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Well, let me tell you folks, I've been hearing some things about this so-called "evolution" theory, and I have to say, it's just a bunch of hogwash. Absolutely ridiculous. Now, these fainting goats, they're a real thing, believe me. I've seen videos of them, and they just keel over like nobody's business. But let me tell you, evolution has nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.

They claim that fainting goats with myotonia have a survival advantage because they can confuse predators. But think about it, folks. If a goat faints and can't move, wouldn't that make it an easier target for predators? It just doesn't make sense. Natural selection is supposed to favor traits that enhance survival and reproduction, not ones that make you more vulnerable.

And let me ask you this: if evolution is true, why aren't there more animals that faint? Why is it just these goats? It doesn't make any sense. Evolution should be a consistent, ongoing process, right? But we don't see animals fainting left and right. It's just these goats.

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Same reason that intelligence isn't unilaterally selected for. Natural selection operates on the basis of specific random variations happening to improve survival in specific contexts. What your asking is like saying "if cats eat birds then why haven't all the birds become cats?". Try reading about the subject instead of half assedly musing on the subject.

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It's a human bred animal schizo

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>If a goat faints and can't move, wouldn't that make it an easier target for predators?

Depends on the predator. Many predators operate based on movement. Most predators don't possess the same logical thinking that humans do, and moreover, do not eat carrion.

What if a predator has an instinct to avoid eating diseased animals?

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Jersey Animal!

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Carrion? Carry on.

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Yeah evolution is so easily debunked.
I am amazed how atheists have turned genes into the new god. Make me laff when they say their dad was a fish too.
Guess which theory is true according to them:
theory 1 : humans descent from humans, which is verified at every human birth
theory 2: humans transition from a fish, then a monkey, yet it was never observed and fishes today dont transition into monkeys and monkeys today dont transition into humans, just trust me bro. Btw, humans still transition into trannies, that's completely natural and scientific :^)
Face it, atheism-scientism is a religion too, and the whole religion replacement was a power grab by atheists. Atheists make Darwin their new guru. But like all gurus, Darwin is an atheist duplicitous bitch. The only difference between Darwin and Lamarck is that Darwin made up a theory about a population and Lamarck made up a theory about an individual. Now here is the thing. in order to work with ''a population'', you need to use statistics. and statistics dont lead to proofs and even less to truths. Darwin's theory is not falsifiable and atheists are gaga about this, even though in public they say falsifiability is awesome. In fact, the atheist concept of a ''a population'' is not even well defined. At best you they come up with a fuzzy definition. So with darwin theory you get no predictive claims and when you try to get numbers out of it, you only get few stats about a population and if the theory fails, the atheists will say the numerical results are just statistical artifacts, no big deal. In fact ''truth'' is not even defined in statistics. So whatever atheists come up with with their stats, they can't say it's the truth.

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>It doesn't make any sense. Evolution should be a consistent, ongoing process, right? But we don't see animals fainting left and right. It's just these goats.
evolution miraculously stopped when monks became humans. same with fishes, nowadays fishes don't become monks no mo'

it's convenient to be an atheist isn't it. things work and one day magically they don't work no more

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Because humans bred the goats to faint. It's not natural or advantageous, so wild animals don't faint.

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Midwit takes. Evolution doesn't happen overnight and natural selection has been directly observed.

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>If da evolution is real an shiet, how come I completely don't understand how it works?
Every single brainlet's "argument" against Darwinian Evolution is the classic "why don't fish start walking" or some bullshit about how there's still apes. One, macroevolution takes hundreds of thousands to a few million years. Two, humans aren't an "end goal" to evolution. Other great apes have no environmental pressures that would favor genes similar to ours.

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jannies tongue ass