hole
the hole is deliberate so you can fill it up with whatever you want.

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There are none, our circumstances were extremely specific and haven't been replicated anywhere else

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yes solid argument for why the universe wouldn't ever produce the same conditions elsewhere.

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would aliens do circumcision?

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There is only 1 habitable planet for every 10^9999 universes. Therefore, there are an infinite number of habitable planets.

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there is only 1 universe, idiot

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I like filling it with mashed potatoes

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do you even know what the fuck universe means

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Hundreds of witnesses who experienced "alien abductions" have reported that their experiences ceased when calling upon the name of Jesus Christ.

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what term refers to a single instance in the multiverse, then

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that's not english

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neither is your mom

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Read Cixin Liu's 3 Body Problem series. If aliens exist we don't want them to find us

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They're here. Look up at the sky.

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Staying away from the idiots that think you can pick gender and having sex in public is somehow more important than medicine, space travel or efficency.

I'm not even an alien and I want nothing to do with a good 99.998% of the people on this rock.

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it's like a program in their head can interact with another program from their head. who would have thought that to be possible.
also similar people, who laugh and shit the same way, have the same hallucinations. clearly not a link.

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you may be an alien who took the "retarded humans tour" that's one human lifelong experience. you might have even payed like serious money for it. you better enjoy it

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Two choices:
1. They don't exist. Earth is it.
2. They are so far away that we'll never meet them or even detect them.

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are you a bot, a genuine autist, or a government agency trying to honeypot leakers?