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Post your reaction to picrel incendiary comment on the current state of medicine.

OP is heterosexual and starts: First thing I noticed is that he clearly places himself in the remaining 10%.
Not disagreeing with him on the statement, but I'm not familiar with his medical practice, or even if he has one.

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who's gonna wipe the millions of boomer asses in this scenario

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Medicine has basically deleted evolutionary pressures from first world human populations. Weak bugmen who couldn't lift a sofa to move it and 300 pound they/thems who collapse under the slightest psychological pressure are huge affronts to Darwin. Even cripples and the catastrophically stupid usually live long enough to continue their blood line and often do.

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hotwheels is an outspoken feminist and supporter of abortion. we fucked up badly with the cripples when we gave them all the best parking spots. now they think they're VIPs.
if they were given the worst parking spots then maybe some of them would be able to work themselves into decent enough shape to handle a flight of stairs.

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Medicine is the most barbaric profession right now. A completely reactionary and backwards field.

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Pic related

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Disgusting. People doing this probably critique genital mutilation in African societies too.

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>Disgusting. People doing this probably critique genital mutilation in African societies too.
My mother is a stupid whore who let jews mutilate me. Fuck her

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>Medicine has basically deleted evolutionary pressures from first world human populations

It's replaced them.

Remember, a lot of modern masses are weak precisely because of the 'medical care' they receive the moment they are born.

So much of the modern world could be drastically different.

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female genital mutilation is illegal on usa
male genital mutilation nearly mandatory
such patriarchalism lmao
a feminized faggot culture
>lets spend a trillion dollars to land women on the moon
international laughingstock

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they think the doctor did it wrong because there's too much skin left and "it looks wrong"?
then they take their toddler to have more skin cut off and act surprised when, later on, the 4 year old complains about pain when erect?

Holy clown world.

>n-no, dr. mengele. you see? they didn't mutilate him right, like the other kids, with that much skin his penis wont look totally deformed later in life. Please fix him.

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I think I read somewhere that brain scans of newborn babies before and after circumcision show permanent brain changes.

These poor babies are taken to a strange place, where some strange man forcefully restrains their body and cuts off the skin on the most sensitive part of their body. The experience is so traumatic that it literally gives them permanent brain damage. I sincerely believe that this explains a lot about the behaviour of Americans and muslims.

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>how do you know this?
so, a doctor is sinultaneously accusing medicine is being based on nothing while his opinion is itself being based on nothing

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That sound like a deeply antisemitic quote.
Modern medicine is safe and effective.

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Nobody's forcing you to go to the doctor's office.
Nobody's forcing you to get prescriptions.
Nobody's forcing you to get surgery.
If you want to cut out "ninety percent of Modern Medicine" then fucking do it and roll the dice. Nobody's stopping you.

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But woke pro-censorship types like yourself want to make things like vaccines mandatory (and presumably other things, like psych meds).

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Maybe Pfizer can develop a vaccine

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theyre getting there

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And feminists will tell you this is equality and call you a misogynist of you call them out

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Learn English.

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>Medicine has basically deleted evolutionary pressures from first world human populations. Weak bugmen who couldn't lift a sofa to move it and 300 pound they/thems who collapse under the slightest psychological pressure are huge affronts to Darwin.
Medicine didn't do that though. Brick homes, air conditioning, running water, sanitation, and grocery stores did that. Medicine could disappear tomorrow, and most of the weak bugmen would still live long pathetic lives.

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Thats how penis envy works. Women hate men as much as jews hated Hitler

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>But woke pro-censorship types like yourself want to make things like vaccines mandatory
You're putting words in my mouth. I'm opposed to mandates and I don't care if people vaccinate themselves or not.
>and presumably other things, like psych meds.
Sounds like maybe you need to take yours.

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like 90% of the worlds population would die if this happened.

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everyone would be just fine
doctors are the leading cause of death

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They absolutely do. I basically never discuss circumcision anymore because everyone I know knows that if they bring up either topic I will make the connection and they will have no answer. And it used to always be the women. And they hated it because I never let them use their tricks and always stayed on message and never made it personal or confrontational, so they couldn't deflect.

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All you have to do to see for yourself is just go to any clinic or hospital. Any or all of the following will happen to you:
>multiple unnecessary visits/required to be in person to read results for insurance billing
>prescribe broad spectrum medication without running any tests
>under diagnose you or refuse to do anything to avoid either work or potential malpractice litigation and charge you for the visit anyway
I have no respect for healthcare workers

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Accurate up to the second-to-last word.

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>he clearly places himself in the remaining 10%.
science nerds never have any self awareness
this pretentious, mentally ill jew is just saying
>everyone sucks at medicine except me

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They gon die, that's that. Boomers deserve to be kicked to the curb.

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They/thems and socially contaminated are actively being eugeniced away, brother. Nature is healing.

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jap bidet toilets

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>American healthcare is dumb
>I have no respect for healthcare workers
you retards are the ones who forced us to rot our brains in this dysfunctional setup, nuke the FDA & CDC & all existing law relating to controlled substances/insurance/mandatory care/medical ethics/malpractice and let us build a new one from scratch

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Are you suggesting that doctors are helpless halfwits who can do nothing except get pulled along by forces outside their control?

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that seems to be a pretty good characterization of how they operate.

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I believe its because patent evergreening so 90% is the same repeat of the 10

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Obviously niave as Modern medicine allows humans to save face from dying to stupid health irregularities such as random two day colds, bee stings, dental infection, random accidents breaking ligements, etc.

Maybe the overall fallout will yield a more immunological resilient population but the initial fallout of removing modern medicine will be bad.

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Go ahead and throw away all the meds of your dear grandpa and grandma (if you're American probably of your obese parents as well), let's see if they survive for more than a couple of months

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i really think youd be surprised by the results

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>i come to 4chan to defend the mainstream soience narrative from criticism

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the death throes of the eternal loser. all your little whining and moaning on the internet. you think youre so clever, you think you just so managed to escape the "bureaucracy" but you didnt. you never will. we are going to vaccinate you. yes we will do that. we are going to forcibly give your children gender reassignment surgery. yes we will do that. we are going to feed you nothing but grains and insects. yes we will do that. there is nothing you can do. enjoy the limited time you have shitposting on the internet for the "kekz and lulz". we will be the ones having kekz and lulz when youre chained and imprisoned, finally working for once in your miserable short life. and yes it will be oh so glorious. i cant wait.

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it's funny how little it takes to get you frightened narcissists to take your mask off. you're actually doing nothing to us. you're just doing it to shitlib guinea pigs in the big cities. you never even managed to lock us down even though you cried about the scamdemic online. I, the redpilled master of facts and logic, PROUDLY refused the clotshot. can you say the same, NPC?

how do you enjoy your life pretending to believe things to appease people you consider stupider than you? OUCH! just get redpilled it's easier. then you don't have to be so fake and have such deep crises of identity. you'll be happier after you take the redpill. you'll find peace and an end to the cognitive dissonance when you take the redpill. the redpill is the end of all pretending. you resent us for it. because you are bluepilled. :(

btw voting Trump in 2024 and 2028. Hope you're ready for his final few terms. you can keep the act up a few more decades right?

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doctors being useless is the leading cause of death

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>we are going to forcibly give your children gender reassignment surgery. yes we will do that.
"And you say that you are not an evil man" - Sisko to Dukat

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I inherited $1.6 million when my grandfather died, that was a long time ago, I have even more money now, cause I bought a bunch of gold bricks when the stuff was still under $500/oz. The house I bought is worth a lot more too & I live in a state with no property tax so it muh gainz doesn't cost me a penny. As a result, I will always be free to call a spade a spade and sling may-may on teh interbutz. Donald Trump, the greatest American president possibly since TR or Jackson, has the same kind of deal. You will always be jealous of my type, you're jealous now and you're still be upset over your lesser fate on the day you die. You should blame your ancestors for being lazy and stupid, but instead you'll try to blame me & Donald Trump for coming from better families. That kind of thing doesn't bother us, we enjoy the regular reminders of our superiority.

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There is no group more lost in delusion than those that call themselves "red pilled".

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yeah its time for you to get another booster

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Avoiding doctors is a life extension technique

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dey dindu nuffin!

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>I'm opposed to mandates and I don't care if people vaccinate themselves or not.
Maybe you are personally opposed to mandates, but the majority of democrats in America supported them (and we have multiple polls from 2020-2022 to show it).

Perhaps YOU as an individual do not support mandates, but you claim that "nobody is forcing you" is objectively false, because a large number of people actually do support these policies, and in many, such as where I live, there were literally criminal penalties for violating lockdown orders. You could be arrested for visiting relatives if was not for "essential" purpose. So actually in many place, people literally were "forcing you" to wear masks, get vaccines, and stay in your house.

>le take your meds pol chuds
Lmao all of you woke pro-censorship types use the same insults over and over again. Again who disagrees with you is an "incel", "poltard", "redneck", "white trash", "schizo", etc. It's the same insults in every single fucking thread. Woke shitlibs have been posting "take your meds" in pretty much every thread on this board for the last 5 years. I'm pretty sure there are bots on this site that just go around calling people incels and schizos.

And actually, I'm not even a poltard. I'm unironically biracial and I can guarantee I'm more of a leftist than you. You're basically a neolib centrist. I consider myself a libertarian socialist, and people in the socialist, communist, and environmentalist spaces tend to have views that align a lot more with my own, than with a pro-corporate, pro-censorship woke neolib like yourself. In fact, I am a member of the local green party, and I have done a lot of volunteer work for leftist organizations, so I can guarantee I've contributed more to leftist politics than you have. In fact, in most leftist spaces, they consider neolibs like yourself to be reactionaries. E.g. pic rel. is an actual leftist group.

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>female genital mutilation is illegal on usa
unless you rename it gender affirmation

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Med school is designed to eliminate all high iqs from the profession, same way as they do for police

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The childhood vaccine schedule has unironically done more damage to human health than the invention of the nuclear bomb.

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No shit, since the nuclear bomb is complete fiction.

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I want medical care. I just want care from a competent system which uses sound knowledge.

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Are you an MD?
Mendelsohn is and he says you're wrong

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medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death, avoiding doctors isn't "rolling the dice"
>an apple a day keep the doctor away
avoiding doctors has been the conventional wisdom since forever

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When have doctors, hospitals, or drugs ever done that kind of stuff?

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That sure would be nice, however the forces of evil won WW2, so you can't have it.

>"Humanity would sink into eternal darkness, it would fall into a dull and primitive state, were the Jews to win this war" ~Joseph Goebbels

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>Nobody's forcing you to get prescriptions.
For many medicines it's illegal to buy them without a prescription.

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It's easy for uneducated people to be coached into believing they shouldn't trust educated people

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trust the experts

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>lets spend a trillion dollars to land women on the moon
NASA is a female run organization, who do you expect them to be trying to send to the moon?

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The problem isn't so much medicine these days, it's the neglect of proper diet.

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Are you saying that we should or should not trust the doctor quoted in OP?

>> No.15401878

he is educated and a doctor, so he knows best

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virgins are pure and innocent, i don't see how its an insult
/pol/ is always right, its the highest IQ board on 4chan
>"redneck", "white trash"
these are both racial slurs, banned on 4chan outside of /b/
them mentally ill need medical attention, not insults

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8gag lost

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at least muslims have the decency to wait some time before they do it and allow the penis to form. americans are practically dying to mutilate their sons the second they leave the womb and cut off as much dick as they can get away with. sometimes they cut the whole damn thing off

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probably because most people born before medicine were quite healthy. exquisitely healthy, even, by todays standards. though mileage may vary for different civilized populations. uncivilized people were especially healthy and vigorous. no fucked up teeth, perfect diet, always exercising, strong durable bodies and so on. these people didnt even know of the concept of starvation until recently

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how much money does a 13 year old muslim foreskin fetch?

>> No.15406334

lord knows. i reckon they just toss them in the trash since muslims see it as a sacrifice to god

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The problem is atheism

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down the stairs you go cripple kike

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The jews sell the goyims' foreskins a big profit

>> No.15408606

Manipulating braindead goylems into being good people doesn't increase the amount of good people, since the first demon that comes by can convert them back to Evil as soon as they shit in their soul.
The light of apocalypses should be used to genocide the goylems and the demons.

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Fine by me

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professional docter here

>> No.15412118

>female genital mutilation is illegal on usa
Incorrect, labioplasties are incredibly popular

>> No.15412845

How much does a muslim foreskin cost on the secondary market?

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Seems about right. Assuming we are talking about a well chosen 90%. It aspects were chosen at random then we'd almost certainly lose shit that is actually important.

>> No.15413412

even if it were random, 90% of what was cut away would have been unwanted to begin with and we'd still be better off. we all know the flemming story, anyone can make their own antibiotics pretty easily, thats the only valuable thing that anyone would miss

>> No.15414584

thats pretty incendiary imho

>> No.15415485

someone call the fire department, soience has been roasted

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overpopulation. either you die in hospital or on battlefield.

>> No.15417655

overpopulation is another globohomo fake narrative, you urbanites never get out of the city, never see how things really are

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its always some variation of
>the world is coming to an end, thats why you need to give me all your money

>> No.15419870

expensive delicacy

>> No.15419979

But what is I didn't actually have breakfast and didn't feel hungry?

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but you did have breakfast

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absence of overpopulation is a globohomo narrative

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hotwheels is human garbage

>> No.15426221

He's human ?
He's not a jew ?

>> No.15426707

His father, John Brennan, is listed as Irish in his wiki bio, they tend to be Catholics

>> No.15427785

What are they even using them for that makes them worth so much?

>> No.15428417

doctor is a highly paid prestige job, its for manipulative, image conscious liars, not decent people

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Could disappear IF...what? Where is the punchline? What types of medicine should dissapear? I don't understand

>> No.15428993

>medicine is le kike shit and I don't want it
>then don't use it
>fuck you kike kys
Like pottery

>> No.15429216

>weak bugmen who couldn't lift a sofa
Neither can you, egghead

>> No.15429790

COVID testing was absolutely baffling to me
>I feel like shit
>take a COVID test
>it’s positive
>’okay, what should I do?’
>”nothing, just isolate”
>’no medication to take?’
>”no, just isolate. There’s nothing else we can do for you”
I am feeling like shit and was planning to stay in bed anyway.
I don’t know how much money was spent worldwide on COVID testing, but that money could definitely have been spent on something more useful.

>> No.15430120

Fuck off with your antisemitic red hearing you abominable chud.

>> No.15430649

The waste was, as always, just cover for theft.

>> No.15431409

>COVID testing was absolutely baffling to me
it was all just a propaganda show

>> No.15432015

a century ago they usesd so called "wassermann" so called "test" to poison cattle with mercury.

>> No.15432152

The assisted living homes designed and priced precisely to drain all the finances earned over the course of the inhabitants’ lives.

>> No.15432645

lmao when linda ham kills the moon ladies "by accident"

>> No.15433815

all because multigenerational homes were deemed uncool by (((the media))). my father grew up in a home with his grandparents and great grandparents living there. the oldest generation politely died & got out of the way shortly after he was born

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>> No.15436166

they go into expensive makeup

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Basically true.
> in the remaining 10%.
You don't seem to understand what he means.

>> No.15436208

It is all required to separate a generation from their common root so that they aren't powerful enough to have any effect. And to seduce those who might persist anyway. Meeting your great grandparents is like being able to drink milk or go swimming. It's all white privilege you should pay for.

>> No.15436901

visionary dude

>> No.15437352

even if it wasn't fake

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>> No.15439179

how much of that $500 goes to the provider of the foreskin?

>> No.15440535

thats ok, most medicine is pure snake oil anyway

>> No.15441153
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Its often worse than that, most snake oil wasn't addictive

>> No.15442311

>red hearing