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Is most facial skin aging we commonly attribute to getting older really caused by long term exposure to the sun?

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Only part of it. The skin texture is attacked by the sun, sure, but the skin will also sag due to changes in fat, muscle and bone distributions. Sun damage will cause many small but dense wrinkles

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Your facial bones change as you get older, which causes a fair bit of sagging as you lose support.

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>citation needed

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I've literally stayed inside since I turned 18, I'm 40 now and still look the same

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What can repair my sagging bones?

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> we
lol. blush, blood will return to face, and with it life will return.

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Your head is further from the Earth so it ages faster.
That's why.

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Scientists should study the skin of modern cave dwellers.

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scientists will do only what their sponsors will tell them to do. government.

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Then why do ''elites'' age so badly?

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they are stupid and part of this toxic society.

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>Look like I've hardly changed in ten years.
>Probably look better because I lost a fair bit of weight
>The reaper's scythe has come for my hairline
I shaved some years back and it looked alright though so it won't be too horrible. Besides, I'm in my thirties and I can't look like a college kid forever.

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