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Has there ever been any serious, unbiased scientific investigation into the topic of masturbation? Are the effects of masturbation as harmful as everyone presumes they are?

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>as harmful as everyone presumes they are
Literally noone except religioncucks presumes them harmful

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>Ben Franklin, history's greatest pervert, depicted as an abstainer
Masturbation is healthy

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>effects of masturbation as harmful as everyone presumes they are?
Who the fuck do you hang out with?
In my experience, most women don't admit that women/girls masturbate, but I've honestly never heard anyone claim it's harmful, and I went to Catholic school.

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The negative effects of masturbation are a correlation effect.
It's a coping mechanism.
Happy people with purpose in their lives masturbate less.
In the picrel cartoon, stop the sick guy grom masturbating won't help unfuck whatever's wrong with him.

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>The negative effects of masturbation
Name one.

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OK, since you brought this up, I've got a question about the cultural aspects.
American, btw, born in 1964.
As a kid, I had one uncle on each side of the family that would give a female cousin (of mine, a niece of each of the uncles) "horsey rides", bouncing her on their knee..
About the age I "discovered myself", 10-11, I realized what was going on, and why my 4-6 year-old female cousins liked the experience so much.
So in full view of the entire multi-generational family, a relative was essentially masturbating a pre-k through 1st-2nd grade little girl, and nobody even blinked.
I'm not against the process at all, but how was this just shrugged off?
Asking "for a friend".

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I think there's an implicit "alleged" in there

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>born in 1964
Jesus grampa, shouldn't you be on facebook? What are you doing here you creep?

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I was decidedly more like the left at 16 than I was like the right at 21, despite being an abstainer that entire time.

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Wowsers, thanks for answering my question.
Now tell me about the crusty sock next to your bed, and how I'm a loser because I have sex on the regular.

>despite being an abstainer that entire time.
16 to 21?
You're fucking lying, we both know it.

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>16 to 21?
13 to 30 actually

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No, just fucking no.
If I'm wrong, you've really wasted an aspect of your life.

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Eh, perhaps. Can't exactly go back so oh well. No use crying over unspilled milk.

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>unspilled milk.

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I’m 70% sure masturbating gives me nonallergic rhinitis

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masturbating/cumming opens up my sinuses, it's a well known effect

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he's too retarded to understand "correlation effect".
reread it 10 times over and think about it long and hard. I'm not a fucking english major

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Lethargy post orgasm.

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>Lethargy post orgasm.
Not sure that's a negative side effect.
>reread it 10 times over
I could re-read a thousand times. I'm still not hearing about a negative side effect.
>he's too retarded to understand "correlation effect".
I fully understand correlation effect. I also understand the difference between that and causation.
When did this board become so full of pseudos?

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He's saying that there are no negative effects
That people who say there are are misinterpreting their limited data
That people aren't sad because they masturbate a lot, people masturbate a lot because they're sad

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>He's saying that there are no negative effects
Are you sure? Maybe he probably shouldn't have started is post with:

>The negative effects of masturbation are...

Fuck's sake. Sure sounds like he's saying there are negative effects. All I ever asked is for him to name one, and all I get is Anons telling me I wasn't creative/imaginative/whatever enough to understand he didn't mean what he actually typed.

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Not a weeb but got to ask, why are cat ears, demon horns, fangs, etc etc hot to you people?
I get the underage girl angle, but the rest is just a blank for me.

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Think you're reading sexual implications into something that's really not. People bounce babies around all the time, no ones trying to sexually arouse them or some shit. Babies and young children just like bouncing, that's why shit like those springy rocking horses at playgrounds, bouncy rocking chairs for babies, and trampolines exist

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>Think you're reading sexual implications into something that's really not.
Oh trust me, do you even know how girls work?
I accidentally bounced my grand-daughter once in the same way and my wife freaked the fuck out.
> People bounce babies around all the time
Not talking about a baby, and we ARE talking about a girl's crotch being ground against rhythmically bouncing muscle and bone.
But you're really missing my point. Why did none of the grown-ups object to this behavior?
No matter how much _you_ want to pretend the girls weren't feeling sexual pleasure, how did the grown-ups manage to pretend it was innocent?

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4chan is 20 year old website, there is nobody born after 1980 that isn't a newfag. If you're a or a zoomer schoolchild then you're out of place here

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>I fully understand correlation effect.
No, you don't.
Correlation *effect*, if taken literally, is an oxymoron.
It means the effect isn't an actual causal effect of the thing being discussed.
You're retarded, and should kys.

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I fully understand ans support every word you just posted, but somehow I'm still retarded?
At least I'm socially competent enough to be getting laid. Let me know when you get to that level.

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Don't know, don't care, all I know is that my nuts are full after 2 days and I gotta empty the tank

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short list of "religioncucks"
wright brothers
von braun

list of atheists
bill nye
black soience man
pedo schrödinger
krauss (epstein associate)

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>lethargy isn't negative

How much caffeine do people consume everyday?

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grinding is a lot different than bouncing

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You are wrong, in my opinion.
You have a normal brain, you expose him to high dopamine levels like by using cocaine, it gets addicted, your brain is plastic, the pre frontal cortex activity eill diminuish and the impulses control one way to much. What happens is that you will have a retarded brain, that doesent cares about anything besides the drug and has a lowered iq. Do test, get normal people and drug them, I think this might happen, or I can be wrong. Anyways your motivation to do othershits will decrease, so sex has that downpoint I guess.. i saw an tes talk talking about that correlations, but never found all the sources (scientific papers) bye bro

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Fucks up your hormonal balance by maintaining an unnaturally high prolactin count

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The children you will never have because you choose narcissistic self-love over finding a wife.

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>short list of "religioncucks"
For most of this period, it would be difficult, or even dangerous to not at least feign religious faith.
No way to tell if any of them weren't closet atheists.

>>lethargy isn't negative
>How much caffeine do people consume everyday?
None, and orgasms aren't just caused by solo masturbation.
On date night, the only downside is I fall asleep after, and miss part of SNL.

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>children you will never have because you choose narcissistic self-love over finding a wife.
Back when I had a wife (II left that woman 4 times), she never wanted sex in the morning, but I often did. The solution? She would pose naked in bed, and I'd masturbate over her, then get a wet washcloth to clean her up.
Unusual situation, I'm sure, but do you really think most married people didn't masturbate before or during marriage?
p.s. 3 kids, 5 grandkids

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>its a conspiracy!!
seek medical attention

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>I've never heard of religious prosecution, the Spanish Inquisition, auto-da-fé, etc, and I'm pretty sure "Christendom" was a totally free and tolerant place where anyone could be a member of any faith they liked, or none.

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ok anons, scientifically how much jacking off is ideal per month?
Are you talking about masturbation or pornography?

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ok bro your uncles are perverts and are currently burning in hell

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franky was probably riddled with stds

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>ok anons, scientifically how much jacking off is ideal per month?

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I'm an atheist. The premise that masturbation and even sex is harmful is reasonable. It's actually religious brained thinking to insist the body is infailable and wouldn't he "designed" to have a flaw. Sexual exertion is taxing to all organisms and entails the greatest natural reward they acheive. A biological cost is incurred. Physicians for time immemorial have cautioned on the harms of its excesses. One can see how it very easily could become a maladaptive habit conferring no actual benefit to ones life.

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Mercury appears critical to sexual desire, but it appears to be a "fail-fuck" mechanism, and its failurue results in persistent unselective sexual urge.

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thing is, no one just masturbates without porn. I tried and I know that it sucks, so if porn didn't exist, I don't think I'd be jacking off.

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Evidence? Or are you the same guy that always posts about lead.

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>thing is, no one just masturbates without porn.
What do you think mediaeval peasants did?

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musta had some alternative

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Yeah people also feel tired and satisfied after eating and there is definitely such a thing as over-eating but that doesn't mean you should stop doing it altogether

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Yeah, the memory of a pretty peasant girl's titties straining against the fabric of her dress or the way her skirt falls around her butt

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i do. I stopped porn couple years ago. I can't point to a study or whatever but I think my orgasms are much better and I've naturally had a reduction in number of times i jack off

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>Are the effects of masturbation as harmful as everyone presumes they are?

only giga /pol/ retards presume that. Masturbation is healthy.

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>stopped porn but still masturbates
hmmm, I tried it and obviously it didn't compare since ofc it's nowhere near as stimulating. The challenge is indeed dropping porn and going for something less stimulating.

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You lose small amounts of zinc and selenium in masturbation. To an otherwise healthy person this is no big deal unless you really overdo it. You lose the same amount in orgasm.

Whats the importance of zn and se in humans? Well there are many functions of both but selenium is most important in glutathione peroxidase, one of the body’s main antioxidant enzymes. Zinc is involved in making glutathione out of methionine and cysteine along with other minerals and vitamins like b6, and it also recycles b12 in the methylation cycle and is involved in the urea cycle, turns b2 into fad, makes progesterone and many other things. But to keep things relatively simple lets just say zinc and selenium deficiency will lower glutathione and glutathione peroxidase.

Glutathione peroxidase is a big way the body detoxes toxins like heavy metals. It actually gets rid of all oxidation, even from things as benign sounding as sugar. Glutathione S-transferase detoxes chemicals typically, but they both use glutathione from the same pool. Ingesting chemicals, metals and sugar uses up glutathione. And cysteine (which is used to make glutathione) is in the ALDH enzyme, which detoxes acetaldehyde. Vitamins B1 and B2 recycle glutathione, but not everyone gets enough.

So say your a smoker, ingesting small amounts of heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium and lead along with large amounts of acetaldehyde. And you eat junk food, low in vitamins, protein and minerals, but high in sugar. And you drink a few beers a night getting tons more acetaldehyde. And you’re a chronic masturbator. I mean multiple times a day, every day without fail. All these things will combine to really bring your glutathione levels down and you won’t be able to detoxify as well and someone healthy and you’ll start looking and feeling like shit, and getting toxic.

Thats why when these people stop constantly spanking the monkey, quit drugs and eat healthy on some retarded “program” like nofap they feel better.

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>ok bro your uncles are perverts
sounds like
>and are currently burning in hell
>currently burning in hell
Not dead yet, and even then, they're Christians.
Romans 10:9-11
9That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. 11As the Scripture says, "Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame."

Sounds like the only real ticket to hell is not being a Christian.

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>brining children into the jew parasitic network
nah, save them from this hell

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potential issues with masturbation have little to do with minerals lost, more so hormones and their metabolites/enzyme activity and what cascades from these changes via epigenetics, hpa axis regulation etc. this area is a complete unknown still

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Inb4 “So why don’t I just take 50mg of Zinc and eat a few Brazil nuts of selenium and then jerk off like Pee Wee Herman on speed at a theater?”

The body is not a series of test tubes that can just be filled when they are low. It is an incredibly complex matrix, with everything depending on everything else. The small amounts of zinc and selenium that are lost in your “self-love” are bound to protiens and used. This means you would also need to take cofactors like B6, potassium, magnesium, B2, B1, B3, vitamin A, histidine, serine, copper, iron, folate and so on. Because you can only take in and use so much Zn and selenium in one day as a function of how much of these other factors in the matrix.

>So just take a multivitamin and then I can jerk off more?
Maybe, if it has the right stuff. Or just eat healthy, don’t jerk off if it makes you feel bad and don’t take too many drugs or chemicals

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I would argue that hormones and minerals are intricately related. Hormones are made from minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

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I would say masturbation on its own is healthy if you cannot get sex but should only do it like 3 times per month as you need to flush the pipes.

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Almost the only person in this thread who understands not all orgasms are solo.
But 3 times a month????
I've experienced a serious drop-off in desire over the last 10-15 years, but I'm 58 and still getting some once a week.

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3 times (as a minimum I presume) is what a urologist told me.

>> No.15493556

>(as a minimum I presume
Well that's a horse of an entirely different color.
Carry on, good sir.

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/pol/ is always right

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that, or it might be a wilson (?) effect. Pretty guy gets girlfriend sooner than ugly guy. Result is pretty guy, unlike ugly, does not resort to wanking. Since being ugly is associated with poor genetic health, the masturbator (ugly) has worse health, while the abstainer does not.

In this way the cause is not the wank, but the genes.

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>She would pose naked in bed
From here it should be very simple to turn her on and crave dick
> but do you really think most married people didn't masturbate
Of course they do, and if a woman tells me she never masturbates that’s a huge red flag. At some point, after years of sex with each other or maybe much earlier, fucking becomes mutual masturbation
Tldr: your wife was a bitch for not participating in your masturbation

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keep on trying to justify your nauseating and harmful masturbation obsession, you don't have the willpower to stop jerking off and you don't have the self awareness to recognize your lack of willpower and you don't have the humility to admit you have a problem
>I'm perfect just the way I am, I don't need to improve

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What if the good looking guy ended up that way because he worked harder at it than the lazy slob did? Jacking off sure is a lot easier than getting into peak physical condition or something near it

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imagine being such a drooling fucking retard that you see "abstaining from masturbation" as an actual achievement and display of willpower

>> No.15494674

you can't do it

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Multiple reasons.
>a girl accessory like any other
Girls like to dress up with weird shit to appear different and better for female social hierarchy. Usually, it's cute and make them stand out. It works for women and adds to their charm. This makes me think of the rat jacket sex appeal research.
>a naugthy accessory used in the bed
It also has its roots in the sex games irl, with naughty accessories that are added to spice things up or for Halloween by teenage girls. It's culturally sexual and fun.
>the anime cliche of monster girls
It has to do with the classic underdog story of fantasy races, being misunderstood and mistreated by the human empire/kingdom, for a purely physical difference. This pleases the classic ugly nerd and allows him to relate. It also enables the "protect" behavior in males.
>An ascendance accessory
You can also see it in the lenses of a strict hierarchy marker, like maid uniforms and slave collars. Furthermore, humans are the best in all fiction, so monsters are automatically under them in the social hierarchy. Everything is about sex, except sex, that is about power yada yada

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Living the life

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because anime faggots are mentally ill

>> No.15495987

That's bullshit.

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imagine spending all day errrry day for years jakcing off and being jealous of chad when you could instead spend 30 minutes a day lifting weights and be chad in a couple months.
masturbators are low iq

>> No.15496416

Can prolly do both, even

>> No.15496418

Yes because if you stopped eating altogether you would die

>> No.15496421

it is objectively a display of willpower

>> No.15496484

Cool argument bro

>> No.15496614

It's a "display of willpower" below the level of not eating your boogers in public.

>> No.15496620

Nofappers are similar to vegans: obsessing over some babby level bodily "abstaining" and pretending it's some kind of a moral achievement that elevates you above the masses. Meanwhile, you retards can't hold any job because you can't delay gratification for more than 1 microsecond.

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The biggest and probably only negative is that it is addictive and that unlike with drugs it is always available. Most problems with masturbation come from you fapping instead of doing something productive or healthy. In a way it is same as playing videogames.

>> No.15496654

Except, you can't fap 20 hours a day - unlike fapping, vidya (and browsing pol) don't have a cooldown period.

>> No.15496705

Not harmful, but addictive.

Animals are naturally inclined to reproduce, wanking simulates that. Which allows it to become addictive more than most natural things (gluttony is probably the second).

It's a natural stimulation so no real downsides from doing it (e.g., coomers manage to not have direct-side effects from it, only indirect ones), but that arguably makes it worse since the impacts of doing it constantly aren't as overt at say drinking or smoking.

It's also why porn addiction is so prevalent, to the point it's literally defended as "it's natural" (motte and bailey using the wanking part to defend the porn part, but you get the idea).

You can wank if you manage it properly, like any good thing, but wanking too much takes up time and makes you a bit coom-brained (see /h/ or /d/), and not wanking isn't going to make you gigachad with 6 figure T levels like nofap or christ-cucks imply.

>> No.15496708

End game is dressing up like a retarded woman and acting like a pansy on discord, harassing anonymous users of a taiwanese fingerpainting forum

>> No.15497856

>unlike with drugs it is always available
real pro drug addicts assure themselves of infinite supply. all those ppl who grow their own weed do so as a means of never worrying about running out. same goes for the people who have enormous wine cellars or cigar humidors

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Scientists take bribes to promote masturbation because they porno industry pays them to do that and scientists have no consciences or ethics or accountability for telling lies so the willingly accept the bribes, publish falsehood and then beg for more bribes, it really is that simple

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What the fuck is the point of this? Yes a bunch of losers on /sci/ in modern year know what your relatives were thinking during your childhood. Why are you asking a board full of the dumbest people alive who think they're the smartest? It'll just be complete nonsense or schizoids.

Never mind I just got my answer.

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The first list are mostly Gnostics, except that animal torturer that was a dimwit. Faith based religions are for brainlet normies.

>> No.15498930

Jokes on them I masturbate to Japanese cartoons

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>I masturbate to Japanese cartoons
how unique and special you are, poser wannabe trying to fix in with the cool kids on 4chan by bragging about your stupid "alternative" special snowflake masturbation habits

>> No.15499642

You’re projecting.

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>Faith based religions are for brainlet normies.
>t. bill nye tier NPC

>> No.15501763

belief in The Bible isn't even faith based, you can read it and decide for yourself if its good advice or not, you can even try it out in practice and see for yourself if you think it's a smart way of life, theres no blind faith required.
belief in science required blind faith because you're placing your trust in people who change their stories constantly, The Bible does not have that flaw

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How did a thread about the health effects of masturbation end up being a religious debate? Is there any scientific consensus on if masturbation is harmful or not?

>> No.15502342

Actually there are many BENEFITS of masturbation.

Basically all my kids were done through insemination (they collect my semen separately and inject it into my woman).

The age of semen and having frequent ejaculations improved my semen levels in the studies. Optimally I needed to ejaculate every 2 days.

>> No.15502348

>Gets orgasm when he picks his nose and eats the boogers
So that's why they sometimes call it treasure hunting and such.

>> No.15503126

Whenever religious people have an opinion on something, the science becomes irrelevant.

>> No.15503200

[Citation needed]

>> No.15503216

Maybe if you had the attention span to read a single sentence you would be able to understand you retarded ape

>> No.15504192

Scientists are all repressed losers that no woman would ever be interested in, of course its easy to get them to say jacking off is good. The also probably say wearing glasses and being incapable of lifting 50lbs is healthy

>> No.15504553

Alas, another masturbator falls prey to its deleterious side effects...

>> No.15505119 [DELETED] 

It is clearly harmful, the evolutionary purpose of expending sexual energy is not wasting it for pleasure, its for breeding

>> No.15506234 [DELETED] 
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>fucking dogs is good
>t. scientist

>> No.15506261

If you can muster the strength, courage and willpower, I would say from personal experience thay not masturbating, or at least attempting to regularly abstain, is a far healthier lifestyle than masturbating regularly. During the time I'm not masturbating I usually have better reasoning, am happier, and see a rapid change in my focus and in others. I csn focus easier and am more honest with myself, which helps me grow and improve several area's of my life, since, in the end, masturbsting is not real: it's an illusion, and you're disillusioning yourself when you do it.

It's hard to maintain though, especially if you're single and lonely. Your dick basically is a drug you always have access to. In general, having self control is better than not, and it's important to remind yourself it's "not real", you're still alone when it's over, and I'm usually feeling way worse after than I did before, both physifally and mentally, and this is to say nothing of the spiritual decay it causes, if you believe in God at all. My 2 cents.

>> No.15506268

This. On the most basic, fundamental, foundational level, God never, EVER changes his ordinations. Humans on the other hand change them rapidly and constantly. From this aspect, it amazes me people don't beliebe in God at all, but will eagerly accept rando scientists who regulsrly contradict themselves.

>> No.15506448

Problem is while God doesn't change the Bible, people do, and the current Bible is pretty far gone from historical versions, with all these randoms in churches adding on thier interpretations and thoughts within their "translations" over the years. It's gotten to the point where some sects legitimately reject certain entire sections of the Bible, most common being the Apocryphal texts. Even just pick up a modern version like NIV or ESV and many versions will have a section detailing chnages from previous versions.

Check out the Quran for a religious text that has no evidence of being changed since its inception

>> No.15507585 [DELETED] 

scientists tell them it's ok to jack off, which is what masturbators want to hear