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Where are all the Aliens !?

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you'll find out once you stop making this thread

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Right here bitch!

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Right next to you on a different axis of time.

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In the forest

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Observing earth and many other planets. If you choose to ignore and straw man the documented evidence it’s on you.

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can you post any of the supposed evidence

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Be prepared.

This is not a warning, this is a threat.

We are coming.

We have received your attention based on this last post >>15537137

We will not be persuaded by your leaders or your people.

You have been warned.


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No, Anon...YOU are in the forest. Stop acting like youre superior to an intelligence beyond humans themselves, its a pride that prevents you from leaving the forest (Matrix).

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>this is a threat.
I collect threats.

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They finished up with your mother and are now probing your fathers anus.

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We are probably the only intelligent life in this entire galaxy, and this a good thing.
If there's just one other species and they get a head start on colonizing other star systems, then we're basically doomed.

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Yes, we all are in the forest. What I meant is the fuckers are intelligent and hide themselves. Humans are the retards that broadcast every shit in the hope of becoming some universal e-celeb

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>we all
We? I shadow-walk on Dark Stars, keep your limits to yourself, human-mortal.
>and hide themselves
Correct, humans have a long history of murdering them upon contact.

That is the way of man.

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>then we're basically doomed.
If they are intelligent they're benevolent.

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Aliens live rent-free on 4channel

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>If they are intelligent they're benevolent.
Just like farmers, the humans, correct?

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>If they are intelligent they're benevolent
To each other, yes.
There's no reason they'd extend that benevolence to aliens.
It's just as likely they'd see us as their equivalent of niggers and exterminate us without a second thought.

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>Humans are the retards that broadcast every shit in the hope of becoming some universal e-celeb
Terrestrial radio transmissions have been getting quieter (due to technological improvements).
You're retarded.

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>their equivalent of niggers and exterminate us without a second thought.
But we don't, we treat our negers well

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The only ayys we're likely to encounter are the giant aquatic lifeforms living in the subsurface oceans on Europa, Ganymede and possibly Enceladus.

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The Texas border or somewhere in the universe where they don't want to be found by people and who could blame them?

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Seriously though I hear Texas is one of the ufo hot spots

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They'd probably think of us more along the lines of how our modern society thinks of uncontacted tribes. An interesting curiosity to be looked at, but not touched.

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if they are intelligent they can be whatever they need to be to reach their goals.
benevolence and evilness are just tools in our arsenal. they are to be used as needed depending on set goals.

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For now.
As far as I'm concerned, niggers are a legitimate Fermi Paradox filter.

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Or one to be "dealt with" in order to acquire resources.

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I have no idea

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I think they're hiding inside your bussy.

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Under there

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aside from living things, what resources or elements would we have that they couldn't get on a million other planets or asteroids?

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I’m endlessly fascinated by the amount of time people must waste making these shitpost graphics