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Why is human cloning frowned upon or banned, even if it's just stem cells or organs used for research or medicine? We're just letting the Chinese get away with more cloning than we'd ever do. Most western countries have outright banned cloning of any part of a human being. It's stupid. I know our nuclei in the egg cell is too hard to work with, but advancements in human cloning seems to be stifled to begin with.

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>transhumanist propaganda thread

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Literally why aren't we just making batches of people with sperm and eggs instead of importing 80iq invaders?

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People even think IVF is evil. I have no idea why. They think stopping the incidence of Down's Syndrome and whatever else is "playing God"

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Devolve fleshling

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doesn't matter if you dont like it. If it gives a society a significant advantage, you'll have to adopt it to be competitive. Red indians adopted muskets and horses.

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Show us the source of this image, if you can't then you're a lying piece of shit

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>You genetically modify someone to remove the retard gene or create a clone without it
>oops! Turns out you need that gene for this that and this thing! And we only noticed this later on in the clones life!
This person with silly modified genes breeds and passes on his newfound diseases. Also there’s the idea that clones probably don’t have souls. You don’t want soulless people walking around and about

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Soul is a theological belief, therefore subjective. Even if you see clones as souless, that shouldn't invalidate their existence. You are right in your first statement though.

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it creates uncomfortable philosophical questions regarding individuality and the concept of the soul, which upsets people.

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Nice argument, faggot. By your religious logic there are things witch lack a soul (animals, plants, even some people if you're one of those /pol/tard idiots). So what difference would it make to have a "souless" human?

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This is like arguing that caves are superior to wood houses because the cave is technically alive and can’t be easily destroyed by natural forces. JS. If you were genetically modified and could easily have a neural link vs others to insta be in the 180IQ range without the negative social anxieties of hyper-intellect… you would and so would I so stfu pussy bitch. Real men don’t beat their sons for outsmarting them like your dad, real men encourage their sons to be better than themselves. It’s called wisdom and is a very slow boat ride but you can’t see the forest through the trees per se.

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>transhumanist propaganda thread.
transhumanists are all far too selfish to ever consider caring for anyone other than themselves, not even their own children. why do they presume they should be cloned? why would anyone want more of that type of person around? it is fortunate they can't or won't breed, thats the only upside of them.

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Cloning monkeys is great because more monkeys means more chance I will see them have their eyes drilled out by some third worlder for NFTs or something