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/pol/ didn't solve this. Does /sci/ know the answer?

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It's D, otherwise it would be "four, eight, one and nine"

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Wrong. If it was D it would say one eight, one nine, one four. It doesn't.

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Do you see OP saying that there are four and eight of some number you fucking troglodyte?

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If you pick D you are a midwit redditor with impaired language processing capability and should leave immediately

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It's D. Any other answer is ESL or just excels in science or math over English language.

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Some of you are struggling.

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The answer is N. Nigger. The answer is nigger.

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Add an Oxford comma you goddamn retard. Seriously, there was a 5 million dollar lawsuit because of the lack of an Oxford comma and an idiot like you thinks it's unnecessary.


Oh, look at my ambiguous sentence that lacks an Oxford comma. I'm so smart because I don't know the ambiguity caused by its lack literally cost 5 million in a court case. Nobody is as brilliant as me!

Fuck off.

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It can be anything containing those numbers with numbers in between as it doesnt specify only those numbers so maybe the wojack who made this should learn english and word the question better

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Oxford comma is the most retarded thing ever. Intelligent people use a colon.

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>Inconsistent language is ok for D but not for B

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> /pol/ didn't solve this
This happens because people on /pol/ are generally not familiar with the idea of formal languages. These languages help to avoid ambiguity. There is no correct answer here.

That said, C seems most logical to me. It satisfies this answer the best.

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That's exactly what they ended up doing.

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The only colon you're using is the one you're being fucked in.

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it's both B & D

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>four, eight and one nine
>four COMMA eight
So 4 and 8 are part of the numbers.
So either B or D. I'd say B because it makes no sense to single out one 9 and not do the same for 4 and 8. It would have to be one four, one eight, and one nine.

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{four}, {eight}, and {one nine}

It's D.

A = Four eights and one nine
B = Four, eight, one, and nine
C = Four eights, one, and nine

It's made more complicated by leaving out the Oxford comma but a lot of people were taught that it was optional or downright incorrect, so I can't blame them.

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Whenever ',' is ignored it's A
Whenever 'and' is ignored it's C
Whenever ',' and 'and' are ignored it's B
in other case it's D hence D is in the context of the English language

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I don't think any of them are correct.
A = four eights and one nine
B = one four, one eight, one one, and one nine
C = four eights, one one, and one nine
D = one four, one eight, and one nine

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>t. retard

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>t. extra retard

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