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Why are sickle-celled coons like this?

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media influence

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God I love diversity

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Why do europeans love them and mass import them?
This is a better question.

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Eurocucks deserve this, specially the women, they voted for all of this, turns out the women suffrage was the single biggest mistake in history.

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europeans surrendered their right to own firearms so now they're subject to the whims of their heavily armed and easily bribed governments

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niggys are the missing-link between americans and europeans in terms of culture
Europeans can behave like commie faggots because there are no niggys there to exploit their faggotry

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Who is bribing them to take in more nogs, and how much are they bribing whom?

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Europe is a woman and America is her pornographer pimp drug-dealing abusive boyfriend. It's a relationship where she ends up dead, but she can't cut it off.

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The people have very little say over immigration rates, one party says it's good, the other says it's bad and both parties keep the rate the same to fuel wage suppression for their political donors.

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Why do whites have inferior iqs and genetics to us can’t debate me or debunk me

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>sample size of 45
>fox News
You really are a dumb, delusional nigger

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Tell me how this is bad

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20+15 is 35 not 45?

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They are just genetically evil

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In Britain a politician called Enoch Powell made a highly critical speech on mass immigration and the presence of coloured people in Britain and was immediately removed from his role in the shadow cabinet. There were polls which showed that about 70% of the public agreed with him entirely. We had no say in this, and the government simply removed anyone in power who was critical of it.

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Europeans are overwhelming anti-(third world) migration.

That's why the insitution refuses to let us on vote on it. Meanwhile France literally had a small scale race war over the Winter. Politicians are just extremely delusional and disconnected.

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>Who is bribing them to take in more nogs
Nogs, Asians, Jews.

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According to orwell 1984 was merely based on his experience with the british civiil service.
they are a law unto themselves
others have talked of the power they hold and the secrets sealed for at least 50 years. like Barry Trower.

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>Politicians are just extremely delusional and disconnected.

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Whites have the best genes for physical strength. Every single WSG man has been White and Germanic/Slavic/Nordic in particular.

This article literally copes with "mutted diversity = strength". Literally all it's actually saying is that Whites are racially purer than Blacks.

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That as well, they would rather take a 300k bribe from some evil company that wants to pay slave labour wages so they could move away from a formerly safe neighbourhood while the daughters of those left behind get gang raped and murdered.

All so business owners can save a few bucks.

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The civil service seems to have the power to do just about whatever it wants, same with unelected local council workers. To think people think this is a democracy, possibly the furthest from it in Europe.

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Mark Windows (who is likely controlled op but still good info) talked about the power and tyranny of local councils, that people should use the laws at their disposal to hold them to account in the courts.

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>only 20-30% of the population is NEO NAZI white supremacist fascist genocidal
>Only 20-30% of the population votes for nazis
Dishonest /pol/tard. If you were right everyone would vote for your favourite politicians.
>Muh elections are all stolen
Sounds like you're too stupid to steal it back

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really, nigga?

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That’s why we should have hanged all you niggers