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But seriously, if you took a shit from a high attitude (I don't know why or how) and it landed on somebody, what would the result be?

I keep thinking the impact velocity would kill them.

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Depends on what you ate before. If you had mexican food from a trolley, you probably arent killing anyone

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the terminal velocity of human shit would be pretty low

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>what would the result be?
A lawsuit

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That happens quite frequently. Many airplanes empty the contents of their toilets during the flight by simply dropping them. So far it had no relevant impact other than people complaining about the smell.

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my shits after I eat exclusively cheese, and pure rock because of all the calcium, but they're hard to come out without salad.

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that's illegal, and they don't even install such a "button", you memester.

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if you were to shit, and were to be released from a Boeing jet at cruising altitude, it would undergo a process called atmospheric dispersion. This means that the fecal matter would be broken down into small particles and dispersed over a large area due to the high winds and atmospheric conditions at cruising altitude.

While it is unlikely that the dispersed fecal matter would directly cause harm to humans, there is a potential risk of contamination with harmful bacteria and viruses that are present in fecal matter. If this contaminated matter were to come into contact with a person, either through ingestion or contact with an open wound, it could potentially cause illness or infection.

However, it is important to note that the likelihood of this happening is very low. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strict regulations in place to prevent the release of waste from aircraft and requires all waste to be disposed of properly on the ground.

In summary, while there is a potential risk of contamination from fecal matter released from a Boeing jet at cruising altitude, it is unlikely to directly cause harm to humans and the risk is mitigated by strict regulations in place to prevent such incidents.

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terminal velocity of liquids is generally low due to surface tension. If you were dehydrated and/or low on fiber, you might be able to javelin someone.

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Thank god for these posters, they're training me to spot AI posts.
Wait, that means they're a training set that I'm exclusively studying...

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>of liquids
eat only cheese for a day and you'll make a shit like nibbler's from futurama

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>Nibbler shits dark matter
>it's super dense
>Dark Matter is the eponym of the universal repulsive force

were the Futurama writers having a giggle at us?

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it would break apart from terminal velocity