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Where are all the Aliens !?

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right here buddy

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Inside my ass

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They made AI and AI killed them, some alien dipshit gave it wrong prompt

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Aliens don't exist. The earth is flat and stationary with a dome.

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automated spam thread.
jannie never touches it

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Where are all the jannies !?

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they prefer to live on their home planets

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If they exist they are on their own planets. I don't think that they have any technologies to travel through the universe to meet with us

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Correct. Earth is (still) a hostile planet. They sent one before and he was killed.

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Oh they're there, its just not sci-fi.
Sci-fi assumed some increase of utility due to intelligence, but society is teaching us how the universe actually works. Anyone smart enough for interstellar travel or long-range coherent communication was outbred eons ago. They gave up because existence isn't a good thing and you should not want to spread it. There are civilizations all over the universe, but its more like miles and miles of favela. The universe is a shantytown and earth hasn't quite caught up. We're actually just over the "spike" and now on down slide.

Nature makes conscious reflection more or less by accident, but the mistake doesn't last too long. Animals with less foresight will out-breed animals with greater, ultimately. Think of condom use a good analogy; It requires future planning, and therefore will allow populations without to proliferate at a much higher rate than those with. Contraception is antidarwinian. Intelligence eventually becomes its own contraception. Its the dark truth hidden in r/K.

The "Great Filter" is that nothing too self aware makes it very far in the universe. Certainly not to AI, VN probes, anywhere near K1.

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What too much 4chan does to a nigger

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>too many redpills

Friends, Family, Fun...you have too many F's, dawg...

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In my shed
I have 16 of them

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i was going to post the exact same thing
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