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How can there be a penicillin shortage?
Its a 100 year old drug, should be easy to manufacture.
Also why why are so many children contracting syphilis?

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I blame antivax Boomers who send their kids off to Sunday school at their local Roman Catholic parish church.

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There's no vaccine against syphilis anon.

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Yes there is. It's called "Don't let your children get touched by pedophiles".

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OK Heimi

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i looked into it and as expected, penicillin manufacture is incredibly simple, takes 5 days to whip up a batch of fresh mold
but restricting supply means higher prices and bigger corporate profits, even it if is at that the expense of increased deaths

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You mean horse antibiotics?

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You should manufacture some and make a thread. It’d be better than 90% of the shit here

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Bro you didn't even bribe the doctor to unlock the pill cabinet for you. And you think you own your body, when the FDA didn't give it a blessing for human consumption?

That's just unamerican.

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seems pretty easy to do once you have the right kind of mold to start from

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More money in treating chronic disease than curing it. Someone high up in centralized healthcare ran the numbers and figured out they could increase income by ~7% this year if they artificial created a shortage for one of the best disease preventing medications.

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After C*vid & 9*1 they realized they can get away with anything. We are livestock to them.

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I would wager that the vast majority of pediatric syphilis cases are congenital

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I know the implied message of your pic is "the left abandoned its ideals" but I need you to realise that what actually happened was that the left lost and you're seeing the victory parade of its enemies draped in trophies taken from the left's corpse.

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so the increase is the result of mothers who ride miles of cock before eventually having children

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This is the accurate answer, yes.

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you'll never touch a woman

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You'll never get your syphilis treated

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>but restricting supply means higher prices and bigger corporate profits
Penicillin = least profitable drug to manufacture there is. A week supply costs $5 retail at most pharmacies.
Even asprin has larger profit margins.

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O. I've been using a metal detector - industry standard - as I've been having severe burning headaches and radiation leakage detector plus EMFR read were going haywire.

Anyway - the stud setting, just placed upon the head (the detector), picks up non-magnetic metal objects periodically. The metallic setting likewise, but at different frequencies.

Some food is also demonstrating readings: chicken wrapped in plastic, from Aldi, a European store. Stud setting, isolated from interferences, is such that the food is giving off non-magnetical metallic readings.

Have videod the evidence, contacted environmental agencies, and have a few theories - paranornmal, but concrete (earthly) - as to the source. (21mghz/4g/5g/6g, Bell Labs, Google Ireland, all under "LS:TN".

I wonder, theories aside, as to what you all make of it. I suggest you all find yourselves reliable metal detectors and use the stud setting to seek out not magnetic-metallic objects: in food and on your person. It's baffling, but I've received an MRI referral from my Doctor who was likewise baffled at it.

So it's not BS. Nanoparticles? Heavy metal contamination? Hard to say. Gathering a dossier and making it known.

Michael Borkowski: GOOGLE ENGINEER.




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go ahead, tame the microbes anon.

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selling black market penicillin would be a great racket because its not an illegal drug, so the legal penalties if you got caught would likely be a lot less

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>Also why why are so many children contracting syphilis?

You have no idea what "syphillis" is...
It is a term to explain a way illnesses.
The implanted the thought of a sexual transmitted disease.

When in fact it is a meme to describe a buckload of symptoms.
And congenital syphillis is a meme to explain away brain inflamation after the childhood vaccinations.

Congenital does not mean they have it from the beginning.
It can be declaread as 'congenital' up to 4 years of age.

So child is fine.
Then it gets vaxxed with 2 months (see vaccinen schedule).

Child gets wierd brain inflamation.
>cannot be the vaccine
>must be congenital syphillis
>but its breaking out just now...

And of course phizer is shilling it.


While there is a massive campaign to get children vaxxed against tick borne disease.
With a buckload of aluminium in it.

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>NASA can't replicate 1960s tech
>medicine can't replicate 1920s tech
whats going wrong in the sciences these days?

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im doing this after i identify these two types of mold i have (neither are likely to be it) and another one which might be the correct one if not buying it and just getting to doing it sooner

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>pediatric syphilis antibiotics shortage

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i learned by googling it (im not long into mold/fungi) that there are three main types of it when you’re looking at things like penicillin. one of them (its name begins with Asp) gives you lung cancer and mega AIDS which is what i have right now i think at least based on environment and inhaling a lot too (not in an idiot way). its important to respect the microbes!

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Millions of children getting raped and infected with STD by those degenerates. That is how.

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Truth is here:

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ok boomerschizo

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That's me, sorry

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In the 30s-50s America injected a shitload of black people with purified syphilis cultures to prove that it was really a germ.

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They did experimented on them.
No proof syphillis was involved.
All the paperwork disappeared.
It all folkore.

Also the normal exposure route is not injection but fuxkung and sucking.
And guess what.
They were never able to make this transmit.

Don't you find it wierd, they they were never able to "cause the disease" via forced exposure to "injected" prostitutes and direct injection and inoculation of genitals during the Guatemala Experiments?



This is btw. The only documented experiment in which they took diseased so called "syphillis" symptmatic people and tried to transmit it.

Your gay as tuskuge experment is nothing but eugenics, and injecting people with crap and never documenting what that crap was.

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ok boomerschizo

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let there be less molds, and with less molds, less penicillin.

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>increase income
That no longer is the way to make money.

It is all about ESG scores and the WEF now.

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Go find out why the biggest company in tiny little Denmark is bigger than any company in Germany.

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What is "pediatric syphillis antibiotic"?

Are there really an increasing number of children with syphillis?

The LGBXYZ Faggot "community" is getting out of hand with their grooming and child molestation.

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It's actually due to untreated VDs among unwed black mothers.

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so gross
makes sense, since blacks have about a 60% STD rate, while the next closest demographic are Hispanics with about a 15% STD rate.

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You can have syphilis with no symptoms

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Lol. Boomers are literally the ones who fear death by getting touched by unvaxxed children and eat all the pills the good docs prescribe them.

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Aaaaah help the asymptomatic carrier patient zerooo.
Quick mask up.

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>why why are so many children contracting syphilis?
Transphobic question.
Like, what the fuck?
Why do you hate transpeople so much?
It's like you're calling for genocide.

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You people are so predictable with your tepid takes. NPCs running a script. Not a single millisecond wasted on critical or original thought.

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Oooh noo the infants get touched by memes help.
Please don't wake me up about the fact that the queer meme is a meme to distract us.

Noooo it's the most important problem.
Pleaaase forget about the vax and meds and iatrogenisis.
It's all the LGBTQ-Meme people which get constantly pushed by people who are owning the left by dressing up in drag like steven crowder and JP please.
Ignore the systematic poisoning and fear that is pushed.

Ignore the children on toxic meds.
Ignore the tainted water.
Please focus on onwing the left.
Please dress up as drag to own the left.

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>Also why why are so many children contracting syphilis?
Does anyone remember this disease?
>started spreading in late 2021/early 2022
>Media latched on as it being the next COVID
>Predominantly spread in LGBT communities
>Predominantly spread sexually
>Suddenly cases start mysteriously appearing in dogs, cats, and children
>Reporting instantly drops off

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>one of them (its name begins with Asp) gives you lung cancer and mega AIDS which is what i have right now i think at least based on environment and inhaling a lot too (not in an idiot way)

How does one inhale a bunch of MegAIDS spores in a not idiot way?

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Monkey pox.

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ok boomerschizo

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60% to 15% is a huge leap. What are the numbers for white and asian?
Please tell me your original thoughts

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>Suddenly cases start mysteriously appearing in dogs

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True. I wonder if this is an actual result of a conspiracy. All you'd need to do is study "memes" and the distribution of thought in a society. I wonder who just does exactly that.

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like 25% of kids get sexually abused
its not the tiny tranny population doing it

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>why is there food shortage? we have food for thousands of years
literally finish elementary school before posting here you absolute enemy of knowledge

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It's the male homosexual population, to which all trannies belong.

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cool project, good luck
>anon becomes a gigabux druglord selling black market penicillin because unlike other sought after illegal drugs, penicillin had no supply chain to worry about or competition in the black market

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finding the right mold for penicilin by complete chance is a one in a million lottery, dont even bother

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>finding the right mold for penicilin by complete chance
Leave a load of white bread out on the countertop.
Eat a standard cup (8oz) of the green moldy shit = 1000mg of penicillin.

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Are you retarded? 25% of kids don't get sexually abused. Not even fucking close. Maybe in your deranged lefty circles filled with pedophiles, but not anywhere else in the world.

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why not?
trannys abuse lots of kids

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>finding the right mold for penicilin by complete chance is a one in a million lottery
>t. paid pfizer shill
flemming had no problem at all coming up with the right one, it easy
>oy vey don't make your own medicine goy
>spend your life being dependent on globaohomo gigacorp who hate you and think of you as a "useless eater"

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pfizer just made a $9 trillion profit from the vax, they're not about to just let black marketeers cut in on their turf with that kind of capital laying around. they'll use some of their trillions to protect their market

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take your government approved mRNA and stfu


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You have no clue how widespread the whole women grooming kids is

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Feminists and their penis envy is more of a epidemic than covid ever was

>> No.15529609

Homosexuals have started to take prep, other stds have sky rocketed because they arnt using condoms.

Now the pedos are more likely to have stds

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>How can there be a penicillin shortage?
because restricting supply drives up profits. just like with gasoline or any other commodity.
scientists are very very greedy people, when they says they went into science because they wanted to help people that was a lie, they want to get money for themselves and thats all they care about.

>> No.15531012

>just like with gasoline or any other commodity.
not with silver or gold. wall street just prints paper gold and silver when they don't have enough of the real thing to sell instead of letting the price rise. there is 28 ounces of fake gold and silver trading on wall street currently for ever real one. it was less than 10 ounces of paper precious metals at the start of the century

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>"You'll Breaking Own Down Nothing The And Be Great Happy" Reset

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if by kids you are including teenagers it's cuz teenagers love eating ass
there is a lack of sex ed

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The left lost. The right lost too. So who the fuck is in charge and what do they believe?

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jewish maoists, totalitarian communism

>> No.15531721

the right lmao

right wing ideology is inherently contradictory so they can never really win

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>Maybe in your deranged lefty circles filled with pedophiles
ie school.

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maoism is every bit as jewish as marxism, mao was a jewish puppet

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>How can there be a penicillin shortage?
corporate collusion
same way OPEC causes oil shortages

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>Feminists and their penis envy
not just feminists, according to the science its 100% of all women

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>IIA operations
>Suppression, containment, re-direction, mis-direction of information into meaningless manufactured online issues, arguments, and circular dead ends, which exhaust and confuse
>The aim is to never allow diverse meaningful information to become direct, meaningful, political power, and movements of the grassroots level that have concrete effects in the public domain
>Contrived right vs. left banker-funded dialectic

This is what everything is today.

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Who is really behind this? Who is pulling all the strings? (((Who))) could be faggotizing america?

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qui? QUI????

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>restrict supply
>prices got up
>production and distribution costs remain the same
>profits increase

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any update on the home made penicillin project?

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>>Contrived right vs. left banker-funded dialectic
>This is what everything is today.
heres a 20 year old ben garrison comic for you

>> No.15539503

>20 year old

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Isnt this what the anti vaxxers wanted? Au naturale

>> No.15539518


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>you cannot protest banks or big corporations if you also big for gay rights
absolute state

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penicillin is natural, its one of the few drugs not made from petroleum

>> No.15542972

Thats how it is. Fags will choose identity politics over all else because being faggots is their entire identity

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Big pharma is nothing more than a racket poisoning people for profit.

>> No.15543011

>2010 was 20 years ago
Where does the time go, lads? I didn't know it was already 2030.

>> No.15543127

>scientists are very very greedy people
I'm sure scientists are the ones that own and manage big corporations
fucking schizo has never worked for a big company in his life think his opinion is worth something...

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Black market penicillin can't compete with aquarium shop penicillin.

>> No.15544168

>aquarium shop penicillin.
ZOG media says its bad, thats how you know its good

>> No.15544176

>Also why why are so many children contracting syphilis?
Because of its concentration in the vulva/vaginal area, it's possible for a newborn to contract it merely by passing through the birth canal

>> No.15544181

By the time you start showing symptoms of syphilis you are deeply fucked over, so yes a pregnant mom might not know she contracted it from an unfaithful husband

>> No.15544196

Anon, can you teach me how to grow needed type of mold and to create penicilin?

>> No.15544338 [DELETED] 

Leave bread outside until it gets moldy. Culture spores from the correct mold species (which you can recognize by its white and grey color).

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i'm too lazy to go look up stuff sci recommended, just tell us

>> No.15545310

its in the wikipedia article

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Because Germany is all evil nazis

>> No.15546192

>mold good, bugs bad, fossilized plants bad
can't keep up with this shit

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i thought that's a dead frog in a bottle of cool aid

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Petroleum is abiotic, and therefore unnatural.

>> No.15546602

It's called a supply chain issue

>> No.15546746

>a supply chain issue
>for a drug that takes a week to produce

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Its retarded how people can commit to wasting their entire lives on a pointless act like nonreproductive sex.

>> No.15549308

The question isn't if you can, but if you are allowed to.

>> No.15549309

Society has collapsed.

>> No.15550423

how come all the super genius jewish scientists have never invented anything as important and valuable as antibiotics? how come they can only invent useless tripe like relativity?

>> No.15550925

They keep the good inventions secret from the Goys?

>> No.15550927

>Petroleum is abiotic, and therefore unnatural.
So what is natural then? Only something produced from a living organism? But living organisms are composed of elements, which are all unnatural according to YOUR idea of what is natural and not. KEK!

>> No.15551148

Some jew (Ehrlich) invented the treatment for syphilis

>> No.15551257

Antibiotics are unfortunately one of the things you need a functioning society to make. You have to isolate new molecules (plain penicillin doesn't cut it anymore for example), test them for side effects, mass produce, and assay each batch for effectiveness. For a good overview of the process see:

Chatterjee et al. "Mersacidin: a new antibiotic from bacillus", The Journal of Antibiotics, June 1992

>> No.15551267

More details of the mass production process in the thesis "Penicillin Recovery Strategies" by Eimear McGlade and Ruairi Lennon.

>> No.15551588

>plain penicillin doesn't cut it anymore for example
thats just a meme, penicillin is just fine

>> No.15551736

>over a thousand dollars
Kek. What a high roller!

>> No.15551849

"they" are punishing us for not going all in max-vaxxing

>> No.15552119

They really thought people would get a new clotshot every 3-6 months for the rest of their lives. Even the most pro-vax people I know said they were done after the first two shots and never got any boosters.

>> No.15552866

They just want to sell the more expensive antibiotics which are still under patent

>> No.15553606

>they were done after the first two shots
they were, vaxxxies are dropping like flies

>> No.15554922

They are like that because homosexuality is a mental illness

>> No.15555467

Why are people still talking about COVID shit on here? It’s done.

>> No.15555844

There are parts of the US (mainly California and New York) where people are still concerned with covid as a public health issue, still wear masks, and still talk about covid as if the pandemic never ended. There's a whole world of NPCs out there masking up and getting boosters and still getting mad at anyone who doesn't to this very day. People from those areas still think covid is relevant, meanwhile those of us from sane parts of the country know the pandemic ended in 2021 the moment the government removed all mandates and everyone forgot about it entirely.

>> No.15556295

>meanwhile those of us from sane parts of the country know the pandemic was a psyop and the virus never exists

>> No.15557187

>pediatric syphilis
this is the kind of thing fred phelps was trying to prevent, nobody listened to him and now innocent children suffer the consequences.

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jewish greed schemes cannot be explain by logic or science
they will create a world ending crisis just so they can make money, even if it means they too will die, because money before life

>> No.15558034

no surprise they got kicked out of 109 countries

>> No.15558068

Real virus or not, the pandemic is a set of conditions put forward by the government to restrict the freedom of citizens in the name of public health. That started in April of 2020 with mask mandates and forced social distancing/isolation and ended in June 2021 when my state repealed all mandates and restrictions.

>> No.15559480

It started in March of 2020

>> No.15559954

Not where I live.

>> No.15560586

if the illegal shrooms industry is somehow unstoppable then the illegal penicillin game will be just as easy to play

>> No.15561399

tits or gtfo

>> No.15562262

its now 111, they got kicked out of yemen and afghanistan too.

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>> No.15563786

hows the home made penicillin project coming along, anyone get started on it yet?

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>pediatric syphilis


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>> No.15565779

yet he has no misgivings about performing that surgery for a living. just goes to show you what type of people doctors really are, not the trustworthy type

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>> No.15567494

Why are those birds so antisemitic?

>> No.15568186


>> No.15569177

Most of Mao's close political associates with jews from the USSR

>> No.15569422

>thread about censorship
>the youtube account force deleted by youtube

>> No.15569547

13 rounds up to 15 which rounds up to 20.

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Fred Phelps was a prophet

>> No.15571533

I predict a quinine shortage starting the day the malaria vaccine becomes available

>> No.15572740

He was, he predicted all this long before it happened, he knew what was going on and he tried his best to warn everyone.

>> No.15572772

He obviously failed

>> No.15573912

hope so
i have a personal quinine stockpile

>> No.15574064

Bacterial resistance probably

>> No.15574493

There's been no real surge in betalactamase expression in Treponema pallidum that would render Penicillin G ineffectual. My best guess is that the (((pharma))) companies don't want people to be cured from a congenitally acquired syphilis infection on the cheap.

>> No.15575055

antibiotic resistance is just another fake news media meme. i took penicillin a few years ago and it worked exactly as it was supposed to

>> No.15575790

Well, I disagree that all antibiotic resistance mechanisms are just fake news. Efflux pumps, beta lactamases, polysaccharide capsules (or polypeptide in Bacillus anthracis' case), etc can all provide effective resistance to drugs, but I do agree that pharma is a money making greed scam.

>> No.15576292

Penicillin still works just as good as it did 100 years ago, antibiotic resistance is fake news

>> No.15576463

Why did certain strains of Staphylococcus aureus and Neisseria gonorrheae develop resistant to benzyl penicillin? Could it be...beta lactamases?

>> No.15577327

Penicillin still works just as good as it did 100 years ago, antibiotic resistance is fake news

>> No.15578391

>How can there be a penicillin shortage?
because restricting supply makes selling the product more profitable

>> No.15579107

Restricting the supply of inexpensive medications like penicillin helps sell the more expensive patented ones

>> No.15580352

There is a shortage because there is little to no profit making it, so nobody makes it.

>> No.15581184

but what about the medical community who all claim that they're not concerned about getting rich, but only about altruistically helping their fellow human beings?
surely they can't be exclusively profit driven and lying about their altruistic concern