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Everybody laugh at maskies and their fucked up nads.


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>block co2
I will gladly die to save the earth from climate change, go fuck yourself chud

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Medical professionals have used these masks for years, often for hours at a time.

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you forgot to mention that its done in a sterilized environment and they replace their masks constantly

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Medical professionals like this?

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>fluoride stare on that psychopath
That roastie must've been real proud of the Frankenstein monster she just created

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the argument being made is the it's the co2 which is the problem, how would a sterilized environment or replacing the mask make a difference...

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There's the difference between being able to remove the mask, and being expected to wear it in any circumstance outside of your own living space.

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yeah, they use them to stop spittle and blood spray. not pathogens. retard.

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Considering the recent behavior by medical professionals, it would seem these results are highly accurate.

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Masks have always been stupid. Wear a vizor instead.

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>Medical professionals have used these masks for years, often for hours at a time.
This might explain why medical errors are the #1 cause of death in hospitals now, with around 700,000 unnecessary deaths in the USA each year.

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>Wear a vizor instead.
Why not a helmet?

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>only a helmet
You're already dead and you don't even know it.

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Mere thin plastic suit won't save you from China virus!
Must have a special mask like picrel says.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>daily mail
Any non-schizo sources?

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How many of them have stopped and thought whether they're really useful?

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They have to do as their corporate-government masters tell them, if they want to keep their dental plan.

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Literally the next line, but I guess your "FAEK NOOZ" script triggered too hard for you to read that far.

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pathogens are in Spittle and Blood spray idiot

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that's nice retard, but those masks still aren't rated to stop ANY infectious material, even if droplet borne, and the meme flu can supposedly spread by aerosol anyway.

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I've been wearing the same face diaper for three years AMA

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Even basic cotton masks block most droplets and some aerosol. The bigger the droplet the larger the virus payload so even those are of some help. COVID isn't a truly airborne virus, unlike the Spanish Flu, it's aerosol borne.

For every article you find that says masks are ineffective there's a thousand saying otherwise.

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Prove it, post 1000 different studies that say masks are definitely effective and not, as the new england journal of medicine put it, effectively modern protection talismans.

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>it's the consensus among people who would lose their jobs and be demonized by the media if they said anything else
Oh look it's this shit again.

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If you believe the virus just magically travels in the air on nothing else then why aren't the numbers higher?

That shit travels on spittle which masks effectively block.

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Looks like /pol/ was wrong not only once but twice again. CO2 is NOT harmless and people ARE dying suddenly from climate change.

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CO2 exposure is overblown. When they isolate other variables like VOCs and stuff like that CO2 levels in a room no longer correlate with poor cognitive performance. Yes, the study I read has been replicated because some didn't believe it. Yet because of some flawed older studies there's a whole regulatory industry over improving CO2 in buildings and shit like that.

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Japs wear facemasks all the time and they're the smartest people on earth. You are a retarded nigger with dubious sources. You had sources claiming people would all die years ago from the vaccine as well. You can prove anything with studies these days, you'll eventually find one that says what you want it to say, since there are so many of them.

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>*snarkposts nervously*

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Shoutout to everyone in that picture for living so rent-free in your head.

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Another easy victory.

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Sorry I can't be the person you wish you were arguing with, but I think I know where you can find them: >>>/pol/

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Why did you reply to me? I didn't want you to reply to me.

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And I don't want you to exist at all but we don't always get what we want.

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>masks can't block virus particles
>masks can block molecules of CO2 which are 1000x smaller in diameter

Make up your minds, /pol/tards

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>smartest people on earth.

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> new stoody

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You really don't understand how masks work, do you? Tell me pseud, what do you think the 95 means in an N95 mask? C02 may be 1000x as large as viruses but how many more CO2 molecules are there per cubic meter compared to a virus?

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Outside of surgery it's very seldom used. Surgeons do end up getting pretty busted over their career despite entering with better health. Many work out obsessively to counter the bad effects of the job

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the n-word is racist

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Saying "N word" = greater racism that actually saying it. It's a white priveledge passive aggressive way of saying it.

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Yeah and they're all retarded now.

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The average doctor was a C- to C+ student in high school. That statistic says it all.

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Fallacious argument.

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masks are popular with people who have things to hide

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even surgeons didn't come close to the number of hours the average person was required to put mask in the last two years

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I use them in cleanroom ....

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Masks made out of the panties of celebrities are best masks.

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That's a obout mask mandates, not masks.

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Oh, look... It's been debunked.
Fancy that.
You anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers really need to just stop now. It's beyond embarrassing.


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> Still at it after more than two years of being constantly proven wrong.
Nobody took you seriously two years ago and nobody will ever take you seriously. You antivaxxers are all uneducated retards whose opinion will never matter to anyone outside of your safe spaces.

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Love to teach 2nd worlders about consent.

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what kind of education is picrel?

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Good thing I'm not a mouse.

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>Medical professionals have used these masks for years, often for hours at a time.
It shows.

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>STILL seething about the lockdowns
Kill yourselves imbeciles

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>That peer reviewed paper only looked at rodents and is therefore not applicable to humans
Not sure they want to make that argument...

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Do you mind if I turn this into an emoji

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Was it tested on 8 mice?

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Spittle falls down to the ground anyway. It doesn’t get sucked up into my nose.

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Chair of the CDC's advisory committee openly calling for white genocide

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What's the context for this?

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I don't even need an early life section

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>Chair of the CDC's advisory committee openly calling for white genocide
Socialists (China) has been calling for that for decades. Actually, China says that only Han Chinese should be allowed to live on the planet.

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>its done in a sterilized environment and they replace their masks constantly
Not true, if you're scrubbed up you cant change your mask at all as out would mean you desterilised yourself and would have to rescrub. Surgeons often do 10+ hour surgeries without changing mask

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>It has never been shown that wearing surgical face masks decreases postoperative wound infections. On the contrary, a 50% decrease has been reported after omitting face masks. The present study was designed to reveal any 30% or greater difference in general surgery wound infection rates by using face masks or not. During 115 weeks, a total of 3,088 patients were included in the study. Weeks were denoted as "masked" or "unmasked" according to a random list. After 1,537 operations performed with face masks, 73 (4.7%) wound infections were recorded and, after 1,551 operations performed without face masks, 55 (3.5%) infections occurred. This difference was not statistically significant (p greater than 0.05) and the bacterial species cultured from the wound infections did not differ in any way, which would have supported the fact tha the numerical difference was a statistically "missed" difference. These results indicated that the use of face masks might be reconsidered. Masks may be used to protect the operating team from drops of infected blood and from airborne infections, but have not been proven to protect the patient operated by a healthy operating team.
t. DOI: 10.1007/BF01658736

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Trust the science, goy.

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nooooooooo!!! you can't test on animals, thats inhumane!!! mice are people!!! i'm so stupid i can't tell the difference between humans and animals!!! you must cater to my idiocy!!!

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No, the cause of that problem is affirmative action.
The rise in medical accidents correlates with the rise in the number of niggers practicing medicine, which was the result of affirmative action.

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It isn't, its significant and important scientific information. You may want to SHUT IT DOWN, but thats only because you're a jewish butt pirate

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> jewish
distraction. "jews" and "viruses" are convenient enemy, they are invisible, are everywhere and nowhere, and you can do nothing about them.

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i thought jews don't exist
you fucking faggot
fuck off
then kys

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your jews who shit in your pants don't exist. shit is yours

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>i took the globohomo NWO boot to my face and i LOVED IT

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kek, the well poisoner cant even pretend to say a bad word about the jews. kike, say God, i dare you

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> kek, kike
plus some word salad. sux to be shill.

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its so obvious. are you actually... nvm

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Interesting. Right before the scamdemic was created also.

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That's just because USA cannot into healthcare.

>> No.15415413

pure coincidence

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you seem upset

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trolling is as old as civilization. but currently with overpopulation, overpoduction crisis it's gonna be #1 industry.

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overpopulation doesn't exist, thats just a false rumor you jews circulate

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overpopulation does exist. it's just you are shill paid to deceive people.

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propaganda and bullshit.

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And I will gladly hack you into pieces with a machete to save the planet.

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Good boy, now cut your penis. Is good for you!

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> fact check
this magic word combination no longer functions as globohomo expect

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emotionally triggered fecal fetishist

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primitive ad hominem shill comment. you filtered me, remember?

>> No.15419341

do you really think youre convincing anyone? this is 4chan, we've gone through thousands of trolls and shills much smarter than you'll ever be. you're not even average, you're way below average. fuck off already with your tired out shtick

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1. I don't care, I enjoy truth.
2. take meds, shill.

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yeah nice meme pic to try and fit in. are you actually retarded?

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Just ignore the shill

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So thats why medical attention's quality has been on decline

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samefag shill

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wanna bet?

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You don't understand what that word means. You haven't read the article you posted and you don't understand the scientific method at all. Go back to /b/.

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youre not convincing anyone. take it to /b/ or something

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kek, love that meme anon. I saw a masker today for the first time in months. I busted out laughing and pointing at them.

Someone else walking by asked the masker if they wanted a Bud Light. KEK!

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> youre not convincing anyone
it's only your conviction and typical shill response for devaluation

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you do realize most of the board has already filtered you? how nice of you to at least put on a name. you cant do this shit on a board where most anons can actually think for themselves. i can guess as to why youre doing this but i wont bother. this is the last time im responding to you

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shill, you still haven't filtered me? retard. promise you will do.

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The Science has reversed course again, better mask up before it's too late.

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they are blatantly trolling population. ban them.

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Masks prevent facecrime, thats the real reason they were enforced
>freedom of expression? whats that?

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nope, masks enforce anxiety and ritualization, preoccupation, promote alienation, appearance of "war" and "pandemic".

>> No.15423315

WHY? What's the purpose of the cleanroom. Is there a justified reason? Good chance there isn't.

So did I, because it was policy, for no other reason. I *assumed* I might contaminate samples with my breath. But the samples are radioactive and contained behind 1/2 inch of copper. Then I stopped to think. We see zero effects of external potassium or radon daughter contamination. Therefore, what is my breath going to transmit? Nothing. We wore them because some guys from a National Lab said to. Why does the National Lab do it? Because it's "normal" to wear a face mask in a cleanroom. Even people with 150 IQs do things ritualistically, without reason, even when it's their core work.

>> No.15423430

Deagel's 2015 forecast was -70M depopulation by 2025, so yes, two more years.

>> No.15423760

Brits are subject of their royal government, Americans are franchisees, co-owners, so less cuck'd by law, the faggots in D.C. have been trying to change that for a long time, not much success so far, except in the urban zones

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> do not dare to hide your face
> here's a bs argument why

>> No.15425484

Can you explain what is BS about it?

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like a big nose
or bad teeth

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It's hard for me to believe that masks can trap CO2 more than elongating the breathing tract. Well, you will instinctively breathe deeper.
Almost everything about this situation is BS, because you know who are dealing it.

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>Well, you will instinctively breathe deeper.
what is hyperventilation, why do people pass out from hyperventilation?

>> No.15428378

>Japs wear facemasks all the time
They also have the lowest birthrate on earth

>> No.15428695

also the highest longevity, they don't need as high a birth rate to maintain their populaion

>> No.15429111

your crap is not consistent, keep it together or stfu

>> No.15429153

Having a mostly unproductive population isn't a recipe for success.

>> No.15429157

Fertility is 100% genetic you braindead retard.
High-fertility genetics are being selectioned massively for in current clownworld, since anyone even the least bit genetically predisposed to not breed do not breed.

>> No.15429390

Always thought that masks make you breathe way too much CO2.
Your exhaled breath contains 100x as much CO2 as your inhaled breath. If your facemask retains even 1% of your exhaled breath when you inhale again, which seems like a very conservative estimate to me, you have doubled your CO2 concentrations, which is already enough to start affecting cognition

>> No.15429395

Yeah all this phony antimask sentiment is really just to get you to show your face for the facial recognition cameras.
The constant messaging to mask up over last three years was a reverse psychology trick. By making it *seem* like the authorities want you to cover your face, they encouraged all the redpilled anti-conspiracy people to keep their faces visible.

>> No.15429414

you know the study is accurate and trustworthy because it comes with an infographic

>> No.15429689

If you wanted to conceal your face you could wear a mask with a vent hole, like allergy masks. This is specifically about the kind of masks people were forced to wear to "stop covid."

>> No.15429949

lol. you have no idea how advanced facial recognition technology has gotten. they dont even need to see your face anymore. have fun with your n95 or whatever

>> No.15429953

I really dont care about this topic.

>> No.15429999

What does Japan being full of elderly have to do with that? That Japanese live longer than most other humans somehow increases fertility? Their rapidly declining birth rate certainly doesn't support your contention that having a bunch of walking corpses is good for fertility.

>> No.15430003

Are you from 1996? Facial recognition long ago gave way to other biometrics such as walking gait. Heck, you probably walk around with a signal beacon in your pocket while thinking covering your mouth with tissue somehow keeps the government from knowing who you are.

>> No.15430117

There are 3k jews in Japan, 2k of which are involved in some way in open borders organisations, lobby groups, or associations.
Are you one of them ?

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Does anyone have a source or picture of those strange shapes found in the vaccine under microscope that had mechanical aspects?

>> No.15430644

Tengu is a long nosed evil spirit in Japan known for being disruptive to society

>> No.15431421

they were microchips

>> No.15432022

> genetic
shill detected

>> No.15432030


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File: 121 KB, 1242x908, vaxxies pwnd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15433951

that actually explains a lot lmao

>> No.15434438

Anon you don’t live near Jews. If you didn’t you wouldn’t say shit like this.

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Trust the science

>> No.15434469

shill, your da joos agenda is ridiculous. it's you who deceive people for money.

>> No.15434532

>if you're scrubbed up you cant change your mask at all

complete bullshit
>t. worked in surgical wards

>> No.15434839

how many ppl did you kill by accident?

>> No.15434954

just 2 more weeks and the vaxxxers are all going to die!

>> No.15435031

god willing

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Many of them are already dead

>> No.15436316

that it was shills who pushed that.

>> No.15437073

passing out from hyperventilation happens when co2 levels drop too low, the way to avoid this is breathing into a bag, to keep on inhaling exhaled co2, so of course masks will conserve co2 in the same way

>> No.15437095

no they arent

i can think of two people in my personal life who have died throughout the past 3 years, and both of them have been obviously unrelated to the vax

>> No.15437416
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>> No.15437440

many such cases

>> No.15438714
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>> No.15439208

>Someone else walking by asked the masker if they wanted a Bud Light. KEK!

>> No.15439404

If she trust the soience why she spread antivax lies?

>> No.15440035

>For every article you find that says masks are ineffective there's a thousand saying otherwise.
Real world studies of masks stopping viral infections consistently find no efficacy. The few that found a benefit used respirators that were fit tested.

>> No.15440051

When you inhale and exhale, there's something called dead space. It's air that is being rebreathed but not acting on gas exchange. Think of air that hasn't fully exited your esophagus and mouth before beginning the next exhale. Masks increase the amount of dead space. This is something that has to be factored in when wearing a nasal mask compared to a full faced mask when using a cpap/bipap/respirator. It results in an elevation of inhaled CO2 over time.

But even without considering CO2, the required infectious dose to an induce an infection is probably not very high. It could be as low as 1, but maybe 100, or 1k at the high end. A single cough or sneeze can emit 100,000,000 viral particles. So an inhalation of 0.001% is probably enough to cause an infection. An N95 respirator is only designed to filter 95% of particles, so 5% still gets through. That's 5k times too high. Point being, if you're exposed to a high dose, there's no way even a respirator will save you, much less a mask. If the exposure is tiny, you may get lucky, but that doesn't appear to happen very often based on a general lack of efficacy with masking.

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>> No.15442262

maskers will never relent no matter how much data you have because they have other motives for forcing masks which they aren't admitting to

>> No.15442957

I used to be a masker, I got COVID-19 twice despite having a well-fitted KN-94 on both times. Doesn't work, imo.

>> No.15443011

> I
stupid shill

>> No.15443096

OMG, I took a break and you're still here six months later. Do you have a job?

>> No.15443104

>Literally two more weeks

>> No.15443111

>Doesn't understand how masks work
Don't post again.

>> No.15443156

cope harder i have a kn95

>> No.15443219

>Fucking mice
Mice is why they thought saccharin caused bladder cancer. Mice are not even remotely analogous to humans.

>> No.15443230

wow a bunch of different anons threw out a bunch of different dates, you'd think their shitposting would be more coordinated

>> No.15443335

> I
so, you are here every day, and that is your job.

>> No.15443800

That is his job, he's an hasbara.

>> No.15444055

samefagging again

>> No.15444097

Let them have their autistic screeching match. These retards don't even realise you can buy a simple CO2 tester and see for yourself that masks do not increase your CO2 levels.

>> No.15444113

Don't forget to boost, retarded schizo gay kike shill ( excuse the quintuple tautology ).

>> No.15444195

omg you are totally unoriginal

>> No.15444338

The Truth do not change, unlike what your god, Lucfer the Satan, says.

>> No.15444342 [DELETED] 

pajeet spammers really didn't like this one huh

>> No.15444570

you do realize how funny is my notaname?

>> No.15444607

Take your meds kike, you're being incoherent.

>> No.15445375

but also cringe

>> No.15445398

> kike
= "i am dumbass poltard shill"

>> No.15445554

kike cant even greentext properly. they really need to update the shilling curriculum

>> No.15445852

> kikes
potard shill

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>> No.15445917

thats right

>> No.15445925

Did you actually read that study? I did. It's about how, because people didn't follow instructions the masks didn't work. Not at all about how masks don't work.

>> No.15446044

of course masks work. people are occupied, alienated, troubled, make each other believe $cience

>> No.15446304

That's the spirit.

Of course, but its funny to see those people struggling to blame anything but the vaccines for all the incoming health problems. CO2 isn't toxic btw. It will obviously become a problem if it manages to replace oxygen in a room but it's not going to happen simply by wearing a mask.

>> No.15446312

> vaccines
no such thing

>> No.15447372
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>> No.15447471

>Thinks the DailyMail is a legitimate source that can be trusted.

>> No.15447476

Holy Trips

>> No.15447722

>didn't read the PDF, chose to ignore it in favor of the MSM popsoi article
low iq

>> No.15447764

>I base my worldview on uncited meme images with zero context posted on 4chan

>> No.15447882

shills are now employed everywhere. saturation crisis in every sector of economy, there's nothing really to do but shitpost for money
> joos

>> No.15449313
File: 795 KB, 832x781, LKsB5jrMmeWL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15449347
File: 372 KB, 1668x1317, You Should Never Drink Bleach or Inject Disinfectants to Treat Coronavirus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t know who to trust anymore.

>> No.15450687 [DELETED] 

Ethanol is just as good a disinfectant as ethyl. They only sell the poisonous stuff in lie of ethanol because they couldn't bank massive profits on alcohol sales for consumption if they were selling 70% ethanol cheap at the drug store. Industrial ethanol is only like $2/gallon in bulk

>> No.15450704

>Ethanol is just as good a disinfectant as ethyl
no shit retard, it's the exact same chemical
industrial etanol is intentionally made undrinkable by additives because otherwise you'd have to pay excise tax
medical etanol is vodka as far as the ATF and IRS is concerned

>> No.15451122

Then the reasonable choices are to either
>stop doing the mandate

>> No.15452053

>Gaping chest cavity you are performing surgery on
>Piece of tissue stopping spit from flying out of your mouth when you talk

Check your pipes for lead, if the tester is red seek help

>> No.15452356

>medical etanol is vodka as far as the ATF and IRS is concerned
no, you get get medical ethanol from a pharmacy, its free of excise tax

>> No.15452740

how do you get a prescription for booze?
>from an unethical doctor
they'll charge more for the prescription than you'll save in excise tax

>> No.15453978 [DELETED] 

get to it

>> No.15454971

>the government says its not lying
trustworthy as f

>> No.15455851


>> No.15456335
File: 2.51 MB, 360x640, 1684675313970479.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And they have oxygen machines in the surgery room while having masks on...anyone, and I mean ANYONE defending the masks are a lost cause.

>> No.15457186

>ANYONE defending the masks are a lost cause.
or a paid shill

>> No.15458266

>medical etanol is vodka as far as the ATF and IRS is concerned
vodka is only 38% ethanol, medical can be up to 99% purity.

>> No.15459365
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>uncited meme images
is there an index of meme citations somewhere that I haven't heard about?

>> No.15460746

Anything over 95% reverts to 95% as soon as it has the opportunity to leech water vapor out of the air. 99% needs to be packed in a completely dehydrated atmosphere, thats why everclear is 190º rather than 200º

>> No.15461578

self inflicted wound
the lord works in mysterious way

>> No.15462476

ur mum 99% semen

Enough with the antisemitism.

>> No.15462639

To be fair people, do have heart attacks from shoveling snow. Plenty of articles prior to the coof.

>> No.15462642


>> No.15462677
File: 96 KB, 847x463, Dunning-Kruger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>After CO2 exposure in pregnant rats
...So? That doesn't relate the CO2 the masks trap with how much the rats were given. You're just saying it's more CO2 and more CO2 is bad without stating how much extra it traps or how much is needed for these negative effects.

>> No.15463386

the n-word is racist

>> No.15463529

it reduces viral load which statistically reduces infection rates on average
it is apparently a difficult concept when something is not 0/1 black or white

>> No.15464152

reduces wat?

>> No.15464385

I still see people driving alone masked up.

>> No.15464392

where do you live? here no one masks, unfortunately

>> No.15464552

yeah, I also want cattle to wear muzzles.

>> No.15464675

maybe they are travelling between public places and do not feel like fiddling with it inbetween?
maybe they are about to have passengers or just had passengers?