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Why are dismembered baby foreskins worth $500 each?
Is that why the hospitals all want to cut them all off, to get the $500 sale price?

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Our country is ruled by the enemies of God.

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OK, but what do they use the foreskins for?

They want everyone to eat lab grown meat, why can't they just grow foreskins in a lab instead of chopping them off babies without anesthesia and causing deep incurable emotional scarring by doing so?

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useful in modern medical treatments, but i doubt you care about that
circumcision is ancient, most of the time the foreskin was discarded and having a use for them is a recent thing
i doubt jews planned this since 2000 bc

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foreskins are chopped off due to religious beliefs and hygiene beliefs in the US (muslims also do it by the way)
they are not being chopped off for the sole purpose of being sold, it's just a convenience
>why can't they lab grow foreskins
we can't do that lmao, if we can we'd be lab growing organs
human tissue is too complicated

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OK, but what do they use the foreskins for?

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research, young cells are really useful for that, used in some treatments to treat burn wounds (since 1970) and since the 2000s they started getting used for organ repair and whatnot
i hear that it's also used for some wrinkle treatments too

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Can't wait to eat lab grown foreskins

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If your foreskin has arms or legs growing out of it then you should probably get it cut off.

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They're sometimes used in SRS to provide skin tissue for the neovagina

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They've gotten less expensive
How many should I buy?

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don't they have to be fresh for that to work?

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There's simply not enough goys in america to satisfy the need for foreskins for all sorts of research labs, bio institutes, restaurants and dark temples.

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probably a lot like takoyaki

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That uses your own foreskin

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>OK, but what do they use the foreskins for?

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Ritual. You need to be Jewish to understand.
The process of mutilating an innocent newborn is the important part, not the piece of flesh that's harvested.

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>God won’t fight his own enemies
Why do you faggots worship him so much? He sounds like a Canada tier “kill your enemies they win” type cucklord

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which ones?

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Kosher ones

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jewish law says that their slaves need to be circumcised

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>Why Human Foreskin Is a Hot Commodity in Science
>Researchers have used these cells from foreskin to heal stubborn wounds and test revolutionary drugs. In the future, they may aid in repairing organs.

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To do retarded experiments.
>take 11 patients with clinical condyloma acuminatum (genital warts)
>then take biopsies of warts
>then snap freeze them
>then grind each sample in phosphate-buffered saline with sterile sand, using mortar and pestle
>centrifuge the shit out of it
>take the supernatant and stored at −80°C
>then take a neonatal human foreskin from routine circumcision
>cut it into fragments of 1 by 1 mm
>incubated in 250 μl of the inoculum ( from steps before) for 1 h at 37°C
>implant graft under the skin of ear and under the renal capsule on both sides of three 5- to 8-week-old female mice
>kill the mice after 12 weeks
>none except one of the mice had a renal abnormality
>take the graft from the implant
>split it, fix one part with formalin and snap freeze other part in liquid N
>make histological assesment
>oh hmmm one of three got wierd in the renal area
>must be the Human papiloma virus
>because unsure
>take another neonatal human foreskin prepare it as before
>incubate in 225 μl of the (renal mice) lysate for 1 h at 37°C mice.
>implant it under the renal capsule on both sides of six 5- to 8-week-old female mice
>repeat experiment using a different foreskin on six additional mice
>sacrificed mice 19 weeks later.
>take now 11 of the 12 mice grafts
>grind them up and take again neonatal human foreskin as just as before and inoculate it as before
>but this time 3 by 3mm
>renal grafts are grafted in the usual manner, one per kidney, in six 6-week-old male mice
>repeat the experiment 4 times with different foreskins each time
>if mouse gets sick and has wierd malformation arround the kidney
>then my experiment was working and I have proven the HPV virus causes cancer, by implanting forskin next to mice kidneys
>100% logical and 100% ethical and 100% foreskin

Because of this experiment, girls take the HPV vaccine with the age 12 or so.
>picrel is the mouse with foreskin renal implants

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people should stop saying "circumcised" and start using "genitally mutilated" instead

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if a circumcised dude becomes trans, does that make the circumcision female circumcision?
female circumcision is illegal in the usa

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That explains why they need to cut them off more than any of the made up "scientific" lies do

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>>100% logical and 100% ethical and 100% foreskin
good punchline
greentext is a better format for describing experimental procedures than the traditional format

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Everyone is wrong. What they really do is make something that looks likes a wallet. Doesn't take space. Oh I forgot, you need to strike 3 to 4 times and pops out a suitccase....

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they also use the prematurely cut umbilical cords for stem cell therapies for rich people, robbing the infant. but trust me, scientists definitely aren't evil.

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They encourage abortion because they want to sell or eat the dead babies

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is this real bros

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They literally put dead babies in soda.
Redbull is 69% dead babies.

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Heres a New York Times article about the trade in fetal tissue from abortions
Its a multi billion dollar industry

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Enough with the antisemitic dog whistles.

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>*soldiers of god
Israel is the light of the world

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"Obstetrician" should also be substituted for a more accurate descriptive term, anyone have any good ideas or suggestions?

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>*soldiers of the god of this world
That's true, you are definitely the children of Lucifer the Satan.

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natal penis persecutor

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