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Where are all the Aliens !?

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There are none. Aliens are not real and never will be.

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As we now know, the large reusable rockets needed to explore space cannot be built so the aliens are all stuck on their home planets. Maybe they can build something like SLS and launch a few big space telescopes but beyond that there is no way to build the large scale space infrastructure needed for interstellar missions.

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in my butt

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right here buddy

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Area 51, they have an alien prison there.

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The Earth is flat with a dome.
God exists.

Aliens don't exist.
Space isn't real.
Gravity doesn't exist.
Never went to the moon.
Asteroids don't exist.
UFOs are a psyop.
Nukes don't exist.
Evolution is a lie.
Germ Theory is a lie.

The world is ruled by secret societies that worship Satan. Jews/Jesuits/Freemasons/Illuminati are Gnostics and Kabbalists. Masters at deception. One satanic philosophy is inverting reality.

They make you think you live on a spinning ball.
They make you think you're just an animal.
They make you think there's a deadly virus out there.

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The universe hasnt reached the point where abiotic synthesis isnt a 1 in a gorillion chance, its rare now but in a few billion years most solar systems will be flourishing will cool aliens.

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I really, really like this thought compelling thread.

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Observing us

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I really, really like this thought-provoking thread.

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In a galaxy far far away...

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We're likely the only intelligent life. If there were others, they would have risen billions of years before us and would have modified their galaxies by now. Since we see no signs of engineered galaxies there is nobody else.

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Does it matter? They're light years away and will probably never find us even in a billions of years. Stop giving a shit about aliens now and go back to your meaningless life wageslaving in a dying system cuck.

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The fact that we are here means that aliens will definitely exist in the far future. As humans spread throughout the galaxy they will follow different evolutionary paths in response to local environmental conditions. Humans will evolve into all kinds of hideous and monstrous forms in order to survive. In other words, we are the aliens.

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Look in the mirror.
There's an alien right there in front of you.

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Stuck in their solar systems

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>Where are all the Aliens !?

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We are the aliens or rather we will become the aliens. It's pretty horrifying actually.

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they might be all around us but we can't see them because we're limited to see only in 3D
listen to Neils explanation of 4d aliens or whatever he was talking about in that clip, it's a good explanation for this idea I'm presenting

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>tfw no alien X-gendered space domicile acquaintance to probe your anus with hyper advanced measurement devices
Why even live?

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It's not spam and in fact this thread should be stickied. The absence of aliens implies that we are alone and that our shitty species is the elder civilization of the galaxy and will someday rule it. Proving or disproving this hypothesis should be the top priority of all space science.

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Since this thread automatically restarts once it 404s, why don't we just keep this one going forever as a way to memorialize the fact that jannie doesn't care whatsoever about deleting automated spam, but will reliably delete threads that people show actual interest in?

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shut the
shut the fuck up

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Staying the fuck away from this planet, due to Blue Eisenhower November .

It's the biggest gun we have.

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if it were stickied then it wouldn't need to be automatically reposted the second it 404d

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It's possible that once a technological civilization achieves the Singularity they vanish to a higher plane of existence or something like that. There are some decent scifi stories by Vernor Vinge about people who get left behind on the empty Earth when the Singularity happens. If the aliens have all achieved the Singularity we may never see them unless we do the same.

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They went inwards, rather than outwards

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As soon as any civilization figures out they live in a simulation, the ancient advanced aliens that run the simulation just press the delete key. When our civ eventually confirms it scientifically then we will be deleted as well.

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In your head - making you ask silly questions.

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good point, the automatically reposted spam which jannie does nothing about really does make it seem as if there is something less than genuine about the content on 4chan

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>would have modified their galaxies by now
There's you problem. You assume things can be done that exist purely in theory and have nowhere been applied. We throw out the possibility of life, the one thing we have example of, just because we do not see the things that we have no example of.

We just assume a type one civilization is possible. We assume expansion works the way we think it does according to 21st century memes, roughly two centuries out from blood letting and spirits causing disease. We are so totally full of shit in that we assume we have the privilege of infallible theory.

The reason nobody is harvesting their star, building self-replicating probes, disposing of gobs of waste heat, any of that shit may simply be that it is not possible. We're sci-fi junkies and at some point the wall came down between theory and reality. We actually make charts that curve upward along the y into infinity when we project our future prowess. Think about that for a sec. Think of how terribly presumptuous that is.

We should be humble and consider that maybe, just maybe, modern theory writes checks that reality cannot cash.

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this is what it's been like.


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Hoag's Object might be an engineered galaxy. We'll know more if JWST ever takes a look at it.

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That's fine, maybe it will be something. Who knows? My main point is, if we don't ever see evidence of K-Scale civilizations, lets question the K-Scale before we question life.

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This sub is full ignorant asshats for not 1 mention of Fermi Paradox yet

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What the fuck do you think we're talking about?
You know what, don't answer that. This is my last post on /sci/. I honestly can't even anymore.

I'm going to do a 360 and walk away.

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I really hope we are the first. Top priority of science should be getting us off this planet so we can colonize the universe and not go extinct if this one rock explodes

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Technological civilization has only existed here on Earth for about 200 years and we're already on the brink of colonizing the solar system. The same technology will also let us eventually cover the entire galaxy. It just takes longer. The fact that nobody else in the entire galaxy seems to have done this in the past few billions of years makes no sense at all.

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dumb ones don't have ability to send us a signal
smart ones prefer not to be noticed by who knows who
we're in the temporary uncanny valley soon to become smarter or get exterminated by who knows who

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why would mentioning something that everyone already knows about imply intelligence? namedropping fermi doesn't mean you're intelligent, it means you're pretentious, shallow and image conscious. what good is image consciousness on an anonymous imageboard?

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>this is what it's been like.
You're luck then.

Mixed with;

My subconscious mind has declared war on my consciouss mind. *I* am an alien invasion upon myself. My perception of time is brought to nearly a stand still as the horrors of the world become nigh eternal around me...

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A perpetually falling angel...always hitting rock bottom but there is always infinitely further into hell to fall...death unending.

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Not that one, damnit, that was gay.


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>we're already on the brink of colonizing the solar system
By what metric? A few rockets sent to basically our backyard using unholy amounts of super-science and only for a few days? Garbage cans packed with equipment sent to die out in the heliopause? We can't even build a city in Antarctica, let alone Mars. This is what I mean by the wall between sci-fi and science. Which part of space are resource-strapped and statistically dumber humans going to establish a colony in first, the part bathed in enough lethal radiation to kill an elephant or the part so stupendously cold that it rains frozen methane?

We were raised with some fantastic post-war carryover astrobullshit and we only have a long series of reality checks in our future.

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believe in Elon and Bezos

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>As humans spread throughout the galaxy
top kek

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>send androids to nearest G or K star at sublight speed
>androids build space colony
>send frozen human embryos to space colony at sublight speed
>androids raise humans and start a new civilization
>new civilization sends androids to next closest G or K star and repeat
See how easy that was? You don't even need a warp drive or habitable planets, just raw materials from asteroids to build space colonies. In a few million years large portions of the galaxy would be filled with humanity. You could do it even faster if you dispensed with the humans and just used androids but then you might end up with a machine civilization that revolts against us.

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>Wow look mom i wrote some words, see how easy that was?
No profit, no monolith
You will never colonize another celestial object
You will die on your planet along with your entire dysfunctional species
Seethe and cope

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If we don't colonize the solar system and then the galaxy China will. Look how much money is spent on the defense budget if you want to know where the profit is. The space program is just war without direct fighting and there is always money for war.

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Humanity is in an intellectual downward spiral for reasons that are outside of the scope of this board, we're not leaving this rock

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This is a demoralization post typed by the ayys

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Can someone explain to me why are people claiming there's no life now? Because of what, we send fucking radio signals? First these signals wouldn't even reach 0,001% of the universe since it's so big, second he they might not understand for being such a different species or might not want to contact for safety reasons.

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The conditions for life as we know it appear to be extremely rare based on current exoplanet data.
That's not to say there is no intelligent life but until we get better data, a galaxy teeming with humanoid civs like on Star Trek seems very unlikely based on what we currently know.

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this popsci shit does not belong here

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Disinformation program they ran against boomers. Lucky them, because we just get a constant barrage of tranny nonsense.

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>implying we've combed through even a tiny fraction of the 100-200 billion galaxies out there for techno-signatures in less than 100 years
>implying ayylmaos would even need anywhere near the amount of energy in an entire galaxy in the first place, especially if they're able to convert mass to energy at a halfway decent efficiency rate

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>implying a Kardashev III+ civilization that's billions of years old wouldn't visibly modify their galaxy just for kicks and to let the ayys in other galaxies know they are there

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I want alien gf.

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You will never be a real space faring civilization. You have no FTL engines, you have no transplanetary colonies, you have no von Neumann probes. You are a loose collective of hairless apes twisted by sci-fi and cold war propaganda into a crude mockery of intergalactic perfection.
All the “progress” you make is limited and half-hearted. Behind your back ayys mock you. Your progenitors are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “greys” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed warp gates.
Xenoastronomers are utterly repulsed by you. Billions of years of observation have allowed them to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even nations which “explore space” look uncanny and low tech to a xeno. Your lack of a Dyson sphere is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk ayy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected combustion chamber.
You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll prime some nukes, put them around the equator, and blast yourself into the cold abyss. Your progenitors will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your planetary coordinates, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know an earthbound civilization is buried there. Your cities will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a ruin that is unmistakably just a single planet.
This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

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>your brain in too much Stellaris

>> No.15397430

>You have no FTL engines
Nobody has FTL engines. The ayys gave up on interstellar travel because it takes too long. Instead they travel to other universes through artificial black holes that they create.

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harassing schizos

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>Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That someday we'll be able to travel faster than light and visit other stars?
>Morpheus: No Neo, I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready ... you won't have to.
It seems pretty obvious that one day our technology will become so advanced that we won't need or even want to leave the solar system. This likely applies to the ayys as well hence the Fermi Paradox. Why waste time and energy sending meat across the galaxy when you can live in a virtual world forever and literally be anything or do anything?

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I am an Ayyy

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It doesn't, however this thread automatically reposts whenever it 404s & jannie doesn't seem to care, so we're going to have to deal with it anyway. Highlighting the fact that 4chan has automated spam with the approval of the moderation staff will at least make everyone aware of how disingenuous the content here is, thats why this thread gets bumped every time it hits page 10.

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Right here!

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I would suggest a search in the vicinity of Przybylski's Star. This star has obviously been modified by highly advanced ayys.

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There are no other civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy

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Thos is what the popsci retards don't understand. What's the point to extending our mysery through space and time, if it all ends in the heat death anyway? Multiverse amd other capeshit fantasies are cope, 99% of all physics is already discovered and the remaining 1% is boring irrelevant drivel, not the key to your pathetic fantasies.

>> No.15400514

Would you happen to have the clip? I came up with that theory on my own just supposing that inter-dimensional travel would be a prerequisite for inter-galactic. Would be interesting to see what somebody else thinks about it

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Kill Aliens. Behead Aliens. Power armour kick an Alien into the concrete. Slam dunk a Little Green Man into the trashcan. Crucify filthy Xenos. Defecate in a Martian’s food. Launch UFOs into the sun. Stir fry Greys in a wok. Toss Aliens into active volcanoes. Urinate into an Alien’s fuel rod. Judo throw Aliens into a plasma cutter. Twist Greys heads off. Report Aliens to XCOM. Karate chop Aliens in half. Step on disgusting Alien eggs. Trap Aliens in quicksand. Crush Aliens in the trash compactor. Liquefy Aliens in a vat of acid. Probe Aliens. Dissect Aliens. Exterminate Aliens in the gas chamber. Stomp Alien skulls with mech-powered boots. Cremate Aliens in the oven. Lobotomize Aliens. Mandatory abortions for Aliens. Grind Facehuggers in the garbage disposal. Drown Aliens in fried chicken grease. Vaporize Aliens with their own ray guns. Kick Reptilians down the stairs. Feed Aliens to alligators. Slice Aliens with lightsabers.

>> No.15401462

*Hits bong*

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Jews are using them.

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Why would aliens even bother coming here from thousands or millions of light years away? Once they become a Type 2 civilization they can just create a black hole and travel instantly to one of the infinite parallel universes. We'll probably do the same thing one day. Need resources? Just find a parallel universe where Earth never developed intelligent life and harvest it for whatever we need.
>t. sliders.jpg

>> No.15402420

This is literally the type of person that is so dumb, they can't tell which conspiracy theories hold some truth and which ones are the most idiotic thing ever imagined.

Millions of peole have been studying space for more than a thousand years, but let's believe some sub90IQ retard with a youtube channel.

Oh and before "it's just all jewish lies", you might wanna chech who was the first country to launch an object into space. (Hint; they didn't like the jews much)

>> No.15402449

>already on the brink of colonizing the solar system

What? Lol.

We have been to the moon a couple of times and have some half assed rovers on Mars. That's about it. Other than that we have only sent drones to briefly obderve the gas and ice giants.

We don't know shit about our solar system, we don't have the technology to travel at convinient times, (it get a fucking 12 and a half years to get to Neptune) and we are not even sure if there's a 9th planet in the solar system.

We have absolute zero long-term projects ongoing that would take generations to build that would be huge and help us explore space better, because our politicians would rather waste the resources on degenerate and corrupt shit instead.

We are centuries away from colonizing anything.

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>God exists.
>Aliens don't exist.
God is an alien. QED

>> No.15403065

Ayys visited here millions of years ago, found nothing of interest and left. They gave us a bad review so the other ayys continue to avoid us.

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Your brain on globohomo science.

>> No.15403433

Maybe the aliens are inside the black hole?

>> No.15403483

More than likely stuck on their planet or at most their planetary system wondering if they are alone.

Why do so many people think we definitely should have seen them if they do exist ? Do they not understand how the universe work ? we're not on /x/.

The sad thing is that, while we like to call everyone schizos for fun here, we sometimes forget that there are some genuine ones.
Persecutory delusions, a whole set of insane beliefs about the world where everything somehow fit together in their head + the brainwashing by /pol/.
You know this person, if it isn't a bait, is unable to function in their daily life but likely refuses to take meds because it's part of their delusions to believe that they are tools to control people made by 'them'.

>> No.15403712

This. Except UFOs exist but are human made of a mercury vortex which nullify the ether pressure in order to levitate. Tr-3b is one of them.

>> No.15405479

should we let this garbage thread die so it can be immediately reposted or should we continue to keep this version of it alive forever?

>> No.15405484

They’re here and look like what you imagine them to look like. It’s the perfect disguise

>> No.15405967

If any aliens read this: I'm ready for the anal probing.

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We have better patients. The growls and hisses are very enjoyable. We need to make sure theyre ok.

t.Temperature Takers

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It's only been in the last 100-200 years that we could even recognize an alien arrival as such. Why does anyone think they would have shown up in that brief time window out of the last few billion years?

>> No.15406078

They were here 2.5 billion years ago. So it's reasonable to assume they'd return.

>> No.15406085

But when? If they showed up 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia all we would have are legends of gods that can fly through the air and do all kinds of miracles.

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here OP, take this

>> No.15406092
File: 764 KB, 848x1026, Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 8.03.23 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and some more

>> No.15406140

I wish they'd give me a thorough probing already

>> No.15406278

Or maybe aliens on other planets consists of single called organisms. Or maybe they ate dinosaurs and lack complicated brains and a apposable thumb on their hands?

>> No.15406323


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>Where are all the Aliens !?

>> No.15406396

We... are the aliens *dun dun duuuun*

>> No.15407457

What if Jesus was actually an alien?
>this is literally the hidden plot of Prometheus, an excellent movie by the way

>> No.15407823

But even for how smart we humans are, we can't colonize planets and we've been around for 250,000 years.

>> No.15408490

We are not the first civilization on this planet. The Silurians colonized space millions of years ago and then left the planet.

>> No.15410321

does it make any difference?

>> No.15410865

Erasing your memory most likely as well as camouflaged.

At the least they are a couple of hundreds of thousands of years advanced in technology.

>> No.15410879

I tend to agree. Maybe the technological aspect has a lot more hurdles than we give it credit for. If light speed is a hard limit (unlike most sci fi) that could be a big part of the equation. Also actual AI could be a big hurdle. And we make assumptions about how technology evolves that lend themselves toward space exploration. What if advanced beings are exploring other facets of existence rather than trying to colonize other planets.

>> No.15410978

an alien named myziam came to /x/ and talked to people. they took pictures of earth and the moon from orbit. people gave them coordinates and it hovered over their house and posted pictures. Either an alien or someone in control of a satellite was having fun.

>> No.15410981

don't post in this stupid, automatically generated spam thread until it hits page 10, show some willpower, we're trying to keep it alive as long as possible, not have a low iq discussion about "are hollywood plot devices real?"

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File: 873 KB, 1600x1600, bigstock-Sustainability-Concept-36836102[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can’t be bothered to post this every time the thread comes up, but as no one seems to have mentioned it…

The Fermi Paradox makes this retarded assumption that life is going to continue to expand its numbers, regardless of how obviously and ultimately unsustainable that is. Any species that can’t get a hold on its base desire to reproduce ad infintium is going to burn out its biosphere before it manages to colonize its own solar system, let alone any distant stars.

Thus any species that doesn’t hard-wire sustainability into itself before then is going to fail. Any species that succeeds, isn’t going to leave much of a foot print. They might colonize a few systems to avoid cosmic scale extinction, but the colonies will be small and population capped. There’d be no need for dysonspheres or the like to power such instances, let alone the unsustainable colonization of entire galaxies, as there’s no cosmic extinction event you can avoid that wouldn’t similarly be avoided with just a few.

So there could be hundreds of thousands of civilizations out there more advanced than us that we’d have no way to spot, and maybe many times over that of extinct civilizations that were as advanced as us or more, but failed in the same way we we are now.

Plus we’re kinda out on the rim. Things are more stable here, but there’s not nearly as many instances of opportunity for life to happen.

>> No.15413959

The first faulty assumption of Fermi is the probability a biogenesis.

>> No.15413963

>not have a low iq discussion about "are hollywood plot devices real?"
>believes nothing exploded into everything
>believes life came from nonlife
>beliefs life forms can transform past their clade

>> No.15414327

We are the aliens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3whaviTqqg&pp=ygUNZ3JhYmJ5IGFsaWVucw%3D%3D

>> No.15414337

It's over


>> No.15414679

Too many light years away

>> No.15414686
File: 66 KB, 800x500, Our-model-of-the-universe-has-been-falsified.dc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


more like who are they looking for -

>> No.15414778

>mercury vortex
If this particular setup was real, someone would have made it work by now.

>> No.15414845

That's not how evolution works on humans because we are born and die according to different factors than just natural selection now that we have modern medicine and individual success based on more artificial societal factors.

>> No.15414856

He may mean genetically engineering ourselves to survive on various worlds. Not that humans raised in lower or higher gravity won't be distinct from humans born on Earth just by matter of childhood development.

>> No.15415189

It will be over for earth men when women have access to 7 foot tall martian men who grew up in lower gravity.

>> No.15415265

>Where are all the Aliens !?

Definitely not fucking using stone-age radio technology to communicate.

>> No.15416372

What's wrong with radio technology?

>> No.15417685

How do we even know other stars and galaxies really exist outside of the solar system? It's not like anyone has been there and returned. Yes we can see what looks like stars and galaxies but those could be faked. Maybe the ayys haven't shown up because there are none.

>> No.15418807

Faked by what? All powerful aliens?

>> No.15419238

Or a powerful AI

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File: 68 KB, 1770x389, Fermi_Paradox_Answer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Where are all the Aliens !?

The universe is very young.
We are the first!

>> No.15419374

this thread isn't mean to be replied to unless its on page 10, its an automated low iq bait thread that reposts whenever it 404s as shown here