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>Tendon and muscle tears
>Slipped discs
>Cancer and autoimmune diseases
>Nerve damage
These are irreversible things that still happen to people in the modern era, and yet medicine still has no solution for them?
No. Medications aren't solutions. I'm talking full on cures. Why has there been no advancement?

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Oh and I forgot scars and scar tissue.

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Curing people is unprofitable.

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>bro just cure cancer bro its so simple

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Oh sorry it's been how many decades and trillions?

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Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971. 50 years later we're 50 years closer to the goal at least.

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curing shit doesn't pay, treating it does

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funny how the downfall of all our institutions seems to have started in the 70's...

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Flip side is we're making great progress in making fake vaginas and cocks out of various other body parts.

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Reminder that Nixon did nothing wrong and that half the watergate burglers were CIA plants.
Glowies corrupting the system from within has been happening since at least the start of the cold war. Major declines in public trust happened after the fall of the berlin wall, the war on terror, and chink flu.


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Not only is there no financial incentive to improve medicine, it's actually the opposite. A finance minded person in the medical field should be trying to make medicine worse.

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>A finance minded person
so a person with no morals who is only interested in personal gain
an atheist

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You should've realized that the medical industry are full of scumbags that only want money ever since their shilling of Stem Cell for over 50 years and allowing insurance to take over everything.

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what the actual fuck are you talking about tendons and muscle tears arent curable? are you writing this post from the 1800s? i had a severed fucking nerve in my elbow and i fixed it by myself, well i cant even say i fixed it, i just took care of it and rested it and the nerve reconnected itself. scar tissue? lasers. the only thing that really remain are cancers and autoimmune diseases and im willing to bet those are still mostly curable with the right medications

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>Why has there been no advancement?
yes there has just not in the USA

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>just not in the USA
Europeans haven't been innovative since the 20th century. Japan, Korea and China just copy our textbooks and haven't done anything new or innovative in medicine.

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>Europeans haven't been innovative since the 20th century
They weren't then either, except during Hitler reign over Germany. Before that Karl Benz was the last significant European innovator. The downfall of Christianity in Europe was the end of everything which once allowed Europeans to dominate the planet.

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>Karl Benz
We're talking about medicine, retard, not fucking cars. Europeans were heavily influential in medicine and then Americans overtook them. Now Americans are stagnating and there is no one to pass the torch, everyone is a fucking retard.

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did i say europe? and no, i wont spoon feed you.

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You can't spoonfeed anything since medicine is stagnant, all you do is waste everyone's time and shitpost.

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biology is complicated, humans are dumb

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That is why all patents and copyrights must be abolished.

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There is no consequence for failure to progress, instead the failures are rewarded

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Read the emperor of all maladies if you really believe we haven't progressed in cancer. It's an awful disease, but we've gone from "you will die in 3 months or you're going to almost certainly die from the VAMP protocol" to being able to appropriately manage many cases. Cancer is many diseases, and Immunotherapies, specialized tests (e.g. HER2+ breast cancers) targeted radiation therapies that can localize to a tiny portion of the tumor, and better screening protocols have improved cancer survivability significantly in the past 50 years for specific types of cancer.

We also have good reason to be optimistic on the horizon. The cost of Sequencing a human genome has gone from millions to ~ 1,000 dollars, we have new tools to create more precise and targeted therapies, while cancer is not getting any cleverer.

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Jew worshipers are fucking morons. Kys

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who pays scientists? government. fuck government.

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This shit allowed the most retarded way of treatment, by telling people they will die a horrible suffering death.
They started with giving people literally arsenicals and mercury.
Then they progressed with injecting people mustard gas and some derivated into their veins.
And of course it turned cancer into this beautiful visual marketable journey of vommiting, hairloss and dying with huge suffering.

The """progress""" comes from:
>poisoning the people less with updated poison cocktails
>never treating the cause of cancer
>but the cancer gets killed
>and also the vitality and life quality of the patient
>and often they die because of this therapy

Most cancers untreated would lead to a better outcome than, the """detection""" of a potential cancer, and then coercing people with a fear meme campaign into signing a contract, to get poisoned with the hope it also poisons the cancer away.
The meme and the folklore of cancer made cancer into what it is now.
Cancer = hairloss and suffering.
When in fact its:
Cancer => coersion into chemo => hairloss and suffering
And then people say: "LOOK WHAT CANCER DID TO HER!!!"
>quick put money in this charity to fight """"cancer""""

People and doctors to everything to fight cancer, except attempting:
>change in life style
>minimal invasive therapies
>and using chemo as the final weapon if nothing else helps

Cancer is a meme enhanced disease, which allows the system to slowkill you while they extract money from you and turn you into a pile of sadness and social burden for everyone who loves you.
And that is an amazing business model

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>half the watergate burglers were CIA plants
you've fallen for misinformation. The "burglers" were nothing more than the best and brightest freelance journalists who got the ultimate scoop on the democrats, complete proof of their crimes. What does the media do when such a supreme threat looms up to destroy them? Why, they lie and cheat, of course. Make a massive deal over the "theft" while completely ignoring what exactly was "stolen" and why it was obtained in the first place. That's the real issue here. On a related note, Nixon did literally nothing wrong. He made the politically retarded move of covering for his fuckup friends because they are friends, despite the fact that he had literally no knowledge or involvement in their activities. As president, he should have known to disavow and move on.

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you're both wrong, medicine is getting better at an incredible pace, and practically all gains are being done in the US. These patents are then stolen by the French (mainly, the French, which may surprise many idiots who assume China has a larger role than it actually does) who them disseminate the information to the rest of Europe where it is then poorly imitated by China, Israel, etc.
There is little decent medical research outside of the US, most of which comes from the Nordic states, and every so often you hear of some new wacky treatment out of Germany. but you never hear about anyone east or south of Germany doing fuckall, because they don't do anything.

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Wow you're fucking stupid.
Cancer is not just a single disease.
There are a shit-load of cancer variants that have successful treatment options, but because cancer's such a catch-all for "Fuck, my body fucked up and started mutating" retards like you go
> No cure for cancer? Gooberment bad!!11!

Shut the fuck up, and let the medical prfessionals do their work. Good treatments take time to develope, and a cure for one type of cancer is not applicable to all types.

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why are you acting like we can't print hearts now

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This might be true for autoimmune diseases, but not for anything else. We can't even diagnose most types of nerve damage the field of neurology first got established. We've known about peripheral neuropathy for centuries, yet we are hopeless in even treating it. Most doctors throw random things like Vitamin B, exercising and sleep, stress reduction because they truly do not know how to even manage it.

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ever since the field of neurology got established*

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I don't know what exactly you adressed.
I never said: "please cure cancer, or goberment bad"

May claim is pretty much to the contrary:
>do less
>go less invasive
>use minimal necessary force
Because the current environment is like this:

>you have cancer, you will die tomorrow unless we inject the whole kitchen sink of chemo therapy into you right now
>you will die otherwise
>here is a slideshow of people who died from cancer (shows pictures of chemo side effected people)
>this will happen to you if you don't get the chemo RIGHT FUCKIN' NOW
>please sign here, that we do not guarantee for everything and acknowledge that this treatment sterilizes you

The "folklore" arround cancer is horrible. It is a retarded spiral of sadness.
And the therapy is overkill.
And thats why so many opose chemotherapy, not because it is ineffective, because it is overkill.

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Because most of it is a total scam to plunder your bank accounts while they slowly murder you.

You think they write honest death certificates after they just fucking poisoned and irradiated your body for months on end until you wither away and die?

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No, he's right. Most Chemotherapeutic regiments do more harm than good. Chemo probably kills as many people as Cancer.

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Obviously it's important to have frank discussions with patients about goals of care. It's entirely reasonable to decline aggressive medical / surgical / radiation therapy if prognosis is poor anyway, and many people with cancer do. Are there doctors who push for futile interventions? I'm sure there are. But just as often this comes from the family / patient being in denial and wanting "everything done" to prolong life at the expense of comfort.

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Most people who get cancer never know about it and it just goes away. But go to the medical industry, get enough prescreenings and you'll get cancer, then they'll torture you to death while charging you for the "privilege" of their "expertise" (btw, most doctors will lose their medical license if they don't prescribe chemo or surgery for cancer, even if they know better).

Chemo definitely kills more people than cancer.
and the full version:

When someone gets cancer, they're worth hundreds of thousands to the medical industry. All the brain dead idiots who buy into the marketing in TV and movies will just shout "trust the experts". One of the most popular shows in recent years, Breaking Bad, is founded upon the idea that if you get cancer, you must spend all that you have on "treatments", but water fasting has been used to completely remove "terminal" lemon-sized tumors in a case, I've seen the x-rays.

It's all just a huge fucking racket and the dumb fucking useful idiots who worship doctors and politicians just get in the way of anything ever improving for us.

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>prognosis is poor anyway
And if prognosis is not poor?

And yes I agree. The whole scare jawdrop moment of a cancer diagnosis leads to people pushing you into chemo.
But still it is based on folklore that cancer means death and cancer means a path of sudfering, because they all equate cancer with it's therapy.
Which is most of the time more invasive than evidence of the current attempts to controll it suggest.
Because people do not attempt anything.
They skip, and go:
"Nuke my body, more side effects means it works more!"

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how close are we?

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Medicine has progressed, retard-kun

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yep, the art of stupefying cattle progressed significantly

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You can't get most cancers unless your immune system has collapsed.

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>immune system
another globohomo invention. "system" is absolutely unscientific term, basically cool version of "something"

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this would be funnier if it weren't depressingly true

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Tendons heal. Mine did.

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who says it hasn't progressed? it gets more profitable every year

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>muscle tears

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You're thinking about trannies again

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>Chemo probably kills as many people as Cancer.
There is not a single study of what happens when you let cancer progress.
Literally nobody know what happens, if you have cancer.
Because in the slightes hint of cancer, they to invasive shit to you.
Let it be biopsies, surgery, radiation therapy and chemo.
Also even to DETECT it, they require you to get injected with iodinated contrast agents or Gadolinium based agents.

Which is also toxic:

it is commonly known that contrasting causes toxic symptoms:
> contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN)

Literally NOBODY knows scientifically what happens if you have cancer.
Because to detect it, you are required to have at least one procedure which is invasive and mostly toxic.

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That's like saying there's not a single study on what happens when you let someone suffocate.
We know cancer eventually shuts your organs down, killing you, so that's why we try to get rid of it.

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It's really that easy

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>its so simple
It actually is. Stop eating for two weeks.

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lol. stop breathing too.

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curing impossible, because you need to pull a guy from it's toxic environment (family, workplace), and improving diet (expensive). and for what? we are overpopulated. total. human. death.

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Fatties want pills from the doctors, not something that requires effort.
And starving yourself a bit eorks because cancer gets starved even more. No growth without food and the immune system constantly attacking without growth to offset the losses results in shrinking cancer. Also, autophagy will increase.

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>We know cancer eventually shuts your organs down, killing you, so that's why we try to get rid of it.
No we don't.
We would know if we would have placebo controlled trial.
Nobody knows.
And no it's not like suffocating, because we literally know what happens when somebody suffocates without intervention.

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I do a water fasting for 21 days once a year.
I know for amerifats its impossible to not eat for like 45 minutes.
I get it, for you eating is like breathing.

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>And starving yourself a bit eorks because cancer gets starved even more. No growth without food and the immune system constantly attacking without growth to offset the losses results in shrinking cancer. Also, autophagy will increase.

Nothing gets """starved""...
You just stop using your "machinery" and allow it to switch into "maintance mode".
You cannot deep clean the kitchen while you cook.

If your body stops wasing energy on the breakdown of food, it will clean its self.
You do something similar to a fishtank.
You can refill water, but sooner or later, you completely have to clean the filter and exchange all the water, otherwise the fish will get sick

Thats what a fasting is.
You allow your body, to clean its filters, and it's tubes.
>liver, kidney, lung, colon, lung, spleen

You have 3 main parts of the nervous system.
>autonomous (para sympathetic)
>fight and flight (sympathetic)
>digestive and lower bowel (enteric nervoussystem)
If you always have to split the "capacity" between all of those, there is less energy to clean shit up.
So you allow it to just have a "down time" for "maintainance".
Don't make it complicated.

I for example do way better in sports, when I am fasting, and am just hydrated enough.

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Of course there are no placebo controlled trials. Experimental treatments are compared to standard of care because denying active treatment for life threatening illness would be unconscionable.

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Fuck you mean medicine hasn't progressed you retard? If you were to have a surgical intervention sixty years ago I would've been under thiopental+morphine+halothane while being half awake and holding a 40mmHg MAP. Not to mention the massive bleeding and the brutality of administration of 3x crystalloid per cc of blood loss. If you were to have the same intervention two hundred years ago you'd be given half a bottle of rum and a wet towel to the mouth to deal with hacksaw tearing you apart.
Medicine is one of the fields with the most growth and discoveries made by year. There are hundreds of symposiums, meets and congresses organized each year. The fact that medicine doesn't focus on your menial shit don't mean it's not making huge leaps every year.
>buh bububut my knee still feefee
Fuck your knee nigger. Art will never equal nature.
I fucking hate this internet shit, allowing retards to have a louder voice than they deserve. KYS.

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>Experimental treatments are compared to standard of care because denying active treatment for life threatening illness would be unconscionable.
>for life threatening illness

This includes the claim, that the phenomenon of a cancer is a threat of which we would exactly know the impact.
So this is a tautology.

The knowledge of the natural course of a cancer is unknown, so the qualitative assessment of "life threatening illness" is based on folklore.
>we compare how patient dies if we compare arsenic injection to mercury injection, but never no therapy
>we compare how patient dies if we compare mercury against mustard gas, but never no therapy
>we compare how patient dies if we compare mercury against [petrochemical or former pesticide], but never no therapy
And this shit went on since the early 1900s.

It's literally:
>we only compare poison vs. lesser poison but never no poison

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> I
another personal story shill, troost me bro!

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you should realize cancer has been a thing for hundreds, even thousands, of years and was killing people well before those scary evil chemicals were used.
>since the early 1900s
cool so how successful were people with cancer in the 1700s, genius?

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mercury is not chemical, and the word "cancer" is only a word that was used arbitrary for "whatever".

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>cool so how successful were people with cancer in the 1700s, genius?

How the fuck can ANYONE know this when all they did was
>blood letting
>giving mercury
>giving arsenic
>giving antomonials
>letting blood
>ice baths
>electroyshock therapy
>bathing people in tar and ethanol
>giving people strychnin and ether
>givin people heroin

Since the beginning of time sharlatans or "doctors" attempt to "cure" people by administering them mercury, arsenic and doing horrific """therapies""" which if the patient is not terminally ill, the certainly were afterwards.

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>you should realize cancer has been a thing for hundreds, even thousands, of years

And then what?
when people had any ailment, no study was conducted.
And then there came """established""" treatment protocolls, which then became """standard of care""" protocolls.
Such as giving people arsenicals and mercurials.

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You don't believe in viruses...
But believe in the meme:
>we need to be permanently stuffed
>and full
>never fell hunger
and believe the doctors claims that
>(((fasting is dangerous)))




it's known that animals have fasting periods (seemingly sponanous)

You can literally try it for free.
Imagine that, it's free, you even save money.
Imagine how much it hurts certain tribes to hear this?!

Maybe you change your mind on it, when trying a 14 day water fast and then work your way up to 21 days.

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I know viruses don't exist. I know. It's already settled fact, so you can relax.

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> The mercury compound known as cinnabar was recorded as a component of the red pigments in Paleolithic cave paintings of 30,000 years ago in Spain and France. Mercury was found in Egyptian tombs that date from 1500 BC. In China and Tibet, mercury use was thought to prolong life, heal fractures, and maintain generally good health, although it is now known that exposure to mercury vapor leads to serious adverse health effects.

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thank you for making yourself so easy to filter

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you cannot. you are a shill and must react to truth with poisoning and distraction.

>> No.15415897

At least all that stuff is helpful whether you have a disease or not.

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I have seen so many byes, shill lmao

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You dumb bitch, sometimes people die for no reason at all, no chemicals, no arsenic, no iodine or anything youre scared of; and only discovered in autopsy would be a fucking brain tumor. I'm sure it's happened many times throughout history.

Other times you might get really unlucky with bone cancer, and live in excruciating agony until it eventually stops your heart or something. Excruciating pain is bad right? Or would that cancer also be secretly benign too?

Your perspective is so needlessly retarded that I'm convinced youre arguing on purpose just to troll the le science board.

>> No.15415946

> die for no reason
1. there's always a reason
2. take meds

>> No.15415961

Places with spiritual happiness and meaningful lives do not fear death as much as Americans, so of course medical funding is a lesser concern.

>> No.15415962

A symptom of poisoning
>fight the symptom of poisoning by giving more poison

>Other times you might get really unlucky with bone cancer, and live in excruciating agony until it eventually stops your heart or something. Excruciating pain is bad right?
Do you know that they literally trick people into getting arsenic trioxide injected as bone cancer therapy?

I wonder what leads to what exactly.

What leads to cancer?
Contamination by:
>aluminium nanoparticles from vaccine adjuvants
>plastic softeners
>taking drugs
>eating burned food
>eating dye

Cancer is a symptom of accumulation of carcinogens which is nothing but a fancy term for "poison".

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dude, this is a must read
really eye reopening. it not just about "syphilis"

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>I'm talking full on cures. Why has there been no advancement?
There's cures for the shit you mentioned being developed right now, the claim now is that "vaccines against autoimmunity" based on mRNA technology will hit the market some time in the 2030's

After the clotshot i'd be VERY fucking skeptical about anything mRNA THOUGHbeit

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Yeah, they're horrendous.

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Smallpox Inoculation in Britain, 1721-1830
"By the 1750s, purges
containing mercury and antimony were the standard medicines used in
p re p a ra tio n .^ As in the treatment of smallpox, writers gave more and more
precise instructions as to the form of medicines, most of which contained
mercury and antimony. Aethiop’s mineral, calomel, and James' powder were
45 m ost commonly recommended. Most writers advocated giving three or
four purges interspersed with smaller doses of calomel and antimonals.
Schultz described British practitioners giving calomel at night, which was
purged off the following morning. "


And then before """vaccination""" you of course had to get "purged" of the devils small pox, by taking antimony.

The literally force purged children with arsenic and antimony.

The same shit happened with all "gherapies" for "mayor epidemics".
>claim epudemic
>declare a new standard of care
>deploy standard of care even at slightest supsicion of new disease
>standard of care included literally poison
>people died
>muhst be the new disease

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Btw. The standard of care for syphillis was literally again:
>arsenic in the form of salvarsan
>prophylaxis with calomel (mercury)

Aka blue mass.

For literally every mild bodily discomfort.

And nebody wonders "why were people so terribly sick or deteriorated so quickly when they werse sick"?
Absolute kek

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>After the clotshot i'd be VERY fucking skeptical about anything mRNA THOUGHbeit
Let me correct that for you
>After the clotshot i'd be VERY fucking skeptical about anything

>> No.15417535

Show me on the doll where the tranny hurt you

>> No.15417580

Studies like that will only confuse people even more.

It would only work everyone who got treatment or didn't got the exact same results. All it would do is create a bigger mess with new worthless hypotesis.

Studies based on statistics is used as a tool to decieve the masses.

In a study like most people who got treatment would likely have higher rate of success than people who did nothing simply because a toxic placebo cure is often better than doing nothing.
The reason is because the fear propaganda against cancer.

>> No.15417901

>Medicine is one of the fields with the most growth and discoveries made by year. There are hundreds of symposiums, meets and congresses organized each year. The fact that medicine doesn't focus on your menial shit don't mean it's not making huge leaps every year.
Sounds like copium kept begging for Stem Cell funds for billions of dollars every year and yet Stem Cells are still useless.

>> No.15418482

>Literally NOBODY knows scientifically what happens if you have cancer.
hahahaha this is the /sci/ that I've heard so much about

>> No.15418577

> I
literally shill signature

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>Stem Cells are still useless.
not for turning a profit

>> No.15419831

>Why hasn't medicine progressed?
doctors are idiots and scientists are low iq

>> No.15420774

idiot is you. science is saturated. responsible for science is government.

>> No.15421136

You forgot hearing loss too.

>> No.15421716

>hahahaha this is the /sci/ that I've heard so much about
Then go ahead and post a study for breast and prostata cancer which compares:
>no invasive intervention vs chemo/surgery/radiation

And no invasive ontervention means:
>no biopsies
>no chemo meds
>no toxic contrasting injections

All cancer is worsend by:
>poking into cancer
>injecting people with toxic crap just to "re affirm its cancer"

>before we know its really cancer, we have to induce chemical and physical trauma
Is the retarded principle which leads always to
>oh it suddenly spread

>> No.15421726

>bro just fix medicine
>omg why do people die
>we’re in 2023 why am I not immortal?!!

>> No.15421799

False binary.
We live in a time in which people are younger and younger with chronic diseases, which require constant symptom supression.
Nobody gives a fuck.
They keep people alive. Yes
But cause them to become zombies.

Before they just gave out killing meds like mercury and arsenic and did rando comando suruguries which then of course lead to death in minor diseases.

They stopped these and subsequently less people died.
But instead of:
>blood letting
>electroshock therapy
>arsenicals, mercurials and antimonial

They just mildly poison the people to turn them in kept alive sick zombies.

>> No.15422633

>We live in a time in which people are younger and younger with chronic diseases, which require constant symptom supression.
no, we just have more doctors and medical insurance now, so more people abuse the system to get unneeded attention at the expense of others

>> No.15423223

so, all people die healthy? all people die.

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>Why hasn't medicine progressed?
in terms of life expectancy or in terms of profitability?

>> No.15423840

Oh yeah sure.
I know some preschool teachers, and they observe it aswell.
The children get more and more fragile and crippled.
10 years ago they barely knew a single kid with Type 1 diabetis or asthma.
Now it's at least one per class.
They have children with MS and Crohns disease.
Children new are as fragile as 75 year olds.

>> No.15424486

1.You are not a doctor, obviously
2.You are a faggot
3.Wtf is
>I'm talking full on cures
Doctors or medicine in general doesn't "cure" anything. God cures, nature cures, healers cure, doctors do not.
4.Why is the burden of proof on us? Why do doctors have to defend a position why something DOESN'T exist? Maybe you should answer why it should.

>> No.15424681

Doctors are sharlatans.
Diagnostics is reading coffee grounds.
Giving meds is mostly mithridatisation repackaged and adjusted in toxicity to reduce accute poisoning incidences

>> No.15424732

At least you haven't pulled out of the cancer wards. Yet.

>> No.15424755

1. You are not a doctor, obviously
2. You are a faggot, obviously
3. You are stupid shill

>> No.15424832

Repairs like this require things being done on the genetic and molecular level. This is hard to do artificially. Progress is being made, however slowly.

>> No.15424848
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you ask for the spartan program, hosted by Michigan state university - i only speak in universal actualities. most of the general population has no idea what goes on and thinks rape is still a good idea. there are very few smart people on this planet and they weren't good enough either. honestly, you're probably dead because the back end is all done but the front end could take 1000s of years to catch up to our work. take a look at their website and then look at the halo universe they've built and you'll have your answer anon. i'm sorry but for every smart man is 100000 monkies. just imagine we solved everything and now your average layman smithworker has to catch up, it will likely take generations of forced labor to accomplish what you're asking. go and google the rate of tech growth and you'll see exactly where I'm pointing. the first 50% took only years but the remaining 50% will take thousands honestly. it is looking like we will need to be reborn as the forge workers ourselves to get the job done. so you see it here than anon, we are all done, everything sitting in the books we just need to build them now. you can see they're too busy shit posting on pol to want to do that so we're dead. best of luck to you.

>> No.15424854
File: 33 KB, 618x394, 868714-13324746734794471-Robert-Hallberg_origin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


as you can see from this graph, the spartan program is going to take hundreds if not thousands of years to complete. which is bad news for us alive now because our lifespan is barely anything not adding the violence and ignorance they give us. this has been posted before but i post from the source itself it is www.msu.edu go and look around the world and you'll see - this post will be considered right.

>> No.15424862
File: 45 KB, 1000x1000, 110561-WHT-l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


some of us actually knew what the hell is going on, you can tell from the map that it is going to be this school as it is the pearl jewel of the most powerful country in the world. some people even say their capital is the true one, it is just something we know. if you want accuracy you'll stick with these posts and you'll see through the kike veil they have for you. racism is wrong, money should be free, the usual ect. it was a race and this school won the bid. it will just take some time anon. the shooting and all the other REAL WORLD shit holds us back a lot. maybe we should seek having children and staying back. i was caught by the fucking soldier and now they psychically rape me but i think it is not too late. fuckers. you can find my hyperlink out there and i'll guide you. [link] you'll be able to connect these posts because i was the main one running the damn program. i'll be dead but the computers will calculate that it was me who got the show running in the first place. just look for the hyperlinks from 'xbox' and you'll know it was me.

>> No.15424865

Cope harder, brainlets. You don't care about patients or health at all - you only care about your agenda. Midwit belief that you are smarter than anyone else and you have access to obscured Truth. You should kys

>> No.15424880
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i was pretty popular in my days honestly i had a lot of content about me - you probably even know me but through the veil of anonymity you probably cant progress any further. but im sure there are riddles and ways out there if you wish to enact my will. the gate belongs to me hahaha

>> No.15424927

> something something
nonsense spam

>> No.15425275
File: 144 KB, 803x699, 1672221592366095.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You don't care about patients or health at all
>be sick with cogh and clogged nose
>go to doctor
>make appointment
>be there on time
>still have to wait 1h in waiting room
>get called to doctor
>looks in my mouth
>knocks on head on several places and asks: "does this hurt?"
>proceeds with sitting down on his way to small doctors chair
>rolls to his PC
>looks at me
>said: "you have viral infection"
>*writese prescription for antibiotic amoxicilin*
>"take this antibiotic and take same rest for a week and drink a lot"
>asked: "how do you know it's viral and not bacterial?"
>*furiously rolls towards me*
>"because of your lack of green snot"
>ask: "but antibiotics only work ob bacteria I thought"
>*pulls down glasses*
>"Did you study medicine? If no, then trust me, I do this job for 25 years"
>puts prescription in my hand and sends me out
>time spent at the doctor 1h+5 minutes
>1h in the waiting room 5 minutes of doctor
>no test, no sample collected, nothing
>but he was so sure it was a viral infection.

>> No.15425297

Coworker had a vocal cord inflammation.
Went to doctor.
Looked at it.
No test.
Just said "it's a viral infection".
Prescribed "fusafungin".
Got wierd skinrash all over the body within two days.
Read the product insert.
Went with it to doctor.
Doctor said, might be a coincidence, and she should still take it.
Collegue refused, switched doctor subsequently.

Collegue still mentiones this story everytime.
Doctors point and declare.
And got license to do so.

There are a handfull of doctors who really care, but still follow all retarded and contraindicative and contradictive allopathic medical practices.

>> No.15425702
File: 397 KB, 750x1000, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right in the brain

>> No.15426512


>Most cancers untreated would lead to a better outcome than, the """detection""" of a potential cancer, and then coercing people with a fear meme campaign into signing a contract, to get poisoned with the hope it also poisons the cancer away.Bingo. The actual cellular and immunological stress of the therapy triggers malignancy. Surgery can be decent treatment where feasible and if post-operative tissue stress is reduced.

>> No.15427731
File: 70 KB, 1488x1488, 41percent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15428447
File: 189 KB, 688x445, eyyiyheucaug4wt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why hasn't medicine progressed?
it has regressed

>> No.15429612

yeah its a lot worse now than it was at the turn of the century

>> No.15429625

Check out Retraction Watch.

>> No.15429634

oh no i recognize that graph pattern. Fuck it, america really is turning into medieval france isn't it? Gotta move.

>> No.15430047

post the medieval france graph

>> No.15430676

John Trump, Donald's uncle, invented radiation therapy and there has been no progress since

>> No.15431477

how many trillions wasted on "muh scientists" for no progress?

>> No.15431544

Unironically all of medicine is now just "public health". More money goes into how to make catchy posters to encourage gays to fuck each other in the ass safely than it does to discover new medical approaches to disease or injury.

>> No.15431575

It started in 1963 when our government was overthrown. LBJ's great society was essentially a terminal cancer for America (basically by design, see the Cloward Piven strategy). It just took until the 1970s for the effects to become obvious. The end of the gold standard in 1971 was the final nail in the coffin.

>> No.15431974

fact is that you cannot "do research" forever, and public official medicine is not science at all.

>> No.15432582
File: 676 KB, 2400x1386, 1672484364403070.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tumors are good for you, leave us alone and we will do no harm, trust us
>those people who got cancer and are suffering BEFORE they even diagnose it?
>nooo, those people are exposed to poisons, the same kind of poisons used to "treat" the cancer

>> No.15432719

>those people who got cancer and are suffering BEFORE they even diagnose it?
>nooo, those people are exposed to poisons
People are poisoned.
Thats why they suffer.
The tumor then is created to isolate the poisons from the rest of the system.
the tumor is bad, and should be not there.
Yet it is a symptom of poisoning.

>> No.15432726

thank you for your reply, despite my baity post, I'd like to get more insight on how you came to learn those facts

>> No.15432728
File: 23 KB, 473x546, 1642536454446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even fever is curating process.

> In his autobiography, Benvenuto Cellini tells how he was afflicted with "pocks," went shooting in the marshes, contracted a fever and was cured. Dr. Wagner-Jauregg noticed similar occurrences and was led to experiment with induced "malaria" to produce the same "cures."
> In fact the "fever cure" bids fair to become a "cure-all." It is now used in cases of gonorrhea, St. Vitus dance, arthritis, the heart wreck "caused by the rheumatic state," eye infections, undulant fever, cancer, tuberculosis, menengitis, neuritic pain, and certain diseases of childhood; although it was pointed out at the First International Congress on Fever Therapy, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, March 31, 1937, that "in all cases", "definite conclusions must await the test of time."

people were trying to "catch malaria"!

>> No.15432744
File: 227 KB, 1036x2492, cacrinogens.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'd like to get more insight on how you came to learn those facts

Poisons create cancer.
Those poisons are called carcinogens.
Before they were called mutagens.

The chronologoy of cancer is:
get poisoned -> get cancer -> feel sick -> doctor sees cancer, but no poison
It's always that way.

The cause for illness is being fucked up biochemically.
Not just random.
Something gets introduced into your system, which does not belong there.
If it cannot be excreted and accumulates, sooner or later a different mechanisms happens to "evacuate" the poisoned cells.
Tumors are a hub for poisoned cells and poisons.

>picrel is just a small list of carcinogens people are exposed at their occupation
But it's important to note, that these compounds are also in your food, on your utensils and so on.
We live in a world with a lot of crap.
Here is an example of a study which investigates the causality of poisoning and subsequent tumor formation:

Here for arsenic:

Here dioxins and cancer:

Here mercury:

here aluminium:

here antimony:

And you can now think about how many different compounds and subgroups we have of such compounds of which the effects are unknown or claimed to be different because:
"We know mercury is bad, but mercury-meme-oxide is safe to our calculations".

>> No.15432757
File: 485 KB, 640x400, dioxin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good example is yushchenko tcdd poisoning

>> No.15432765

this one is not in the pic.
"leaded gasoline"

>> No.15432787

Medicine is a fake discipline with majority of its practitioners are parrot who cant do hypothesis testing to save themselves.

>> No.15433507

We have literal A.I and space technology, yet we can't cure cancer or AIDS for some reason.

>> No.15433517

Everything is about money.

The discovery of agriculture ultimately lead to the human race's decline into greed and misery.

>> No.15433661

Wow, and I thought the decline started with industrialism

>> No.15433679

nope. humans invented farm, i.e. prison for animals, and thus became also imprisoned. now he needed to feed animals and to protect them from other animals and other humans. people lost motivation, the passion of hunt and victory, lost fire within, and children replaced prey as motivation, as sign of success to show off before other people.

>> No.15434192

it has progressed in terms of diversity and gender equality

>> No.15434714
File: 36 KB, 602x341, main-qimg-118e5d8ec67bde9773f8b6f2eb3b1338-pjlq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

& regressed by all other measures

>> No.15436170

also expense

>> No.15436803

kek, what about all these retards I eventually palliate after they refuse treatment?
>don't give me the treatment doc, itll poison me worse
>locally invasive cancer gets mets
>cue massive nausea from liver capsule stretching
>Oh no doc, I will take the chemo now. What? what do you mean, metastases? palliation? I'm so young, and my chiropractor said that everything is going so well. I'm getting a second opinion
>cue me seeing them in the emergency department, days from death vomiting their guts out

>> No.15436883

Spinal cord injury repair via stem cells was supposed to happen in the 90s.

>> No.15436884

Stem cells were supposed to be the cure for almost everything. All we really have to show for it is some successful animal studies that haven't panned out in humans.

>> No.15436894

what the fuck is a 'full on cure'? we offer treatments, not time travel.

>> No.15436991

> we

>> No.15437028

It makes WAY more money to just keep selling people halfway effective ongoing treatments.

>> No.15437083

>Here imaginairy scare story, please take sterilizing meds

>> No.15437399

really make you wonder if those success stories were just lies

>> No.15438428

Stem Cells are a scam. Literally made up to waste funding money.

>> No.15439018

thats asking a lot
i'd be satisfied if it would just stop getting worse

>> No.15439313
File: 90 KB, 500x604, 7kubol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it can't. it's saturation crisis, everything is getting worse, music, films, entertainment industry, science (which is mostly entertainment now), software. turns out the idea that you can innovate and research infinitely is very preposterous. globohomo realized it millennia ago and know that the only solution to entertain people forever is to constantly lie to them, inundate them in ocean of lies, so they become stunned, weak, and stuck in "debunking loop", and stuck in rituals ("vaccination", wearing muzzles etc. are nothing but rituals) which are just sort of killing time. so it will get worse, and you goys gonna witness the greatest depression of all. that's the price for civilization, for invention of farming, for cheap instant food. that is why don juan taught Carlos castaneda "hunter spirit". today people have "cattle spirit".

>> No.15439437

The opposite, it's because,of lead deficiency.

Don Juan was fake, Castaneda made up all of it.

>> No.15439453

don juan was real, shill, castaneda lied to globohomo.
> lead deficiency
lead is poison, faggot

>> No.15439536

You should have made your denial a bit more subtle
>fags with no grasp on biology don't understand we can't actually cure anything

>> No.15439592

>You should have made your denial a bit more subtle
denial of what?

>> No.15439617

Science being done poorly. Even you, dumb.

>> No.15439708
File: 296 KB, 1045x585, 1662471469642426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Be afraid of the invisible asymptomatical death.
Be afraid the germs are very dangerous.
We know because we saw them on dead tissue in a petry dish on monkey kidney cells.
Cancer and germs kill you.
They kill everything. Except when they don't. But then you are asymptomatic.
And you are very very very sick. Trust me.
Not having symptoms is the proof for that.
You just do not notice.
But I have some supplements and medicines that will help you with the germs and the cancer.
And protect you.
You should buy them.
You should take the prophylactic, you should let some doctor finger your butthole for prophylaxis.
Trust me.
If you don't you might die.
Be afraid.

>> No.15440894

>the pain of childbirth
fake news, women love childbirth, they enjoy it, but they lie about it. the like breastfeeding and lie about that being unpleasant too, they like getting raped and they lie about that also.

>> No.15440999


>> No.15441011


>> No.15441402

>medicine got so much better
>see less infants die
>oh please ignore the fact, that we litterally poisoned women in labor with opiates and dimethyl ether
>trust me we progressed
>we didn't just play:
>poisoning and stop poisoning and then claim "we did it guys, we helped humanity"

>> No.15441411 [DELETED] 

it's almost as if humans are dumb fucking dumb dipshit retards with very little understanding of anything lmao DEUS VULT

>> No.15441485

>no progress since
kill yourself you retard

>> No.15441562

Bruh do you even medschool?
Things are so tough in medschool now because shit is getting cured. Before the nineties their was 4 drugs and everyone died

>> No.15441632

>bruh but now children and infants get more and more neonatal diabetis and coeliac disease
>trust me its genetical
>and they will have a life long burden and are unable to live a normal life
>but thats the new normal now dude
>don't ask questions
>now people don't die of infections
>but live med dependent misserable fragile lifes we can extend with symptom supressors

>> No.15442424

yep, most of science is a big lie

>> No.15443647
File: 1.01 MB, 840x740, nose_train.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>most of science is a big lie
mot of science is not even scientific.
They just write hypothetical stuff based on a thing in a petri dish, which resembles nothing that exists in the real world.
And sometimes they also torture animals to prove a point

>> No.15445271

They experiment on humans these days and have no misgivings about it. Atheists have no morality

>> No.15445402

hungry people have no morality, retard

>> No.15445530

How much money in healthcare has been wasted trying to cure things like cancer? From my perspective, it seems like there is a point where medicine goes from being worth the cost to making the cost worse. All those people with disabilities that survive birth and live off the government the rest of their life. Cancer patients taking millions of dollars in treatment over a couple years while occupying a hospital bed only to still die, or recover and recoup a fraction of what was spent on them

It's only going to get worse too as "better" more expensive treatments come out and society has this at any cost attitude, especially for countries with socialized healthcare. I actually wonder if the modern world will screw itself because it values life too much

>> No.15445537

> he thinks doctors care about health
it's already screwd for centuries, you are only blinded by propaganda ("education", MSM, Hollywood). Jesus loves you, government/scientists love you, same shit, just don't seethe and don't disturb.

>> No.15445550

its not profitable to make cures etc etc etc.

At best we can hope AI replaces scientists and doctors, and that its open source enough that it can't be controlled. The world would be a million times better off if AI was in charge and cut out all of the profit seeking parasites.

>> No.15445740

what? it's governments goal to make people weak and die quickly. see: annual budget. see: carbon trail.

>> No.15445762

Medicine has always been the most backwards and barbaric profession compared to other disciplines. Why? Because it is inherently reactionary. Medfags are in a constant state of panic trying to fix damage after it has already occured. They spend less than 6 months studying physiology, then spend the next 4+ years studyint pathalogy, surgery etc. It is a discipline that is fundamentally flawed and rotten to its core. That's why there is, still to this day, such a rediculous focus on memorisation and knowledge based medical exams. The programmes predictably churn out drones who are trained only to react and do not have the mind needed for innovation. If not for the interdisciplinary polymaths of the past, medfags would still be operating on body homurs etc.

By contrast engineering is inherently an innovative and creative profession. Students are taught modelling and design principles from day one. Graduates are ready to tackle any problem they are presented with. Hence all progress in medicine from MRIs and ultrasounds to pharmaceaticals and synthetic organs etc. all ultimately have engineering research origins. If you want solutions then we need to more bold in muscling in on their space. The new AI being built by computer scientists is a good start, but what's really needed is a full scale replacement of the human element in medicine. The detection tools we developed are already the actuators we need. It is time to cut medfags out of the loop with their retarded snail's pace clinical study based approach to advancement. Just build shit that fixes humans, stop listening to memory monkey retards who have no idea what the fuck they are doing.

>> No.15446050

medicine is business. sick people guarantee income. healthy people is unemployment.

>> No.15446320

>Why hasn't medicine progressed?
lmao you have never had cancer, have you? even the worst ones at least have good palliative treatments, and a bunch of them have good chemo/immunotherapies
hell, they are starting to use 3d printing now for prostheses.
you have to be completely ignorant and retarded to think medicine isn't advancing right now. and I don't even work in medicine, far from it.

>> No.15447018

>and I don't even work in medicine
thats what makes you an expert

>> No.15447302

did you "have covid"?

>> No.15447710

You equate the getting high on opiates fading out into death with good treatment.
Chemo has not progeessed.
>patient has prostate cancer
>give chemo
>patient dies because of a stroke
>guys we cured cancer

The book keeping of deaths and diagnosis is fucking with statistics.
They do not have book keeping for:
>all over well beeing or morbidity
They do a reductionist trick, in which they pretend miniscule differences in the represenation of symptoms are vastly different diseases, so you are shifted within the statistics.
The ICD-10 handbook is a obfuscation method.
Not only that the dwfinitions and codes change yearly, move positions and include or exclude different symptoms.
All the information and statistics and epidimiological data is based on Diagnosis, and this is based on ICD-10 coding.
Medicine progressed by obfuscate total health outcomes, with jargon and memes.

>> No.15449467

>Why hasn't medicine progressed?
It sure does get more than more expensive every year

>> No.15450675 [DELETED] 
File: 56 KB, 1024x576, Great man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Radiation therapy for cancer was invented by Donald Trump's uncle John. They are truly a blessed and noble family, America is lucky to have them.

>> No.15451225

Anon, don't you understand? Spending billions of research dollars on vaginoplasty and synthetic estrogen is FAR more important than this bullshit. Who cares about torn tendons and slipped discs anyway? Old people?

>> No.15452069
File: 55 KB, 2576x1896, acb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15452683

Who say medicine hasn't progressed? Its way more expensive now, covid alone cost $10 trillion just in the USA & it wasn't even a real disease

>> No.15452687

We literally discovered a whole new tendon a couple years ago

>> No.15453927 [DELETED] 

AI will be programmed to be a profit seeking parasite

>> No.15454486

new discoveries could be made by a single person passionate about their work. nowadays the bar is insanely high, you need company with several employees and advanced machinery. the industry is amoral and is optimized to maximize profit, and not to solve problems. it just happens that it sometimes solves problems as well

>> No.15454625

> the industry is amoral and is optimized to maximize profit, and not to solve problems
the profit is the problem, retard. free is only communism, so pay for science.

>> No.15455118

>it just happens that it sometimes solves problems as well
such as?

>> No.15455808

Literally all new treatments come from the US.

>> No.15455834
File: 555 KB, 1350x2048, licensed-image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't progress in biology without a deeper understanding of soft matter, and most medtards just learn how to puke a list of disorders without understanding the bare minimum basics of mesoscopic dynamics and kinetics (basically the entire scope of human anatomy).
I bet that all medtards and biocucks in this thread have no fucking idea about polymer dynamics when all proteins in our body and all our genetic make up are all made up of polymers

>> No.15455853

This. Condensed matter physics has done more for medicine than all medtards put together. And the worst thing is that medtards are a huge lobby that just swallow money due emotional black mailing of society while being incredibly incompetent at their field

>> No.15455912
File: 128 KB, 474x611, Screenshot_20230518_180452_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unfortunately health care is now ruled by corporations. If you have 3 pills,
to them the best outcome is.
1 st pill, Cures but injuries and you need second pill for new sickness.

2. Pill acceptable but not preferred, fixes minor problems maybe part cure.

3rd pill, completely cures you. This is completely unacceptable and unprofitable. You will see the 3rd trashtalked, banned, buried, etc..

>> No.15456848
File: 1.29 MB, 3840x2160, 4543276-Piero-Scaruffi-Quote-The-paradox-of-innovation-is-that-it-is.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It progressed a lot since 2000, but that minority of the inventions which decided to go public only recently began approval process, and it may take them another couple of decades to pass through the machine, but then nobody guarantees that despite all the money spent they will be give the green light. So I would learn the field by myself and took all the unapproved tech I consider worth taking. But then I need not only understanding, but funding too. And people who have enormous ammounts of money rarely possess the understanding needed to figure out what is snakeoil and what is the real deal.

>> No.15456861

There are some biologists that specifically focus on polymer dynamics or things like stoichiometry relating to miRNA occupacy or other physically derived models, but overall it's bioinformaticians, biostatisticians, and computational biologists carrying the whole field and understanding these things (previously also biomathfags and biophysicsfags, but their contributions have basically been folded into bioinformatics nowadays).
Medtards will never not be the greatest problem around, but as for biologists, their issue is the utter lack of rigor and the bullshit that results from trying to expand conclusions off of 3 samples.

>> No.15456868

If you actually have the capacity for it (you don't seem to), neither the learning nor the funding is actually an issue. The funding is the part that's more questionable, but the trick is that you can build a near-state of the art tool for $100 that would normally cost $500k to buy from a big manufacturer. The reason is the 500k instrument is the 500k instrument is made exactly the same every time using expensive processes, and costs and effort follow the pareto principle here (namely, 80% of the cost and fabrication sophistication is used up to improve performance by 20%). There are also other options like buying older machines in auctions. You can buy machines worth millions for literally $4 if you're lucky. Sometimes they'll have defective parts but you can just buy another one for $12 and fix it this way, for a total cost of $16.
Combining these two approaches let you do 90%+ of biology experiments on basically any budget and achieve true state of the art results.
In the unlikely event that you are actually able to achieve your dream re the knowledge part, I hope this will convince you to look into this and give it a try.

>> No.15456989
File: 148 KB, 1223x600, PatientApplicationDisclaimer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the trick is that you can build a near-state of the art tool for $100 that would normally cost $500k to buy from a big manufacturer.
it sounds to me that you take your information from works of fiction
> You can buy machines worth millions for literally $4 if you're lucky.
and some bad quality fiction that is.

>> No.15457004
File: 63 KB, 274x472, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not only did I do these things myself, I am neither the first nor last anon to have done it or posted about it on 4chan (let alone online).
But keep wallowing in self-pity instead, after all that's about all you're good for.

>> No.15457220

Radiation therapy for cancer was an invention from physics as well. Donald Trump's uncle did that one, everyone in that family are geniuses.

>> No.15457224

no. bullshit.

>> No.15457227

gpt ai shit

>> No.15457340

>on 4chan (let alone online)
What did you mean by this?
Either way, don't be too cocky, I'm a consumer, an early adopter. I can only read and understand the literature, but my own field is something completely different.

>> No.15457351

all of what he said is true tho. fuck off to reddit and jerk off your your le drumpf stoopid, /soi/entist.

>> No.15457376

The cure for cancer is to not consume sugar. Nobody high up will admit this in public because it would be like shooting themselves in the foot.
Sick people make money.

>> No.15457448

poltard shill seethes. take meds shill.

>> No.15457452

What if it is a lie? Sugar is an essential food for biological life, especially for brains. The only time I noticed sweets being detrimental is when I ate it after I drank beer (my guess is beer became reacting with sugar) but alcohol is a big business, so it's better to blame the other reagent.
I would like to be convinced otherwise, so meanwhile take some other cures:

>> No.15458224

Jews are particularly prone to TDS as well as a number of other medical conditions, such as schizophrenia and tay-sachs syndrome.

>> No.15458341

not science, go away

>> No.15458354

Cancer can also survive on glutamine and in a nontrivial percentage of cases can adapt to using fats

>> No.15458366

Imagine thinking there is an international conspiracy of elites to invent the concept of viruses to poison the population...
...and then calling Ashkenazi genotypes "not science"

>> No.15458367

> viruses don't exist
> genetics is a corrupt girl of imperialism
go fuck yourself, chung

>> No.15458368

Imagine convincing yourself that viruses don't exist and then telling someone else to "take meds"

>> No.15459352

no, I will not, shill.

>> No.15459362

using "types" to prove fake science is not science. your jews don't exist. in your schizo propaganda view "jew" is a functionality you attribute to a type for distraction purposes. such functionality is proven to be found in government, politicians, shill. you are the jew here, since you deceive people for money.

>> No.15459382
File: 608 KB, 856x552, 1679649477895341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Genetics is gay as fuck, and mostly an excuse to not tell the patient:
"We have no idea why you are sick, but we found one gene meme Protein Marker that indicates, that you have a 'disorder', even though 2/3 if the world population have this disorder, but trust me, they are just asymptomatic, trust me its not just meme correlation".

Nanoscipic, replication competent non living organisms, which squirt their genes into you, to replicate have never been: >directly Isolated from a diseases specimen
>have never shown to be pathogenic
>have never been demonstrated to be creplication competent by the mechanisms of gene injection
>have never been shown to cause the disease, they claim they cause

>> No.15459388

does weed cure cancer?

>> No.15459423

weed cures stupidity, if used properly.

>> No.15460013
File: 142 KB, 512x512, uhm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>why haven't they cured cancer yet
retarded oversimplification. "cancer" is a collection of hundreds of diseases that vary depending on the anatomical nature of the malignancy. Cancers are cured all the time. Techniques and treatments are developed and improved upon all the time. But realistically there are some cancers that cannot be cured due to the aggressive nature/size/location of the lesion. There is no general "cure for cancer". Every single different cancer diagnosis has different treatment options and prognosis depending on the specifics of that individual case

>basal cell carcinoma - 95% success to cure by excision
>stage 4 lung cancer - 5% success to cure by multimodal treatment

If you believe "they" are "hiding the cure for cancer", you are mentally deficient

t. OMFS surgeon

>> No.15460921

theres has been no improvement, if there had been, cancer would no longer be the 2nd leading cause of death after heart disease

>> No.15460937

The "modern era" has just been half a century, if we only count the period where computers caused the rapid advancement of human kind.

Give it some time nigger. We have already improved more in the last 100 years than we did in the previous 100 thousand.

>> No.15460992

> we
shill pushes optimism. two more decades!

>> No.15460996

Don't reply to me retard

>> No.15461016

go away, find another job, shill

>> No.15461671

Cancer still stands a good chance of dropping out of 2nd place soon if it gets overtaken by medical errors

>> No.15461751
File: 72 KB, 750x755, 1586547643740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if I told you that death from cancer IS a death by a maltreatment?

>> No.15461758

Cancer is honestly the most chad diseases, even more so than infectious pathogens. An absolute powerhouse of accelerated evolution within your own body that's able to adapt to treatment if you give it any chance at all, no disease comes even close to being this based

>> No.15461760

it's not a disease. cancer is the ultimate form of evolution that we haven't been able to take advantage of. imagine the regenerative power

>> No.15461784

> infectious pathogens
globohomo buzzwords

>> No.15461786


>> No.15461795

obvious shill

>> No.15461817
File: 28 KB, 620x413, 3490434539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>permanent cures instead of expensive lifelong drug regiments

>> No.15463464

>no disease comes even close to being this based
mental illness, it has the adaptability of cancer, but it lacks the vulnerable physical form

>> No.15463466

Probably the only correct thing I've read from this trip code faggot.

>> No.15463829

governments make regulations that make research and medical industry very hard to compete in.

>> No.15464897

Mental illness is also able to propagate itself to new hosts, which cancer is incapable of

>> No.15464953

>Why hasn't medicine progressed?

Unironically jews. There is no money in cures. Only in continuously managed "treatments".

>> No.15465483

> joos

>> No.15466810

Peter Attia Medecine 3.0

>> No.15466822


>> No.15466825

it has a physical form, the actual cause is viruses that modify your neurons to make you depressed, suicidal, etc.

>> No.15467105

Because health and sick is an everlasting battle of good and devil

>> No.15467137
File: 269 KB, 1488x1488, you don't recongize him because he isn't jewish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

doctors are idiots
scientists are idiots
we're not living in the 1920s anymore
back then doctors and scientists were not idiots
they've all been idiots since about 1970 or so

>> No.15467382

>you should realize cancer has been a thing for hundreds, even thousands, of years and was killing people well before those scary evil chemicals were used.
At nowhere near the rates of today, don't be disingenuous now. Cancer is a rare ailment pre industrialization.

>> No.15467405

Why do faggots like this one never kill themselves if they are so convinced that humanity is a cancer.
Research is slow and also mafias are born around current treatments that need to be sold before going on to the next thing. Medicine and treatments have to be profitable.

>> No.15467499

hello shill. yes, humanity is cancer, and shills are tumours. total. shill. death.

>> No.15467716

Weak and unfit genetics used to die in childhood up until 100 years ago or so. That all changed once >>15467137 picrel did his thing

>> No.15468686

Sugar creates AGEs, which put breaks in your collagen, and then they get stuck and eventually cause stiffening and cancer

>> No.15468775

You really have no sense of time or have no idea of the medical field. You also probably have brown skin.

>> No.15468993

germ theory is bullshit

>> No.15469353

> Imagine thinking causality is anything but an illusion

God creates the illnesses and cures, when will you learn?

>> No.15469890

Terrain retards like you will never be precise with their "treatments.

All you have done is read about CPE experiments and now you suddenly think you have any clue about health and treatments.

How foolish.

>> No.15469913

>no mention of bpc 157


>> No.15469968

>Why hasn't medicine progressed?
because scientists are stupid and incompetent

>> No.15470011

True and real.

>> No.15470024

Wrong. Nutrition is the key factor. Before the industrial era it was just impossible for regular people to overdose on the type of sugars that cancer cells crave to grow to its full potential.

>> No.15470108

shill and faggot

>> No.15470555

Geerd Hamer is all you need to read about to learn the cause of cancer and diseases.

>> No.15470565

>Why hasn't XXXX progressed?

The answer is always the same: capitalism (and retarded politicians)

>> No.15470574

pay for progress if you are interested.

>> No.15470770

> a kike protects bigpharmafia
who would have expected that!

>> No.15470777

> kike
shill. scientists even corrupt don't use slurs.

>> No.15470786

You would never know, nigger. I make actual scientific discoveries, which is the only thing, not regalia, making someone a scientist. And I call you out as a kike, which is also a nigger in disguise. And a hiv-ridden kike-nigger you're. And no ammount of cope will change that. Meanwhile I hope you will share the non-existing viruses of yours with as many of your cumreds as possible.

>> No.15470836

> I, I, I
shill, you do nothing

>> No.15470839

I, eye, aye
keep on seething, commie senpai

>> No.15470900

> instructions
lol. real scientists are infinitely more educated than you.

>> No.15470923

Also HRT, painkillers and anti-biotics.

>> No.15470941

Why do you ramble incoherently about a subject you have no knowledge of?

>> No.15470947

> why + shillshit

>> No.15470954


>> No.15471536

> meds

>> No.15471615
File: 298 KB, 789x1033, мендел.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's spelled aids, and you sound as you have it
(I also noticed that you're a commie, so your seeth hath some ideologic basis underneath)

>> No.15471676
File: 56 KB, 640x507, 1678436238180634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it spells user ids, shill, and you knew what I meant, but putting words into other people mouths is your (and governments) primary and only cope with the truth.

>> No.15471692
File: 80 KB, 850x400, quote-i-turned-against-the-left-wing-because-they-don-t-like-genetics-because-genetics-implies-james-d-watson-118-51-25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Truth can be proven, but you don't even try, because you well know you're incompetent. And you pricks hate genetics, because you well know that you're a bunch imbred subhumans whose ideology genetics may take away by ..curing all your genetic deformities.

>> No.15471694

I had a major L5-S1 herniation that crushed my sciatic nerve and I healed fine, my back is healthier now than it was before

>> No.15471698
File: 499 KB, 1050x1356, 1673516492283975.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Life fails because, they literally start poisoning children when they are in the womb, by tricking people into consooming product.

Since the dawn of time.
Then they tricked people into poisoning their children in ther most crucial time of development. (The first 2years of life)

And every subsequent event or heaoth downgrade that occurs will be explained away with "genetics".

>> No.15471701

So was the recent water-mudding with pseudo-vaccines (and the previous abuse of the technology) orchestrated to throw the baby of genetic revolution away with the bathwater?

>> No.15471713

serious question, are you white?

>> No.15471732

> genetics
you are shill because of bad education and overpopulation of economy

>> No.15471739

>baby of genetic revolution away with the bathwater?

Serious question, did you ever look into genetics, and how they "discovered" helix DNA and all this shit?

It is eugenics and a distraction method to make you accept:
>iatrogenisis of disease
>beeing poisoned
>beeing sick becose of a hedonistic lifestyle

Genetics and it's """accuracy""" and defninition of what even is a gene, is as Mystic as in believing in a Sky Daddy.
Genetics as we get told is a meme.

>pseudo vaccines
It's all injections my naïve friend.
Every single one.
No vaccine has any benefit.
All of they are crap.
No matter which meme method you pull of arround this product.

>> No.15471764

> stops namefaging to merge in
Well at last I cured one symptom of your disease. You're welcome.
> starts using redtard spacing to change the style as if it is somebody else
You shouldn't be ashamed of being the only one, the frontline truth is always articulated by individuals. Not that what you say is some frontline truth, but if it was, it would look pretty much the same. So turn your scepticism towards yourself and what I suspect to be utter lack of basic knowledge on the subject.
All the best, get well soon.

>> No.15471776

> much text and zero meaning
shill skill

>> No.15471914
File: 167 KB, 1920x1080, GF2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

many such cases
(I said that true scientific scepticism begins at being sceptical of YOUR OWN beliefs, nigger)

>> No.15471916
File: 118 KB, 1080x1080, 1653752005807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yep, reading government propaganda is deficiency

>> No.15471919

>since the 20th century
those were the days, its been over a century since something as worthwhile as penicillin was developed, these days we get deadly fake vaccines for non existent viral epidemics instead
and its all because the west lost it's religion

>> No.15471922
File: 210 KB, 1080x1483, 18486bb57e2a0fb9e94c8196dff263600df5d085412763173d76527eb84430ac_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> babbles something about bad government
> wants a bigger and even more powerful government
> probably with himself at the top
A rather common symptom amongst leftist kikes.
And to make it clear, I believe that all governmental structures all over the world should be abolished or substituted by free-of-charge ai-powered mechanisms, because forced service is nothing more than racket.

>> No.15471924 [DELETED] 

> dumb nigger being totally unaware about the revolution in biotech happening right now
Didn't you nigger notice the revolution which recently happened in the i.t. sector too?

>> No.15471927

> nigger
> kike

>> No.15471933
File: 16 KB, 480x360, TYPICAL TRICKS THERE SCHLOMO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and you're both

>> No.15471972

That's a dumbass take. Like a drug addict saying he can't stop using coke because he was born. Enlighten me

>> No.15471983
File: 263 KB, 1136x2464, aluminium.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I rarely say this, but meds.
Also I firmly believe this namefag is a shill, to ridicule the position of:
>viruses are not causing disease
>its all poisoning, malnutrition and hedonistic lifestyle and trauma which leads to disease

Genes are memes.
And "genetic disease" is not a preprogrammed "happening" by an "accident".
It a effect of getting poisoned somewhere between:
>beeing a embryo
>2 year of life

Because it is really easy to do so:
>infants cannot verbalise
>you cannot assess their health really well
>you can only guess
>and declare any "apathy" or "twitching" as "normal baby behaviour"

And when it is already to late, when a child should be able to verbalize, walk and you assess motoric and verbal skills, you just retrospectively declare:
>oh cattle human, your offspring is a genetic garbage product
>you are disgusting for bringing this beeing into the world, with your miserable genes
>I note this down to the list of "why we should sterilize more people"
>we are the good ones
>no please, its not because we literally injected neurotoxins and petrochemical dirt and sugar alcohols in preggos and infants during crucial events of development
>no its not that, because it was IN vaccines
>if it would be outside of vaccines, than we would call it poisoning
>but if it's in vaccines then it magically makes it not a poison but a so called "inactive ingredient", because the Science said so
>trust the science

>> No.15471987
File: 84 KB, 500x418, dnst3..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Genes are memes
keep on coping, it's a free world

>> No.15472005
File: 596 KB, 784x1016, Genes_are_memes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is memes.
Bro, they show you CGI imagery.
And then say:
>trust me this gene marker that is present in 30% of all people
>it makes them have XY-Disability
>but 99.9% of the time this gene defect is innert
>and it only """breaks out"""" in rare cases
>but even though 30% of people have this marker
>please trust us
>that even though only 0.01% of all people with this marker get this
>it is the 100% certain cause
>but also people without this gene marker can get XY-Disability
>but still trust us
>it's genetic
>we don't meme and make up excuses for all the cases in which the outcome does not fit our hypothesis

>> No.15472008
File: 88 KB, 824x956, IMG_20220220_134005_908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yep, blaming everything on genes, joos, viruses is globohomo trick

>> No.15472025

> trust us
Do they tell you that because you're unable to understand it? Do you even understand, that on the left bottom image the dna strand is that pale horizontal line?

>> No.15472028

Your degenerate genes cannot force you to become a commie faggot, but they definitely seem to incentivize it, and you're too weak to resist it, though that weakness of character is also determined by some other shitty genes of yours. And by the upbringing, but a son of a frog is a frog.

>> No.15472040

What does that change in the fact that:
>genetic markers are either "inactive" or "break out"
>which means nothing like a non causal correlation like
>trust me 30% of people who eat cheese bread, will get a cheese releated heart issue
>but only in 1% of them it will break out
>but it still can happen in people who do not eat cheese bread
>but trust me the cheese bread is the cause, because, we looked for cheese markers

>> No.15472051

>What does that change
What your inability to understand your own memes change?
Also who do you quote?

>> No.15472069

> shill seething
take meds

>> No.15472080

genetic therapies I will definitely take, and so should you, but you will probably die a luddite

>> No.15472102

> I
shills always lie

>> No.15472110
File: 72 KB, 1080x730, 6389fbb09dadd7ce398f0f8aa8ca1159430fe6073ef138716c5382e1777411ae_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try not being a shill then. But you cannot, because your judaism is within your genes, and it makes you to be a commie faggot.

>> No.15472119

> kikes
shill. shills always push propaganda, always

>> No.15472135
File: 139 KB, 963x1200, dnst3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> propaganda
You filthy sandnigger, and it is a scientific fact.

>> No.15472207

> scientific fact
> nigger
globohomo propaganda, shill

>> No.15472235
File: 83 KB, 960x926, 1680537976951659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doesn't globohomo pushes the equality of races narrative? And you're a kike, the worst form of a nigger.

>> No.15472236

>Also who do you quote?
>amyloid β marker. Genetic marker of causes for alzheimers


>Prevalence and Outcomes of Amyloid Positivity Among Persons Without Dementia in a Longitudinal, Population-Based Setting
The total prevalence of amyloid positivity across all ages was 22.0% (18.9% to 30.5%)

Same for almost every genetic disease.

>> No.15472242

> kike
> nigger
you know why shills are seething? they are at work here, not at rest.

>> No.15472252

>Doesn't globohomo pushes the equality
Globohomo pushes:
>hate thy brother
>hate race x
>hate the tribe y
>just hate
>please do not unite
>hate and divide
>also "muh superior geeenes"
>pleas think like "Margarete sanger"

>> No.15472262

Margaret Sanger's been long dead.
Show me a globohomo outlet pushing what you mentioned.
kikes are worse than niggers, and you can only kvetch about it, because you even understand why.

>> No.15472264

> some different quotes
Okay, whatever, so what does it prove? Try to be as specific and as precise as possible.

>> No.15472267

> kikes
> niggers
omg and you dare to pretend you are scientist while all you really are is a poltard shill.

>> No.15472282

>so what does it prove?

1. claim a marker is prove of a specific genetic disease
2. find marker in a third of non diseased general population
3. therefore this marker is not specific nor indicator of anything
4. still pretend like it is a causal relationship of disease
5. please give money for more genetic research
6. rinse and repeat

>> No.15472283

You're a kike, and kikes are worse than niggers. Because at least nogs are aware of not being the sharpest pencils in the box. You on the other hand are clueless, and it's abnoxious af.

>> No.15472284

Some science is shit, because many kikes imagine themselves scientists. But it doesn't negate the simple fact that you do not understand basic science.

>> No.15472307

> kike
> niggers
shill, you are "kike" and "nigger".

>> No.15472326

I'm not a commie trying to cancel genetics for being problematic, so I'm not.

>> No.15472373

> I am
shill you are, shill.

>> No.15472432
File: 48 KB, 357x500, 71275PB_600x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15472597

yes, shill. shill is shorter than paid deceiver

>> No.15473946

And who exactly pays you, if I may ask?
The creators of covid19 who wants to convince the world that they dint do nuthin?

>> No.15473979

arsenic is really effective and minimally toxic in the treatment of APL
melanomas have had an impressive increase in survivals (cured) in the past decade thanks to immunotherapies
the 'nothing's changed!' crowd are just showing how ignorant they are

>> No.15474214
File: 180 KB, 1200x1200, 1200x1200bf-60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i finally found the cure! the machine that will save us all, i finished my math and came out to a +1 deficit ... all we need to do is research and build it. i call it 'murphy'.