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Where are all the Aliens !?

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In my ass

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Alien Space Station?

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far away
I suppose if they're observed us, they'll still see earth as a fiery hot ball with no life. Or if they're close enough, they might see someone building pyramids or some shit

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There are none, calculate the odds for live spawning it's impossible odds

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Kill Aliens. Behead Aliens. Power armour kick an Alien into the concrete. Slam dunk a Little Green Man into the trashcan. Crucify filthy Xenos. Defecate in a Martian’s food. Launch UFOs into the sun. Stir fry Greys in a wok. Toss Aliens into active volcanoes. Urinate into an Alien’s fuel rod. Judo throw Aliens into a plasma cutter. Twist Greys heads off. Report Aliens to XCOM. Karate chop Aliens in half. Step on disgusting Alien eggs. Trap Aliens in quicksand. Crush Aliens in the trash compactor. Liquefy Aliens in a vat of acid. Probe Aliens. Dissect Aliens. Exterminate Aliens in the gas chamber. Stomp Alien skulls with mech-powered boots. Cremate Aliens in the oven. Lobotomize Aliens. Mandatory abortions for Aliens. Grind Facehuggers in the garbage disposal. Drown Aliens in fried chicken grease. Vaporize Aliens with their own ray guns. Kick Reptilians down the stairs. Feed Aliens to alligators. Slice Aliens with lightsabers.

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silly brainlets, you can just fold space, and travel in an instant.

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Guys, do you think aliens can solve the hard problem of consciousness?

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I fucking love science too

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I don't understand. Could you show it to me on paper?

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Unironically over Ukraine.


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Everyone asks where are all the aliens. But no one asks how are all the aliens...

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The Pentagon and DNI have practically admitted they exist

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They are probing your mother right now.

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they aren't

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That same formula suggest successful protein folds never happen at all, which is one of the conundrums in the field they've been applying AI to. It happens all the time, yet the math says it shouldn't. The AI similarly creates more useful folds than it should. So either the math is wrong or something else is going on.

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With current estimates there should be at least another one in the galaxy. Anyway that doesn't take in consideration the possibility of ancient non human civilizations living underground.

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its really easy to create good folds. the issue is midwits can't feel it. they can't see it. they need fancy ass math models to do it for them, which obviously fail. unironically shake a bunch of shit in a can as a model instead of using computers. you will get useful folds. it takes some practice.

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Somewhere very very far away. I'm 100 percent they exist. I'm also 100 percent sure we will never meet them. The distances are too vast and we won't ever even get close to the speed of light. Good luck visiting other solar systems lol. Sorry star trek fans.

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Doesn't matter. The universe is infinite. That means even the lowest probability happens infinitely many times.

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stelliferous era is 100t years
we are the early ancient aliens

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Why does the image of that alien in the picture have a tribal tatoo on it's left cheek?

What a chav.

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even if that was true, it'd be irrelevant since the next place this "low probability event" happens in is ~10^100 Hubble volumes away from here.

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Doesn't matter because aliens know how to travel faster than light by bending spacetime like a sheet of paper.

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This world lied to you about literally everything. Either half-truths, false concepts, or blatant lies. To confuse you and give you a false understanding of the world, mankind, time, history, and your place in it. So that you dedicate your life, soul, and energy to their doctrines in which they have full authority over every aspect. They control Science™, they are the priests that ex-plain and ex-plane the earth for you, they wield that trademark, and that means they control our space in life (if we give them authority over the earth).
Right from the start this world lied to you about the very ground you stand on, the 3 dimensional reality you live in. A fundamental lie, and everything people derive from this false reality will consequently be some kind of falsehood. We are now at the point where mankind believes they are mutated animals, and they are spinning around themselves on a perfectly spherical rock in random space that exploded once. A psy-op, mental conditioning. Do not underestimate the spiritual life-guiding implications of this godless concept. Most people are not level-headed, they are not stationary, they are not based, they are incapable to see physical truth at this point. Common sense isn't really all that common anymore. They rather believe in jewish mysticism like space-time and relativity, which leads to everything being "relative". No distinct up and down, which leads to good and evil being "relative", male and female being "relative", all empty space and imaginations in our mind. Let that sink in, the majority of people ultimately don't even know what is UP and what is DOWN. In other words, there is no absolute truth in this universe.

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Oh no, the world is confusing, I don't understand it, that must mean everything is a lie! Look how smart I am, denying everything ever taught me, even when I can readily verify it to be true. The truth is a Jewish lie! Weee! I'm freeeeee!

You can fuck right off to your own reality, but I promise, and can tell you from personal experience, this one will eventually catch up and punish you for it.

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no they don't
also, they don't exist
if they did, and could traver ftl, then the "where are they" meme wouldn't be a thing

even if they did exist, God rules over all

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Probably at the bottom of a frozen body of fluid. Some microbes and shit.

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>You can fuck right off
>catch up and punish you
Careful your kikeness shows Moshe. Are you usually this miserable or is it just today?

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Not as miserable as I was when I was you.

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Maybe they've been here but they're invisible. Or just very small. What about that?

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We are aliens! It's all relative. SCIENCE BABY HELL YEAH!

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Happening! We found them!

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imagine falling for this crap

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He's a Stanford professor. What's your academic rank again?

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4channel AND 4chan professor

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>"If they were up your ass you'd know!"

- Carl Sagan

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This. It's not a secret anymore.

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there have been articles from astronomers that there is life on mars, the moon or venus for 200+ years now
there really is nothing new under the sun


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also, imagine thinking academic rank means anything
professors are still fallible, they could be wrong about anything, even everything they say

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It's possible we're the only intelligent life in the galaxy. And every day that passes where we collect more data that's becoming increasingly likely.

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look in the mirror

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Ayyy lmao

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credentials check out

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There are ayys and there are "ayys".