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Where are all the Aliens !?

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They're out there but hiding from each other due to the threat of a Relativistic Kill Vehicle First Strike (RKVFS)

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The US army killed them all.

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no one knows

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probably swimming in some hot soup

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On their alien planets dude, do you know how far apart we are?

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How far?

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Probing your mothers fat ass.

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There are some in our galaxy. Zeta Reticuli

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A forbidden technique I’ve learned for finding aliens is by being around heavy concentrations of gamma radiation. They seem to gravitate towards it and my only theory is they are entertained in seeing us tiny monkey brains using such powerful energy. The only way I know of to capitalize on this is by knowing when and where nuclear bomb testing will take place. These events are rare and require specialized research that nobody is going to want to help you with for obvious reasons. But I guarantee if you follow this path and are truly dedicated you will witness unequivocal and undeniable proof of aliens. I am telling all of you this in the hopes that even 1 of you will believe and witness the proof of my message and inspire others. The only other tip I have for you who make it that far is that you will be on a watchlist if you live in the US and some agency will know that you know. I promise it is not worth showing proof to anyone no matter how off the radar and safe you feel it will be. The US government does not fuck around AT ALL and I am lucky that I was contacted before having a chance to reveal anything to anyone. Don’t be naive, go down this path only for yourself, and subtly pass on the message for others to follow and eventually aliens will become too witnessed to stay a secret.

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she really liked having power

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gambling in vegas.

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far from your mum ass mate