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What aspect of science do you FUCKING LOVE the most?

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The fact that quantum mechanics is deeply connected with free will and consciousness.

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the fact that it makes me live longer

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I love that XY chromosomes makes you male and never ever female

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I fucking love the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

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>live longer

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When physicists/chemists and engineers get a lot of funding and have the opportunity to just try shit and see what sticks. That's gotta be a really fun work environment.

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I like all the dumb loser nerds and their transparently fake personalities and glaring psychological insecurity and desperation to appear intelligent, they're all so easy to manipulate.
>only high iq people are smart enough to tongue my anus
>the normies are way too stupid to suck my cock and give me money

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can you please explain penrose's argument for why consciousness is not turing computable, and why you require quantum mechanics for it to emerge?