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Bro Im 140 IQ and I like scat and im more productive than any retard who will state anything else. Even animals have paraphilias and we cant genetically breed it out like we are nazies or smth. Take tylenol and masturbate and hope to get dysfunction

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Checked. Nice trips, Satan.
Lay off the turds.

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solid state researcher + pedo reporting in

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kill yourself unironically

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buddhism has produced several effective techniques

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Literally just have a modicum of self-restraint. Everyone has some weird sexual fetish, but most people are not degenerate enough to indulge it

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>kill yourself unironically
find me and do it yourself tough guy.

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kinda sounds like most people are pussies. imagine giving into to peer pressure when you are literally alone in your room in the dark.

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>tfw fimdom fetish but I'm a poorfag

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Stop watching porn.

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